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A Backyard Makeover Begins With Debris Clearing

Over the spring and summer, how much time do you spend in your backyard? If there are kids in the house, then the backyard becomes the center spot of fun. And if you have a swimming pool, then you’ll probably be the most popular home on the block! The weekends are when the bbq grilling happens for friends and family. The backyard is really an extension of your home’s living space. Shouldn’t it be in great shape for the season? If you’re thinking about a backyard makeover, then hiring Junk King Nashville should be the first step.

Big Debris Clearing

With any type of home makeover project, you need to clear the targeted space of any items that would get in the way of that makeover. Out in the backyard that can mean a lot of debris. This debris can be natural things like dug up bushes or tree branches. It can also be yard clippings, sod and rocks. The other type of debris would be the long list of things you brought into the yard that are no longer “working.” This can include patio furniture that is falling apart and a swing set that the kids have outgrown. You can also add in the remains of any “tinkering” project such as auto parts, a spare tire and construction leftovers. All of those items can be loaded up on the Junk King truck for disposal.

Easy Scheduling

Setting up your backyard clearing with Junk King can happen with one phone call. You’ll be asked about the kinds of things that you’re getting rid of. This will help the Junk King team determine if the standard two-man moving crew will be all you’ll need. There are some backyard cleaning jobs that require more help in order to complete it all in a single day. Junk King can provide that extra labor without extra costs.

Get the House Cleaned, Too

As long as there will be a moving team and a big truck, you can also get the house cleaned of unwanted clutter, too. What are the big items you’d like hauled out of your basement or garage? Just think of all the pace you’ll get back. Start your backyard makeover with help from Junk King Nashville. No one does yard clearing better than Junk King.

Remove Dangerous Debris For Trick Or Treaters In Nashville

The number one concern around Halloween should be safety. There are a lot of kids with their families making the rounds trick or treating after it gets dark. This is why it is important to have flashlights and reflective costumes. As a host for Halloween, you want to insure that your guests have a clear path to the candy. Although you might want to scare some folks, in reality, having someone running away from your house could cause an accident. It’s always better to play it safe on Halloween.


Once the clock strikes midnight, the ghosts get packed up and cobwebs are taken down for another year. Of course, you don’t have a lot of time before the next holiday gets here. To make sure your home is debris free, you’ll want to bring in the pros from Junk King. This is the crew who can remove all kinds of junk and clutter that you’ve been stuck with for a long time.

To set up your junk removal appointment, just give Junk King a call or click over to the website. You’ll find that most sessions can be completed within 24 hours. With your junk flying out the door that fast, you’ll wonder why you took so long before calling Junk King!

Along with clearing out the debris from around your yard, Junk King will also be able to remove any heavy object from down in your basement or up in your attic. The crew won’t mind climbing stairs. When they show up for your session, you’ll give the Junk King team a tour of all the spots where you’ve got junk to be removed. They’ll then size it all up and present you with an estimate that will be based on truck space. How much will your junk use on the truck is how much you’ll be paying. This is the fairest way to price out this type of service. Any company who says they charge by the pound is not a company you want to hire for junk removal.

Once the job is complete, you’ll have all kinds of open space in your home. You can get the guest room ready or start parking the car in the garage again. Won’t that be nice! For quality debris removal and junk hauling, Junk King gets it done every time!