Junk King Helps Get The Home Ready For Sale

The first step with getting your home ready for sale is to set the price with a real estate broker. That price will be based upon how big property is, where it is located and what are the comparable prices to other homes in your neighborhood. Once that prices been set you can begin to market your home. There are many online real estate sites that obtain information about new homes going for sale. This happens automatically so that your listing reaches a lot of potential buyers. Their first impression will be based on the photos that you submit to your real estate broker. Obviously, you will be taking the most flattering picture as possible of your home. Before one photo is snapped you will probably want to get all the rubbish removed from the inside and outside of your house. That is where Junk King Nashville can be a big help.

Clearing Everything Away

The team from Junk King, who will be assigned to your session, will help you clear everything away from your home that you want to get rid of. The best place to start is on the outside. Are there any debris items in your yard that you’re keeping in storage that could be removed? Maybe there is some old lumber for leftover materials from a remodeling project that are no longer going to be used. There could also be some structures in the backyard like a playground set that the kids have outgrown or even a hot tub.  Those are the kinds of things that the Junk King crew to take part in order for them to fit onto the truck. It all happens as part of their complete junk removal service.

Schedule Today

If you know exactly what you want removed from your home, then you can schedule your appointment with Junk King today. That will probably result in having all the stuff cleared out by tomorrow. That is how fast Junk King works! If you would prefer to have a Saturday morning or afternoon appointment, then the Junk King crew will be happy to set that up for you as well. Junk King prides itself on working around the schedules of their clients to make for perfect pickups.

When all the rubbish is gone from your house, it will be market ready for sale. Let Junk King Nashville help you with that important task.

A Backyard Makeover Begins With Debris Clearing

Over the spring and summer, how much time do you spend in your backyard? If there are kids in the house, then the backyard becomes the center spot of fun. And if you have a swimming pool, then you’ll probably be the most popular home on the block! The weekends are when the bbq grilling happens for friends and family. The backyard is really an extension of your home’s living space. Shouldn’t it be in great shape for the season? If you’re thinking about a backyard makeover, then hiring Junk King Nashville should be the first step.

Big Debris Clearing

With any type of home makeover project, you need to clear the targeted space of any items that would get in the way of that makeover. Out in the backyard that can mean a lot of debris. This debris can be natural things like dug up bushes or tree branches. It can also be yard clippings, sod and rocks. The other type of debris would be the long list of things you brought into the yard that are no longer “working.” This can include patio furniture that is falling apart and a swing set that the kids have outgrown. You can also add in the remains of any “tinkering” project such as auto parts, a spare tire and construction leftovers. All of those items can be loaded up on the Junk King truck for disposal.

Easy Scheduling

Setting up your backyard clearing with Junk King can happen with one phone call. You’ll be asked about the kinds of things that you’re getting rid of. This will help the Junk King team determine if the standard two-man moving crew will be all you’ll need. There are some backyard cleaning jobs that require more help in order to complete it all in a single day. Junk King can provide that extra labor without extra costs.

Get the House Cleaned, Too

As long as there will be a moving team and a big truck, you can also get the house cleaned of unwanted clutter, too. What are the big items you’d like hauled out of your basement or garage? Just think of all the pace you’ll get back. Start your backyard makeover with help from Junk King Nashville. No one does yard clearing better than Junk King.

Hire Junk King For Warehouse Cleanup Help

How many things are in your warehouse that don’t belong there? Start with the damaged or returned inventory. A lot of that stuff will have no value. Sooner or later, it will need to be cleared to make room for the inventory that matters. The warehouse could also be where unwanted office furniture and equipment is being stored. Again, it is just because there’s no other place to put these things. Is that really the best use of the space? There can also be an overflow of shipping debris like wooden crates and cardboard boxes. All of this rubbish contributes to an environment that can hinder the warehouse operations. Whatever amount of excess rubbish you have in your warehouse, it can be cleared away in a single session with help from Junk King Nashville.

Fast Clearing

The Junk King crews like to get in and out of a property as quickly as possible. That’s the same for home as it is for warehouse. With the warehouse, they can remove all the unwanted items while business is going on around them. You don’t have to pull any of your workers away to help the Junk King team. They pride themselves on being able to do all the work themselves. It might help if Junk King can pull up to the loading dock but they won’t be there for long!

Environmentally Friendly Disposal

When you hire Junk King to get rid of your unwanted rubbish you also hiring a company that has dedicated itself to an environmentally friendly disposal policy. This means that everything they collect has the opportunity to be recycled or donated. That can be a big help with the cardboard boxes and other shipping debris that you are getting rid of. It doesn’t have to go into a landfill. This also means that you can continue to promote your company as a green business. That is something a lot of customers appreciate.

The sooner you hire Junk King Nashville for your warehouse cleanup, the sooner you can reclaim that space. Make more room in your warehouse with help from Junk King today.

Call On Junk King Nashville For Your Office Furniture Removal

When it comes to getting rid of oversized items in the office, the same rules applies as if it were your home. You can simply put things out on the curb and expect them to be picked up. That also holds true for placement in the alley. The trash removal company that will be picking up your dumpster probably won’t load up anything that’s not in the dumpster.  Besides, you don’t want your place of business to look “junky.” The better approach to get rid of your office furniture is to call on Junk King Nashville. They can make it all go away in a single session.

Hard-working Team

Junk King is going to send over a pair of movers that will become your hard-working team for all your office furniture needs. This is a crew that has a lot of experience with freight elevators and loading docks. That might not seem like a big deal but it actually is when you are dealing with business operation. If you are sharing office space with other companies, then you don’t want your office removal session to disrupt their business. The Junk King crew will be very respectful of that.

This is also a team that doesn’t need a lot of supervision. You can simply point to all the things you want taken away and before you know it everything will be gone. Not only can you get rid of your unwanted office furniture but all of your outdated office equipment. Just think of what a difference that can make in your storage areas.

Quick Turnaround

A lot of business success is determined by a quick turnaround. If you take orders from clients, then you want to fill those orders and get paid. Junk King also puts this principle into action with their scheduling. Most appointments that are set up our cleared by the following day. If it works better to schedule for the weekend, the junk King can make that happen. The ultimate session might be a same day pickup. These are available depending upon when you call the location of the crew. You won’t be waiting long to take care of your old office furniture removal when you hire Junk King Nashville for the task.

Make Your Next Move Without Old Rubbish

Do you have any boxes that are still packed up from your last move? We all know we are supposed to label the boxes when we move. If a label reveals contents of items that you don’t need right away, then there really is no reason to unpack it. That box can go on a shelf in the garage. They won’t take a lot of effort to forget it is even there until the next time you have to move. Clearly, whatever was in that box is something that you don’t need to keep. Or maybe it is mementos. In that case, you should find a way to put them on display. But if you’re holding onto things that you’re never going to use, then you don’t want to move with that stuff again. To make sure your next move is without old rubbish you’ll need to hire Junk King Nashville.

As you go through the process of packing up all your possessions you are sure to come across a lot of things that you no longer need. There could also be a lot of things that are broken that you thought you might get repaired. All of that can officially be classified as rubbish. But it’s not just boxes of little things to get rid of but also the bigger items. This is the time to think ahead and consider what type of furniture items you might be replacing in your new home. It makes no sense for you to pay movers to load up a moving truck with the things you’re just gonna turn around and get rid of. You also don’t want to movers to waste their time with those kinds of objects because once they show up the clock starts ticking!

Junk King will send over their own moving team. But this is the team that will take your unwanted items on a one-way trip. The final destination for a lot of the stuff that you’re getting rid of could be a local charity. Junk King never likes to see anything go to waste. You don’t even have to determine if there is value. The Junk King crews will know what the charities will accept. Don’t bring old rubbish to your new place. Give it all to Junk King Nashville before you move.

Junk King Helps To Clear Out E-Waste Items

How many televisions do you think you’ve owned so far in your lifetime? A kid born today will probably only know a world with flatscreen televisions. You wouldn’t be able to find an old tube television if you tried looking for one. If you really want to show your age, then you might recall a time when you owned a black & white TV. Yes, there was a time when black & white TVs were a more affordable option than color TVs. There is a long list of electronics that you’ve replaced over the years. Do you still have a VCR? What about a flip phone? When you replace your e-waste, the old item often gets tucked away in a closet or down in the basement. That’s because you know you shouldn’t put it in the trash. Does that mean you’re stuck with that gadget forever? Not if you hire Junk King Nashville for the disposal.

Junk King doesn’t handle the actual dismantling. They just make sure your old e-waste items gets to the right facility that does handle that kind of work. The last place you want your e-waste to end up is a landfill. Junk King feels the same way. In fact, they take that same responsible disposal approach with everything they collect and not just the e-waste. If they can find a charity or another recycling center to drop off items at, then that is trip they will be happy to make.

When you hire Junk King to clear out your e-waste, consider putting them to work clearing out the rest of your unwanted items. Along with an old TV, you can get rid of a couch or box of clothing. The Junk King truck is a big one. It can hold the same amount at six full pickup trucks. And because the Junk King crew will be doing all the lifting and loading, you won’t have to worry about throwing out your back. Let the crew do the work. You just point to what you want removed. Responsible e-waste disposal and rubbish removal is easy to take care of when you put Junk King Nashville on the job.

Junk King Makes Great Cleanup Partners For Property Managers

When a property manager signs up a new client the promises that they’re going to take care of everything for that property. All the owner has to do is sit back and collect the checks. There are many owners who are happy to turn over the responsibility of managing a property to a property management company. They don’t want to be bothered with the details of which plumber to hire or who to call to fix the washing machine. As for the property managers themselves, they don’t have to do all this work on their own. They’re going to delegate. That means having a “go to” then there for each particular service. When rubbish removal is an issue, Junk King Nashville becomes the perfect cleanup partners for many property managers around the area.

There’s no telling what a tenant may leave behind. Anyone who signs a lease is always on their best behavior. But property managers know to look out for warning signs. When rent is consistently late or there are complaints from neighbors, then they know that this renter could cause trouble when they move out. Some renters move out without giving any notice. That is usually because they either can’t afford the rent or have simply found a better place to live and need to move immediately. As a result, they will often forfeit their security deposit and they think that entitles them to leave the place and mess. Thankfully, Junk King can come along and make them as disappeared no time at all.

Junk King provides the exact kind of close need for this type of cleanup. That would be to capable movers and a truck big enough to haul everything you want to get rid of. Although your focus is just getting the space clean you should know that when it comes to disposing of the rubbish Junk King is going to make every effort to see that it is either donated or dropped off at a recycling center. That will allow you to promote your property management company as a green type of business. That’s always a nice touch for prospective clients!

Property managers know they can always count on Junk King Nashville for fast rubbish removal. Are you ready to put them to work today?

Junk King Nashville Makes An Estate Cleanup Easy

Being put in charge of an estate carries a lot of responsibilities. You not only have to assess the value of the estate but you also have to decide how things will be taken care of. Will you keep all the property together? Will you sell off some pieces? What if the entire home needs to go in the market? Regardless of which scenario you pursue it is safe to assume that part of managing estate will have to do with cleanup. That is where Junk King Nashville can come into play. These are the professional junk haulers who can make any kind of estate cleanup an easy process.

Just as you are in charge of the state will also be in charge of the Junk King team when they come out to the property. Of course, your supervision might only last for a few minutes. That is because once the Junk King crew has their instructions, they will move swiftly to get all the items you designated to have removed loaded onto the truck. When you set up your appointment with Junk King you will be asked to set aside a two-hour window. Unless those crews are clearing out an entire house full of furnishings, it rarely takes two hours to do the job. Loading up a few pieces of a furniture and some boxes can literally take the crew just 20 minutes. Yes, Junk King moves that fast.

It might also bring you comfort to know that most of what Junk King collects doesn’t get thrown onto a trashy. Any usable item could end up at a charity thrift store. That way nothing has to go to waste. This is all part of the total junk removal package provided by junk.

With regard to cost, Junk King charges a flat fee for every session.  That flat fee is always based on how the truck gets packed up. Junk King considers volume over how much something ways. This is a very fair and affordable approach for this type of service. When you put Junk King Nashville in charge of your estate cleanup it will get done without any hassle to you. Give them a call today.

Junk King Can Help With Christmas Tree And Rubbish Removal

After all the hard work you spend on decorating your Christmas tree you really don’t want to think of it as “rubbish.” But in a few days when the decorations come down and that tree starts to dry out that is exactly what it is going to be. There is no hope of planting a tree in the backyard or any reason to keep around the house. That means dragging out to the curb and hoping that the city will pick it up. You can’t always depend on that service but you can depend on Junk King Nashville to help out. These are the professional junk haulers that, with one session, can help you with your Christmas tree removal and getting rid of the rest of your unwanted rubbish throughout the house.


Usually, when someone hires Junk King it’s to get rid of one big item. However, that’s not the only item that ends up on the truck. When you realize that Junk King is going to send over a crew of movers in a truck that’s big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks, then there’s no end to what you can get rid of. Yes, the Christmas tree is the reason but why not take full advantage of that crew and get rid of all the other unwanted furniture, appliances and electronic gadgets that are never going to be used in the house?

You like how quickly Junk King moves. When the crew shows up at the scheduled appointment will show them all the things that you want to get rid of. This will allow them to size everything up determine how it might fit onto the back of the truck. That’s how the can come up with your estimate. The Junk King pricing scale is about the space your stuff will fill. You never get charge by the pound with Junk King. Once the prices have been agreed to, the crew will get to work. In less time than it took for Santa to eat his cookies and drink his milk on Christmas Eve, all your stuff will be loaded onto the truck and headed out to a responsible disposal. Don’t worry about your Christmas tree removal and rubbish hauling. Just let Junk King Nashville take care of it from the start.

Start The Holidays Off Right Without Any Junk In The House

What are some of your family’s favorite holiday traditions? You might have a special restaurant to visit at this time a year or there could be a neighborhood that is loaded with twinkling holiday displays that makes for a fun drive by. Of course, there’s probably a long list of classic Christmas movies that you watch every year. One of the best ways to get ready for the holiday is to clean the home from top to bottom. Whether you’re having a party for friends or expecting family to come over, you want to home to look its best. To help you get there you should bring in the team from Junk King Nashville today. They are going to help you start off the holidays without any junk house.


Since the last time you put up your holiday decorations a lot of stuff could have come into the house. That is not necessarily a bad thing except when you think about all the items the new stuff has replaced. Maybe you got a new sofa or recliner. Perhaps there’s some new appliances in the kitchen. They could also most certainly be new outfits in the closet. All of that means you needed to make room for those things and that usually results in the old stuff getting crammed into the garage, down the basement or further into the back of the closet. Instead of being overwhelmed by all that old stuff you can turned over to Junk King and never have to be bothered by it again.

With Junk King on the job, you will be guaranteed not to put your back at risk. Even lifting a small box can cause back strain if you do it the wrong way. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience lifting all kinds of heavy objects. This is what they do every day and they make sure it’s done the right way. Not only does that mean carrying things downstairs or up from the basement but also making sure your floors and walls are protected. Remember, the Junk King crews are all licensed and insured and you can only get that way if you do the job right every time.

One call to Junk King Nashville will help kickstart your holidays in a home without any junk. Won’t that be nice?