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Tips For A Better Camping Trip

Are you planning on camping this summer? These are the type of vacations that always seem to make for the best family memories. There are all sorts of terrific spots around the Cleveland area for camping. Whether you going to stick close to home or explore new regions these tips can help make for a better camping trip. campground-1591949_1280 Selecting the Perfect Campsite Some camping grounds have already been set up for your comfort. They will have picnic tables, fire pits and maybe even a permanent grill. Even within those prearranged campsites, you want to look for the best placement for your tent. First, look up. You don't want to place your tent under any dead trees where a branch could snap off. You want to look for healthy green tree to provide you with shade and shelter from rain. It also helps to know which way the sun will rise and set. This has more to do with waking up to a great view than anything else. Set Up the Perfect Sleeping Area When it comes to sleeping in a tent, there are a lot of ways to increase your level of comfort. Just because you're camping doesn't mean you have to sleep on rocks! An inflatable mattress is a great thing to put under your sleeping bag. As for that sleeping bag, make sure it is something that provides you with a lot of room. If it's been a while since you use that bag, then you might want to "try it on" for size before heading out. It might also help to put a tarp down underneath your tent as an added layer of protection and comfort. Getting The Fire Going The best campsite fire is going to be within a fire pit. If one isn't provided at your campsite, then you can improvise. Arranging rocks or small logs into a circle can establish the perimeter of that pit. Hopefully, you packed a small shovel to dig out the center area. 12 to 14 split logs would be all you would need for your cooking and keeping the fire going until midnight. Just remember that lighter wood burns faster than hardwoods. You may want to consider bringing your own bundle of wood just to make sure that you have what you need. Before you pack up the gear, you may consider replacing some of that equipment especially if it's been a while since it's been used and has gotten a bit moldy. The best option is to toss out that gear before you bring in the new equipment. Getting rid of bulky and oversized items is the perfect task for junk King Cleveland. Not only can they clear away all your old camping gear but they can get rid of the rest of your garage clutter in the same trip. Getting rid of junk is a perfect way to start any vacation. Make the most out of your summer by squeezing in as many camping trips as possible!
Tips For A Better Camping Trip


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