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Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal and Basic Wall Demolition Tips

Over the years that Junk King has been looking after your Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal needs, we’ve seen many DIYers at work. This industrious bunch takes on everything from bathroom to kitchen remodeling jobs. We are always on hand afterward to help them clean up.

Being helpful is what we do. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on basic wall demolition. Just make sure you don’t run these off and pin them up on a wall you’re going to demolish!

Watch Those Load Bearing Walls
One of the first things that you need to do when you’re deis determinedwall is determine whether it is loadbearing or not. Experts suggest that if you need to remove one of these that generally run towards the center of the house, you should have something in its place.

Putting up temporary walls will help to bear the weight. Keep in mind that you can run into structural problems by removing these walls without framing up proper supports. Once that part of the job is done safely, you can give us a call. We are experts at removing construction waste in a safe and eco-friendly way. Remember our Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal services are available when you book online or call us.

Cover the Floor
One of the other things that you need to do before you demolish a wall is cover the floor. We suggest you use a large piece of cardboard or quarter inch plywood. The idea is to protect the finish. There is going to be a fair amount of dust so you might want to use a drop cloth on the rest of the room.

Work in Steps
Our Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal services are methodical and safe. Not only that, we also offer donation and recycling services to lessen everyone’s carbon footprint. Working through a series of carefully planned steps is the way that everyone on our team gets the job done thoroughly.

It’s also the best way to proceed for wall demolitions. If you start by making a hole in the center of the drywall, you can pull out a piece to expose studs or any piping or electrical work you want to leave in place.

If you’ve decided to take the entire wall out, you’ll need a reciprocating saw for the studs. Remember that we always have your back with our Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal services.

Monterey Junk Cleanup

The fourth of July is all about fireworks, grilling outdoors and enjoying a long weekend. For some dedicated volunteers around Monterey is also meant an opportunity to clean up the beaches. Save Our Shores held its annual Star Spangled Beach Cleanup on July 5th. This event brought together 182 volunteers who spent just two hours collecting garbage that either had washed up on the beach or was left behind by careless visitors. In those two hours, the volunteers managed to bag up 1,947 pounds of garbage. That is just shy of one ton of trash. Do you think you could remove one ton of trash from your home? Perhaps not but that doesn’t mean you should give up on junk removal. Of course, want need a small army of volunteers to get this job done. All it will take is one call to Junk King.


When you set up a junk cleanup session with Junk King, you’ll be put in charge of a two-man moving crew. This is the team who is going to do all the lifting and loading of your unwanted clutter. Most junk removal sessions can be completed with the two-man team. However, if your situation is “unique” then Junk King can certainly dispatch additional team members for the cleanup. Recently, it took six crewmembers and three trucks to clear out an entire home’s worth of furnishings and rubbish. It got done in one day!

Before the Junk King team arrives, you’ll want to conduct a thorough survey of your property. Since you have the crew and their truck, there is no end to what you can have taken away. That means clearing out the garage, closets and backyards all in a single junk cleanup session. Remember, the crew is going to be doing all the work so you don’t have to move anything for them. Won’t that be nice?

In addition to getting all your junk cleared out, you can feel good knowing that the bulk of that clutter won’t go to waste. That’s because Junk King is going to recycle or donate any item that might have a little life left in it. Best of all you won’t have to make a special request or sort any of your stuff; Junk King will handle all of that automatically. When you need complete junk cleanup, Junk King is the only way to go!