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Junk Removal Blog

Big Easy Yard Cleanup Help

Backyards in the big easy offer grilling and relaxing. You don’t want to be sitting out in the backyard surrounded by all kinds of useless debris. Before you fire up the grill, you should call Junk King New Orleans to help you with a complete yard cleanup. Yes, Junk King has built a solid reputation for clearing out furniture and appliances from inside of homes. But those same Junk King moving crews can also be a big help out in the backyard.

Loose Debris

Unlike furniture or a box of old clothing, the debris in your backyard might be considered “loose.” It could be a pile of gravel or dirt that you want to get rid of. It might also be a stack of old lumber or some random car parts. All those loose items can be gathered by the Junk King team and packed into the back of the truck. How that debris gets packed will also determine how much you pay for the yard cleanup.

Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound. Can you imagine weighing a pile of dirt? Instead, the Junk King rate will be a matter of volume. The less room on the truck your yard debris takes up, the less you will pay. This flat rate includes all the labor. Whether the crew is at your home for a few minutes or longer, you will not have to watch the clock.

You can schedule your yard cleanup with Junk King on the best day for your time. That can include the weekend appointment. The sooner you bring out Junk King New Orleans for your yard cleanup, the sooner you can enjoy that backyard again. So book your cleanup session today.

Take Care Of Junk Removal Today

Every home has at least one piece of junk that needs to be removed. This type of object can’t fit into the trash can. Otherwise, it would already be gone. This particular type of junk requires a moving team in a big truck. That is exactly what Junk King New Orleans provides with every one of their junk removal appointments. It will only take one session with Junk King to get rid of all the unwanted rubbish from your home and yard. Are you ready to make that happen today?

The Same Day Option

You can always count on a rapid response when you call Junk King to set up a removal session. Most Junk King appointments are completed within 24 hours of that first call. But there are opportunities to activate a same-day option. For example, if the Junk King crew is close to your home when you call and have room on the truck, they could be by your house in a few hours to remove your junk. Of course, if it works better for your schedule to have Junk King come after work or on the weekend, they can make that happen.

When the crew shows up for the appointment, you will show them everything you want to get rid of. Then, it will take them just a few minutes to estimate how all that stuff will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. One flat rate covers all the work, transportation, and disposal. Some of the disposal work can involve making a drop-off at a charity or recycling. It’s all part of the Junk King plan.

Junk King New Orleans makes junk removal from your home an easy task. Call to book an appointment today.

Put Junk King To Work For Your Spring Cleaning

Who will be helping you out with your spring cleaning to-do list this year? If you are enlisting your family, you might have to provide them with extra motivation. That could be a crawfish boil at the end of the job! However, it works, you can also put Junk King New Orleans on your spring cleaning team. These professional junk haulers can help you clear out all the unwanted stuff you’ll discover as you go through each room cleaning. Getting rid of that junk will transform the home for sure!

Filling Up The Truck

Every junk King appointment involves two movers and a truck. Those of the essential tools you need to get rid of any amount of junk from your home. If that truck shows up empty, you can fill it with the equivalent of six pickup trucks of junk.

Before anything gets loaded, the Junk King crew will present you with a written estimate. How all your stuff will fit onto the truck will always determine that estimate. Will it take up one-half or the entire truck? The Junk King crew will always strive to pack up your stuff tightly as possible to make sure you get the best deal every time. Junk King will also match any competitor for the same level of rubbish removal. That means you can’t beat Junk King’s price!

The flat rate will include all the drop-offs of the stuff you are getting rid of. That might involve turning some things over to a local charity. Junk King is happy to make that drop-off instead of heading to the landfill. It all happens as part of the complete junk pickup service.

Put Junk King New Orleans to work for your spring cleaning agenda this year.

2023-03-31 16:02:26

Junk King Makes Hot Tub Removal Easy

A working hot tub is a terrific addition to any backyard. Being able to soak in those warm waters can be completely relaxing and rejuvenating. However, if that hot tub is in disrepair, it is not worth holding onto. Unfortunately, you cannot just put the hot tub out on the curb. Instead, it has to be taken apart and hauled away in a big truck. That is the perfect job to hand off to Junk King New Orleans. These junk-hauling specialists can clear out any size hot tub in a single session.

Clearing Out The Yard

A hot tub that is no longer being used is just a waste of space. You don’t want that kind of eyesore out in your backyard. When you hire Junk King for the removal, you will be assigned to experienced crew members to take care of the task. What the team will do when they arrive is assess the situation. This will not be the first time they removed a hot tub. They will have the tools and the skills needed to take apart the hot tub and load it up piece by piece. That includes the huge inner shell.

Your old hot tub will fill up a significant portion of the truck. That will determine what your cost is for the job. Thankfully, Junk King doesn’t charge for the pound. Can you imagine how heavy your heart that would be? Even though the hot tub fills the truck, Junk King will still strive to make this a fair service. And that includes matching any competitor for the removal of the same item.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get rid of your old hot tub, look no further than Junk King New Orleans.

2023-03-24 20:35:41

The Best Approach For Refrigerator Disposal

A popular spot around the home for “things to go” is the back porch. This is where you might find something like an old sofa or recliner. It could also be where a broken refrigerator ends up. Furniture is one thing but you don’t need to hold onto an old appliance especially know refrigerator. That is something that can be a safety hazard for kids playing around the property. Instead of holding onto that old refrigerator you can call in the crew from Junk King New Orleans to have it picked up and disposed of in a responsible way. Do you need to make a call today?

Same Day Pickup

The old refrigerator on your property can be cleared away by Junk King with the same day pickup. That happens when you call in to set up an appointment and the Junk King crew is close to your home. One refrigerator won’t take up a lot of space on the back the Junk King truck. That means there’ll always be room for that appliance. If all you were getting rid of was that single refrigerator, then this would be a very quick job. It will also be a very affordable job. Junk King charges a flat rate that is determined by how everything fits on the truck. Your old refrigerator will not take up a lot of space. That means that will cost you the low end of the price scale. But as you look over the truck, you might want to fill up with a few more items.

Every Junk King session will be step or two capable movers. That is all you need to clear out all kinds of unwanted furniture and boxes of rubbish. The best approach for refrigerator disposal remains calling in the crew from Junk King New Orleans. Make the call today.

Pack Up Your Cabinet Clutter For Junk King

How much storage space do you have left in your kitchen cabinets? Like any other storage area home, it probably did not take long for you to fill up your kitchen cabinets with a lot of stuff. The issue now becomes whether you need all that stuff. If you were to devote a little time to sorting through those cabinets, you would undoubtedly find plenty of things you can do without. Those are the kinds of things you can pack up for junk King New Orleans. These professional junk haulers are the perfect decluttering partner for any home or apartment.

Letting go of the gadgets

Some of the things you find in your kitchen cabinet might be gadgets you ordered online or received as a present. Have you ever used those gadgets? There might also be other dishes, pots, pans, and other cooking tools you don’t use. Why hold onto that stuff and create clutter in your cabinets? It can all be given to junk King for fast removal.

When you hire Junk King to clear out unwanted items, they will always take the time to see if they can be used anywhere else. The junk King crews have been trained to set aside those things that could benefit a charity. That way, you can feel good about getting rid of your unwanted stuff. It will go to waste when junk King is on the job!

In addition to the random boxes of Cabinet clutter, you can get the junk King crew to remove anything else from your home or yard in the same session. This is your chance to get rid of those bulky items that are taking up space around the property. That can create a more comfortable living environment for everyone.

Get rid of your kitchen clutter and the rest of your unwanted rubbish with one call to Junk King New Orleans. Make the call today.

Clear Out The Rubbish For More Storage Space

Whenever you put something away, it is usually with the intention that you will use it again. That certainly applies to any dishes or pots and pans you clean and put away every night in your kitchen. You can also apply it to many of the clothing you just did in the laundry and are putting back in your dresser closets. However, there are plenty of things that you put away that end up staying put away. This is what household storage is all about, but it doesn’t mean you have to hold onto those things. If you have reached the point where you have run out of storage space, then it is time to clear out the rubbish. The best approach to that task is to hire junk King New Orleans job.

The Storage Removal Crew

Junk King is going to send over your own storage removal crew. This will be a team of movers that will do all the lifting and loading of all your unwanted items. All you have to do is point to the things you want to get out, and the team from Junk King will pick it up right from the spot. It doesn’t matter if those things are on the second floor or out of the garage. The only focus of the junk King is to get that stuff loaded onto the back of the truck.

When packing the truck, the Junk King crew will always strive to get as much of your unwanted stuff into as little space as possible. That will result in you paying the low end of the price scale. This is a flat rate that is fair and competitive.

Junk King New Orleans can help make more storage room in your home. So book a rubbish removal session today to get it done.

Hire Junk King To Haul Away The Old Dryer

Replacing a broken dryer is one of those things that needs to happen fast. If you pick the right appliance store, you can show up in the morning to pick out your new dryer and schedule delivery the next day. That way, you can get back to cleaning the laundry before all that clothing piles up! You have to make sure the old dryer will be cleared out just as quickly. That can happen when you hire Junk King New Orleans for the job.

Coordinated Removal

Most folks hire Junk King to get rid of furniture and closet clutter. But they can also provide professional appliance removal, including your dryer. The two-person crew assigned to your appointment will figure out the safest way to get that dryer out of the house without causing any damage to walls and floors. This is how Junk King maintains its exceptional customer service.

You can also coordinate the removal of your old dryer with the arrival of your new dryer. Junk King needs a two-hour window for the appointment. They don’t want to keep you waiting all day long, and most of that two-hour time is used in traffic, which everyone in New Orleans knows can be a challenge!

As for the cost, Junk King charges the same flat rate for dry removal as they do for all their other removal. It is always determined by how everything fits onto the truck. If all you get rid of is that one dryer, you will pay the minimum service fee. But it would be best if you took advantage of your Junk King appointment to clear out all unwanted items from your home. It’s a great way to start the new year without any junk in the house!

The quickest way to get rid of your old dryer is to call up the crew from Junk King New Orleans. They are standing by to help today.

Start The New Year Without Any Junk In The House

The new year is a time for new beginnings. Around the house, that can mean beginning the year without any junk. It is a terrific idea to eliminate all the clutter and unwanted items in your home at the start of 2023. When some of those items require movers and a truck, it is time to call in the Junk King New Orleans team. These professional junk haulers will do quick work out of getting rid of all your unwanted items in a single session. Are you ready to make a junk-free home for 2023?

Room By Room Sorting

Junk King will provide a team of movers and a huge truck to take care of your junk removal needs. Before the team shows up, you should go room by room in your home and sort through everything. There will be obvious choices of things you would like to get rid of, like an old futon or recliner. But if you dig deeper into closets and dressers, you will undoubtedly find plenty of clothing you could also clear out. Keep in mind that with Junk King on the job, none of those usable items have to go to waste. The junk King crews have all been trained to spot things that could be dropped off at a charity. That all happens as part of Junk King’s complete junk removal service.

The cost of that service will come down to a question of volume. How much space will your stuff take up on the back of the Junk King truck? Will it be one-half or the entire truck? The answer will be provided in the form of a written estimate. Once you agree to the price, the crew will get to work before you know it, and your home will be cleared of all your unwanted clutter and rubbish.

Kick off the new year with the junk removal session from Junk King New Orleans. You’ll be glad you did.

Junk King New Orleans Customers Post More Great Reviews

Junk King New Orleans makes it easy to get rid of your rubbish. What kind of rubbish can Junk King haul away? All of it! They also do a great job with customer service. Proof of that can be found in one of these recent reviews posted by satisfied Junk King customers. Check it out:

“Brian and his associate were professional, courteous, respectful and on time. They quickly handle the removal of my office items without disrupting the flow business. Pricing was very competitive. I highly recommend Junk King for any of your furniture removal needs. Great company.” – Broderick, New Orleans

Junk King makes sure they get in and out with your unwanted items with little disruption. That is true whether they are clearing out office furniture or a refrigerator from your home. It helps when you have two dedicated movers for the appointment. That is the team that does all the lifting and loading work half, and they have plenty of experience clearing out rubbish from all kinds of items.

“Amazing! Professional and super quick! I appreciate them so much. Using them again and again for my business!” – Sonthia, New Orleans

“Very prompt and very professional junk haulers. Happy to use them for a move where I was getting rid of a few pieces. The crew they sent were awesome and friendly.” – Zachary, New Orleans

The Junk King crews show up with a positive attitude for every job. That makes asking them to remove bulky items easy. As for the cost, Junk King charges a flat rate that is always determined by how that crew packs the truck. One flat rate covers all the labor, transportation, and disposal drop-off.

Junk King New Orleans wants to make every rubbish removal session fast and affordable. Put them to the test today.

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