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E Waste Recycling In Nashville

Tennessee has the dubious distinction of being the state with the most active landfills in all the country. In fact, back in 1994 there were only 12 construction waste landfills while today there are 80.  The cost of collecting, processing and hauling solid waste is around $160 a ton. That adds up to $1.4 billion in trash collection costs just for the Nashville area. Clearly, increasing recycling efforts could bring those numbers down but recycling also has another positive impact on the economy: it creates more jobs. That is according to a study conducted by the College of Charleston. They crunched the numbers and found out that if Tennessee could recycle just 4 million tons or half of what goes to the landfills the state could create around 6,000 jobs. That’s a terrific goal to shoot for.

One of the biggest areas where recycling takes the lead is with electronic waste or e-waste. These would be all those things you’ve unplugged and stuffed into a closet or in the garage. Anything that needs electricity to run and isn’t running anymore is considered e-waste. Unlike other kinds of garbage that you can throw out every day, e-waste needs to be properly disposed of. That requires breaking down the components of the item and separating them into specific piles. Setting up a facility like that is where the jobs creation comes into play. This isn’t a “one person” operation.

Right now those types of facilities are up and running around Nashville. All you need to complete the recycling loop is to get your e-waste to those centers. You could take up your time loading up your car with your old computers, TVs or DVD players then driving out to the facilities. A better option would be to hire Junk King Nashville to handle your e-waste disposal.

Junk King Nashville specializes in all kinds of junk removal but e-waste disposal is something they’re really good at. Not only will they handle all the heavy lifting and loading but they’ll know just where to drop off that junk; it’s part of their daily routes. While Junk King is taking away your e-waste they can also cart off more items like furniture, lumber scraps, car parts, appliances or mattresses. Most of those items can also be recycled. If you were doing this on your own you might need to make several trips to several different recycling centers. Once again, Junk King will ride to the rescue. If they have to make six different stops it won’t really matter to you. You’ll only be paying one price based on the amount of space your junk takes up in their truck. Junk King Nashville has just made it easy to get rid of your e-waste. Put them to work today!