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Open Up The Office With Help From Junk King

Heading into the new year might mean a return to the office for many companies. Those offices are going to look a lot different than when the last time your staff work to there. You might need to make modifications to conform to social distancing protocols. Simply put, that means spreading out the desks. If floor space is limited, then that type of adjustment might require removing some old furniture. That is a task that is well-suited for the team from Junk King Cleveland to help out with.

Efficient Removal

The goal for any office is to perform efficiently with all the given tasks and projects. Junk King takes that same approach for the removal of any item from any type of environment. The team who will show up for your assignment will have no doubt already worked in several types of offices removing all kinds of furniture and equipment. This is provided them with the experience to navigate stairwells or freight elevators. The Junk King team will always find the most efficient path for the removal of the items that you want to get rid of.

The crew from Junk King is also very efficient when it comes to packing up the truck with all of your stuff. That is an important skill given that it will be how your final fee is determined. After the Junk King crew has had a quick moment to assess all of the items that you are getting rid of, they will know how it will fit onto their truck. Their goal is always to get everything packed into as tight a space as possible. That provide you with the low and of the price scale. This is how Junk King creates very satisfied customers!

You can set up your appointment on a day of your choosing. All that junk King needs is for you to block out a two-hour window for this task to happen. When you are ready to open up your office, Junk King Cleveland will be ready to clear out the rubbish first.

Make A Resolution For No More Junk In The House

Do you have any big plans for your home in the new year? This might be the year to take on a major renovation. It might also be the year where you just want to get everything a fresh coat of paint. The new year is a great time to revitalize your home and that should start with a call to Junk King Cleveland. That call will lockdown an appointment for a junk removal session that can have a huge impact on your home. That is the perfect way to kick off the new year in a home without any junk in the house.

Load It Up

How much junk do you have in your home to get rid of? Whatever the amount, it can find a place on the back of the Junk King truck. This is a truck that can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks were to rubbish. It will be loaded on to the truck by your two-man Junk King moving crew. Every Junk King session has at least two movers. Sometimes, there might even be three crew members on a job. You will be paying for any extra workers or paying by the hour. The fee for the junk King work is always based on how that truck will be packed up with all of your items.

Before it can be loaded up, the Junk King crew will make an estimate based on volume and not weight. They will always strive to get everything that you are getting rid of into as tight as space as possible. That will provide you with the low end of the price scale. It is a price that is very competitive for this type of work. It’s also very fair. If for some reason your stuff takes up more room than what was estimated, then you will still pay that original price.

The best way to start 2021 is without any junk in your home. One call to Junk King Cleveland can make it happen.

Open Up Space In Your Closets

When putting together a list of “must have” items for a new home a walk-in closet is always on the top 10. However, that is and as much of a deal breaker as is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. What that means is that many folks have to compromise when it comes to closet size. Fortunately, there is a way to open up space in your closets and it doesn’t involve knocking down walls. It really involves getting rid of all the unwanted items. To accomplish that goal, you need to dedicate some sorting time and make a call to Junk King Cleveland. Those are the professional junk haulers who can clear out all the unwanted items from your closets for good.

It Won’t Be Wasted

One of the reasons that you might be holding onto items from your closet is that you don’t want them to be tossed out into the trash. Just because you are done using them doesn’t mean they don’t have value for someone else. That is the exact same philosophy that Junk King operates under when it comes to disposing of the items that they collect. Junk King would much rather make an extra trip to a charity to drop off those clothing items then taking them out to a landfill. This is all part of Junk King’s removal package. You don’t even have to ask for it to be done. The Junk King crews know exactly what these charities are looking for and will be able to sort the items appropriately.

You can set up your removal appointment when you are done the sorting. If you call Junk King today, then there is a good chance that your items can be removed by tomorrow. There is an equally good chance that could also benefit from the same day pickup.

Won’t it be great to get more room in your closets? That can happen when you hire Junk King Cleveland to haul away the unwanted items.

Swap Out Your Old Refrigerator With Help From Junk King

A kitchen remodel usually means replacing all of the appliances. That is certainly something that needs to be budgeted for. However, you don’t have to wait for a remodel to replace an old refrigerator especially one that you had for longer than 15 years. There will come a time when that refrigerator will start to slowly break down. You can spend more money patching it up with repairs but sooner or later it makes more financial sense to invest in a new model that will last for another 15 years.

You will actually find yourself enjoying refrigerator shopping. That’s because of all the advances that made in design for storage and special features. Not only are the new models of refrigerators more energy efficient but they can also hold a lot more food. Once you have picked out your new model and set up delivery you need to deal with swapping out the old refrigerator. That is where Junk King Cleveland is going to be a big help. One call to these junk hauling pros and your old refrigerator will be gone in a snap!

The Best Method

Refrigerator removal requires the right equipment and the right movers. Junk King provides both. The two-man crew who will be coming to your hold for the session will be showing up with a lot of experience for this type of task. That experience allows them to pick the right piece of equipment to get that refrigerator safely out your house and onto the truck. You will be amazed at how easy a make this kind of job look!

Knowing that you will have two movers and a big truck at your disposal should have you thinking about what else you can get rid of. This is a terrific opportunity to clear out your closets, garage and basement of any amount of unwanted rubbish. Just think of what a difference that can make around the house.

When you need to swap out your old refrigerator, you need to put Junk King Cleveland on the job. Set up the removal today.

Get Your Rental Property Ready With Help From Junk King

The Internet has made it easier for landlords to find new tenants for their vacant rental properties. There are literally hundreds of sites where a listing for an apartment can be posted. That can mean that the rental property won’t be sitting empty for very long. Once those posts are uploaded there will be a stream of prospective tenants. That only means that the apartment has to be ready for showing. Getting a rental property ready is something that Junk King Cleveland can be a big help with.

What Is Left Behind

Before any painting or recarpeting can begin in an apartment, the rubbish has to be cleared out. Most tenants clear out all of their belongings when they move out. But there are plenty of tenants who choose to the things behind. Whatever is left behind can be considered abandoned property by the landlord. In most instances, that abandoned property can also be considered rubbish. That is where Junk King comes into the equation.

When you set up a session with Junk King, you will be assigned a pair of movers to take care of all the lifting and loading of any item that you want to get rid of. It doesn’t matter to this team how heavy something might be or whether it is located on the top floor of an apartment building. There only focus is to get that item out of that rental unit as quickly as possible.

Before any that were can start, the team from Junk King will provide you with a written estimate. This will be a price that is always based on how they intend to pack up their truck with whatever you are getting rid of. The Junk King team will always strive to get everything packed into as little space as possible. That will provide you with the low end of the price. This is what makes Junk King the most popular professional junk hauler in the Cleveland area.

When you need to get your rental property ready for showing, you need to get rid of all the rubbish first. Give the job to Junk King Cleveland today.

How To Get More Room In Your Garage

A room addition is a way to expand living space in your home. That means knocking down an existing wall and building out more structure. This can only happen if there is room around the house. Most room additions will typically happen in the back of a house by expanding into the backyard. However, there is one “room” in your home that probably couldn’t ever be expanded. That would be your garage. That means that whatever space you have in your garage will always be the same size.

In order to maximize that space, you need to get that area organized. That begins by clearing out all the unwanted rubbish in your garage. Yes, there is rubbish out there! Anything that is broken or not being used can be considered rubbish. When you have determined that you have more rubbish that can fit into your garbage can, it is time to bring in a team from Junk King Cleveland.

Roll Up

The Junk King crew consist of two movers. That is the same for every Junk King session. Those movers will be rolling up truck that will have the storage space which is equivalent to six pickup trucks full of rubbish. When the truck backed up to your garage door it will be in a prime position to clear out all the things that you want to get rid of. You just need to open that door and point to what you want removed. It doesn’t matter how heavy a particular object might be or how bulky it is. The Junk King crew will always find a way to get it onto the truck. Sometimes that might mean taking an object apart piece by piece. That will be a problem for Junk King.

Before anything gets loaded the crew will present you with an estimate for the cost. That estimate will always be based on how all your unwanted items will sit on to the back of the truck. Whether it will be one third, one quarter for the entire truck bed will determine your final fee. This is a price that is always affordable and fair for this type of work.

The easiest way to get more room in your garage is to clear out the junk with help from Junk King Cleveland. Set up your junk hauling session today.

Utilize Junk King Services For Kitchen Appliance Removal

If there is room down in the basement or out in the garage, then having a freezer to supplement the kitchen refrigerator is a smart idea. This allows you to buy more food in bulk and have it readily available. You could also invest in an entire side of beef! What you don’t want to do is put an old refrigerator or freezer in one of those areas. The moment that type of appliance is done with it needs to be disposed of. It becomes too tempting a target for kids to play hide and seek. Plus, it would just be taking up a lot of valuable storage space. Getting rid of your unwanted kitchen appliances is one of those “two-man operation.” That is what you beginning when you hire Junk King Cleveland for this task.

Truck Arrangement

Every removal session set up by Junk King is staffed by that two-man moving crew. This team will be rolling up on the truck big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks were of junk. That means it is plenty of room for your kitchen appliances. Even if you were getting rid of all of your appliances they still might only take up one third of the truck bed. That is important to note because that will be how your final fee is determined.

Before the team from Junk King removes any appliance, they will size up those items and decide how they will be arranged on the truck. Their goal is always to use as less space as possible. That will have you pain the low end of the price scale. Once that prices lockdown it won’t change. Even if your stuff takes up more than the estimate, you will still pay that original price.

Because this price can only be determined after the crew has looked over all of your appliances you will have an opportunity to add to the list. It doesn’t matter to the Junk King team how many things you want to get rid of. They just want to make sure you will be totally satisfied.

When it is time to get rid of your old kitchen appliances, it is time to utilize the services of Junk King Cleveland. Call to book your session today.

Make Your Basement Junk Free

Is your laundry down in the basement? That is a very popular spot in many homes with the basement. The question then becomes, “what do you have to navigate to get to your washing machine?” If the basement isn’t being used as a practical space like a family room, then it often is used for storage of all the random and unwanted pieces of furniture from the house. That could set up a veritable maze between the basement stairs and your washer and dryer. Even if the basement is the family room there could also be several mismatched furniture pieces in that space. If you can stand at the bottom of your basement stairs and identify at least three big objects that you would like to get rid of, then it is time to bring in the squad from Junk King Cleveland.

The Assessment

The first thing that the Junk King team will want to do when they arrive at the appointed hour is to make an assessment. That assessment will involve you pointing to all the items that you want brought up from your basement. Before the crew starts moving those things they will provide you with an estimate for the fee. That estimate will always be predicated on how the truck gets packed up. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience with this task. They can look over any amount of furniture, appliances and boxes and know exactly how much room you will feel on the back of the truck. And that doesn’t mean spreading that stuff out. It means packing it in tight. That will help you pay the low end of the price scale every time.

Once you would agree to that price the Junk King crew will spring into action. They will safely remove all the objects from your basement without causing any damage. If you have a storm door, then that might be the best route as opposed to carrying the object through the house. Junk King always wants to make what they do safe and affordable.

Making your basement junk free is easy when that job is given to Junk King Cleveland. Book your session today.

Junk King Helps You Move To Your New Home With Less Junk

It is always nice to move into an empty house. Aside from the fun of meeting you neighbors and decorating you have the chance to organize that space in a way that will keep everything important within reach. It is also way to start clean. All of this means that moving into a new home or apartment should be done without a lot of excess junk. As you pack up to move you have to decide what really matters to hold onto. That will be easy with a lot of items but for anything that is questionable or hasn’t been used in a long time you should consider getting rid of it. The less you bring into your home, the better organized you can stay. What would you do with all of the things that you can get rid of? That’s easy! Just give it all to Junk King Cleveland.

No Hourly Rate

When you hire Junk King to get rid of your stuff you will not charge an hourly rate. That is different than with your professional movers who will be bringing your possessions to the new home. Not only will those movers charge an hourly rate but you also be charge for “travel time.” It would be unfortunate if that moving truck got stuck in traffic!

The junk King rate is based on a flat rate that covers everything. That weight will always be based upon how much space the things you are getting rid of will fill up on the back of the truck. You will also know what that rate is before the work begins. With movers there always seems to be an extra charge at the end of the job. That won’t happen with your Junk King session.

As with your other movers, the team from Junk King will take great care not to damage walls or floors as they move out heavy objects that you are getting rid of. And everything that you getting rid of with Junk King can be repurposed at a charity or recycling center.

Your next move will be helped by moving out the rubbish first. Let Junk King Cleveland take care of that part. Book a session today.

End Your Summer With Junk Removal

Labor Day signifies the unofficial end of summer. The official end is on September 21st but that last long weekend brings an end to summer rentals and vacations. By Labor Day nearly every student is back in school. That means Sunday through Thursday are now “school nights.” It has probably not been the kind of summer you might have planned at the beginning of the year but as with everything else, you found a way to get through it. You might have also noticed there are a lot of things around the house that can be gotten rid of. It is only natural that the more time you spend at home, the more you recognize just what you can do without. That list can include anything from a few items in a closet to an entire bedroom set. Whatever you designate to get rid of will need two things to make it happen: A truck and dedicated movers. That is something that Junk King Cleveland can provide in abundance.

The Set Up

When you set up your session with Junk King, you will be asked what kinds of things you are getting rid of. This doesn’t have to be a specific list. Junk King just wants a sense of the number of items and whether this is a “all hands on deck” type of situation. When Junk King hears words like “a few items,” then they know the standard two-man moving crew can take care of things. When they hear words like “hoarder” or “foreclosure cleanup” then they know that might be a scenario that requires extra crews and trucks. There have been plenty of Junk King clearings that have filled up three and four trucks for a single property.

All of that extra manpower and truck use won’t cost you any extra. You’ll always be charged the same flat rate that is based on how the truck will get packed up. Volume vs. weight is how Junk King operates. And that is a prize that you’ll know before the work begins.

End your summer by getting all the junk hauled away from your home. Junk King Cleveland can make it happened with one call.

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