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Monterey CA Computer Monitor & Printer Recycling

You have a choice when it comes to the type of businesses you want to patronize. These can be “green” business or not green. Here in Monterey, there are many businesses who had adopted eco-friendly policies. Your support of those businesses demonstrates that you are every bit as concerned about the local environment as they are. There is nothing wrong with being selective when it comes to saving our environment. A company like Junk King has been green since that started operations back in 2005.


Of all the green companies you can hire, Junk King really matters. That’s because they are on the front line of junk disposal. Junk King recognizes this and that is why they strive to keep as much of what they collect out of local landfills as possible. So far, they’ve managed to maintain a respectable 60% diversion rate. That translates into tons of junk that has been recycled, repurposed and reuses. Nowhere is this more important than with e-waste. If you have an old computer monitor, printer, desktop, laptop or fax machine then Junk King is the best approach for getting rid of that item.

Junk King Monterey has identified the certified recycling centers in the area who can handle e-waste. This not only includes all your computer and office equipment but things like outdated television sets, DVD players and VHS recorders. All of that needs to be kept out of the trash flow and instead put into a recycling stream.

Although you might initially hire Junk King to just pick up your e-waste, you can certainly take full advantage of them to remove all your unwanted junk. This is a great shot at finally clearing out the garage of all that clutter. If you’ve been putting off clearing out your closets, then knowing Junk King is on the way over will certainly motivate the decluttering!

The hauling work that a Junk King crew can handle extends far beyond removing the stuff from the inside of your home. That same Junk King crew can be tapped to clear out your front and back yards of any unsightly mess. Whether it’s something that has overgrown or something you’ve piled up, it can all go on the back of the Junk King truck. Start with getting rid of your old computer monitor and end with a junk free home all thanks to Junk King.