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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Transform Your Closet With These Terrific Organizing Tips

You spend a lot of time staring in your closet wondering what you should wear. It’s a lot like staring in the refrigerator wondering what you should eat! Part of the problem could be that your closet is overflowing with clutter. If you were to getting organized, then you might be able to see all your options at a glance. Here are some terrific organizing tips that will transform your closet.


Use Crown Molding For Hanging Shoes

This is a tip that works best for walk-in closet. Crown molding is attached to both the vertical and horizontal portions of a wall. However, if you were to cut a piece of crown molding and just hang it by the bottom then the top would be exposed. This is a perfect place to hang all your heels.

Label Your Hangers

The average person owns around 11 pairs of jeans. Many of the jeans that we own come in different cuts. But it’s hard to tell from a glance which is which. Hang your jeans in the closet along with tags on each hanger that designates what is the boot cut or the skinny jeans. Just make sure they get back at hanger once they’ve been washed.

Use Dividers on Shelves

If you have a lot of sweaters or T-shirts in your closet, then you should use dividers to set up different columns of those items. You can easily group them by color or season. If you don’t like the look of wire dividers, then turn wicker baskets on their side and stack inside accordingly.

Utilize Shower Hooks for Handbags

Those same shower Hooks that you have holding up your bathroom curtain can be put on the rod in your closet to hang your handbags and purses. This is a great way to get them off the floor and take better care of them. Speaking of hooks, you can put a lot of hooks on the inside of your closet door and hang your necklaces and bracelets there. Organizing means no space is wasted.

Put Pool Noodles in Boots

Cut up pool noodles to keep your boots standing upright. You could use pant hangers to hang your boots from. It’s always best to find a way for them to keep their form.

Get Rid Of the Unwanted Clutter

A good test for the usefulness of your outfits is to hang them all with the hangers facing the opposite direction. Every time you wear something, replace it with the hanger in the right direction. After a year, all those hangers that are still facing the wrong way are holding things you probably can do without. It might be easy to get rid of some clothing but what about all the rest of the stuff you’re keeping in storage in your closet? This is usually where things like old electronics and sporting equipment ends up. All of these things can be turned over to Junk King Cleveland for fast disposal.

Junk King Cleveland is proud to proclaim that they do all the work. That means you don’t have to bring any of that stuff down from upstairs. The team from Junk King will happily climb the stairs to get to all the stuff you want to take out. They can even load up any old furniture or appliances you want to toss out on the same trip. Organizing your closet can make a world of difference and Junk King Cleveland will be a big help with that goal.

Great Ideas For Your Home Garage

A big selling feature for any home is a garage. There was a time when the two-car garage was the de facto design. Now, homebuyers are looking for the three and four car garages. Regardless of how big your garage is there are many alternatives you can adapt for that space. It doesn’t just have to be for your car. Consider some of these great ideas for your home garage:


Family Playroom

Anyone with kids knows how they tend to take over every room in the house. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had a designated area where all their toys can be stored? Your garage could become that playroom. As with any of these conversions, you will want to find a way to secure the garage door so that it won’t be opened. Nice flooring and kid friendly shelves can make that space into a terrific playroom.


Have you ever wanted to invite out-of-town guests over for a visit but don’t have the room? Your garage could easily become your guest bedroom. Depending on the size of that bedroom you might even want to install a small kitchen set up. That way it can become a room to rent out or for a grandparent.

Man Cave

A garage is a perfect spot for a man cave. There might already be a workbench for tinkering set up in there but you don’t have to stop with that. Perhaps you can add a pool table or poker table. You can even have a nice bar set up. Another advantage of having a man cave is that it can be decorated anyway the occupant would like. Translation: you take care the rest of the house they’ll take care of the garage!

Home Gym

You might be motivated to work out more if all you had to do was walk out to the garage. But instead of just putting up a treadmill or a workout bench why not elevate things? You can install a wall of mirrors and carpeting on the floor. Hooking up a TV can also help improve your home gym especially if you’re doing cardio workouts. Using the garage for your home gym also allows you to bring in more equipment.

Before any these garage conversions can get started you’re going to want to set up an appointment with Junk King Cleveland. These are the junk removal professionals that can quickly clear out your garage of all its unwanted rubbish. You just have to take the time before they show up to sort through all the stuff you want to get rid of. You’ll be amazed how quickly Junk King Cleveland can clean out a garage from top to bottom.

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