One Summer Session With Junk King Clears All The Junk

Despite the occasional high humidity day, summer is a great time to be in New Orleans. There is plenty to explore and take in. Plus, it’s not as crowded as it is during Mardi Gras or jazz festival. That means you can finally get back to your favorite eatery without having to fight the crowds! Summer is also the season of backyard barbecues. How many do you think you will be hosting this year? Before you fire up the grill you might want to get the backyard and house ready for company by clearing out all the unwanted junk. This to be all the things that accumulated over the years that are too big to toss out into the trash. For that kind of junk removal, you can always count on Junk King New Orleans to provide all the help you need to get your home clear of junk and rubbish.

Whatever Needs to Go

When you hire junk King you are in a company that you provide you with a team of quality movers. This is a crew that has a lot of experience lifting and loading all kinds of furniture, appliances and other household goods. Some of the things you want to get rid of might only need one person carried to the truck. However, you’re going to have those two workers just to make things go smoothly. That’s the standard operating procedure. On some of the really big jobs like a foreclosure cleanout, Junk King might send over additional crew members. You should accept that health knowing that you won’t be paying any extra for those additional movers. It will all be included in your flat  fee.

When it comes to deciding what you want to get rid of, don’t ever factor in size or weight. The team from Junk King can make anything fit onto the back of the truck even something as large as an old hot tub. Whatever needs to go from your home will be loaded up fast when the Junk King team is on the scene.

You’ll enjoy your summer a lot more knowing that there’s no junk around your house. One session with Junk King New Orleans can help you with that goal.

Junk King New Orleans Make Fence Removal Easy

Is your backyard fence ready to come down? There are two things that you should do before you bring in the fence installers. The first is to get an updated survey of your property. You don’t want to put down the fence that might be encroaching on your neighbor’s yard even if it’s following the same path as the old fence. A new survey will make sure that the property line for that fence is exactly where it should be. The second thing you should do is hire Junk King New Orleans to help with the fence removal of the old structure. This is the best way to ensure that that old fence will be removed swiftly and safely.

Not Just Junk

Most of the junk that’s associated with a removal session from Junk King are things like sofas, refrigerators, mattresses and other household goods. While that would all classify as junk it’s not the only type of things that these professional haulers can remove from your property. Bringing down offense is going to create a lot of debris. Whether you’re stacking up wood planks or rolling up a chain-link fence it’s still a job that requires some muscle power and a big truck to haul away all that stuff. That is exactly what Junk King will provide. This is a work crew that has a lot of experience with these types of dismantling projects. You like how fast and efficiently they work.

The Fee Estimate

Before the crew pulls on the gloves and gets busy with your fence removal you first have to work out the fee. This will be an estimate that’s based on how the crew will pack up the truck. They’ll be able to look over the fence and know exactly how much room all that material will fill on the back of the truck. Even though it looks like a lot might seceded one third of the truck bed. That means you will be paying the low end of the price scale. If you want to add more items for removal, then just show them all to Junk King crew before they write up the estimate. They will be giving you a fair and affordable price every time.

Fence removal in the Big Easy can be very easy when Junk King New Orleans is on the job. Book a session today.

More Reviews For Come In For Junk King New Orleans

“This service is great. I found them to be easy to coordinate with when I needed to remove drywall debris from my house. They are dependable, and even worked in the rain! Thank you, Junk Kings!” – Laura B.

That review is a great snapshot of how Junk King New Orleans operates. It begins with scheduling. You can call in to set up your appointment or booking online. What you will always get is a fast response. Junk King appreciates that when you need something all the way you don’t want to wait around to get that taken care of. And it doesn’t just have to be old furniture or appliances. Junk King has helped many homeowners and contractors clear out all types of construction waste from renovation projects. This is extremely important in order to create a safe and productive work area. If you have a project like that going on, then be sure to schedule Junk King for the end of your first demolition day.

“I became aware of Junk King a couple of months ago when they were picking up items from a neighbor. I had an upcoming move and wrote their name down. Fast forward to last week when I contacted them via Yelp for an appointment. They were available pretty much immediately and were able to work with me on pricing to fit my budget. Today they came and picked up a ton of large to smaller items. The team that assisted me was very courteous and completed the job in about 10 minutes. I am very appreciative of their service and would definitely recommend them to others.” – JJ S.

Once the Junk King team shows up at your property for the appointment, they will look over all the things that you want to get rid of. That will help them decide how to pack up the truck and what your final fee will be based on that packing. You can like how friendly and fast the junk King teams operate.

“Avery and Lawrence were prompt and efficient and did a great job cleaning out my shed. They were courteous and professional and I would not hesitate to call them again!” – Maggy W.

Whether you’re clearing out the garage, shed, closet, attic or basement you’ll find a great benefit with hiring Junk King New Orleans to get rid of all the rubbish. Book a session today.

Let Your Staycation Begin Without Any Rubbish

If you were to tell any of your friends that you plan on having a staycation in New Orleans, then they would totally understand. Just look ahead at all the great festivals and concerts that will play out over the summer. Plus, have you gone to all the restaurants and cafes that you’ve heard about? Maybe it is time to revisit some of your favorite spots. That same investment you would make dining out every night on vacation can be applied to your staycation. You would also end up saving a lot more because you won’t be spending for hotels or plane tickets. Your staycation could also include a good old fashion crawfish boil. Sounds like a lot of fun is in story if you stick around the Big Easy this summer. To get things started, you should put your house in order. That means taking care of those tasks you’ve been putting off like old furniture and appliance removal. That is a job for Junk King New Orleans.

One Session

It will only take one session with Junk King to get rid of all the things you’re no longer using around your house. When you have a team of dedicated movers doing all the lifting and loading then you can get rid of everything in a single session. Only you can make the call as to what can go and what should stay but don’t make weight a concern. Whether you need to toss out an old piano or a treadmill, the team from Junk King will be able to handle it with ease. At least, they’ll make it look easy!

You can get rid of a lot of little things, too. Invest in the time to sort through your closets and pull out those outfits that will never make it back into rotation. When you turn over things like that to Junk King, you can rest assured that they’ll probably end up at a local charity. Just because you’re done with something doesn’t mean it can’t be put to use again and Junk King will get that done.

Begin your amazing staycation without a speck of junk in the home. Junk King New Orleans can take care of that with one call.

Say Goodbye To Clutter With Help From Junk King

Here’s a fun two-part question: What are the top three things you would like to get rid of from your home? How long have you been holding onto those things? Usually, there is a direct correlation between something you want to get rid of and longevity. That’s because if it were easy to toss out, then it would already be gone. Even a random pile of junk mail can be scooped up and tossed into the trash without much effort. For the big clutter items, you’ll need to bring in outside help. That help can be provided by Junk King New Orleans.

Easy Pickup

The perfect example of big clutter items are things like furniture, major kitchen appliances and televisions. All of those things are way too big for the trashcan. Most of them require at least two people to move them from a home and load them onto  truck. That is exactly what Junk King is going to provide: Two strong movers that make everything look like an easy pickup. That includes things that you might have up on a second floor of the home or even in the attic. Those Junk King movers will gladly climb any amount of stairs to get at the things that you want hauled away.

Smart Disposal

Whenever you toss something into the trash, you probably don’t give it a second thought as to where it might end up. The same thing can happen with the junk you’ve giving to Junk King. You don’t have to worry where it might end up but it will be nice to know that Junk King is going to make every effort to drop those items off at a charity or a recycling center. This is a much better approach to disposal as opposed to dumping everything into a landfill. Junk King has been disposing of their collections in this way since they began operations. This has resulted in tons of trash being diverted each week. That is good news for New Orleans.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to your clutter, you’re ready to say hello to Junk King New Orleans. Make that call today.

Junk King Can Help With Old Grill Removal

Some of the best food in New Orleans is found on backyard grills. Folks know how to cook up all kinds of great BBQ recipes and the sounds of sizzling can be heard all through the spring and summer. A grill is like a car: It starts out shiny and working great but after wears of continual use, it can start to lose its luster. If your backyard grill has seen better days, then you’ll want to get it replaced before it gets too deep into the grilling season. To make room for the new grill, you’ll also need to deal with the old grill removal. That is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King New Orleans.

All Kinds of Junk

As indicated by the name, Junk King hauls away junk. The most common junk items that Junk King picks up are things like furniture and appliances. But it is really the hard to get rid of items that can fill the Junk King truck. An old grill would certainly fall into that category. This is not something that can be put out on the curb in the hopes someone will pick it up. Instead, it should be turned over to the crew from Junk King. While they are at your home loading up the old grill, they can also load up all the rest of the junk that you want to get rid of. What else are you holding onto just because you don’t have any way of throwing it out? No matter how big or heavy something is, you can get it carted away by Junk King

The Recycling Option

When you hire Junk King to move out all of your unwanted items you also are activating the recycling option. This means that Junk King will do everything in their power to make sure the things they collect from you will either be dropped off at a recycling facility or a charity for donation. This is the best approach for disposal of any kind of unwanted items and it ensures that landfills can eventually be shut down. That should be everyone’s goal for better environment. It certainly has been Junk King’s goal ever since they began collecting rubbish over 14 years ago.

Getting rid of your old grill doesn’t have to be complicated. Just hire Junk King New Orleans job and watch a quick it gets done.

Bring In Junk King New Orleans For Your Estate Cleanup

New Orleans is one of those cities with a lot of history on display. So many buildings down in the French quarter have markers to designate when they were established. There still sections of cobblestone streets that go back hundreds of years not to mention the streetcar lines.

Traveling out of the French quarter will find just as much rich history and culture. All of this means that any estate in New Orleans has value. That’s true for antebellum mansions as it is to small homes. If you have been made an executor of one of these estates, then it will become your responsibility to decide what happens next. You may want to keep the home and the family for the next generation. Or it might be more practical to sell that property and invest the money elsewhere. Before the home can get ready to go on the market you will need to take care of the estate cleanup. That is where Junk King New Orleans can be a big help.

The Right Team

Junk King is going to provide you with the right team to get your stay cleanup take care of in a very timely manner. That team is can consist of at least two movers and a big truck. That might be all you need to clear out the unwanted furniture and other household goods from the home. However, if this is a bigger job that involves a lot more than just a few pieces of furniture, then you can count on Junk King to provide you with additional support. They will be able to clear the schedule and make sure several moving crews can be dedicated to your estate cleanup. The best news is that all of that extra help is going to be included in the flat fee that you will be paying.

The Flat Fee

The flat fee that is offered by Junk King covers all the labor whether that is to crew members are six. It also covers all their time whether they are at the home for 30 minutes or three hours. The flat fee takes care of the transportation and the disposal. That fee is derived at by the Junk King crew once they’ve had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of. They will provide you with an estimate based on how that stuff is can fit onto the truck. It’s just that simple and you know what the prices before the work begins.

Your estate cleanup doesn’t have to be complicated. Just let Junk King New Orleans handle it!

Hire Junk King For Your Hoarding Solution

Every one of us has hoarding tendencies. We have a hard time letting go of some things especially if we have space for them in our closets or garages. It’s a lot easier to just tuck something away then trying to figure out how to get rid of it. Unfortunately, those hoarding tendencies can start to impede on our living environment when all of that clutter starts to overrun the house. Hopefully, you won’t reach the level of hoarding that is featured on those reality TV shows. Thankfully, there is a solution for your hoarding tendencies. That would be hiring Junk King New Orleans for a thorough rubbish removal session.

Fast Pickup

When you hire Junk King to help with your rubbish situation you can count on a fast pickup. Most Junk King appointments are completed within 24 hours of that first phone call. There are even some same day pickups available depending on when contact Junk King. When the crew shows up for the appointment, they are going to work as quickly as possible to get rid of all your unwanted items. They know that you need to get back to your day and they need to get to the next appointment.

Just because they’re moving fast doesn’t mean they’re going to be careless. The Junk King teams have a lot of experience hauling all types of furniture, appliances and other bulky items from homes. They’re going to work their best to make sure your walls and floors are scraped up. Judging by the positive comments that keep getting posted by satisfied customers it is clear they are accomplishing that goal.

The Right Kind of Disposal

Included with Junk King’s hoarding solution is the right kind disposal. That means making drop-offs of the collected items to a charity or recycling center. It doesn’t mean going to a landfill. Everything that is gathered on the truck is taken back to the Junk King depot where it will be sorted. When there are enough items to fill up the truck load then Junk King will make those drop-offs. They are dedicated to protecting the environment around New Orleans and it is something they’re very proud of.

Whether your hoarding situation is big or small it can all be taken care of with one junk removal session from Junk King New Orleans. Are you ready to make that happen today?

Make The Right Move Without Any Rubbish

How many times have you moved so far in your life? According to surveys, the average American moves at least 11 times over the course of their life. Hopefully, the next move that you are planning will be the one to your dream home. This can be the place that you will raise a family and retire in. It could also just be a great living space to start the next chapter in your life. Wherever that move is going to take you it should be without any old rubbish. A new home is a chance for new beginnings and that should never start with old junk. One session with Junk King New Orleans can prevent that from happening.

Deciding what to take with you into your new living space might be determined by the actual size of that space. You could have a few pieces of furniture that simply won’t fit or will make it up the stairs. Perhaps this is a great opportunity to minimize your life without carrying so many items with you into the new home. You can also simply decide that that sofa or bed frame isn’t going to fit in with the decoration style of the new home. Those furniture pieces would all be perfect candidates to turn over to Junk King for removal.

The Junk King crew can also help you take away all the unwanted clutter from your cabinets and closets. Do you really want to waste a box packing up stuff that you be tossing out? You certainly don’t want to fill up your moving truck with those kinds of things or waste the time of your movers. It might turn out  that hiring Junk King can actually save you money with your move!

All the things that you are given to Junk King could ultimately find their way into someone else’s of home. Junk King has established terrific partnerships with many local charities who will always looking for furnishings and household goods. This will ensure that nothing you are letting go of has to end up in the trash. Junk King New Orleans can help make sure that your next move is one without rubbish. Book a Junk removal session today to make that happen.

Get Fast Spring Break Cleanup Help From Junk King

To live in New Orleans is to encounter out of town visitors almost every day. There are “surges” of visitors throughout the year. You can always count on more people coming into the big easy during Mardi Gras but spring break is also a very popular time of the year for those visitors. If you’re playing host to some spring break vacationers, then you might want to get those house ready with a big cleanup. That is where Junk King New Orleans can be a big help.

Consider all the oversize and heavy items that you want to have removed from your home. How long have you been “stuck” with those things? A recliner might have been busted years ago but because it is too big to sit on the curb, it remains in a corner where nobody can use it. An old washing machine might have been replaced and pushed out to the back porch or garage. That’s no place for something like that. Those are the kinds of things that can make a home look “junky.” They are also the kinds of things that can easily be removed by the Junk King squad.

Two movers will be assigned to your junk removal session. If it took two movers to bring something into your house, then it will take two movers to bring it out again. Of course, along with the big items, you can also tap the Junk King crew to get rid of a lot of little items. How much stuff do you think you could get rid of from your closets, dressers or cabinets? Junk King will know what to do with those items. They could all end up at a charity where they can be put to use again to a family in need. That is the best way to get rid of those kinds of things.

Junk King will also move fast. Most appointments are handled within 24-hours of first contact. You can call today and have an appointment by tomorrow. That will be plenty of time to help get the rest of the house ready. Let Junk King New Orleans help with your spring break cleanup. You’ll be glad you did.