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Create More Office Space With Less Cubicle Walls

Much like buying a home, whenever you rent commercial office space you are often moving into something that is completely empty. It falls on your company to decide the best approach for organizing and designing that space. The default for many companies has been to use cubicle walls to divide of workstations. At first, cubicles were considered practical in the sense it provided staff with their own space to power through assignments.

However, it soon became evident that the cubicles were preventing an open flow of conversation. If you want to talk to someone you had to get up and go to their cubicle. This is why in the last two years many offices have opted to bring down the cubicle walls and create a more open flow for the work environment. If this is something that you are considering but have hesitated because of the amount of work involved, then you need to get in touch with Junk King Cleveland. These are the junk hauling pros who can bring down those cubicle walls with very little disruption to your business.

The Takedown Team

As they do with every junk removal session, Junk King is going to dispatch a pair of movers who will become your cubicle wall takedown team. This is the crew that has the experience and the practical tools needed to disassemble those cubicle walls and get them safely loaded onto the back of the truck. All of this can happen at a time that works best for your business. This might mean after-hours when the office is closed or over the weekend. You just have to think ahead in terms of how much time you would need to reset the office space with the new open flow.

Affordable Bottom-line

Junk King also presents you with an affordable bottom-line for the work. The Junk King crews will provide an estimate based on how they intend to pack up the truck with all those cubicle walls. They may take up one third, one half for the entire truck. Whatever the amount is reflected on the price scale. Considering the labor, transportation and disposal this is a very affordable bottom-line price.

Less cubicle walls means more office flow and that can be very good for your business. Bring in Junk King Cleveland today to make that happen.

Watch How Junk King Handles Construction Waste

The typical junk removal session handled by Junk King isn’t complicated at all; at least from their perspective. It may be a challenge for you to move a large sofa up from the basement or bring a bedroom set down from the second floor. But this is something that the Junk King teams handle every day. Junk King also can take care of bigger jobs like clearing out construction waste. That takes a bit more effort but it is approach with the same dedication and efficiency that Junk King brings to every appointment. A perfect example would be to watch Junk King in action when they clear up this huge mound of construction waste.

Will it Fit?

When Junk King Cleveland approaches any job the first consideration is how will the items that you want to get rid of fit on the truck? This video shows that even a massive amount of debris and trash can be efficiently packed onto the Junk King truck. It is important with construction waste that the team takes their time to sort through those materials to make sure they are transporting any hazardous objects. They are also always on the lookout for those items that can be recycled and repurposed. You don’t have to make those determinations. The team from Junk King are trained to spot what can be considered valuable scrap metal and other recyclables.

Additional Workers

Some jobs require additional Junk King team members. Each truck rolls out with at least two capable movers who are licensed and insured. But the scope of junk removal might require additional workers as the job in this video did. More workers actually helps complete the task quicker. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about paying additional cost for additional workers. You also don’t have to worry about how long it will take them to complete the task. All of that is covered in a flat fee that’s based on how the truck will get packed up. The job in the video was a full truckload. But if what you’re getting rid of only takes up half of the space or one third? Then your final fee will reflect that.

When you watch Junk King clean construction waste you can see what a difference they can make with your rubbish removal. Book a session today.

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