How To Become A Successful Landlord In Five Easy Steps

Whether you invest in a two-family home or a multiunit apartment building, you will want your tenure as a landlord to be successful. It’s not just about collecting rent and fixing the occasional leaky pipe. There are some proactive steps you can take to ensure your success. Here’s what you need to think about:


Have Your Lease Review by a Lawyer

The Internet is cluttered with boilerplate leases that are used every day between landlords and tenants. The problem with these leases is that they are often loaded with illegalities. Every state and city has different laws pertaining to landlords and tenants. You should hire a lawyer that specializes in landlord-tenant leases and is familiar with Cleveland regulations to review your lease. It also helps to pay attention to the news with regard to changing laws because you might have to change your lease.

Reward Good Behavior

If you’ve done your work to screen out potential bad tenants than what you’re left with our good tenants. They should be rewarded for their good behavior like advance rent payments or tenant referrals. You can pass along the occasional movie tickets or dinner vouchers. If they make a special request about putting up shelves or some other modifications to the apartment, then let them do it. They’re trying to create a home that they want to stay in and that’s just what you want.

Conduct Move In and Move Out Inspections

Whenever you put a new apartment unit on the market, you should take thorough photographs of that place. You can even do a walking tour on video. These are the photos that you will compare with your tenant after they’ve moved out. Aside from normal wear and tear, those photos should look very similar. They can be used in any legal dispute you have with one of your renters who is claiming your withholding security deposit unfairly. Before and after pictures can instantly shut down a case in your favor.

Set Your Office Hours

Your rental property is your business. As such, you should have business hours. Tenants should appreciate the fact that you cannot call them at all hours of the night with their minor complaints. Obviously, emergencies are a different situation but that is what answering services are for. If you tell a tenant that they can call you anytime, then that is exactly when they’ll call you.

Bring In Professional Help

Just because you have to have maintenance complete on your rental property doesn’t mean you have to carry it out. You should develop a trustworthy list of vendors that include plumbers, electricians and handyman to take care of those repairs. If you ever need junk hauling, then Junk King Cleveland is the only call you need to make. These junk hauling pros have been in this line of work for over 10 years. Your session will be staffed with two capable movers and a huge truck. That’s all you need to get rid of any rubbish left behind by a previous tenant or for general yard waste cleanup. Hiring Junk King Cleveland to clear away the rubbish at your rental property will definitely make you a successful landlord.

Smart Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant

As with any business, marketing your restaurant is key to its success. You have to pay as much attention to getting the word out as you do to your menu and staff. The good news is that once you set up some of these marketing ideas they will be easy to maintain. Here are some smart tips for marketing your restaurant:


Highlight Your Staff

Along with highlighting your menu options through your social media post, you should also give a shout out to your staff. These are the people that are to make your customers experience worthwhile. Regular customers appreciate being noticed by a staff. And it doesn’t hurt to show the smiles of the people working for you. It just generates a lot of goodwill.

Monitor Your Social Media

Setting up Facebook and twitter accounts are important for your restaurant. A daily post is something to aim for but it doesn’t always have to be the “hard sell.” You can conduct surveys, initiate conversations or just post fun videos that are making the viral rounds. You should also pay attention to comments left on your social media pages. It is helpful if you can thank customers and respond to their positive reviews.

Network with Food Bloggers

You’ll probably find many food bloggers working around Cleveland. Many of these bloggers have a very strong following. Not only should you start your own blog for your restaurant but you could also invite those other bloggers in for a meal. A positive mention from food bloggers in many ways is more effective than a newspaper review. It’s something to strive for.

Time Your Posts

If you are posting about food or menu specials, then you need to time them carefully. Even though the Internet is open 24 hours, your restaurant might not be. The best time to post is an hour before traditional meal service like lunch or dinner. If you are just posting random notices, then they can go up any time during the day.

All of these marketing ideas will hopefully result in increased customers. That means your business needs to be prepared for that. The first thing customers will notice will be your establishment’s cleanliness. Junk King Cleveland to be a big help with maintaining a clutter free restaurant. These junk removal pros will be able to clear out all your unwanted furniture, appliances and other rubbish that might be cluttering up hallways or a parking lot. One session with Junk King Cleveland will make sure your restaurant is a junk free zone.

Transform Your Closet With These Terrific Organizing Tips

You spend a lot of time staring in your closet wondering what you should wear. It’s a lot like staring in the refrigerator wondering what you should eat! Part of the problem could be that your closet is overflowing with clutter. If you were to getting organized, then you might be able to see all your options at a glance. Here are some terrific organizing tips that will transform your closet.


Use Crown Molding For Hanging Shoes

This is a tip that works best for walk-in closet. Crown molding is attached to both the vertical and horizontal portions of a wall. However, if you were to cut a piece of crown molding and just hang it by the bottom then the top would be exposed. This is a perfect place to hang all your heels.

Label Your Hangers

The average person owns around 11 pairs of jeans. Many of the jeans that we own come in different cuts. But it’s hard to tell from a glance which is which. Hang your jeans in the closet along with tags on each hanger that designates what is the boot cut or the skinny jeans. Just make sure they get back at hanger once they’ve been washed.

Use Dividers on Shelves

If you have a lot of sweaters or T-shirts in your closet, then you should use dividers to set up different columns of those items. You can easily group them by color or season. If you don’t like the look of wire dividers, then turn wicker baskets on their side and stack inside accordingly.

Utilize Shower Hooks for Handbags

Those same shower Hooks that you have holding up your bathroom curtain can be put on the rod in your closet to hang your handbags and purses. This is a great way to get them off the floor and take better care of them. Speaking of hooks, you can put a lot of hooks on the inside of your closet door and hang your necklaces and bracelets there. Organizing means no space is wasted.

Put Pool Noodles in Boots

Cut up pool noodles to keep your boots standing upright. You could use pant hangers to hang your boots from. It’s always best to find a way for them to keep their form.

Get Rid Of the Unwanted Clutter

A good test for the usefulness of your outfits is to hang them all with the hangers facing the opposite direction. Every time you wear something, replace it with the hanger in the right direction. After a year, all those hangers that are still facing the wrong way are holding things you probably can do without. It might be easy to get rid of some clothing but what about all the rest of the stuff you’re keeping in storage in your closet? This is usually where things like old electronics and sporting equipment ends up. All of these things can be turned over to Junk King Cleveland for fast disposal.

Junk King Cleveland is proud to proclaim that they do all the work. That means you don’t have to bring any of that stuff down from upstairs. The team from Junk King will happily climb the stairs to get to all the stuff you want to take out. They can even load up any old furniture or appliances you want to toss out on the same trip. Organizing your closet can make a world of difference and Junk King Cleveland will be a big help with that goal.

Great Ideas For Your Home Garage

A big selling feature for any home is a garage. There was a time when the two-car garage was the de facto design. Now, homebuyers are looking for the three and four car garages. Regardless of how big your garage is there are many alternatives you can adapt for that space. It doesn’t just have to be for your car. Consider some of these great ideas for your home garage:


Family Playroom

Anyone with kids knows how they tend to take over every room in the house. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had a designated area where all their toys can be stored? Your garage could become that playroom. As with any of these conversions, you will want to find a way to secure the garage door so that it won’t be opened. Nice flooring and kid friendly shelves can make that space into a terrific playroom.


Have you ever wanted to invite out-of-town guests over for a visit but don’t have the room? Your garage could easily become your guest bedroom. Depending on the size of that bedroom you might even want to install a small kitchen set up. That way it can become a room to rent out or for a grandparent.

Man Cave

A garage is a perfect spot for a man cave. There might already be a workbench for tinkering set up in there but you don’t have to stop with that. Perhaps you can add a pool table or poker table. You can even have a nice bar set up. Another advantage of having a man cave is that it can be decorated anyway the occupant would like. Translation: you take care the rest of the house they’ll take care of the garage!

Home Gym

You might be motivated to work out more if all you had to do was walk out to the garage. But instead of just putting up a treadmill or a workout bench why not elevate things? You can install a wall of mirrors and carpeting on the floor. Hooking up a TV can also help improve your home gym especially if you’re doing cardio workouts. Using the garage for your home gym also allows you to bring in more equipment.

Before any these garage conversions can get started you’re going to want to set up an appointment with Junk King Cleveland. These are the junk removal professionals that can quickly clear out your garage of all its unwanted rubbish. You just have to take the time before they show up to sort through all the stuff you want to get rid of. You’ll be amazed how quickly Junk King Cleveland can clean out a garage from top to bottom.

Improve Your Grilling Game With These Tips

By now, your weekends are probably full of the amazing aromas from your neighbors’ backyard grills. Summer is made for barbecuing and there’s no end of terrific recipes you can adapt for your backyard grill. Even though you might consider yourself to be somewhat of a grill master, you could always improve your game by adapting these terrific grilling tips:


Oil Your Grill

The best time to clean your grill is when it is hot. You should always have a wire brush handy to scrape off any debris before you start cooking. Once you’ve given your grill a good scraping, you might want to oil it up while it is still hot and before you place food on there. The best way to do this is soak a paper towel in vegetable or olive oil. Then use your tongs to rub it over the rack. Don’t ever use cooking spray on a hot grill because it will flame up.

Avoid cross contamination

Just as in your kitchen, you’ll be cooking with raw food out on your grill. That means you need to avoid cross contamination. You should use separate cutting boards and platters for raw food versus cooked food. When marinating any poultry or meat you should always make extra marinade to use for the grilling. In other words, don’t use the same liquids that you put your meat in.

Use a Chimney Starter

A chimney starter is a great way to get your fire going if you’re using wood or charcoal. This is a special device that is shaped like a metal canister. You put a couple pieces of crumbled up paper at the bottom of the chimney then fill it with your charcoal or wood. In about 20 minutes, the coals are ready to spread evenly on the bottom of your grill. This means no kindling or lighter fluid is needed. Perfect fire every time!

If your barbecue grill has seen better days, then you might want to swap it out for a new model. Even a grill that is covered in the winter can still develop rust. That is definitely not something you want to be adding to your food! Getting rid of your grill is easy when you turn the job over to Junk King Cleveland. These the junk removal pros who have a lot of experience hauling away all kinds of yard rubbish.

This summer make your grilling count with these fantastic tips and a junk removal session from Junk King Cleveland.

Tips For A Better Camping Trip

Are you planning on camping this summer? These are the type of vacations that always seem to make for the best family memories. There are all sorts of terrific spots around the Cleveland area for camping. Whether you going to stick close to home or explore new regions these tips can help make for a better camping trip.


Selecting the Perfect Campsite

Some camping grounds have already been set up for your comfort. They will have picnic tables, fire pits and maybe even a permanent grill. Even within those prearranged campsites, you want to look for the best placement for your tent. First, look up. You don’t want to place your tent under any dead trees where a branch could snap off. You want to look for healthy green tree to provide you with shade and shelter from rain. It also helps to know which way the sun will rise and set. This has more to do with waking up to a great view than anything else.

Set Up the Perfect Sleeping Area

When it comes to sleeping in a tent, there are a lot of ways to increase your level of comfort. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to sleep on rocks! An inflatable mattress is a great thing to put under your sleeping bag. As for that sleeping bag, make sure it is something that provides you with a lot of room. If it’s been a while since you use that bag, then you might want to “try it on” for size before heading out. It might also help to put a tarp down underneath your tent as an added layer of protection and comfort.

Getting The Fire Going

The best campsite fire is going to be within a fire pit. If one isn’t provided at your campsite, then you can improvise. Arranging rocks or small logs into a circle can establish the perimeter of that pit. Hopefully, you packed a small shovel to dig out the center area. 12 to 14 split logs would be all you would need for your cooking and keeping the fire going until midnight. Just remember that lighter wood burns faster than hardwoods. You may want to consider bringing your own bundle of wood just to make sure that you have what you need.

Before you pack up the gear, you may consider replacing some of that equipment especially if it’s been a while since it’s been used and has gotten a bit moldy. The best option is to toss out that gear before you bring in the new equipment. Getting rid of bulky and oversized items is the perfect task for junk King Cleveland. Not only can they clear away all your old camping gear but they can get rid of the rest of your garage clutter in the same trip. Getting rid of junk is a perfect way to start any vacation.

Make the most out of your summer by squeezing in as many camping trips as possible!

Get Rid Of That Old Swing Set With Help From Junk King Cleveland

How much entertaining do you do in your backyard over the summer? If you have kids and the swimming pool then chances are your home is the most popular one of the block! Of course, nothing beats having friends over for a nice glass of wine and some barbecue. All of this means you need to get your backyard ready for entertaining and that starts with bringing down that old swing set. Your backyard space is far too valuable to have it taken up with something that’s not being used. What call to Junk King Cleveland can change all that.


Taking down an old swing set is a two-man operation. That is just what Junk King Cleveland will be sending over to your home. This is a team that has a lot of experience dismantling all kinds of structures. They brought down tool sheds, above ground swimming pools and hot tubs. An old swing set won’t be much of a challenge for them!

Because they will be some dismantling involved, the Junk King Cleveland crew will probably want to tackle that job first but they certainly don’t have to stop there. You could take full advantage of having this crew and their truck at your home. This is your opportunity to finally get rid of all the unwanted stuff in your home. What do you have down your basement that could be hauled away? An old sofa or futon? What kind of things do you have in your garage that you could live without? What about all the stuff in your closet? Are you going to wear everything you have in there again? Now you can see how easy it is to find stuff to turn over the Junk King Cleveland.

Not all those items that you are getting hauled away will necessarily end up on the trash heap. Junk King Cleveland would much rather see your stuff get dropped off at a charity or recycling center. That way they can be repurposed and kept out of a landfill. This is how junk King Cleveland has been doing business since they first started collecting rubbish over 10 years ago. Before your summer gets started, hire Junk King Cleveland to bring down that old swing set. You’ll be glad you did.

Get Ready To Paint With Help From Junk King Cleveland

If you’re thinking about painting the inside of your home, then you have is to make with regard to color. You can stick with the classic white option or change things up with a soft pastel color. Yellows, greens and blues work great for bedrooms because of their tranquil nature. Red or gray tones are nice for kitchens and dining rooms. It’s a big decision and one you don’t have to rush into. However, once you’ve decided on the color that it’s time to prep the room. This isn’t just about putting painters tape down everywhere but also clearing out the clutter. It will be a lot easier to work in an empty room and that is accomplished with a little help from Junk King Cleveland.


Obviously, if you’re painting a house you been living in you can get rid of all the furniture. You might have to move it from room to room in order to clear the way. Doesn’t make sense to move around furniture you want to ultimately get rid of? Probably not and that’s where Junk King Cleveland can make a huge difference. They’ll send over a two-man moving crew who can quickly load all of that unwanted furniture onto the truck. They certainly don’t have to stop with the sofa or recliner.

The Junk King Cleveland team can also take away all the unwanted clutter from your garage, basement and closets. Although you may not be painting those areas, it still a good idea to take full advantage of the moving crew and their truck. You’ll feel bad if you have all that help and don’t get rid of everything you want to get rid of in a single session.

Painting a room is a perfect DIY project but the same can’t be said of junk removal. You’ll need help lifting and loading but more importantly you’ll need help with disposing of those items. Junk King Cleveland takes care of that even if it means spending a few more hours on the job. They want to make sure that what they collect is dropped off at charities or recycling centers as opposed to landfills. That’s just the Junk King Cleveland way! Get your rooms ready to paint by hiring Junk King Cleveland to haul away the clutter first.

Home Improvement Begins With A Call To Junk King Cleveland

It’s pretty much a given that even the smallest home improvement project would require a trip to the hardware store. If you have a hardware store close to your home, then you probably very well-known there. It’s not uncommon to make several trips over the course of the weekend as you discover more and more things to fix around the house. One home improvement project involves workers coming into your home as opposed to you leaving the home. That would be clearing out junk with the help from Junk King Cleveland.


The workers who will be assigned to your junk removal task will show up with a friendly attitude and a lot of experience. This is a team that knows how to lift and load all kinds of heavy and oversized objects. The Junk King Cleveland crew only has a general idea of what to expect when they show up for an appointment. If they know in advance that something like a piano or pool table needs to be moved then they might have special equipment. If they’re dealing with a hoarder level type of clean up, then they might bring along additional crewmembers and trucks to make sure everything is cleared out in a single appointment. You don’t have to get specific when you set up your session just give them the general idea so they can be prepared.

Once the Junk King team shows up there want to see all the things you want to take away. This is how the going to determine your fee. That will be a cost that’s based on how much space your junk will fill in the back of the truck. Some appointments only need one third of the truck bed while others need the entire truck. What you agree to that price the crew will spring into action and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they can clear out all of your unwanted clutter.

The last thing the Junk King Cleveland crew will do what your home is sweep up all the areas they just cleared out. The goal is to leave you completely satisfied. When it comes to clearing out the junk and rubbish for a home improvement project, Junk King Cleveland always makes the customer happy.

Keep Your Collectibles But Get Rid Of The Junk With A Call To Junk King Cleveland

The primary reason something is considered a collectible is its rarity. The less there is the more valuable it might be. That is especially true with comic books from the 30s and 40s. These are extremely rare because most of them were destroyed in paper drives to support World War II. That makes any comic book from this time valuable regardless of the superhero! It stands to reason then that the longer you hold onto a collectible the more valuable it will become unless it was mass-produced to such an extreme that there are still millions of copies out there.


All of this is a good lesson for sorting through the things you have in storage in your garage and attic. Hold onto those collectibles but get rid of all the junk. Once that sorting is complete, you might discover that you actually have a lot of junk to toss out. One call to Junk King Cleveland can take care that.

Junk King Cleveland is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers that of been in this type of work for over 10 years. They’ve set very high standards for junk removal that most companies have a hard time competing with. That’s why every time a Junk King franchise opens in a new territory it quickly becomes the number one service in that area. Junk King Cleveland has been no exception. Since they began collecting junk several years ago, they’ve built up a solid reputation as a company to get the job done with a positive attitude at very affordable prices.

When you hire Junk King Cleveland you are really hiring two workers and a truck. If you were to hire crew and rent a truck on your own, then you would end up spending a lot more time and money on the project. Instead, the cost for your junk removal service will be based upon how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. You will be charge by the pound with Junk King Cleveland. You also won’t be charged any labor fees. It’s the same fee if the crew takes a few minutes or a few hours to clear out all your stuff. When you’re ready make more room in your home, then you’re ready to bring in Junk King Cleveland.

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