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Monthly Archives:

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Although spring is certainly the busiest time of year when it comes to gardening, there’s a lot that needs to be done in the fall to take care of your lawn. Obviously, the primary focus will be all those leaves! Don’t wait until the last leaf falls to rake them up. If you can devote a little time each weekend bagging the leaves, then you’ll be ahead of the game. Here are some other lawn care tips for your fall:



There will come a time when you stopped watering the lawn in the winter. Before that happens, you should lay down a coat of fertilizer. This is a way of providing nutrients to your grass. It might help also to aerate your long before you put down the fertilizer. Easy to do when you rent the right lawn care equipment.

Plant Bulbs

The fall is the perfect time of year to plant bulbs for spring. It’s almost like putting little presence in the ground that will bloom when the weather turns warm. Any good lawn care store or nursery will have a nice selection of bulbs for planting. It might help to draw out a little map so you remember exactly what you put into the ground.

Shut Down the Pool

The saddest day of fall will be when you have to shut down the pool for the season. It is a good idea to drain some of the water down before you put the cover on. It might help also to put some flirtations under the cover like beach balls to keep it from sinking.

Trim the Trees

As those leaves come down off the trees, you should also be thinking about pruning and trimming them. You definitely want to make sure there’s no branches overhanging your house or power lines. If some of your tree is close to power line, then you should be doing the trimming. Instead, call in the power company and let them take care that.

Get Rid Of Rubbish

As you do all this lawn care work you’ll probably notice a few items that could be tossed out like an old lawnmower, broken patio furniture or a crusty barbecue grill. Those the kinds of things that are best turned over to Junk King Cincinnati. Junk King can sweep into your property and quickly don’t up all the stuff you want to get rid of onto the back of the truck. In a matter of minutes, Junk King can clear your yard of rubbish and debris. That’s the best way to get ready for fall.

Customers Add More Great Reviews For Junk King Cleveland

“The team took up a job of moving a lot of construction debris from our basement. They were professional and did an excellent job. Their prices were reasonable and saved the wear and tear on me!” – Pat G., Cleveland


That is a great way to sum up how Junk King Cleveland can be a benefit around your home. This is a company that is dedicated to making your junk disappear with very little effort on your part. You don’t have to move a single item around. Just leave it all on the spot for the junking crew to pick up. Here’s what if you other customers had to say about this terrific service:

“High level of professionalism. The gentleman removed the legs of the sofa just to be sure to not scratch the house. Very thorough and they cleaned up the bits and pieces and they went. They were even watching for our cats, so they wouldn’t get out.” – J.M., Brookpark

Junk King teams are great problem solvers. Although they move fast, they also move efficiently. Then I can a Russian and yank something out of your house just to get it onto the truck. They’ll take great care with your walls and floors and the occasional cat!

“Crew arrived on time and ready to work. They were very courteous and worked very hard. The amount of stuff that needed to be removed was overwhelming, yet they did so in a timely manner. I am so relieved to have all of the clutter gone. The price was fair and I would recommend Junk King to others.” – P.L., Broadview Heights

Whether your amount of junk will fill up the truck or just take up a little space, you can always count on Junk King to have it removed in a timely manner. And yes, it is certainly a lot better than doing it yourself!

“Ivan thoroughly explained the services and helped direct me in preparation for the pickup. He and Sean were very pleasant to work with, were prompt on arrival, quick to do the removal and swept the area after completion. I would certainly recommend Ivan to any friend or family member!” – Alyssa B., Avon Lake

There really is no mystery with Junk King Cleveland: if you want junk gone, then they make it happen the fast and affordable way.

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