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Nashville – Junk Removal: We Take What You’ve Got!

Wondering what to do with that old television in the basement that no one watches anymore? Our Nashville – Junk Removal services will get rid of it for you without any bother or fuss. If you browse our website you’ll see that we use the phrase, ‘we take care of just about everything.’

The thing is, we like to practice what we preach and that’s why our complete and efficient junk removal services will get rid of almost anything that’s been hanging around for too long. We’ve been in this business for a long time now and know that some stuff is harder to get rid of because it’s considered electronic waste. Old televisions quite often fall into that category.

Our experienced team takes what can be recycled to the proper location so it doesn’t wind up in a landfill. What’s more, our professionals guarantee they won’t damage anything when they take that old TV away. The Nashville – Junk Removal services we supply do all the heavy lifting for you—safely, efficiently and without any hidden fees.

We Offer Nashville – Junk Removal for Old Mattresses Too.

We are professionals who can get rid of both the mattress and bed spring. One of the reasons that you will need to use our services is these items don’t usually go to traditional landfill. We like to get back to the communities we serve and that’s why will try to salvage your old mattress and donate it if possible.

Our history is impressive and a big reason that we have such a good reputation today. Junk King was started back in 2005. We saw it as a great way to give back to communities, provide an environmentally friendly junk removal full-service, and generally help people free up space.

Today, Junk King is considered an industry leader in the Nashville area for all kinds of junk removal. What adds to the attractive quality of our services is the fact that we put a special emphasis on customer service.

Take a few minutes and browse our website and you’ll find customer testimonials from people who found our services exceeded their expectations. Remember, we combine old-school values with New Age technology. That’s why you can get an estimate online and one in writing at the same time.
Our mission is to provide you with the very best value-added services when it comes to Nashville – Junk Removal.

Bed & Mattress Removal in Nashville TN

bed disposal NashvilleThe local Nashville authorities aren’t putting up with illegal dumping. Just because some irresponsible person is leaving trash behind doesn’t mean that’s the end of things. Recently, local detectives traced the contents of an illegal dump site back to a roofing company. This happened because of some files thrown away with all those shingles.

When confronted with the evidence, the worker admitted to making two illegal dumps. Now he is facing criminal charges for his laziness. He could have avoided all this hassle and embarrassment with one call to Junk King Nashville. These are the local junk removal experts who would have had no problem picking up those roofing materials. Junk King also won’t have a problem helping you get rid of things like kitchen appliances, e-waste gadgets and your own bed.

Do you remember sleeping in your childhood bed? You probably can’t recall your very first bed but as you grew older your bed grew with you. What happened to all those old beds? Most often they either get passed on to other family members or they get tucked away in a basement or attic. When you realize you need that space back you might have a brief thought of pulling that stuff out to the curb. That could be considered illegal dumping especially if you haven’t made arrangements to have it picked up. When you hire Junk King Nashville you’re actually be hiring a two-man crew who won’t have a problem removing those items from your basement or attic or anywhere else you might be keeping that stuff.

Once the Junk King crew pulls out your oversized stuff they’ll be loading it up on the back of their moving truck. In, out and nobody gets hurt! Along with your bed, Junk King can also help you clean out your closets. Just pull out what you want thrown away and leave it in a pile for the Junk King crew to scoop up. Pretty much anything that won’t fit in your trashcans will definitely fit on the back of the Junk King truck. After everything has been loaded, the crew will be heading off to make sure it is disposed of properly. Ironically, Junk King has  been hired by city officials to clean up illegal dump sites. No matter where junk is, the Junk King can be there to remove it all.

If you’re tired of holding onto stuff that you’re never going to use again then reach out to Junk King. They’ll make sure all of that stuff is gone in a blink of an eye!

Nashville Carpet Disposal and Recycling

Unless you live in a museum, here’s the thing about your carpets: they’re going to get stained. There is simply no way to avoid the occasional spill and if you’ve got a dog or cat, forget about it! When a stain or spill happens, don’t panic. It’s important that you treat it as quickly as possible but treat it the right way. The first phase could be with rubbing alcohol on a white cloth used to dab at the spot to lift up as much as possible. Then to get in deep, mix 1/4 cup of water with 3/4 household vinegar. Spray the stain and let it sit for a few moments then use the same mixture to dab up the cloth.

For a more stubborn stain, wrap a bar of Ivory Soap in a wet cloth. Club soda will also do in a pinch. The same with hydrogen peroxide or household ammonia. Just be careful with colored carpet. You can test an area that is under a piece of furniture first to make sure it won’t harm the color. The other thing to keep in mind with a stain is that you want to blot as opposed to scrub. Scrubbing can tend to drive the stain in deeper.

There may come a time that no amount of cleaning will be enough for a carpet. That’s when you’ll be looking to replace the rugs with brand new carpeting. If it’s been a while since you went shopping for new carpet, you might be surprised to find that a lot of the new designs are also stain resistant. This means they’re going to last longer which makes new carpeting a good investment.

You can save on the installation by having your own carpet removed by Junk King Nashville. Rolled up carpets is something that definitely needs to be hauled away on the back of a truck. It’s also the kind of job that a Junk King crew will be able to handle without breaking a sweat.

While Junk King is taking away your carpet, they can also load up their truck with all those other items you want tossed out. A new carpet could also be the perfect excuse for new furniture, which means you need to find somewhere to toss all of that old furniture so that it doesn’t take up valuable space in your home.

When Junk King Nashville takes away furniture they don’t just dump it in a landfill. Instead, they’ll find a charity that can fix it up and resell it or make sure it ends up broken down and at the proper recycling facility. That should make you feel pretty good about getting rid of your stuff. Of course, you don’t have to wait for new carpet to put Junk King to work. They’ll clear out your clutter whenever you’re ready!

Nashville Cabinet Removal and Disposal

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? You’re not alone. Giving a kitchen a makeover is one of the most popular remodeling projects that homeowners undertake. It’s also a perfect way to increase the value of the home many times over. Thanks to many helpful YouTube videos and stores like Home Depot, a kitchen remodel has also become a very popular DIY type of project. Whether you’ll be hiring a contractor or doing the work for yourself you should consider some important options in your planning stage.

For your countertops you can go for a full slab or tiles of granite. Dark granite tiles with dark grout can give the same kind of look and feel of that full slab for a fraction of the cost. They are also easier to repair. Swapping out a single cracked tile as oppose to an entire cracked slab is a no brainer! For back splashes on your counters, look into vinyl or sheet metal for a sleek and modern look. This might be a better choice especially if you’re going to have stainless steel appliances. Speaking of stainless steel appliances, when you head out to the appliance store consider picking up a floor model or one that is slightly damaged. Suppose you find a beautiful stainless steel fridge with a dent on its left side. Is that the same side that will be forever hidden by your cabinets? If so, then doesn’t making a deal for a price that is several hundred dollars cheaper than the retail price sound good? This approach also holds true for washer and dryers. Will a little scratch or dent matter when it can mean some serious savings?

Another popular kitchen-remodeling tip is to update your light fixtures. Get rid of those glaring fluorescent lights and instead opt for warm track lighting. Most track lighting can be installed with a kit and dimmer that allows you to adjust the light settings depending on your mood. It can make a huge difference in the kitchen.

Then there are your cabinets to contend with. Here again you can find a simple approach to swapping out the doors and using existing hardware. If you take this approach then you’ll definitely want to set up a clean up appointment with Junk King Nashville. With their hard working crew and huge truck, Junk King will be able to remove those cabinet doors in the same day that you plan to take them down. If you’re replacing countertops, then let the JK crew remove that construction debris as well. Junk King works best when removing bulky objects that won’t fit into your trashcan. It might seem like an extra step but it is one well worth taking.

Pamper Yourself With Junk Removal Services in Nashville

All you really need to pamper yourself is a small goal and a little bit of time. For instance, if all you have is 15 minutes you could make a cup of tea and watch some fun YouTube videos in the time it would take you to drink that tea. Later at night, pop on your favorite relaxing album and pour yourself a glass of wine. If you have 30 minutes make yourself a bowl of ice cream and get lost in some mindless reality TV. Or you could call up an old friend and set the clock for 30 minutes of catch up conversation.

If you’ve got an hour why not head off to the gym? Try 20 minutes of cardio workout and the rest of the time in the sauna reading a magazine. You could even take a car ride to some scenic overlook and watch the sunset (or rise!). If you’ve got three hours then grab a book and head out to your nearest java joint for a endless latte and a good read or go on a picnic lunch with a friend.

As mentioned the common dominator in all those potential pampering sessions is time. There isn’t much you can do about your work schedule short of calling in sick or taking a vacation day. The best time for a little pampering will probably come during the weekend but even then it’s hard to find the time that is unless you get a little help. That help could come from a company like Junk King Nashville.

Coming home every day to stacks of junk in your garage isn’t pleasant. The same can be said for every time you go down in the basement to do laundry and find yourself tripping over stuff you wish you could get rid of. Hiring Junk King Nashville means getting throwing out that unwanted junk was never easier. Imagine how long it would take for two or three strong Junk King crew team members to remove whatever you want from your house. In many cases, you could fill up the Junk King truck in less than an hour. As they drive away, you can start your pampering. On the other hand, if you had to take on that job by yourself you’d renting the truck and then driving it all over Nashville looking for a proper dumping spot. How long will that take? Probably most of your day off. It doesn’t have to be that way when Junk King Nashville takes on the assignment. Getting rid of junk and having the time to pamper yourself: that’s a perfect combination!

New Year’s Resolution Edition 2013: Junk King Nashville

Is it too early to mention spring in Nashville? Maybe with the temperature dipping down it might be premature to think of that season but it’s never too early to tackle a “spring cleaning” type of project. Every holiday season means going through attics, basements and garages in search of the holiday decorations. And one every one of those trips you’re presented with constant reminders of all the things you’ve been meaning to toss out. Let this be the year to make the resolution to get rid of your junk and Junk King Nashville is perfect partner to help in that chore.

If your home has an attic that has probably been the popular place to dump all the stuff you don’t use but can’t quite throw out. Some folks tackle their spring-cleaning by dragging everything out of the attic for sorting and disposal. That’s one method but when you hire Junk King you don’t have to make all those trips up and down the attic stairs. The Junk King crew will do all the climbing. That also applies to multiple trips down the basement for junk removal. All you have to concern yourself with is picking what you want tossed out.

There are some folks who move into a home with loads of boxes. Those boxes go right into storage and years later they still remained unopened. Clearly, whatever you had in those boxes you don’t need. Maybe it’s time to toss them out and make room for more practical storage items.

One of the benefits that former customers have found with working with Junk King Nashville is the simple fact that they don’t have to do any heavy lifting. That might be the primary reason why you haven’t gotten rid of those oversized items in the first place. Now with Junk King on your side you don’t have any excuse to keep those things around.

After Junk King loads up your stuff they’ll be taking it to either a recycling center, charity organization or certified landfill. Whenever possible your junk will be repurposed and reused. That folds in nicely with another potential New Year’s resolution: Reducing your carbon footprint. With Junk King you can make that claim without even giving it a second thought. Junk King won’t be charging any extra for the drop off services no matter where your junk ends up. They’ll only be charging by the amount of space you junk takes up in their truck. Check around and you’re sure to find out that when it comes to quality junk removal services, Junk King Nashville is the best deal in town!

Thanksgiving and Junk Clutter Cleanup in Nashville

It sometimes doesn’t take much to get your home ready for the holidays. A few simple touches will go a long way towards making your home warm and inviting. Think of it in terms of accents. For instance, you could bring in some throw pillows in red or green that would lend a festive atmosphere to any room. Swapping out lamp shades for a cooler tone can also help improve the feel of a particular room. If you have the safe space for candles, try to get a mirror to place underneath them. This will help reflect the glow of the candlelight throughout the room.

The other thing you may want to do is make sure you get rid of the clutter. The small stuff like magazines, newspapers or junkmail is easy to gather up and toss out. It’s the bigger items like old furniture, kitchen appliances or any oversize piece of junk that will take a little more effort to toss out. You’ll be able to handle that chore with a little help from Junk King Nashville.

With Junk King Nashville on your side you won’t be stressed about lifting something too heavy for one person. A Junk King crew will do all the work. They’ll make sure to carefully carry out that heavy object without banging into your walls or scuffing up your floors. They’re professionals and know how to get the job done right. They’ll be loading that junk on the back of their truck to drive off and deposit in the proper place.

When you let go of the clutter you’ve been hanging onto, you might be surprised as how much space you can reclaim in your house. In some cases you could take over an entire room or basement and convert it into a cozy guestroom for overnight visitors. The Junk King crew can help remove all kinds of yard debris, too. This matters a lot especially if you’re going to be putting up holiday decorations. You don’t want folks driving by to admire you lights and seeing rusty patio furniture or car parts. You can toss all of that out on the same Junk King Nashville  truck that will be taking away all the stuff from your home. They’ll even toss out fallen tree limbs or mound of dirt!

The way Junk King Nashville charges for this service is easy: whatever amount of space your junk is going to take up on their truck is what you’ll get charged. It’s an estimate prepared by a supervisor and it’s locked in. No extra fees, labor costs or dumping surcharges. The quicker you can get your house ready the quicker you can get to enjoying the holidays. Let Junk King Nashville show you the way!

Nashville Bulk Pickup

How good is your garbage shot? We’re talking about the “basket” you can make with a crumbled up ball of paper. It would seem wired into our DNA that if you have a crumbled up ball of paper you’re going to try and make the shot whether the garbage basket is across the room or over your shoulder. Some folks are so serious about garbage basketball that there are mobile phone apps dedicated to the “sport.” No doubt there is a tournament starting up somewhere today! This brings up the point of how easy it is to throw something out while other items are a bit more of a challenge. Essentially, if you can toss something in the garbage you will. For everything else, there is the tendency to hold onto that item and allow it to take over space in your home. We’re talking about all those bulky items and the best way of getting rid of them is by hiring a professional.

The professional for this job in Nashville would be Junk King. They are the local Nashville business who has a trained junk moving team at the ready. But instead of these movers taking your stuff from one home to another, they will be properly disposing of all those bulky items and getting them out of your home once and for all.

What constitutes a bulky item for Junk King Nashville? How about that old sofa you stuck down the basement just to get it out of the way? What about a kid’s playground set out in the backyard? Do you have an old piano nobody plays or a pool table that is beyond repair? All of those items would qualify as a bulky item and it’s clear you need an extra set of helping hands to get rid of them. A Junk King crew will not only provide those “hands” but also the empty truck big enough to cart away and object you want to finally get rid of.

Unlike curbside pickups, Junk King Nashville will go where your junk is. If you’ve got something down in the basement they’ll climb the stairs. Same for up in the attic or out in the garage. All you have to do is point to the item you want removed and Junk King will handle the rest. The Junk King crews are all licensed and insured which makes them a dependable team to invite into your home. Best of all, Junk King will work around your schedule. If it is better for an early morning pickup then that’s what it will be.

The sooner you get rid of all of those bulky items the quicker you can reclaim all that space. You might even clear out an entire room. Couldn’t you find a better use for a room than simple storage? Let Junk King  show you the way – especially for Nashville Bulk Item Pickup services.

Nashville Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

There’s a new trend in the Nashville gym scene and you can thank Netflix…. sort of. When Netflix started sending DVD rentals directly into the home they changed the way folks rented videos. That left a lot of major video rental chains closing up shop. However, those were big storefronts that shouldn’t go to waste. Enter Workout Anytime. This is a chain of new gyms that have moved into the empty warehouse type video stores and converted them over to a gym with all the bells and whistles. The big hook here is that these gyms are open 24 hours a day. That means you can literally workout whenever you want to.

To be honest, that was probably the reason why you invested in home gym equipment or treadmill in the first place. You just wanted to have the option to workout whenever it was convenient to your schedule. Unfortunately, there are too many distractions in the home that get in the way of working out. Between pets, kids, cooking, cleaning, homework and all sorts of other things you never make it onto the treadmill. This is why signing up for a gym membership is a proactive choice. It practically forces you to make time to exercise outside of the home without distractions.

Belonging to a gym also allows you to change up your routine. Instead of being locked down to a treadmill for cardio you can chose from a wide array of machines each targeting a different muscle group but all delivering the same result: you getting into better shape. Most gyms offer a terrific assortment of aerobic workout classes that will have you working up a huge sweat. And you can’t discount the kind of social networking you can do at the gym. Yes, you’re there to focus on your routine but that doesn’t mean you can’t strike up a conversation with someone at the juice bar or before your spin class. You just can’t do that at home staring at your four walls. Now that there is a gym that is open 24 hours you’ll still be able to work out whenever you want.

To begin this new regime you’ll want to definitely get rid of the old machine. Don’t you think you can make better use of the space that the treadmill is taking up? What about all that other exercise equipment? You should have that all tossed out at the same time. You can when you hire Junk King Nashville to haul off all that heavy machinery.

Junk King Nashville are the junk removal experts who will have no problem lifting up that treadmill and tossing it onto their truck. That’s the Junk King workout! Call them today to see how they can help clear your home of clutter.

Nashville Junk Removal Prices

As a word, “junk” has gotten a pretty bad rap. We all know we’re not supposed to eat junk food. A junked car can’t be driven. Pretty much anything that can be tossed away is junk. There is one business that should make you rethink the word “junk” and that would be Junk King Nashville. They don’t have a problem with the word. In fact, they embrace junk in all its forms. Without that, they would have nothing to do all day!

Junk King is a local Nashville business that’s part of a bigger national team of professional junk haulers. Being professional means every one of their workers is licensed and insured. They are trained to treat each customer with respect. That means showing up for the scheduled appointment on time and completing the task at hand without a hassle. A Junk King Nashville crew member works for the company. This means they’re not going to try and cut side deals with customers. They don’t have to because every Junk King deal is a great deal.

Most other junk haulers charge for their services like your average mover. There’s a per hour cost for labor and a minimum of hours you’ll need to pay for. There will be travel time and landfill charges. There could be all other kinds of add-ons and extra fees. That’s not going to happen with Junk King. When you hire Junk King, you’ll first schedule an appointment for a free on site estimate. At this assessment, the team will survey the junk you want taken away. It doesn’t have to be gathered up into a pile. In fact, it can be scattered throughout your home or property. Once they get a sense of how much truck space your junk will take up they’ll provide you with an estimate on what you’ll be paying.

On the day of the pick-up, the Junk King Nashville crew will be showing up on time. They’re not going to give you the kind of “all day” window you have to take with a phone company appointment. If it takes the crew one hour, two hours or fifteen minutes to clear out your junk so be it. This is where they estimate comes back into play. If you have junk down basement or up in the attic, the Junk King crew will take their time to climb up and down the stairs. When you get right down to it, there simply isn’t a better way to get rid of your junk than with Junk King Nashville.