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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Nashville 4th of July Junk Removal

If you’re in Nashville for the 4th of July then the place to be is the Lawn at Riverfront Park for a huge celebration entitled “Let Freedom Sing.” For the first time, this annual event will actually be a two-day extravaganza. On July 3rd there will be a free concert plus fireworks. On the 4th that party is expanded to include even more fun, food, drinks and one of the biggest fireworks displays in the whole South! Included on the line-up of entertainers are The Mavericks, Craig Morgan, Sarah Darling, Music City Hit-Makers and the Nashville Symphony. Organizers are encouraging folks to come early and stay late.

While that does sound like a lot of fun there is one slight drawback: the crowds. This event has clocked in around 100,000 spectators every year. So, if you like sharing an even like this with 100,000 of your newest friends then go for it. But most folks would prefer a more laid back way to celebrate a long holiday weekend. That doesn’t mean you can’t have friends and family over for a good old fashioned backyard barbeque; it just won’t be 100,000!

If your one of the lucky homeowners who has a great vantage point of some fireworks then you already know what fun it is to stay put in your own home to watch the displays. Throwing a 4th of July bash really isn’t all that complicated. Most will tell you that the bulk of the work is getting the place ready but even that doesn’t have to be so much of a chore especially when you can hire some professional junk haulers like Junk King Nashville to do most of the “dirty work.” In this case, that dirty work would be getting rid of all the junk in your backyard to make room for the party.

Just like your garage, basement and attic begins to attract all kinds of unwanted stuff, your backyard can also become a kind of dumping ground. If you’ve got a garage then chances are you’ve got stuff stacked behind it like piles of wood or car parts. This might even be where you old grill has gone to serve its final days. Beyond being an eyesore keeping junk like that around isn’t safe. And if you’re going to have kids running around on the 4th then you definitely want to get rid of that junk.

The professional junk haulers at Junk King can pull their big ol’  empty truck right up into your driveway for load up. While they’re cleaning up the backyard, you can also get them to take a pass through your home to remove anything else you want gotten rid of. If it is busted or you’re never going to use it again then it’s really junk. Do you need to keep hanging onto that? You don’t have to when you’ve got Junk King Nashville on your side.

Nashville Grill Disposal and Recycling

Nashville is known for many greats things as in great music and great BBQ. As the season turns from spring to summer, the backyard BBQs are getting fired up all over the city. This is when amateur chefs can put their grilling skills to the test for all those lucky tasters. If you’re serious about your BBQ then you need to be serious about the kind of grill you’re going to be using. That old one just might not cut it anymore.

As with what you’ll be cooking, your grill comes down to a matter of personal tastes. How often will you be using the grill? If you’re just a weekend cooker then you might have the time to wait for charcoals to be fired up. However, if you want to take advantage of a quick grill then going with propane is the best way to go. Don’t think you’ll be sacrificing flavor with propane. You’ll still have the option to add in smoke flavors with a propane grill by adding your woodchips of choice.

Your grill will become your cooking command station. This means you don’t have to own the “biggest boy” on the block. Get a grill you can easily manage both with the cooking and the cleaning. The real competition should be in how your ribs are going to taste and not if you’ve got the most expensive grill!

You might think that the more BTUs you get the better off you’ll be. That’s not always the case. BTU measurement is based on the size of the burner so unless you’re comparing the exact same size grill counting your BTUs won’t really matter. What you really want to look for is even distribution of flame and heat. That’s going to deliver consistent grilling.

You’ll find that most grills are made from stainless steel. You can’t beat high quality stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. It’s also going to cost more but that’s a benefit you can count on down the road. A simple test: Toss a magnet onto the grill. If it sticks, it’s cheap stainless steel. Move onto the next model!

Buying a propane grill means you’ll have to occasionally swap out the tanks for more fuel. You’ll find that many gas stations and convenient stores are stocking propane tanks. Shop around. If you can find an actual propane refueling station then you’ll be cutting out the middle man and saving money.

Before you can start your grilling season you’ll have to get rid of the rust bucket sitting in your backyard. The best way to handle that chore is by hiring your Nashville Junk Hauling team – Junk King – who will be up for the job. They’ll be able to load up your old grill on their truck along with any other junk items you finally want to get rid of. Focus on your marinade and rubs and let the junk haulers handle the junk!

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