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Franklin Tennessee Junk Removal

There are some things in life that a just plain wrong. According to the Metro Beautification and Environment Commission that list includes networking at a funeral, breaking up on Valentine’s Day, proposing marriage on a blind date and littering. Actually, it is littering that is the real focus of this tongue-in-cheek campaign. When you get right down to it, littering is no laughing matter.

Consider that last year, the state of Tennessee paid out $11 million to have litter picked up. Those collection trucks clocked in 12 million miles and loaded up 900 tons of litter. Add in all the gas used and its clear this was a big problem to deal with. The key point is that it doesn’t have to be this way. After all, how much effort does it take to throw out something in a trashcan? Does it really need to be randomly tossed aside?

Then there was the issue of illegal dumping. Sadly, we’ve all been witness to this kind of nonsense. Last year there was 5,163 tons of trash removed from 2,412 illegal dumpsites. Included in that were 4,503 illegally dumped tires. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to fix this problem. All you need to do is call Junk King Nashville when you’ve got something big and bulky you want tossed away.

Junk King is the professional junk hauling company that has become a mainstay of Nashville. This means they have some high standards to live up to when it comes to providing this type of service. Before calling Junk King take a tour of your home to figure out what you’re ready to toss out. Keep in mind that when you hire Junk King Nashville you’re actually hiring a two-man crew capable of doing all the lifting and hauling. All you need to do is tell them what you want taken out of your home or out of your yards. You’re also going to be getting a big ol’ truck that you can fill to the rafters if you want. Add it all up and you no longer have any excuse to hold onto junk.

In terms of cost, Junk King Nashville comes out a winner there, too. They’re going to be charging you by the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck. You’re not going to be paying for dump fees, travel time, truck rental or labor costs. If you think you can get a better deal renting a dumpster, forget about it! Junk King is hands down the most affordable, fastest and friendliest way to remove junk from your home or business. You’re just a phone call away from getting rid of all your junk once and for all!

Nashville Trash Outs

If you love it when people take matters into their own hands to make this a better place to live then you’re going to flip for 77-year-old Lucy Mansell. The Nashville resident spends about an hour a day doing the unthinkable: She picks up trash along the streets near her home on Broadmoor Drive. This isn’t something that is a one-time fad fro Lucy. She’s been doing this for the last ten years. It started out when she was just cleaning up the trash that ended up on her front yard but that soon expanded to her neighbors’ yards and then all around the community. Lucy isn’t going to wait for the city to come around and clean and she encourages others to do the same.

“They might get themselves a yellow bucket and start picking up,” said Mansell to a local newspaper. In fact, she uses her own signature yellow bucket for her trash picking duties.

Does that inspire you to do a little trash cleaning of your own? If so, then you’ll definitely want to give Junk King Nashville a call. These are the experts when it comes to removing any kind of trash or junk from your home. Here’s the Junk King of Nashville’s mission statement: “Junk King provides dependable junk removal and hauling services to clear unwanted clutter from your home or business. Not only is Junk King the most reliable junk removal service, but we also make a commitment to the environment by recycling at least 60% of the junk we collect. You have more important things to do than get rid of your junk. We’re here to give your kingdom back.”

That’s help you can depend on. Call up Junk King Nashville at 1-888-888-5865 or fill out an online request for a free estimate. What happens next is that you’ll be contacted by a Junk King supervisor who will ask you about the amount of junk you want to throw out. If it’s just a few pieces then they can give you an estimate over the phone. If there is a lot more junk they might have to make a visit to your home to figure out how much space your junk will take up on the truck. That’s how they’re going to charge you.

There are no labor costs, dumping fees or truck rental charges. Just volume. The moment you agree on the price, you’ll get a crew dispatched to your location. Then sit back and watch your junk vanish! Whether you’re cleaning up your home, getting ready to move or making room for visitors Junk King is the only way to go!

Nashville Stove Removal

How old is your stove? It’s a legitimate question especially if you’ve been noticing that it’s not quite working as it once did. Just like every other major kitchen appliance your stove will wear down over time. If you’re in the market for a new stove you might have a hard time finding a store that actually sells them. This is crucial because you want to make sure if you buy a stove with a warranty that the store you buy it from is going to be around long enough to service your appliance.

Since you’re buying new, you get to pick from a wide array of features. Do you know how a self-cleaning oven works? That means the stove has the ability to blast the oven with a burst of extremely high heat that reduces any type of residue to a pile of ash. You still have to wipe up the ash when the oven cools off. It’s not like a little robot shows up to do the job. You might be better off cleaning the stove the old-fashioned way as opposed to paying for a feature that isn’t all that big of deal to begin with.

A convection oven will come with a steeper price tag but if you do a lot of cooking this might be a terrific upgrade. With the convention oven you’ll see a fan or two as part of the design. Those fans allow for the heat to be circulated during the cooking process. This in turn makes for a more even cooking experience. It also cooks food a lot faster so you might have to adjust your recipes.

When it comes to clean up, you just can’t beat a smooth top range. The heating units are kept under a ceramic top and clean up is as easy as wiping down with a sponge. The only drawback with a ceramic stovetop is that is scratches rather easily. This means you probably couldn’t use cast iron cookware unless you want your surface all scuffed up. Coil burners are another way to go but these are extremely difficult to keep clean and the coils will eventually have to be replaced.

As for stove finishes, you’ll have the chance to spice things up with a bold color like red or black. Just think about what the rest of your kitchen looks like. You don’t want a single appliance standing out like a sore thumb.

When you’re ready to swap out the old stove for the new, make sure you’ve got Junk King Nashville on standby alert. These are Nashville’s professional junk haulers who will be able to take away your stove and any other bulky item you want to toss out, and get rid of it in an eco-friendly and responsible manner.  Plan it right and you can have the old stove taken out in the morning and the new stove brought in at night without skipping a beat.  That’s the promise with Junk King Nashville – efficient and eco-friendly hauling to make your life easier, and clutter free.

Spring Cleaning Tips In Nashville

You’ve got your cleaning supplies ready. You’ve set aside a Saturday morning. You’ve got a list of what needs to be done. Even with all of that prep work often it seems like doing the spring-cleaning is too much to handle. Guess what? Maybe it is and that’s why you should ask for help. If you’ve got kids in the house then there is no reason why they can’t be put to some cleaning chores. Let them dust the baseboards or at the very least clean up their rooms. If toddlers are part of the equation then the best help might come from asking someone to watch them while you dive into the cleaning.

Another helpful partner for this year’s spring cleaning project would be Junk King Nashville.  These are the junk removal specialists who have already been helping your friends and neighbors clean up all the clutter from their homes. Why not put them to work for you? You can approach Junk King as a “before” or “after” spring clean up partner.

Using Junk King Nashville before you clean your house lets you get rid of the stuff that is standing in your way. These are things like furniture down in the basement or boxes out in the garage or anything else you simply can’t throw out on your own. Once Junk King takes it away, you’ll be able to clean the floors where that stuff once lived. You can also bring in Junk King after you’ve cleaned your home and put together a list of what you want to throw out once and for all. You might not realize all that you can get rid of until you go through every room cleaning as you go.

Either way, Junk King Nashville is going to do the hard work of lifting and loading. You could sure make it easy for the crew to drag you stuff out to the driveway and pile it up but why bother when Junk King will do that for you? They’ll also be loading your stuff up on the JK truck which will be big enough to take away whatever you’re tossing out. As for pricing, you’ve only going to be charged for the amount of space you take up on the truck.

Check around and you’ll find that’s the best deal in Nashville because there are no extras or hidden fees. While you’re cleaning, the Junk King crew can be loading up their truck. You can bet they’ll be finished before you!

New Year’s Resolution Edition 2013: Junk King Nashville

Is it too early to mention spring in Nashville? Maybe with the temperature dipping down it might be premature to think of that season but it’s never too early to tackle a “spring cleaning” type of project. Every holiday season means going through attics, basements and garages in search of the holiday decorations. And one every one of those trips you’re presented with constant reminders of all the things you’ve been meaning to toss out. Let this be the year to make the resolution to get rid of your junk and Junk King Nashville is perfect partner to help in that chore.

If your home has an attic that has probably been the popular place to dump all the stuff you don’t use but can’t quite throw out. Some folks tackle their spring-cleaning by dragging everything out of the attic for sorting and disposal. That’s one method but when you hire Junk King you don’t have to make all those trips up and down the attic stairs. The Junk King crew will do all the climbing. That also applies to multiple trips down the basement for junk removal. All you have to concern yourself with is picking what you want tossed out.

There are some folks who move into a home with loads of boxes. Those boxes go right into storage and years later they still remained unopened. Clearly, whatever you had in those boxes you don’t need. Maybe it’s time to toss them out and make room for more practical storage items.

One of the benefits that former customers have found with working with Junk King Nashville is the simple fact that they don’t have to do any heavy lifting. That might be the primary reason why you haven’t gotten rid of those oversized items in the first place. Now with Junk King on your side you don’t have any excuse to keep those things around.

After Junk King loads up your stuff they’ll be taking it to either a recycling center, charity organization or certified landfill. Whenever possible your junk will be repurposed and reused. That folds in nicely with another potential New Year’s resolution: Reducing your carbon footprint. With Junk King you can make that claim without even giving it a second thought. Junk King won’t be charging any extra for the drop off services no matter where your junk ends up. They’ll only be charging by the amount of space you junk takes up in their truck. Check around and you’re sure to find out that when it comes to quality junk removal services, Junk King Nashville is the best deal in town!

Junk King Nashville can be your Recycling Partner in 2013

Nothing says, “Welcome to Nashville” like clean rest stops. At least that’s the philosophy behind the new move from the Department of Environment and Conservation, the Department of Transportation and the Tourist Development agency of Tennessee. They’ve all gotten together and implemented a new program which is putting recycling bins at the many visitor welcome centers located along the state’s highways leading into Nashville.

Nashville is just one of those places you just have to visit at least once in your life if for no other reason than to see all the good stuff folks have been talking about. While there are plenty of terrific hotels and cozy bed and breakfast inns nothing beats staying with family or friends. That puts your home on the top of the list for Nashville destinations. Are you ready for all the potential visitors heading your way in the coming year? Sorting out your own recyclables might not be enough to get the job done. For a total home cleanup with an eco-friendly spin you should consider bringing in the pros from Junk King Nashville.

Junk King is all about helping Nashville residents clean out the clutter of their lives. It’s amazing what we collect and hang onto over the years. Quite often we have no clue where something came from. When an item has reached “unknown” status then it’s clear it should be tossed out. Too often that is easier said than done. While it’s true that SUVs and pickups are the popular vehicles of choice in Nashville that doesn’t mean those autos can accommodate all the bulky items you want to get rid of. But supposed you can fit everything onto the truck bed would you know what to do with it then? You just can’t dump it by the side of the road. You need to drop it off at a certified landfill. Depending on where you live that could mean several hours of driving.

Plus there would be the dumping fee to contend with. Suppose you drive all the way out to the dump and don’t agree with how much they’re going to charge you for the privilege of taking your trash. Are you going to turn around and bring your junk back home? Aside from all the time this cleanup project is going to take up there is the labor concerns. Can you do all the heavy lifting yourself?

Add it all up and it just makes sense to hire Junk King Nashville to clear out your home. They have the truck and the manpower which means you won’t be driving or lifting. And they’re only going to charge you based on the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck. No dump fees. No labor costs. No travel time. Get ready to welcome your out of state friends with a little help from Junk King.

Nashville Debris Removal

A train derailment is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Recently, a Paducah & Louisville Railway train containing gallons of hazardous chemicals jumped the rails in the early morning hours just outside the Dixie Highway. While Emergency Management Agency teams were responding to the accident, a fire broke out further delaying the cleanup effort. Several workers were injured and taken to local hospitals. The fire was put under control and the work continued to get those train cars back on the rails.

A major accident like this certainly sheds new light on your own type of cleanup projects, doesn’t it? While it is true that you might think your kid’s room could be declared a hazardous waste site, the truth is all you really need to get your house in order is to clear out the clutter. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. But when you hire Junk King Nashville, it’s actually easy all the way around. That’s because Junk King is a certified company which specializes in all kinds of junk removal for the homeowner or the business owner.

Being certified in the state of Tennessee means that Junk King is a serious business. This isn’t a day laborer wandering around neighborhoods with a pickup truck looking for scrap metal. That is not someone you want to bring onto your property. The Junk King workers are all licensed and insured. This is their “9 to 5″ gig and they take great pride in their work. That’s exactly how Junk King Nashville has become so successful by building a solid reputation one customer at a time.

Before hiring Junk King you need to figure out exactly what you want them to take away. This doesn’t mean you have to pull all of these items out of your home and drag them down to the curb. The Junk King crew will take care of that. If you’ve got some furniture down in the basement or a busted bed frame in the attic, the JK crew is going to do the climbing up and down the stairs. The same goes for anything out in your garage or backyard. Where ever your junk is just leave it there and let the crew handle it.

After deciding what you want tossed out, give Junk King Nashville a call. They’ll send out a supervisor to provide you with an estimate for the services. They’re going to base that estimate on the amount of space all your junk will take up in their truck. That’s the only charge. You won’t be paying for labor costs or dumping fees. Best of all, if your junk ends up taking up less space on the truck, then you’ll be entitled to a discount off the estimate! That’s a great deal from any angle. Give Junk King a call today and get ready to be clutter free.

Nashville Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

There’s a new trend in the Nashville gym scene and you can thank Netflix…. sort of. When Netflix started sending DVD rentals directly into the home they changed the way folks rented videos. That left a lot of major video rental chains closing up shop. However, those were big storefronts that shouldn’t go to waste. Enter Workout Anytime. This is a chain of new gyms that have moved into the empty warehouse type video stores and converted them over to a gym with all the bells and whistles. The big hook here is that these gyms are open 24 hours a day. That means you can literally workout whenever you want to.

To be honest, that was probably the reason why you invested in home gym equipment or treadmill in the first place. You just wanted to have the option to workout whenever it was convenient to your schedule. Unfortunately, there are too many distractions in the home that get in the way of working out. Between pets, kids, cooking, cleaning, homework and all sorts of other things you never make it onto the treadmill. This is why signing up for a gym membership is a proactive choice. It practically forces you to make time to exercise outside of the home without distractions.

Belonging to a gym also allows you to change up your routine. Instead of being locked down to a treadmill for cardio you can chose from a wide array of machines each targeting a different muscle group but all delivering the same result: you getting into better shape. Most gyms offer a terrific assortment of aerobic workout classes that will have you working up a huge sweat. And you can’t discount the kind of social networking you can do at the gym. Yes, you’re there to focus on your routine but that doesn’t mean you can’t strike up a conversation with someone at the juice bar or before your spin class. You just can’t do that at home staring at your four walls. Now that there is a gym that is open 24 hours you’ll still be able to work out whenever you want.

To begin this new regime you’ll want to definitely get rid of the old machine. Don’t you think you can make better use of the space that the treadmill is taking up? What about all that other exercise equipment? You should have that all tossed out at the same time. You can when you hire Junk King Nashville to haul off all that heavy machinery.

Junk King Nashville are the junk removal experts who will have no problem lifting up that treadmill and tossing it onto their truck. That’s the Junk King workout! Call them today to see how they can help clear your home of clutter.

Nashville Air Conditioner Disposal

It looks as though the hot temperatures are going to be with us for awhile. Will your air conditioner withstand another few months of blasting cool air throughout your home? If not it might be time to make the switch to a new model. You could be in a good position for a purchase like that because most retailers are looking to clear out their “summer” items like air conditioners.

As the industry explains, there are two types of air conditioner systems: split air or package. The split air is often referred to as central air. A big unit will be outside your home pumping in cool air throughout your house. Depending on the sophistication of that unit, you could keep a minimal amount of living “zones” cool while the rest of the house is left alone. Unfortunately, most systems aren’t that sophisticated. In other words, if you cool off one room you have to cool off the whole house which means very high electric bills. With the package air conditioner a small unit is placed in a window or as a mobile unit that can be wheeled from room to room. This is a concentrated effort of circulating cool air.

If you’re in the market for a new AC be on the lookout for an EnergyStar sticker. This will tell you that the model of AC you’re looking at has been designed to meet EPA standards with regard to energy efficiency. Whenever buying a major appliance you should always look for that EnergyStar label. Even if it appears that you’re paying more for that item, you’ll get back plenty of savings in the form of lower electric bills.

A decent air conditioner unit should not only fit the window but also the size of the room. In other words, just because a unit has a lot of power doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best for a small room. What often happens in that case is the room becomes over chilled and the moisture in the air is removed. That’s not a comfortable experience for anyone. A better way to go is get a measurement of the room you want to cool off and let that be your guide. Keep in mind that an air conditioner in your living room isn’t going to be much help for your bedroom. Cool air doesn’t travel up stairs or down hallways. It’s better to have two ACs for two rooms.

When you’re ready to make the switch make sure to give Junk King Nashville a call to handle the removal of your old unit. Getting rid of an AC is definitely a two-man operation. Junk King Nashville will have that manpower and the truck space to accommodate the removal of your AC and any other junk item you want disposed off. It’s the most effective way of clearing your house of unwanted, bulky items.

E Waste Recycling In Nashville

Tennessee has the dubious distinction of being the state with the most active landfills in all the country. In fact, back in 1994 there were only 12 construction waste landfills while today there are 80.  The cost of collecting, processing and hauling solid waste is around $160 a ton. That adds up to $1.4 billion in trash collection costs just for the Nashville area. Clearly, increasing recycling efforts could bring those numbers down but recycling also has another positive impact on the economy: it creates more jobs. That is according to a study conducted by the College of Charleston. They crunched the numbers and found out that if Tennessee could recycle just 4 million tons or half of what goes to the landfills the state could create around 6,000 jobs. That’s a terrific goal to shoot for.

One of the biggest areas where recycling takes the lead is with electronic waste or e-waste. These would be all those things you’ve unplugged and stuffed into a closet or in the garage. Anything that needs electricity to run and isn’t running anymore is considered e-waste. Unlike other kinds of garbage that you can throw out every day, e-waste needs to be properly disposed of. That requires breaking down the components of the item and separating them into specific piles. Setting up a facility like that is where the jobs creation comes into play. This isn’t a “one person” operation.

Right now those types of facilities are up and running around Nashville. All you need to complete the recycling loop is to get your e-waste to those centers. You could take up your time loading up your car with your old computers, TVs or DVD players then driving out to the facilities. A better option would be to hire Junk King Nashville to handle your e-waste disposal.

Junk King Nashville specializes in all kinds of junk removal but e-waste disposal is something they’re really good at. Not only will they handle all the heavy lifting and loading but they’ll know just where to drop off that junk; it’s part of their daily routes. While Junk King is taking away your e-waste they can also cart off more items like furniture, lumber scraps, car parts, appliances or mattresses. Most of those items can also be recycled. If you were doing this on your own you might need to make several trips to several different recycling centers. Once again, Junk King will ride to the rescue. If they have to make six different stops it won’t really matter to you. You’ll only be paying one price based on the amount of space your junk takes up in their truck. Junk King Nashville has just made it easy to get rid of your e-waste. Put them to work today!