Make The Right Move Without Any Rubbish

How many times have you moved so far in your life? According to surveys, the average American moves at least 11 times over the course of their life. Hopefully, the next move that you are planning will be the one to your dream home. This can be the place that you will raise a family and retire in. It could also just be a great living space to start the next chapter in your life. Wherever that move is going to take you it should be without any old rubbish. A new home is a chance for new beginnings and that should never start with old junk. One session with Junk King New Orleans can prevent that from happening.

Deciding what to take with you into your new living space might be determined by the actual size of that space. You could have a few pieces of furniture that simply won’t fit or will make it up the stairs. Perhaps this is a great opportunity to minimize your life without carrying so many items with you into the new home. You can also simply decide that that sofa or bed frame isn’t going to fit in with the decoration style of the new home. Those furniture pieces would all be perfect candidates to turn over to Junk King for removal.

The Junk King crew can also help you take away all the unwanted clutter from your cabinets and closets. Do you really want to waste a box packing up stuff that you be tossing out? You certainly don’t want to fill up your moving truck with those kinds of things or waste the time of your movers. It might turn out  that hiring Junk King can actually save you money with your move!

All the things that you are given to Junk King could ultimately find their way into someone else’s of home. Junk King has established terrific partnerships with many local charities who will always looking for furnishings and household goods. This will ensure that nothing you are letting go of has to end up in the trash. Junk King New Orleans can help make sure that your next move is one without rubbish. Book a Junk removal session today to make that happen.

Get Fast Spring Break Cleanup Help From Junk King

To live in New Orleans is to encounter out of town visitors almost every day. There are “surges” of visitors throughout the year. You can always count on more people coming into the big easy during Mardi Gras but spring break is also a very popular time of the year for those visitors. If you’re playing host to some spring break vacationers, then you might want to get those house ready with a big cleanup. That is where Junk King New Orleans can be a big help.

Consider all the oversize and heavy items that you want to have removed from your home. How long have you been “stuck” with those things? A recliner might have been busted years ago but because it is too big to sit on the curb, it remains in a corner where nobody can use it. An old washing machine might have been replaced and pushed out to the back porch or garage. That’s no place for something like that. Those are the kinds of things that can make a home look “junky.” They are also the kinds of things that can easily be removed by the Junk King squad.

Two movers will be assigned to your junk removal session. If it took two movers to bring something into your house, then it will take two movers to bring it out again. Of course, along with the big items, you can also tap the Junk King crew to get rid of a lot of little items. How much stuff do you think you could get rid of from your closets, dressers or cabinets? Junk King will know what to do with those items. They could all end up at a charity where they can be put to use again to a family in need. That is the best way to get rid of those kinds of things.

Junk King will also move fast. Most appointments are handled within 24-hours of first contact. You can call today and have an appointment by tomorrow. That will be plenty of time to help get the rest of the house ready. Let Junk King New Orleans help with your spring break cleanup. You’ll be glad you did.

The Quickest Way To Open Up Storage Space In Your Home

According to surveys, 30% of folks who rent self-storage do so for over two years. Sometimes it’s even longer. Essentially what that fact tells us is that there’s a lot of things in storage that nobody needs. Yes, some people put their holiday decorations in storage just because there’s so much of it but for the most part if you’re keeping something in storage for two years you should really be reevaluating whether or not those things are actually valuable. The main reason people rent storage is because they run out of space around the house. But there is a quick way to open up storage in your home. No, you don’t have to build a shed out in the backyard. Instead, it’s time for little sorting action and some junk clearing help provided by Junk King New Orleans.

That sorting action that you’re going to take on has to be “deep.” Start with your closets. You will want to literally pull everything out closets until their empty. Then as you put things back, you’ll discover all the things that can be and tossed out. It might mean spending some time trying on outfits but that will be time well spent if you’re making more room. You will no doubt also find plenty of boxes of other items that you probably forgot you put away. Do you need those things? Anything you decide you can live without is what you’re going to give to Junk King.

Now, take that same approach out in your garage or up in the attic. What are all the things that you are no longer using and never plan to use again? Don’t worry about pulling that unwanted stuff out to the driveway or bringing it down from upstairs. The team from Junk King is can it do all that lifting and loading work for you. This is what you’re hiring them for!

You can get this work done rather quickly. A phone call today could have all your stuff cleared out by tomorrow. That’s usually how fast Junk King works. The sooner you call Junk King in to clear out your rubbish, the sooner you’re going to have a lot more storage space in your home. Put them to work today.

Make Junk King Your Official Junk Removal Company

New Orleans has a trash problem. It’s not just after the Mardi Gras parades but throughout the year as a bunch of careless folks illegally dump trash in practically any spot they can. One neighborhood hit especially hard is East New Orleans. Sylvia Scineaux-Richard, president of the Eastern New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Committee, told a local newspaper that she believes the problem can be fixed.

“It’s really an eyesore and because of that it became a major part of our push to get it eradicated,” said Scineaux-Richard.

That push has included a litter free campaign that is targeting residents, business owners and schoolchildren to work together as a community to keep trash off the streets. It has also helped that Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s Clean Up Nola Campaign added 10 security cameras at potential illegal dumping sites. This has already resulted in a handful of arrests.

“There has been a difference there,” said Scineaux-Richard. “The (area) has been picked up. People who have been violating the rules have been arrested so that’s a big part. That’s major because if people know it can be traced back to them, they are going to think twice before they dump,” she said.

It is a shame that so many folks turn to illegal dumping when help is standing by from Junk King New Orleans. All it takes is to hire these junk hauling professionals for one session and any amount of unwanted furniture, appliances and trash overflow can be swiftly loaded up onto the Junk King truck and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. This really is the best approach to getting rid of your rubbish. What do you have to get rid of?

Junk King will send over a pair of strong movers along with that big truck and that’s all you need to get rid of anything from your home or business that you are no longer using. The cost for these services is fair and affordable. Junk King charges a flat rate that based on how the truck will be filled up with your stuff. You’ll know what that price before the work begins. If you’re not happy with that number, then Junk King will move on to the next client without a problem. But when you realize what it costs to hire your own crew and rent your own truck, you’ll see what a bargain Junk King is. When it comes to getting rid of all the rubbish around your home or business, Junk King New Orleans should be the only company you call.

Junk King Makes Christmas Tree Removal Easy

After all the work you did in making the holidays a festive time for friends and family, you’ve earned the right to take it easy. You don’t have to be in a rush to take down the decorations all at once. Course, if you want to get everything boxed up and put back in storage just so you can get your house back, then there’s nothing wrong with making a push to take care of that. But it does mean you have to do everything on your all. This is especially true with your Christmas tree removal. Yes, you have to take the on its off but you don’t have to stress over how you’re going to get rid of the tree. One call to Junk King New Orleans can take care of that.


Junk King provides a moving team with every appointment. This is a crew that swiftly lifts and loads sofas, recliners and mattresses. There to take that same approach to your Christmas tree removal. They want to make sure that any remaining water in the bottom won’t get spilled and the floors won’t get scratched as it is carried out of the house. Yes, the team from Junk King is can you take your Christmas tree up right from where it is. You don’t have to worry about carrying it down front porch to the street. You also don’t have to worry of where it’s going to end up. The team from junk King has set up recycling drop-offs that cover everything from scrap metal to yard waste. The Christmas tree that you are getting rid of with Junk King could end up being converted into mulch that will help gardens throughout the city. It’s a great way to handle this type of disposal.

What about all the other things you’d like to get rid of that require of movers and a big truck? You can take care of that in the same appointment. A Junk King truck is the equivalent of six for pickup trucks. In other words, they’ll be a lot of space for your unwanted rubbish.

Junk King New Orleans makes Christmas tree removal and rubbish hauling easy. Isn’t that the way it should go?

Junk King New Orleans Customer Share Their Reviews

Everyone who hires a service professional will come away from the experience with an opinion. That opinion will either be favorable or not so favorable. It can also be an opinion that can sway other potential customers especially if that opinion is written out in the form of a review. There are some that might consider allowing customer reviews on a company website to be risky. However, it would only be risky if the company isn’t performing as it should. That is not a problem for Junk King New Orleans. They have been growing a steady base of satisfied customers ever since they began collecting rubbish just a short while ago. Here’s what a few of those customers have posted in the last couple of weeks:


“The two gentlemen that came to pick up my recliner were very professional and friendly. They came on time and were very nice during their time here. You have two very good workers there.” – C.L., Metairie

“1. Easy to book. 2. Good communication prior to job 3. Showed up on time. 4. The two guys who showed up, Ian and Avery, were very friendly, professional and efficient.” – N.J., New Orleans

“I highly recommend Junk King for its professional and friendly service. Their personnel showed a great attitude, and had the equipment to do the job in a safe & efficient manner. The process to schedule service online was easy, and the personal contact & communication in setting up the appointment made for a very positive experience. They did the job and left everything in good order, well above my expectations. I would certainly contact them again if or when the need arises. Thanks, Junk King!” – Clay B., New Orleans

“Mike and the other gentleman that came to pick up my old furniture were on time, very friendly, polite and professional, and they worked quickly. I could not be more pleased with their service, and I will definitely use them again and recommend them to all my friends.” – E.B., Slidell

It is clear by these comments that a lot of folks will be recommending Junk King to their friends and family. You could join that group, too. It will only take one junk removal session with Junk King New Orleans for you to become another one of their many satisfied customers. Book that session today!

Give Someone Special A Junk Removal Session For Christmas

Do you remember a special Christmas gift from your childhood? There is usually one present that stands out. Thanks to all the various online auction sites, there might even be an opportunity to find that gift again. Giving gifts at Christmas is done as a demonstration of how much you care about someone and sometimes that calls for a big gesture. How could you make someone special in your life have an amazing holiday this year? Perhaps there a parent or grandparent who needs help around their house with rubbish removal. Consider giving them the gift of a junk removal session with Junk King New Orleans. That is the kind of Christmas gift that can have a huge impact far beyond the holidays.


Anyone who is holding onto old furniture and appliances is usually doing that because they don’t have any way to get rid of it. If it took two strong movers to bring something into the house, then it takes two strong movers to take it out again. That is exactly what Junk King will provide. This means that any sofa, headboard, table, recliner, chairs or loveseat can be swiftly hauled from a home. Just accomplishing that can make a world of difference but you don’t have to stop there. The squad from Junk King can remove a whole lot more.

Some rubbish items might be things that are considered e-waste like old TVs or DVD players. These are the kinds of things that need to be recycled at a certified facility. If the person you’re setting Junk King up with has any of these things, then they should give them to Junk King for proper disposal. There is probably a lot of other “clutter items” that can be cleared out from closets and the garage. Everything can find its way onto the Junk King truck.

If you set up your Junk King appointment online, then you could start with a discount for the service. Junk King works on weekends so it will easy to schedule the session. Giving the gift of a junk removal session from Junk King New Orleans is sure to brighten up the home of a special person in your world. Book that session today.

Our New Orleans – Garage Cleanout Difference

When you decide to hire us for New Orleans – Garage Cleanout, you’ll be getting industry leading junk removal services. There are a few excellent reasons why we stand head and shoulders above the competition. Not only is Junk King efficient and fast but we recycle a major portion of everything that we take away. That means we can free up some space for you and lessen your carbon footprint at the same time.

New Orleans – Garage Cleanout: Getting Rid of Debris

Think of it. All you need to do is take advantage of the free quote that we offer. In no time at all the debris that had been hanging around in your garage from a remodeling project that you did last year will be gone.
We are looking forward to adding your name to our list of satisfied customers. In fact, were so enthusiastic about bringing your project on board with us we offer you a few different ways to get a price quote.

Because we’re always interested in all of the latest innovations, we offer you the ability to text us a picture and get a quote and return. It’s one of the ways that we give you accurate numbers. When you ask around you’ll find that our New Orleans – Garage Cleanout options are also transparent because there are no obligations with our quotes.

Making sure that you get the numbers that are affordable and is service that is efficient is a priority for Junk King and you. If you prefer, you can use our online price estimator to get close figures to the actual numbers. This is a great way to get some numbers from the comfort of your own home using your own computer.

Call Us
If you would prefer to call us to get an accurate quote, that’s not a problem. We are always happy to hear from you. Of course, we’re always available to come to your location and give you an on-site price quote as well. What matters to us at Junk King is that you use our services because they are convenient, affordable and professional.

We like to think of ourselves as an excellent junk removal organization. We’ve been in business since 2005 serving our valued clientele in New Orleans and around the United States. If you’ve got a space that needs to be cleaned out, our New Orleans – Garage Cleanout services are waiting for you to call today.

Get Your Holidays Stated Without Junk In The Home

Over in the French Quarter, there’s a Christmas shop that keeps the holiday spirit going all year long. Yes, if you have a desire to put up a Christmas tree in July, then the shop can take care of you! For most of us, the holidays begin with Thanksgiving and on New Year’s Day. In between there’s a lot of opportunities for reuniting with friends, connecting with family and carrying out those beloved holiday traditions. Before all that can start you want to make sure your home is ready. And the best way to kick that off is with a junk removal session from Junk King New Orleans. Junk and Christmas don’t go together and that’s why you want to get all that stuff removed from your home as quickly as possible.


Junk King is going to assign your own personal moving crew for the task. This will be a team that is gonna do all the heavy lifting for you. As for what constitutes heavy lifting, you don’t have to worry about that. The Junk King crews have been called on to remove everything from couches to pool tables. Of course, you don’t have to hire them just to remove the heavy stuff from your home. You could have dozens of boxes of unwanted clutter that you want to clear out once and for all. There will certainly be plenty of room for that on the back of the junk King truck.

Along with all the removal from the inside of the house, the Junk King crews can also do sweep around the front and back yards. They can pick up any debris you may have piled up out there. This is especially important out front when you go to hang up your holiday decorations. You don’t want to have some nice twinkling lights alongside a spare tire!

Junk King strives to make their turnaround within 24 hours. That’s especially vital at this time the year when everyone’s schedules are full to the brim. If you call today, then your junk could be gone by the same time tomorrow. Don’t let the holidays get too far out in front of you without clearing the junk and rubbish from your home. One call to Junk King New Orleans gets it done.

Get Foreclosure Cleanout Help From Junk King

The good news across the country is that the foreclosure rate has dropped to the lowest levels since the housing bubble burst over 10 years ago. That means a lot more folks are staying in their homes and not falling behind. However, there are still the occasional foreclosed properties that come onto the market. Savvy real estate investors know that many of these properties can be purchased below the list price. They can also be quickly renovated and put back on the market for a nice profit. Before any of that work can happen, a foreclosure cleanout needs to be taken care of. That is where Junk King New Orleans can be a big help.


A foreclosed property doesn’t get that way overnight. It usually takes several months for the occupants of that property to finally move out. In that time, they may realize they have nothing to lose and therefore will stop taking care of the property. They might also vacate in a hurry leaving behind all kinds of furniture and trash. At first glance, foreclosed property could look like it has been through a storm. The reality is that it just needs a thorough cleanup. Even if there are some structural issues to deal with all the rubbish has to be removed first.

One call to Junk King New Orleans can set up a foreclosure cleanout that can be taken care of and single day. Most Junk King appointments are handled by two movers. They arrive in a big truck capable of holding almost six pickup trucks worth of trash. If the foreclosure cleanout that your dealing with is on a larger scale, then Junk King will happily send over additional crews and trucks to make sure the work gets done in a timely manner.

As far as Junk King is concerned, foreclosure cleanouts are rather easy. That’s because the crew is literally taking away everything. Even in all the mess they still might be some recyclable material that they’ll drop off at a certified facility. When the job is done the home will be empty and your contractors can come in and start their renovation work. If you need a foreclosure cleanout taken care of, then let Junk King New Orleans do the work from start to finish.