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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Nashville Yard Waste Removal

As winter becomes a distant memory, spring takes hold and we look forward to the lazy, hazy days of summer. What’s this mean for you? It’s time to get your backyard into shape! Depending where you are in Nashville, your home might have taken a beating in the last wave of storms to rumble through the state. This is nothing new for folks around these parts. What could be new is all the waste that was dumped into your backyard as a result of a storm passing through. First step to getting your backyard ready for warm weather is to clear up that refuse and the best course of action for that is to use a team of professional haulers like Junk King Nashville. Yes, believe it or not there are companies out there who specialize in removing yard waste. Why not let them get dirty and take care of all the mess?
A professional team of haulers can swoop into your yard and gather up all the debris. Whether it’s fallen tree limbs, upturned bushes or piles of leaves they can gather it up and take it away. If you’ve seen any of the recent devastation from the storms then you know just what kind of other trash could end up in your back yard. When you hire an experienced removal crew nothing is too big for them to bust up and haul off.
Even if you were spared from storm damage that doesn’t mean your backyard couldn’t stand for a bit of refurbishing. Are there any items out back that have been sitting there for far too long? Maybe you’ve got an old washing machine that got shoved onto the back porch or patio. There could be a pile of leftover lumber and drywall from a remodel job. Or maybe behind the garage has become a dumping ground for all kinds of wood scraps, carpets and busted up furniture. Basically all the stuff that is too big to cram into a trashcan.
Once you’ve cleared the clutter of your backyard, it might just be time to see how green your thumb really is. Spring is when the planting should begin. If you’ve ever thought about putting in a garden, now is the perfect time. Any recent trip to Krogers or the Piggly Wiggly will tell you how expensive food has become. If you could plant a couple of rows of corn, lettuce, tomato or other veggies you might end up saving a nice little sum. It’s really not as complicated as all that. You just need a decent little patch of land. All that sod you remove to make way from your garden can also go on the list of backyard waste that your professional crew is going to haul away. Here’s a little tip: plant some parsley around the edges of your garden. This might be enough for the rabbits to feast on so they’ll leave the rest of the veggies alone!
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