Count On Junk King For Safe Old Fence Removal

If you are a fan of renovation shows on television, then you’ve no doubt seen a lot of demolition happening. Often the homeowners who are getting a new kitchen are very happy to pick up sledgehammer and knockdown that old kitchen that they’ve grown weary of. The demolition phase of any renovation has to happen first and all that debris that’s created needs to be cleared away in order for the work crews to have a safe environment to work in. Taking a sledgehammer to an old fence might not be as satisfying as knocking down the wall in your home. It might also not be practical. An old fence removal might involve more action with crowbars and hammers. This is the kind of work that you could turn over to Junk King Cleveland. They have a lot of experience with this type of dismantling project and will make sure that it is handle swiftly and safely.

A Big Job

Unlike carrying out an old sofa, an old fence removal would definitely classify as a big job for Junk King. It might be determined that the standard two-man crew will need some extra help. That will only make the job run more smoothly and swiftly. If Junk King makes that determination, then you don’t necessarily have to “sign off” on it. That is because it is not going to cost you any extra. The price for the job is covered in a flat fee. Whether you have two workers or six it will all be the same fee based on how the truck gets packed up with all the things that you are getting rid of. You will know what that fee is before they start taking down the fence. It will be a fair price for this type of work.

More Stuff

The reason for booking Junk King might be the fence removal but you don’t have to stop there. Even with the biggest backyard fence there will still be room on the back of the truck for more stuff that you want to get rid of. If you have any furniture down the basement or up on the second floor of the house, then let the Junk King crew move it out on that same appointment. Just think of how much of the belief that will be.

When it comes to safe fence removal and junk hauling you can always count on Junk King Cleveland to get the job done right.