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Category Archives: Monterey Junk Removal

Use Junk King For Commercial Business Cleanup

A successful commercial business requires a full work day from its employees. There is little time to do anything else but the tasks at hand. That is sometimes why unwanted rubbish and equipment can pile up around the commercial business. With everyone focused on the job, it is hard to focus on how to get rid of that stuff. Thankfully there is an easy solution. That would be hiring the team from Junk King Monterey for the job. These professional junk haulers can help clean up any commercial business by removing unwanted rubbish and junk in a single session. So what do you need to be removed from your business?

Replacement Clear Out

Most of the things you need to be cleared from your commercial business are items that have probably already been replaced. This is as much true for an office copier as it is for a restaurant refrigerator. When something big and bulky like that breaks down, you need to replace it right away. That could mean shoving that old item out of the way to make room for the new one. That is when you want to activate Junk King. They will send over a team of movers and a big truck capable of holding whatever you want to get rid of from your commercial business.

A lot of that bulky equipment will also be cumbersome. However, the Junk King crew will not have any problem loading it onto the truck. You also won’t have a problem with an excess weight charge. That is because Junk King will never charge by the pound. Instead, you will be charged a flat rate based on how everything fits on the truck. You will know that rate is before the work begins and will always be a fair and competitive price for the service.

Hiring Junk King Monterey to clean out equipment from your commercial business is always good for the bottom line. Book your session today.


Get Full-Service Rubbish Removal From Junk King

Whenever you hire a service professional for the first time, you place a certain amount of trust in that company. They will make a promise to provide full-service for the task at hand. The hope is that they will live up to that promise. When it comes to junk removal, Junk King Monterey provides full-service for this type of task. That begins with providing you with a two-man moving crew and a big truck capable of holding whatever you want to get rid of. Junk removal should not be complicated, and it won’t be when you hire the right company to get the job done. Here in Monterey, that company is Junk King.

Always Helpful Crew

The Junk King crew assigned to your removal task is licensed, insured, and always has a positive attitude. They will ensure that everything you want to clear out can be gone in a single session. They will even sweep up behind them to make the place look better than when they found it!

You can request the Junk King crew to carry out any heavy objects, whether that is on the first floor or upstairs. That same crew can also take apart any item to get it out the door and onto the truck. All this means is that you do not have to prepare for your Junk King appointment beyond deciding what you want to be cleared away. When the Junk King crew shows up, you will point out everything you wish to clear away. Then, in a matter of minutes, it will all be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck.

Junk King’s full-service removal also includes responsible disposal. That means keeping as much as possible out of landfills and instead dropping items off the charities or recycling centers.

The full-service rubbish removal provided by Junk King Monterey will make your home 100% junk free. Book your session today.

Fast Property Cleanup

If you have a piece of property that needs to be  prepared for the next occupant, then you will need a fast cleanup. That is true if you are renting out an apartment or condo or putting a home on the market to sell. It is also true if you have a vacant lot that is going to be built on. No matter what type of property you want to prepare having all the debris and rubbish remove is essential. That can happen with one call to Junk King Monterey. These are professional junk haulers that can remove any amount rubbish of any type of environment.

Sending Over the Crew

When you book a session with Junk King, they are going to send over a crew to take care of the cleanup task from start to finish. This crew will consist of two capable movers who have plenty of experience removing bulky objects from homes and apartments. That means the Junk King crews will easily navigate stairways to get those items safely removed from the property.

The Junk King crews can also deal with the bigger hoarder level type cleanups. This might require additional work crews and trucks to get the job done in a single session. That will not be a problem for Junk King. If it has been determined that you need the extra help it will be sent over promptly. Best of all, you will not be charged any extra for the service. Instead Junk King is going to charge you a flat rate that is always determined by how the truck gets packed up with your stuff. The less space that your stuff takes up, the less you will have to pay.

When you need to get your property cleaned up, you need to put Junk King Monterey on the job. Book a cleanup session today.

Get Rid Of Your Rubbish Before Your Next Move

Moving to a new home or apartment can be exhausting. That is even true if you are doing the actual move! The goal is to make sure that the movers you hire will have room in the truck for all the things you are transporting. It also helps to make sure they can get everything done in a timely manner because the moment they show up the clock starts ticking. This is all why you should consider minimizing the things that you are moving. In other words, it might be time to get rid of your rubbish before your next. That is a task that the team from Junk King Monterey can be a big help with.

Pack Only The Stuff That Matters

When packing for your move, you only want to pack the stuff that matters. As you go through all of your possessions you will no doubt find plenty of things that can be discarded. That can be anything from a sofa you plan on replacing to unwanted clothing from your closets. Imagine how much quicker you move will go when you have 12 less boxes of stuff to pack up.

The Junk King crew operates on a flat rate pricing policy. Unlike you professional movers, Junk King only charges one rate to cover all the labor, transportation and disposal. And that rate is always determined by how everything fits on to the back of the truck. The less space your stuff takes up, the less you have to pay.

You can also schedule your appointment with Junk King online or over the phone. If you need time to go through all the stuff, then you can lockdown an appointment with junk King for the weekend. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of it fast then you might be able to take advantage of the same day pickup.

Getting rid of your rubbish will always be a smart move. Put the team from Junk King Monterey on the task today.

Set Up A Clean Out With Junk King

What is the one area in your home that is in need of a major clean out? This is the type of cleaning session that will have all the unwanted stuff removed for good. It also provides the opportunity to organize that space and make it more accessible. Does this sound like something that you need to accomplish out in the garage? What about in a spare bedroom that turned into a storage unit? Maybe all of your closets need a major cleanout, too. whatever you are cleaning out, you will be  helped by setting up a session with Junk King Monterey. These are the junk hauling professionals that can clear away any amount of unwanted rubbish and junk.

Start Big

When deciding what you want to clean out from your home you should always “start big.” That would be targeting the random pieces of furniture that you would like to get rid of. You might also have some old kitchen appliances tucked in the garage that also need to be disposed of in a responsible manner. Those bulky items will not be a problem for the Junk King team to pick up and load onto the truck. This is the kind of work they do on a daily basis so you should never feel guilty about asking them to pick up the really heavy stuff.

After you targeted the big items, you can move on to all the little stuff. They might be all kinds of random outdated electronics, clothing, books, toys and other household goods that you would like to get rid of. Just keep in mind, that nothing you are handing over to Junk King has to end up in the trash. A lot of those items can be dropped off at a charity by the junk team. That is work there happy to do on your behalf as part of the complete clean out process.

But you clean out session with Junk King Monterey today and you can transform your home by tomorrow!

Use Junk King For Swing Set Removal

How many items in your home did you have a hand in building? There are a lot of things like bookshelves and cribs that are always assembled in the room where they will be used. Out in the backyard, there might also be one of two things that you have built for the family. If that includes a swing set, then it might be time for that swing set to be taken apart and hauled away. That would certainly happen if the kids have outgrown using it. The moment that happens, that old swing set serves no practical purpose. You could make a lot better use of that area. In order for that swing set to be safely removed you will not have to take it apart. That is something that the team from Junk King moderate can handle from start to finish.

Parts On the Truck

Before the Junk King crew will start taking apart that old swing set, they will want to provide you with an estimate. That estimate will be determined by how everything fits on to the back of the Junk King truck. The Junk King flat rate pricing policy covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. The Junk King crews know exactly how things fit onto the truck. They can even look over something that has taken apart yet and will know how the parts will pile up.

Once you agree to the price, the crew can spring interaction and the work to get done. Before you know it there will be no trace left of that old swing set. You can also The Junk King crew to clear out any other unwanted item in the same session. This is your chance to get rid of all your unwanted debris.

Taking apart and removing an old swing set will not be a challenge for the team from Junk King Monterey. Put them on the job today.

Get Rid Of An Old Air Conditioner The Right Way

When it comes to getting rid of an old air conditioner unit there is a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way would be you trying to take that unit out of the window and carry it out of the house by yourself. For safety’s sake, this is definitely two-man operation. That is exactly what Junk King Monterey will provide. These are professional junk haulers who know the right way to get rid of your old air conditioner.

Landfill Avoidance

The goal with Junk King has always been to avoid making drop-offs at a landfill whenever possible. That is something that is important when disposing of an air conditioner. This is not the type of thing that should ever go into a landfill. Instead, it should be dropped off at a recycling center that can handle dismantling that type of appliance. That is something that Junk King will strive to make as part of their complete junk removal service.

The cost for that service is determined by how everything fits on to the back of the truck. A single air-conditioner is not going to take up a lot of space. If that is all that you were getting rid of, then you could pay the low-end of the Junk King price scale. But it also means you have an opportunity to get rid of a lot more. As long as you have that crew and truck at your disposal you should take full advantage of it. This is a terrific opportunity to clear away all the unwanted objects in your home regardless of size or weight.

The best approach for an old air conditioner unit disposal is to turn the job over to the team Junk King Monterey. Put them on the task today.

Get Your Attic Cleaned Out Today

Junk King Monterey is a professional junk hauling service that can help you clear way all the unwanted stuff from your home. That includes all the stuff you have up in your attic. For most homes, the attic is an additional storage space. It’s the perfect spot to get things out of the way that you want to hold onto. However, over time it might be clear that a lot of the things you are holding onto you just don’t need anymore. If you spend a little time sorting through all the stuff in your attic you are sure to find plenty of things that you can get rid of. That is where the team from Junk King comes into play. One session is all it will take to get rid of all that stuff and have a cleaned out attic.

Packing On The Truck

You will be assigned to movers from Junk King for your attic cleaning session. This is a team that will assess all the things you want to get rid of and determine how it will all fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. This is where moving and packing experience is essential. The Junk King crews can look over any amount of random items and know exactly how it will fill up the truck. That is how they will determine what your final cost will be. Junk King has a flat rate that is always based on volume and not about weight.

Your junk King appointment can be set up online or over the phone. You might be able to take care of the session with the same day appointment. If you are flexible and you know exactly what you want to get rid of, then you could be just a few hours away from having your attic cleaned out. Call Junk King Monterey today to make it happen.

Junk King Helps Clear Out The Clutter From Your Closets

If there is one area in your home that has the most clutter, then it would be your closets. Just because things are home on a rod doesn’t mean they can’t be considered clutter. You will discover just how much clutter you have in your closets when you set your sights on getting them organized. The only way to do that is to remove every item in the closet and decide up front whether you want to keep it or get rid of it. Everything that goes into the “get rid of it” pile would be closet clutter. That can all be cleared away with help from Junk King Monterey.

The Pickup Crew

Junk King is going to provide you with your own personalized pickup crew. This will be a team that consists of two capable movers. It might not take two movers to clear away all of your closet clutter but you will work with those two movers regardless. Those two movers can come in handy if you decide to go beyond just removing your closet clutter. Is there any larger object that you would like to get rid of? Maybe a piece of furniture? Maybe there’s something out in the backyard that needs to be cleared away. It can all be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck in the same session along with your closet clutter.

The cost for Junk King service will always be determined by how everything fits on to that truck. One flat rate covers all the labor, disposal and drop off. And Junk King will always strive to make this a fair and affordable service for you.

To clear out all the clutter from your closets you want to set up an appointment with Junk King Monterey. Book that session today.

The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of An Old Lawnmower

When a lawnmower breaks down it is something that needs to be replaced right away.  Letting the grass cutting go for one week can create an overgrown lawn. Replacing an old lawnmower also needs to include getting rid of that device. Once you have deemed it to be unusable it is essentially a piece of rubbish that needs to be cleared away. You certainly don’t have the room hold onto it. The fastest way to get rid of an old lawnmower is to activate Junk King Monterey for the job.

Truck Load Up

Your old lawnmower will be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck in just a matter of minutes. That task will be accomplished by the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your appointment. Two movers are part of every Junk King appointment. Once the lawnmower is on the back of the truck, you can call the job complete. Then again, there might be a few other things you would like to get rid of the same session. It doesn’t matter to junk King what you’re getting rid of. Their only mission is to make you completely satisfied. That means you can also load up old patio furniture or a grill that your replacing. You can also send the Junk King team inside the house to get rid of other items like closet clutter or household goods.

The flat rate rule will apply to everything you are getting rid of. That rate is determined by how your stuff gets packed onto the back of Junk King truck. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will pay. Junk King will always strive to work with your budget to make this a positive experience.

The quickest way to get rid of your old lawnmower is to call up Junk King Monterey for the job. Make the call today.

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