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Get The Junk Out Of Your Parents’ Home With Help From Junk King

When you first moved out of your parents’ home, how much furniture did you take with you? Most of us only took clothes, books and keepsakes. After all, you probably wouldn’t want to furnish your apartment with the same bedroom furniture you had as a teenager. Over the years, your parents’ place might have also become the storage spot for a lot of other things you accumulated. Then there is all the stuff your parents have collected over the years. How much of those things will ever be used again? The smart move would be to help your parents get rid of all that junk once and for all. That can happen with help from Junk King Nashville.

Swift Clearing

Getting rid of your junk with the help of Junk King won’t be complicated. In fact, most appointments are taken care from start to finish in less than 30 minutes. A typical day for the Junk King team is a busy one. That is why they like to move fast. They also don’t want to take up any more of your day off then necessary. They only thing that possibly slows them down is when something has to be taken apart. There are a lot of objects in the house and structures out in the yard that might have to be disassembled before they can be loaded onto the Junk King truck. That will take extra time but you won’t be paying extra for the labor. It is all covered in Junk King’s flat rate policy.

Charity Drop Off

Since they began collecting junk back in 2005, Junk King has been dedicated to keeping as much rubbish out of landfills as possible. The most effective way of doing this is by dropping off usable items to a charity. Junk King has set up working partnerships with many charitable organizations around the Nashville area knows exactly what types of things they are looking for. The crews of all been trained to spot those items and will do their best to make sure nothing gets dumped in the trash that could be used again.

Hire Junk King Nashville today to help your parents clear out the junk from their home. That would be an awesome gift!

Start The Holidays Off Right Without Any Junk In The House

What are some of your family’s favorite holiday traditions? You might have a special restaurant to visit at this time a year or there could be a neighborhood that is loaded with twinkling holiday displays that makes for a fun drive by. Of course, there’s probably a long list of classic Christmas movies that you watch every year. One of the best ways to get ready for the holiday is to clean the home from top to bottom. Whether you’re having a party for friends or expecting family to come over, you want to home to look its best. To help you get there you should bring in the team from Junk King Nashville today. They are going to help you start off the holidays without any junk house.


Since the last time you put up your holiday decorations a lot of stuff could have come into the house. That is not necessarily a bad thing except when you think about all the items the new stuff has replaced. Maybe you got a new sofa or recliner. Perhaps there’s some new appliances in the kitchen. They could also most certainly be new outfits in the closet. All of that means you needed to make room for those things and that usually results in the old stuff getting crammed into the garage, down the basement or further into the back of the closet. Instead of being overwhelmed by all that old stuff you can turned over to Junk King and never have to be bothered by it again.

With Junk King on the job, you will be guaranteed not to put your back at risk. Even lifting a small box can cause back strain if you do it the wrong way. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience lifting all kinds of heavy objects. This is what they do every day and they make sure it’s done the right way. Not only does that mean carrying things downstairs or up from the basement but also making sure your floors and walls are protected. Remember, the Junk King crews are all licensed and insured and you can only get that way if you do the job right every time.

One call to Junk King Nashville will help kickstart your holidays in a home without any junk. Won’t that be nice?

A Junk King Nashville Customer Shares Their Experience

Junk King Nashville is part of a national chain a professional junk haulers who been in this line of work for over 12 years. A typical day involves picking up literally tons of rubbish from homes, apartments, storage units and businesses. Every Junk King Nashville customer is treated with the same level of respect and courteousness. Sometimes those happy customers feel compelled to share their experiences with Junk King. Here is one customer’s recent post:


“What I like the best are the people. On my first call, I spoke with Sebastian who was as nice as he could be, answered my questions and set up a time for pick-up. A nice gentleman named Robert called the night before to confirm everything. And then today, Norris called to say they were on their way. He and Tristan worked very hard in the heat and climbing stairs to clear out the pieces of furniture and books etc. They were AMAZING. And extremely nice! They were very organized in how they approached everything and had the most positive attitude about their job. I feel very lucky to have been able to meet them and they are a definite asset to your company. If I’m ever were I need to have more of my stuff taken away, I would definitely want both of them to come back. Thank you so much for being able to schedule me in on very short notice and for sending those two wonderful young gentlemen! I would recommend your company to everyone. Thanks Again!” – R.G., Nashville

This is a great summation of all the benefits of working with Junk King Nashville. First, scheduling is easy. You’ll find that junk King is dedicated to taking up as least amount of your time off as possible. You can schedule directly by calling in to Junk King or by utilizing the online sign-up forms. Either way Junk King wants to move fast. Most appointments are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. If your stuff is ready to go and is a crew in your neighborhood, then you could benefit from a same day pickup at no extra charge.

As to what Junk King can haul away, there’s no limit in terms of size or weight. The crews have all been trained to lift and load heavy objects like pianos or futons. Don’t hesitate asked them to climb up to the second floor go down the basement to bring up things. This is what you’re hiring them for. If you want to get your junk cleared out fast, then hire Junk King Nashville today


Declutter Your Home For Holiday Guests

Can you recall the most uncomfortable bed you’ve ever slept in? Aside from a less than ideal you might have been subjected to a bad night sleep on someone sofa or foldout bed. Although grateful to have a place to spend the night, it doesn’t help if you wake up in the morning with an aching back. That might have taught you a valuable lesson about taking care of overnight guests. The chances for these type of gas increases during the holidays. The question then becomes will you be ready? You will if you hire Junk King Nashville to declutter your home.


Around this time of year, Junk King Nashville likes to think of itself as “Santa’s little helpers.” the experience movers are keeping busy throughout the week as homeowners and businesses scramble to get ready for the holiday. This means a lot of party planning, gift-wrapping and cleaning. Junk King Nashville can help with the gifts or the parties but they can certainly be a big help when it comes to cleaning.

Deciding exactly what you want to toss out is the extent of the work you be doing for this junk removal assignment. Those could be easy choices if you identify all the things in your basement, garage and attic that you want the crews to haul out. It only gets slightly more challenging if you need to spend time sorting through boxes or your closet. Still that is a good investment of time when you consider everything can be removed in a single appointment and leave you with a lot of open storage.

Junk King Nashville is going to make your decluttering session easy to schedule. Even with their days filling up, there is always room in the schedule for one more pickup. Often this can happen in the same day as long as you call in early enough. Of course, if you would prefer to wait until later in the evening or on the weekend, then Junk King Nashville can make that happen as well. Make your holiday guests feel cozy in your home with the decluttering session from Junk King Nashville.

Junk Service Scores More Rave Reviews For Junk Removal

If you want to know how well a company is doing, then all you have to do is check the reviews from their customers. It is easy to see from the reviews posted in the last couple of days that Junk King Nashville is doing amazing work when it comes to junk removal. Here are a few of those rave reviews:


“These guys were so great to work with. I really appreciated their good attitudes and patience through the process. It definitely wasn’t an easy job.” – Joel S., Nashville

“The service was prompt and very polite!!! I would definitely recommend. They were no nonsense and got the job done fast! Everything was clear and understood.” – P.D., Nashville

“On time, professional and personable. Quickly picked up items and with caution.” – Scherie A, Nashville

“The two guys who came were very personable and courteous. They were quick and efficient and brought the job in to fit with what we had budgeted.” – Craig M., Murfeesboro

Those reviews perfectly some up how Junk King Nashville operates on many levels. First and foremost, they want to make sure they show up with a friendly and problem-solving attitude. There is no excuse for a worker invited into your home to be grumpy. They also need to know what they’re doing. The crews working with Junk King Nashville have a lot of experience removing all types of items from homes and businesses. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sofa, air-conditioner, water heater or piano they can make it disappear from your home with very little effort.

Junk King Nashville is also dedicated to making the scheduling process as streamlined as possible that is why they allow you to book an appointment online. Not only is that convenient but it also scores you a $30 discount on the service. Speaking of discounts, you’ll find that Junk King’s pricing policy is very reasonable and affordable. The fee structure is based upon how much your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. Because the crews are expert at packing up the trucks, you can count on the low end of the price scale for every job. After one junk removal session with Junk King Nashville, you’ll be ready to add your own rave review.

You Don’t Have To Live With Your Junk

There is a lot of things you can change around your home to make your living environment more appealing. Most of that can be cosmetic fixes like repainting a room or remodeling the kitchen. Although there is not much you could do with the structure of your house, you can certainly change the floor plan by rearranging furniture. Another way you can improve your living condition is by getting rid of all your junk. This would be all the stuff that you been collecting over the years that really is serving no useful purpose. Instead of being embarrassed or frustrated why not, bring in Junk King Nashville? These are the junk removal pros who can make short work of getting rid of all your unwanted clutter.


When you hire Junk King Nashville, you’re actually hiring a pair of very capable movers. This is the team who is going to be doing all the actual lifting and loading for you. All you have to do is decide what you want to toss out. That might be easy if all the things you want to get rid of are visible. However, should take full advantage of having that two-man crew and their truck by going through all your closets, boxes and other storage areas where you might be keeping things. You might just discover that you’ve got more to get rid of that you ever thought. It can all go away with a single junk removal appointment from Junk King Nashville.

Along with all the help that the Junk King crew is going to offer clearing out the clutter from the inside of your home they can do some amazing things around the yards. Although they can’t work a lawnmower for you, they can certainly pick up and remove all kinds of yard waste. That includes heavy things like chunks of concrete or bricks. It can also include taking down a child’s playground set or old woodshed.

Everything collected by Junk King Nashville will also be sorted by them. There could be looking for anything that could be repurposed. When they find something like that, they’ll make sure it gets to the right charity or recycling center. Are you ready to start living in a junk free home? Then you’re ready to call Junk King Nashville.

Nashville Junk Removal Ratings & Reviews

Summer is officially here and the Junk King crews have been extremely busy. Plenty of folks around Nashville are clearing out garages, cleaning up yards and removing the clutter from their homes thanks to Junk King’s help. It didn’t take long for Junk King to become Nashville’s leading professional junk removal service. The evidence can be found in the following reviews all posted within the last couple of weeks:

“Norris and his partner were awesome! They worked hard and went above and beyond what I had asked for! They were terrific!” Colleen Locke, Hendersonville.


The only limit to what Junk King can remove would be anything deemed a hazardous material. State regulations prohibit that type of transport. However, everything else can go! Beyond loading up appliances, furniture and other household goods, you can call on the Junk King crew to dismantle items. They’ve taken apart pool tables, hot tubs, swing sets and even tree forts before loading up the pieces. Junk King teams have also taken down drywall, removed carpet and pulled up tiles. As long as it is going to end up on the back of the truck, why not let Junk King take care of it. Won’t it be nice to have you own work crew?

“Excellent work. They actually arrived early, and I liked that. Very nice and polite, got right to work and didn’t waste any time. They also cleaned up after. I will for sure call Norris and Darien again if I need help. You have great employees in Norris and Darien! Thank you so much.” Shirley White House, Tennessee.

Junk King understands how valuable your time is. Whether you need to make an appointment on your day off or squeeze it in before going to work, Junk King will make every effort to get in and get out as quickly as possible. Many customers have benefited from a same-day junk removal appointment. The key is to call in early. Most removal can be handled in less time than it takes to enjoy your breakfast. Remember, you won’t be doing any of the actual lifting and loading. You’ll be amazed at how fast Junk King works.

“Prompt, courteous and professional,” B.J., Nashville

When you get right down to it, you don’t need a lot of words to describe how great Junk King is at junk removal. “Prompt, courteous and professional” covers it all.

Nashville Junk Removal in 2014

We all know the hazards that freezing temperatures can cause. This is why we’re advised to wear layers when going out and not to strain when it comes to shoveling sidewalks. Another issue to be aware of is what freezing temperatures do for your pipes. It helps to run water while it is cold to make sure the flow will be maintained. However, there are some freezing pipe predicaments that you’ll be helpless against. That is what the families living in the Ronald McDonald House discovered when cold temperatures caused the overhead fire sprinkler system to burst. All three floors in this home were flooded as 125 gallons a minute came spewing out of the pipes. What was left behind was a soggy mess where everything had to be tossed out.

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