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Summer Decluttering in Nashville

When was the last time you spent the day at the Nashville Zoo? Nashville has a zoo? Actually, we’ve got a great zoo chock full of exotic animals all living in natural habitats. There’s also daily animal shows, talks with the keepers and an old-fashioned carousel. Want more outdoor fun? Over at Nashville Shores there is a 25,000 square foot wave pool and a 1,000-foot long lazy river. This is one water park that is guaranteed to keep you cool on a hot summer day.

All of these outdoor places are perfect excuses to get away from your home for the day. You might be looking for any excuse especially if your home is full of clutter. We’re not talking about the kind of normal clutter like a stack of junk mail or magazines. Instead, it’s when you’ve got so much junk that it’s hard to move around without stubbing a toe. When your junk has taken over it’s time to call Junk King Nashville for some serious summer de-cluttering.

Spring isn’t the only time you can do a deep cleaning of your house. Kicking off the summer with a call to Junk King means you’re finally getting serious about tossing out all the bulky junk items you’ve been hanging onto for way too long. Just because you’ve managed to hide this stuff down in your basement or out in the garage doesn’t mean it has vanished. The only way for that to happen is by hiring Junk King.

When you’ve got Junk King working at your home, you’ll be amazed at how fast your junk can disappear. All of it will be going onto the back of the Junk King Nashville truck. That’s another prime reason for hiring Junk King. They have their own truck. You won’t have to waste time getting a rental. You also won’t have to waste time driving around looking for a drop off site. Junk King has them all programmed into their GPS. And that includes all the recycling centers and charities that accept used furniture. You’re junk will live on!

Getting your house cleaned with the help of Junk King Nashville means you can make room for out of town guests. You can also whip your backyard into shape by having the Junk King crews take away any debris left over from the last storm. Hiring Junk King means you’ll be getting a fast and respectful crew that won’t keep you waiting all day. There is too much to see and do in Nashville this summer. No need to take up time hauling out junk when Junk King can do it for you!

Nashville Carpet Disposal and Recycling

Unless you live in a museum, here’s the thing about your carpets: they’re going to get stained. There is simply no way to avoid the occasional spill and if you’ve got a dog or cat, forget about it! When a stain or spill happens, don’t panic. It’s important that you treat it as quickly as possible but treat it the right way. The first phase could be with rubbing alcohol on a white cloth used to dab at the spot to lift up as much as possible. Then to get in deep, mix 1/4 cup of water with 3/4 household vinegar. Spray the stain and let it sit for a few moments then use the same mixture to dab up the cloth.

For a more stubborn stain, wrap a bar of Ivory Soap in a wet cloth. Club soda will also do in a pinch. The same with hydrogen peroxide or household ammonia. Just be careful with colored carpet. You can test an area that is under a piece of furniture first to make sure it won’t harm the color. The other thing to keep in mind with a stain is that you want to blot as opposed to scrub. Scrubbing can tend to drive the stain in deeper.

There may come a time that no amount of cleaning will be enough for a carpet. That’s when you’ll be looking to replace the rugs with brand new carpeting. If it’s been a while since you went shopping for new carpet, you might be surprised to find that a lot of the new designs are also stain resistant. This means they’re going to last longer which makes new carpeting a good investment.

You can save on the installation by having your own carpet removed by Junk King Nashville. Rolled up carpets is something that definitely needs to be hauled away on the back of a truck. It’s also the kind of job that a Junk King crew will be able to handle without breaking a sweat.

While Junk King is taking away your carpet, they can also load up their truck with all those other items you want tossed out. A new carpet could also be the perfect excuse for new furniture, which means you need to find somewhere to toss all of that old furniture so that it doesn’t take up valuable space in your home.

When Junk King Nashville takes away furniture they don’t just dump it in a landfill. Instead, they’ll find a charity that can fix it up and resell it or make sure it ends up broken down and at the proper recycling facility. That should make you feel pretty good about getting rid of your stuff. Of course, you don’t have to wait for new carpet to put Junk King to work. They’ll clear out your clutter whenever you’re ready!

Nashville Debris Removal

A train derailment is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Recently, a Paducah & Louisville Railway train containing gallons of hazardous chemicals jumped the rails in the early morning hours just outside the Dixie Highway. While Emergency Management Agency teams were responding to the accident, a fire broke out further delaying the cleanup effort. Several workers were injured and taken to local hospitals. The fire was put under control and the work continued to get those train cars back on the rails.

A major accident like this certainly sheds new light on your own type of cleanup projects, doesn’t it? While it is true that you might think your kid’s room could be declared a hazardous waste site, the truth is all you really need to get your house in order is to clear out the clutter. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. But when you hire Junk King Nashville, it’s actually easy all the way around. That’s because Junk King is a certified company which specializes in all kinds of junk removal for the homeowner or the business owner.

Being certified in the state of Tennessee means that Junk King is a serious business. This isn’t a day laborer wandering around neighborhoods with a pickup truck looking for scrap metal. That is not someone you want to bring onto your property. The Junk King workers are all licensed and insured. This is their “9 to 5″ gig and they take great pride in their work. That’s exactly how Junk King Nashville has become so successful by building a solid reputation one customer at a time.

Before hiring Junk King you need to figure out exactly what you want them to take away. This doesn’t mean you have to pull all of these items out of your home and drag them down to the curb. The Junk King crew will take care of that. If you’ve got some furniture down in the basement or a busted bed frame in the attic, the JK crew is going to do the climbing up and down the stairs. The same goes for anything out in your garage or backyard. Where ever your junk is just leave it there and let the crew handle it.

After deciding what you want tossed out, give Junk King Nashville a call. They’ll send out a supervisor to provide you with an estimate for the services. They’re going to base that estimate on the amount of space all your junk will take up in their truck. That’s the only charge. You won’t be paying for labor costs or dumping fees. Best of all, if your junk ends up taking up less space on the truck, then you’ll be entitled to a discount off the estimate! That’s a great deal from any angle. Give Junk King a call today and get ready to be clutter free.

Signs That It’s Time To Call A Nashville Junk Removal Specialist

In the last couple of months, we’ve all seen horrible stories about floods and fires. In some instances folks were given just minutes to evacuate. Do you know what you would grab if you had to get out of your home in a hurry? Obviously, kids and pets come first but if you could load up your car with important items what would they be? Would an evacuation call set off a panic as you go racing throw your home in search of important papers or photos? It might not be so extreme if you know where everything is located. Unfortunately, most of us have let the junk pile up. When that happens it might be time to call in a junk removal specialist like Junk King Nashville.

Why not try a practice test? Suppose you have 30 minutes to pack up? Set your watch and go! You don’t have to actually pack up your car for the test but see how long it would take you do go through your home to find those items you would want to take with you. You might be in trouble if you go looking for those photo albums in a closet and end up under an avalanche of junk. What if you put your important papers in a lock box but the lock box is under the bed and you’ve got to push aside an old computer or boxes of magazines to get at that? This is not a way to evacuate.

Before you reach a crisis, give Junk King Nashville a call and let them help you clear out the clutter. Your call into Junk King will have you setting up an appointment for a supervisor to come out to your house to assess the amount of junk you’ll be tossing out. Between the time of that call and the actual appointment you can take another tour of your home and start to identify what you want taken away. You could even mark all those items with a big “X!” When the Junk King team shows up you can show them all of your junk. They’ll then do a best case scenario estimate of how much space your junk will take up on their truck. That’s the cost to you. No extras and no surprises.

On the day of your junk removal appointment, you can supervise the crew but don’t have to lift a finger. They’ll do all the work. Before you can say, “Thanks Junk King!” they will have you home clear of all your stuff. Trust us; that’s a much better way to live.

Why Junk Removal is Getting Big in Nashville

It’s summer in Nashville and that means lots of visitors will be streaming through as part of their vacation. Whether they are just making a one-day stop or staying for a week, Nashville has become an extremely popular destination for thousands of folks. That’s good news for our economy. It’s also a great opportunity to show off with pride all that Nashville has to offer.

We all know how tough it is when it comes to the family budget. Planning a vacation might seem like too much of an expensive extravagance. That’s why many folks are always looking for a bargain. Maybe there are some folks who live in the state but have never been to Nashville. Maybe there are even some of your out-of-state family or friends who would like to drop by for visit. Why not invite them to stay with you? The question then becomes do you have the space? Perhaps you could if you get rid of all your junk.

There are so many wonderful homes in Nashville that have been turned into storage bins. Is that your home? If you have a spare room it’s easy to turn that into the dumping ground of all your unused stuff. In some cases, it’s better to walk down the hall then to go up into the attic or down the basement. Of course, there are some folks who have already run out of space in their basements and attics! When that happens it’s a clear case of your junk taking over your life. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s good bet that many of your neighbors have already turned to professional junk haulers to help them take back their spare rooms. That’s something you should consider, too!

If you’re ready to take back that spare room and turn it into a guest room for out-of-town visitors, then all it will take is a call your local team of dedicated junk haulers – Junk King Nashville – to set up an appointment. You’ll then have to go through your stuff to pick out what you want tossed. Here’s a hint: If you haven’t used something in at least six months or have no plan to use it in another six months then get it gone!

The qualified junk haulers at Junk King will be able to take away whatever you want. This includes heavy furniture, car parts, construction waste or even an old piano. Remember the goal is to take back your home from all your junk. Don’t feel bad when those professional junk haulers break a sweat; that’s what they live for.

When those spare rooms are cleared out, it won’t take much to fix them up and get them ready for visitors. All the great times you’ll have can begin with a simple phone call to 1-888-888-JUNK.

Recycling News in Nashville

Recycling in Nashville takes on many forms. There is the homeowners program that includes weekly pick up of recyclable materials but the concept of recycling extends far beyond the home. Many businesses are also proud to institute their own recycling programs with an emphasis on sustainability.

Over at the Nissan plant, they’re already contributing to the big picture with their assembly of the Leaf electronic car. The more electric cars that make it onto the highways, the better off we’ll all be in terms of reducing carbon emissions. But the Smyrna factory does more. For instance, they turn old soap drums into rain barrels used for decorative landscape accents. There are recycling bins all throughout the factory parking lot where employees can drop off their own recyclable trash like paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and electronics from home. Along the assembly line, other bins have been set up to sort and separate everything from pieces of scrap metal to ear plugs. Even the seats in the Leaf are made from recycled plastic bottles. At a 2010 company picnic, employees were given Frisbees to first use as plates for food and then for a toy.

“We’ve got to walk the walk,” said Mike Stender, a plant supervisor. “We need to look like a plant and be a plant that is environmentally conscious.”

It has been estimated that one assemble line job actually creates nine other support jobs. Everything from making parts to serving lunch from a food truck is part of making a car. That’s why the Nissan recycling program can touch so many lives. Another way Nashville residents have contributed to a more eco-friendly environment is to hire a company like Junk King Nashville to handle all their bulky item pickups. When you call up Junk King to schedule a junk pickup appointment you’re automatically getting a company who is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices.

Whenever possible, Junk King will drop off your junk items to one of the many recycling centers located in the Nashville area. There are different centers for each type of recyclable material but you don’t have to worry about looking for them on Google maps. Junk King already has those centers plugged into their daily drop-off routes. This makes Junk King a true “green” partner.

Junk King Nashville is also staying on top of any changing news with regard to Nashville’s recycling program. If a new facility opens up you can bet that Junk King will be first in line to drop off trash. Junk King works best with the big items you want to get rid of. You might not think that your sofa can actually be recycled but it can. This doesn’t mean selling it as is to some other family. Instead, the right recycle center will break down the sofa and separate the wood from the metal frame and the cloth from the foam cushioning. All of that can be reused as raw material for new furniture. Bottom line: when you hire Junk King Nashville you’re doing your part to keep Nashville clean!

Nashville Mattress Disposal – Perfecting Your Sleep | Junk Removal | Junk King Nashville

It’s not hard to think of scrap metal as the original “recycled” material. In fact, they were recycling metal way before anyone was even using the word “recycle.” During WWII the entire country joined together to support what was called “the war effort.” While it might be hard to understand today, back then the government actually instituted a rationing program. You had to get coupons from the government to buy coffee, sugar, gas, meat, cheese, butter and pretty much anything made of metal. The reason was that the bulk of all our nation’s resources were going to the war effort to support the troops. To get these coupons, you had to go before your local rationing board, in person and tell them how many people were in your family. There was even a ban on auto racing and sightseeing. It was all about conserving precious fuel.

As the war geared up, tons and tons of steel was required to make all the battleships, bombs, planes and ammunition. There simply wasn’t enough available metal. This is when the scrap metal drive began in every neighborhood across the country. Boy Scout troops, church groups, school classes and other organizations would scour neighborhoods looking for any bit of metal that could be tossed onto a truck. Everything was fair game from broken down autos, to bicycles, to tin cans, to fans: it could all be melted down. This was a true shared sacrifice. While there were surely some who might have griped, overall these programs proved to be very effective and help push the war effort towards victory. Could we pull of that same kind of nationwide cooperation today?

Sadly, greed often has replaced that idea of sacrifice for the common good. Case in point: Recently some employees over in Hardin County were caught red handed selling scrap metal for profit. While there is nothing wrong with selling scrap metal, this particular scrap metal was supposed to be sold on behalf of the local government. In other words, it was metal left over from government projects so selling that would have given much needed funds back to the government. Instead, these crooks stole the metal and even used their own scrap metal business to profit.

When you’re dealing with scrap metal in these huge amounts you might be able to get a few bucks for the effort. Most of us only have a small pile of scrap metal that needs to be disposed off that really won’t be much of a payday. Like the WWII metal drives, our scrap metal could be old bikes, car fenders, tire rims or anything else around our house that is collecting rust. To get rid of that and remove the temptation from any would be thief you should hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Nashville. These are the experienced hauling crews who can show up at your home at the appointed hour to remove this junk. Remember it doesn’t just have to be metal. Junk King Nashville won’t mind one bit if you also toss on some old furniture or other over-sized items onto their truck. They are happy to oblige. And they’ll make sure all your junk is properly disposed of including recycling.

Nashville Cardboard Junk Disposal & Recycling

In Nashville, state lawmakers recently sent a bill that authorizes the removal of the Occupy Nashville camp to Governor Bill Haslam for his signature. This would outlaw all unauthorized camping on public grounds. The key word there is “unauthorized.” No one wants to outlaw protests; it just makes practical sense that there be permits utilized by protesters that might infringe on common areas used by the general public.

If this bill makes it into law there’s going to be a major cleanup over at the War Memorial Plaza where the Occupy Nashville protesters have set up camp since October 2011. This cleanup effort will probably fall to the municipal workers who will rack up some serious overtime charges. This is the same type of cleanup that would happen after any major gathering of folks like a parade or Fourth of July celebration. No matter how conscientious people claim to be there is still a lot of garbage left behind.

In our own lives we tend to generate some serious piles of garbage especially after we’ve moved from one home to another. All of those cardboard boxes and wrapping materials you used for the move are now ready to be thrown out. But it might be hard to stuff that amount of garbage into one single trash can. This is why you could benefit from hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King Nashville when you’re garbage has grown to excess.

Maybe the city of Nashville will contract its own team of professional junk haulers to help with the cleanup of the park. You could benefit from this type of assistance by having an extra set of hands to remove the bulky items from your home you no longer want to keep.  Junk King’s pro hauling team will come to your house with an empty truck they will be eager to fill it up. You could use all those old cardboard boxes at the bottom of the truck and then pile on top the other things you want to get rid of.

Is it finally time to throw out that old table or sofa? Are you ready to get rid of those rusting auto parts? Is there just too much junk in your basement or garage that should be thrown out? All of that can be driven away in the back of the junk haulers’  truck. Getting rid of all that garbage is a way to reclaim valuable storage space in your home. There is nothing to protest about that!

Nashville Tire Recycling and Disposal

Have you ever thought about the lifecycle of a tire? Like every other type of product that is made, a tire starts out on a designer’s sketchpad. Each year improvements are made in the design of tires to help them last longer and become more resistant to puncture or leakage. Those design specs are then handed over to the tire manufacturer who implements the changes and begins creating boatloads of new tires. Those tires are then shipped out retailers and auto repair shops where they are sold car owners. The tires are either sold as a single replacement, in pairs for the front or rear or in sets of four. After those tires have served its purpose they are removed and disposed of. Thus completes the circle of life for a tire.
On some level you don’t have a whole lot to do any of those stages except for two: which tire to buy and how to get rid of your old one. In regard to which tire to buy, a lot of that is dictated by price and the proper size that will fit your current automobile.
You might see tires advertised at a great price only to discover they are meant for small cars and not your family SUV. As with any other kind of major purchase you should always be on the lookout for a bargain when it comes to replacing your tires. If you can, wait for special sales like over holiday weekends such as Fourth of July for Labor Day. You might even find some valuable coupons in all that junk mail you quickly throw away! You should also check with your own car’s manufacturer for their suggestion of the best tire for your car. The last thing you want to do is go into some tire store and end up spending hundred dollars more on a tire you don’t really need.
As for getting rid of your old tire this is actually a major issue for many cities especially Nashville. You could stack up your old tires outside your garage but that’s very unsightly. You might think could just roll those tires away and hope for the best but it’s illegal to dump tires. The best choice is to find a way to recycle those tires. That can be done by hiring a Nashville Junk removal crew like Junk King that specializes in that kind of disposal. Recycling tires can only occur at a proper facility. This won’t be the same place where all your plastics and newspapers end up.
Material from recycled tires can go back into tire manufacturing. It can also is used in creating a special kind of road asphalt. The last thing you want to happen is to have a pile of tires catch on fire because that would burn years!
As long as you’re calling up Nashville’s best junk haulers to take away years tires for recycling you might also want to give them a few other items you have taking up space in your home and garage. Let them know you’d like all of your junk to be recycled and they will be happy to accommodate!

Reorganize Your Office Space in Nashville

While it has been said that “no man is an island” you could make the argument that if you work in an office your desk is indeed your own kind of island. This is where you’ll launch all of your work from and it’s also the first place that shows exactly what kind of organizational skills you might possess. If your desk is in a constant state of mess wouldn’t that call into question your own work skills? Any reorganizing task for your office space should begin with your desk.
First of all, consolidate your pens and pencils. This might seem silly but you probably only have one favorite type of pen that you use; is there a reason to have any other pens at your desk? This comes down to a question of clutter. Any chance you get to reduce that clutter the better off you’ll be. You should also have a designated area for all your carry items such as your keys, wallet, Bluetooth or cell phone. Don’t just toss them everywhere but put them in a special slot in a drawer.
Arranging your desk should be a matter of function over form. In other words keep within arm’s length those items you use the most often. This could also include special folders or an inbox that you need to sort through throughout the day. There shouldn’t be any loose items on your desk. Every file, folder, binder or mail should have its proper place in a designated tray.
In terms of aesthetics you might also want to consolidate all your electronic gear and tuck it out of sight. If possible your modem, PC, surge protector or remote wireless router could live under your desk and out of view of any visitors.
You can also reduce the amount of paperwork you’re shuffling about by scanning any important documents and convert them into a PDF file that you can store on your computer. Not only will this help things stay organized but it’s also good on the environment to cut down on paper use.
Once your desk has been given an organizing overall you’ll want to expand your cleaning circle. This might mean bringing in the big guns of professional junk haulers like Junk King Nashville to take away all the unused junk that is collecting dust around the office. Are there long abandoned pieces of furniture? What about old fax machines or printers? How many boxes of out dated files waiting to be destroyed are there? Many times these types of large bulky items are kept in an office due to this simple reason that nobody can move them.
That’s why you need professional help in the form of a professional team like Junk King Nashvilles’. You can easily schedule an appointment to show up at the office to remove all the designated clutter. Once this is been accomplished you’ll be able to reclaim some much needed storage space. Even if the task of office cleanup falls to the administration there’s nothing wrong with you making the suggestion.. After all this is your office too!