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Junk King Can Be A Terrific Spring Cleaning Partner

Spring cleaning could really be called deep cleaning. This might be that one time of the year where everything in your home is thoroughly cleaned. It’s not so much just a light dusting and vacuuming as it is moving furniture and washing curtains. The comforter gets sent to the dry cleaner and everything gets pulled down off of shelves and out of cabinets. On some level, spring cleaning can be thought of as cleaning every single object in the home. That means every thing will pass through your hands. That is the kind of thorough cleaning that can totally reset your entire home. But if you truly want to have a positive impact with your spring cleaning this year, then you need to bring in Junk King Monterey for a removal session.

You Make the Call

When you are deciding what you would like to have Junk King remove from your home, you get the make the call. In other words, you’ll never hear from the Junk King crew, “we can’t take that.” With Junk King on the job, anything goes. That includes anything from a second floor or anything that is especially heavy. You might have been able to move a dresser or a piece of furniture a couple of inches to clean underneath but the Junk King team can lift it up and carry out of your house for good.

Everything that you turn over to Junk King will go through a second sorting process. You won’t be part of this at all. It will fall to the Junk King workers to go through everything that is collected and decide what can be donated to a charity or what can be dropped off at a recycling center. Once they have a full truck load of those items, they’ll make the drop off. This means a lot more work goes on after your stuff has been removed but that is just the way that Junk King wants to do it.

When you’re ready to do a total spring cleaning, you’ll be ready for a session with Junk King Monterey. Set up that session now.

Start Your Spring Cleaning Without Any Rubbish

Can you consider your home to be truly clean if there still rubbish hidden away in the garage your closets? Yes, you can tackle your spring cleaning chores early this year and make sure that every room is free of dust and dirt. However, there could still be a few things that are taking up space around your house that you know you’re never going to use again. Whether that is an old washer machine out in the garage or some clothing in the closet, there’s no reason for you to hold on that rubbish. If you really want to make spring cleaning count this year, then you need to set up a rubbish removal appointment with Junk King Monterey.

The primary reason for hiring Junk King is to get rid of all those things that you couldn’t put out in the trash. That might actually cover a lot of items. When you take the time to sort through your closets, cabinets and drawers you’re sure to find a lot of little things that you could get rid of. But when you put them all together it becomes a huge pile of stuff. That can all be boxed up and put on to Junk King truck. What you would be left with an are a lot more storage areas in your home. Plus, removing those things will let you go for the deep clean.

There could also be some bigger items that you been holding onto for no other reason than you simply don’t have the means to get them moved out of your home. Junk King will provide a moving team and a big truck. That is really all you would need to get rid of just about any object regardless of size or weight.

The Junk King team can also help clear all the e-waste from your home like an old television or computer monitor. Those are things that shouldn’t be put in the trash under any circumstances. Junk King will strive to make sure those items dropped off at a certified recycling center. As for the rest of your items, they could end up at a local charity where they would be put to use once again. Spring cleaning will take on a whole new meaning when you hire Junk King Monterey to remove all the rubbish from your home.

Give Your Spring Cleaning A Boost With A Call To Junk King Monterey

If you were to Google “spring cleaning hacks,” then you would find literally thousands of pages of resources that are meant to make your annual big cleaning job go a lot smoother. There are all kinds of recipes for homemade cleansers and tricks to utilize for cleaning ovens and hard-to-reach corners. A lot of these hacks are total game changers and could have you rethinking how you do all of your cleaning. But there’s one way to boost your spring cleaning project that won’t have you lifting a finger. That’s hiring Junk King Monterey to take away all your unwanted rubbish.


As you go through the house cleaning you are sure to find all kinds of things that you’d like to get rid of. This can be stuff that has been on your list of rubbish for quite some time. The only thing stopping you from getting rid of it in the past is the fact that you didn’t have any help lifting it out of the house and loading it onto a truck. That can all change with one call to Junk King Monterey. Every junk removal session that set up by Junk King Monterey is staffed by two very strong movers. There really all the muscle you need to get rid of just about anything. This crew will be showing up in the truck big enough to hold entire house is worth of furnishings. It’s how your stuff will fit on the back of the truck that will determine what price you pay.

Way Junk King Monterey’s pricing policy works is that the crew needs to look over everything they’re going to be loading up right on the spot. They’ll be able to determine how much space that junk will occupy. Based on that sizing up, they’ll apply the price scale. The less space they use, the less you be paying. It’s a very fair and affordable way to handle this type of service. Anyone who is charging you by the pound isn’t looking out for your best interest.

Take a moment to consider how your home can be transformed once all that junk is cleared. The best way to finish your spring cleaning project is to bring in Junk King Monterey to remove all the clutter.

Start Your Spring Cleaning Today with Help From Junk King

The best approach to spring cleaning is to go room by room. Remove all the clutter, do all the dusting and then the vacuuming. Once that is done, move onto the next room. That way it won’t feel like you’re going back and forth all over the house. This approach also works great when you want to break up the cleaning over the course of a few days. There is no law saying it has to be cleaned on one afternoon! As you go through all those rooms, take note of all the things you could probably live without. This isn’t just the small stuff you’ll be tossing out but the big things like sofas, chairs, dressers and tables. Maybe some of that stuff is already being kept in storage in a spare room or out in the garage. Instead of living with all that unwanted stuff why not give it all to Junk King. These are the professional junk haulers who make clutter vanish!


Hopefully, you won’t have to do your general spring clean by yourself and the family will pitch in. When you hire Junk King, you’ll be getting an extra crew. This will be two strong movers that are going to be doing all the actual heavy lifting for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a box of clothes or a piano, the Junk King crew will be able to take care of it all with a “no problem” attitude.

Everything collected by Junk King will go through a sorting process back at the depot. The teams will be pulling out all those things they know can be repurposed. Junk King Monterey has set up a partnership with several local charities. They know at any given time what those organizations are looking for. You’ll feel a lot better getting rid of all your stuff when it won’t go to waste.

It’s easy to book an appointment with Junk King. All it takes is one call or one moment online. Actually, if you make your appointment online, you’ll get a $30 savings right off the bat. Is it time to start your spring cleaning and get rid of all your junk? Then it’s time to call Junk King.

Spring Junk Removal In Monterey

On the cleaning scale, would you fall closer to being an “Oscar” or a “Felix?” The popular TV series, “The Odd Couple” showed a pair of roommates who were polar opposites when it came to cleaning. Oscar was the slob and Felix was the neat freak. Instead of going to extremes, you might fall somewhere in between. You’re not going to go to sleep with a tuna sandwich under your pillow and you’re not going to vacuum bathroom drains. Of course, for a good spring-cleaning, we can all use a little “Felix” attitude.


To get the cleaning done right, you’ll want to get organized. It is best that you follow the tips from a professional cleaning service. Get a small carrying tray or bucket that you can cart around all your cleaning supplies in. That way you won’t be going back and forth from room to room. Speaking of “room to room,” you have the option of completely cleaning one room at time or doing all the moping, all the vacuuming and all the dusting together. The “one room at a time” method is probably a better way to go. That way you can check off that room and move onto the next with a great sense of accomplishment. You could even spread out the spring-cleaning over the course of a weekend so it doesn’t seem too overwhelming. Bathrooms and kitchen on Saturday and bedrooms and living room on Sunday.

As you make your way from room to room, you’re probably going to come across several clutter items that you can live without. These could be anything from a stack of old magazines to a recliner that has seen better days. To get rid of the big stuff, you don’t need to go it alone. Reach out to Junk King for a complete junk removal appointment. When you hire Junk King, you’ll be hiring you own dynamic duo of strong movers. This is the crew that can break down, pull out and haul away anything you want gone.

When it comes to junk removal, Junk King is definitely a “Felix.” They’re not going to leave until the area is swept up and you’re completely satisfied. We want you to recommend us to your neighbors and that can only happen when you’re happy! Spring cleaning won’t be complete without a junk removal appointment with Junk King.

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