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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Get Your Rental Property Ready With Help From Junk King

The Internet has made it easier for landlords to find new tenants for their vacant rental properties. There are literally hundreds of sites where a listing for an apartment can be posted. That can mean that the rental property won’t be sitting empty for very long. Once those posts are uploaded there will be a stream of prospective tenants. That only means that the apartment has to be ready for showing. Getting a rental property ready is something that Junk King Cleveland can be a big help with.

What Is Left Behind

Before any painting or recarpeting can begin in an apartment, the rubbish has to be cleared out. Most tenants clear out all of their belongings when they move out. But there are plenty of tenants who choose to the things behind. Whatever is left behind can be considered abandoned property by the landlord. In most instances, that abandoned property can also be considered rubbish. That is where Junk King comes into the equation.

When you set up a session with Junk King, you will be assigned a pair of movers to take care of all the lifting and loading of any item that you want to get rid of. It doesn’t matter to this team how heavy something might be or whether it is located on the top floor of an apartment building. There only focus is to get that item out of that rental unit as quickly as possible.

Before any that were can start, the team from Junk King will provide you with a written estimate. This will be a price that is always based on how they intend to pack up their truck with whatever you are getting rid of. The Junk King team will always strive to get everything packed into as little space as possible. That will provide you with the low end of the price. This is what makes Junk King the most popular professional junk hauler in the Cleveland area.

When you need to get your rental property ready for showing, you need to get rid of all the rubbish first. Give the job to Junk King Cleveland today.

How To Get More Room In Your Garage

A room addition is a way to expand living space in your home. That means knocking down an existing wall and building out more structure. This can only happen if there is room around the house. Most room additions will typically happen in the back of a house by expanding into the backyard. However, there is one “room” in your home that probably couldn’t ever be expanded. That would be your garage. That means that whatever space you have in your garage will always be the same size.

In order to maximize that space, you need to get that area organized. That begins by clearing out all the unwanted rubbish in your garage. Yes, there is rubbish out there! Anything that is broken or not being used can be considered rubbish. When you have determined that you have more rubbish that can fit into your garbage can, it is time to bring in a team from Junk King Cleveland.

Roll Up

The Junk King crew consist of two movers. That is the same for every Junk King session. Those movers will be rolling up truck that will have the storage space which is equivalent to six pickup trucks full of rubbish. When the truck backed up to your garage door it will be in a prime position to clear out all the things that you want to get rid of. You just need to open that door and point to what you want removed. It doesn’t matter how heavy a particular object might be or how bulky it is. The Junk King crew will always find a way to get it onto the truck. Sometimes that might mean taking an object apart piece by piece. That will be a problem for Junk King.

Before anything gets loaded the crew will present you with an estimate for the cost. That estimate will always be based on how all your unwanted items will sit on to the back of the truck. Whether it will be one third, one quarter for the entire truck bed will determine your final fee. This is a price that is always affordable and fair for this type of work.

The easiest way to get more room in your garage is to clear out the junk with help from Junk King Cleveland. Set up your junk hauling session today.

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