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Oceanside Junk Removal Made Easy

Not every resident of Oceanside literally lives by the side of the ocean. But it is close enough to the shores to have this community considered as a genuine “beach town.” That certainly sets it apart from other communities. You just can’t help but feel in a good mood whenever you’re surrounded by those ocean vibes. It also means that folks around here take a lot of pride in their property. Oceanside is a great place for out of town visitors and we always want to look our best. Fortunately, there are some companies that can help with this goal. At the top of the list would be Junk King North San Diego. These are the professional junk haulers that make clearing out rubbish from your property easy.

The biggest challenge for getting junk removed from your home is deciding exactly what you want taken away. Of course, this is only a challenge depending upon how much sorting you want to do through all your closets and boxes in the garage. It might be that you already know of a few big pieces that you’d like to get hauled away  immediately. You can always hire Junk King to clear out the big stuff now and then come back for boxes and bags of little things. Of course, if you are ambitious enough to do a thorough sorting throughout the entire house then it won’t be a problem for the Junk King squad. Their truck can certainly hold a lot of stuff!

You can also think beyond the inside of your home when it comes to junk removal. What kind of structures are in your backyard that could be cleared out? The Junk King crews won’t have any trouble bringing down a swing set, gazebo, toolshed or even packing up a hot tub. These are all the kinds of things they’ve already handle.

Dismantling structures might take a bit longer but you will be paying any extra for the labor costs. Your fee includes all the work done by the crew, the transportation and the disposal. And that fee will be determined by how the truck gets packed up by the crew. It’s all about the space with Junk King and not about the weight. If you were to price out this kind of work to handle on your own, then you could end up paying twice as much is what Junk King is offering. Keep your Oceanside property clear of junk with a little help from Junk King North San Diego. They’re standing by to help.

Carlsbad Junk Removal

There might be some new recreational facilities coming to Carlsbad and that’s good news for anyone who enjoys the warm California weather. Last year, the Carlsbad City Council conducted an extensive study asking the local residents what they’d like to see developed in the area. The two big ideas that came out of this study was the development of a “multiuse, multigenerational recreation center” and an outdoor adventure park. That adventure park could be the place for all kinds of fun things like mountain biking, rock walls, zips lines, obstacle courses, and summer camps for kids. This is all further proof that the Carlsbad residents care about keeping their community a great place to live.

Another partner in that effort is Junk King North San Diego. This is a company dedicated to providing professional junk hauling services that helps Carlsbad residents clear the clutter from their homes and businesses. Although “junk” is in their name, there is a lot more that Junk King collects. This includes any kind of eyesore rubbish that has accumulated in your yard. Items like construction material left over from a remodeling job, roofing shingles, bricks, chunks of concrete, fencing, lumber scraps or dirt can all be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck.

When that Junk King crew is finished cleaning up your yards, they can get busy on the inside of your home. They will be able to haul out any kind of old furniture, kitchen appliances, boxes of unwanted stuff or e-waste. Think about all the space you can reclaim if you have all of that junk removed from your home.

Once everything is loaded up on the Junk King N. San Diego truck, it will be headed out to one of three places: a recycling center, a charity, or a certified landfill. The first two options are part of Junk King’s overall eco-friendly policies. They will do all that is within their power to keep trash out of the area landfills. The last garbage that goes these, the better off all of Carlsbad will be.

How does Junk King rate with customer service? Take a look at these comments:

“Polite and courteous. Reasonably priced. They took great care to make sure the walls were not damaged when they removed my furniture.”

“Very convenient, fast service and your employees are wonderful. Reasonable prices.”

“The guys were friendly and professional, and completed the job so fast! They also cleaned up after themselves (dirt, dust, debris). I love that Junk King donates usable items and recycles so much. That is very important to us. Thank you!”

Add it all up and you can clearly see that when it comes to removing junk the right way, Junk King is the only call you need to make.

San Diego Junk Removal Prices

Just like we need the occasional deep cleaning for our teeth, the San Diego Bay is going to have its own deep cleaning next month. Dredging crews will be focusing on the area around the San Diego-Coronado Bridge with the goal of digging up contaminated sediment in the hopes it will lead to cleaner waters. When the job is done, they will have removed up to 158,000 cubic yards of sediment surrounding the shipyards. Those shipyards have cleaned up their act in recent years but there is still a lot of damage to take care of.

“San Diego Bay is an area of national importance,” said Dave Gibson, executive officer of the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board, told a local newspaper. “It is one of the most commercially important bays, and it is an important military base. So cleaning that up is one of the board’s highest priorities.” The price tag for this clean up is estimated at around $70 million.

Would you need a dredging crew to clean up your home? Some moms might think that is perfect for their teen’s room! Cleaning up clutter doesn’t have to be complicated especially when you’ve got a company like Junk King standing by to lend a helping hand. These are the pros at junk removal and hiring a professional team can make all the difference when it comes to getting the job done right.

As you weigh your options for getting rid of junk, you might think it’s an easy DIY project you can tackle on the weekend. If it were that easy it would be done by now. Instead, our busy lives have a knack of getting in the way. Things get even more stressful if you have to ask friends to help move heavy objects or rent a truck. You won’t have to worry about any of that when you’ve got Junk King on the job. In fact, one call to Junk King North San Diego could have all your rubbish picked up in the same day.

What’s this all going to cost? Not as much as you would think. That’s because Junk King San Diego charges by the amount of space your junk will take up on the back of their truck. There will be no extra charges or surprise fees. If it turns out that your junk takes up more space than what was estimated, you won’t be paying more. If it takes up less room, you’ll get a refund. When it comes to junk removal it doesn’t get any better than Junk King!

Home Downsizing Tips in San Diego

If you’ve made the smart decision to downsize your home then you’re in for a treat. That’s because you’ll have so much less to contend with in terms of home maintenance. You’ll also have a lot less clutter which is going to give your new environment a totally positive energy. Since you’re not the first to downsize, you have the benefit of all the practical experiences that have come before you.

For instance, you might want to rethink your furniture as multi-function. This could mean a bed with built-in drawers underneath the mattress/box spring. You could find an appropriate piece of furniture for your hallway that can contain shoes, coats, keys and backpacks. In others words, create a focused “drop-off” point. Downsizing is the time to focus on your closets. You’re not going to have the space you’ve been used to in the past. However, there are probably a lot of clothes which you never wear that can finally be donated.

Downsizing is also the time to shrink your various collections. There are many things you’ll want to keep but there are probably just as many that you can either put in storage or sell on eBay. For everything else, think plastic bins. These containers can be easily stacked in a closet. Label what’s on the inside and you shouldn’t have any problem finding what you’re looking for in the future.

As for anything else you’re not going to take with you, that’s just junk to get rid of. You can get all the help you need for that task by hiring Junk King of North San Diego. These are the professional haulers who have made getting rid of junk a thing of beauty. First of all, you’ll have at least to workers assigned to your removal appointment. These are the guys who will be doing the actual lifting and loading of whatever you’re tossing out. If you want to lend a hand and carry some things out to the truck you’re more than welcome but it’s not required. The Junk King crews have this down to a science and that includes packing your stuff into as small a space as possible on their truck. You’ll appreciate that because it’s also how you’re going to be charge by how much space your junk will take up on the truck. The tighter that can pack the less it will cost you. Of course, you’ll know what that estimate cost is before they pick up one piece of junk. And they price is not going to change. Give Junk King San Diego a call today to find out how they can help you downsize your world.

North San Diego Moving and Junk Hauling

Moving day is a day often filled with stress. You’re anxious about leaving behind friends and neighbors and heading into uncharted territory. You’re worried about movers who are moving slow and costing you a fortune. You’re also concerned that something might break. Then there is the inevitable “buyer’s remorse” and yes, that applies to renting too! Moving day doesn’t have to be so stressful especially if you follow these helpful guidelines.

When it comes to packing, it if it not furniture put it in a box. Yes, you can cart some of your important things like a computer or stereo in your own car but anything else should be boxed up. Those boxes should also be packed up well in advance of move day. You might think you can put off the last few items while the movers are doing their thing. The truth is movers can go fast and you don’t want to keep them waiting. Also, if you happen to run out of moving material like boxes, tape or packing stuff the movers can provide but it will cost you. All you should be doing on moving day is watching your stuff get loaded up. This holds especially true for your refrigerator. Even if you’re not bringing it with you, you want to make sure it is cleaned out and unplugged long before the movers show up.

Labeling your boxes is crucial. You should definitely designate which room a box belongs in but when you pack up special items like a toaster or coffeemaker you’ll want to know what box those items are in. You should also set aside an “overnight box.” This would be all the things you’ll need for bed like pillows and sheets.

As you get your appliances ready for transport, make sure to tape up the power cords so they aren’t dangling and causing a potential accident. If you have pets or kids they should be watched over somewhere else during the moving process. The temptation is to keep them in sight but things will go a lot smoother if you don’t have to keep an eye on them.

One of the most helpful tips would be to hire a company like Junk King North San Diego to take care of the move before the move. This would be moving out all your junk. You certainly don’t want to start live in a new place by carrying over all the stuff you were going to toss out anyway. Do you really want to pack up junk and take up valuable room on that moving truck? Hiring Junk King lets you get rid of piles of stuff. You can either leave it all behind for Junk King to pick up the day after your move or schedule the removal the week of the move. Either way, being junk free is going to make a huge difference as you settle into your new place.

North San Diego Old TV Disposal

Recently, San Diego Self Storage (SDSS) teamed up with Recycle San Diego (RSD) to provide local residents with the opportunity to drop off all their e-waste for proper recycling. For seven days in May, the Self Storage facility in National City was open from 10 am to 5 pm and accepted anything with a plug.

Managing Member J. Terry Aston explained why this was so important for the area. “Heavy metals can leach into landfill soil and then into our underground water supply, causing severe and even life-threatening illnesses. TV’s and computer monitors use cathode ray tubes (CRTs), which contain a significant amount of lead, a highly toxic heavy metal. Printed circuit boards contain plastic and copper, and most have small amounts of chromium, lead solder, nickel and zinc. RSD’s primary goal is to reuse and re-purpose components before recycling.”

Usually events like this are held on a random Saturday morning. At least with this one you had an entire week to drop off your e-waste. If you missed the opportunity you don’t have to wait until next year. You can call Junk King North San Diego and arrange for all your e-waste to be picked up right from your home. That means your old TVs that have been replaced with flat screens can finally be tossed out. The same for the outdated computers you have in your closet or any video gear.

Do you even still have a VCR? When Junk King takes your e-waste they make sure it is dropped off at the right recycling facility. In fact, they do that for the vast majority of all the junk they collect. That means your furniture, scrap metal, wood and even dirt can all be repurposed and reused. Best of all you don’t have to do any of the sorting.

Even if it takes a few extra trips to hit all the right recycling centers, Junk King North San Diego is happy to oblige and it won’t cost you any extra. That’s because Junk King will charge you strictly based on how much space your junk will take up in their truck. Did we mention you get to fill up a truck with your junk? That is another bonus of hiring Junk King. Once your estimate has been determined, you won’t be charged any extras. In, out and nobody gets hurt!

Along with your old TV, Junk King can help clear out your backyard to get ready for summer or make room in your garage for your car! How can you put Junk King San Diego to work for you? Call them today to discuss your options.

San Diego Refrigerator Disposal

Just how cold does your food have to be to keep it safe? That’s a very good question that every restaurant has to deal with on a daily basis. On some level, it might be good for you to follow the restaurant standards. Here’s what the U.S. Department of Agriculture says about basic refrigeration: “Refrigerators must have a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature bacteria may still reproduce, but very slowly, therefore food can only be stored in a refrigerator for a couple of days before it must be thrown away. Meat products should be kept on the bottom shelf to prevent juices dripping onto other items.”

What about freezing foods? The USDA says, “Bacteria is dormant in frozen foods. However, the longer food is kept in the freezer the more likely it is to develop freezer burn, which means the quality deteriorates. Food should be stored on shelves at least 6 inches away from the floor so that it can be mopped easily without touching the food. Keep all cleaning agents separate from food.”

Would you even know what temperature your fridge is operating at? It might be helpful to check. When your refrigerator can no longer keep ice cream frozen or veggies crisp then it might be time to replace that unit. Thanks to all the amazing consumer reviews available online, shopping for a refrigerator won’t be that complicated. Find the brand that you like and see how it stacks up with the others based on what actual customers have to say. Once the selection has been made you have to contend with getting rid of the old fridge. That’s where Junk King San Diego comes into play. These are the professional junk haulers who have been in business since 2006. They might not be an “old” company but they are certainly a company who has won rave reviews.

“These guys are top notch! I needed a huge pile of mixed garbage (old furniture, construction waste, scrap metal, etc.) hauled off of a residential remodel job in Oceanside,” writes a satisfied customer. “They came out to estimate the load, gave me a price on the spot and hauled my junk away in minutes. Excellent service and speed!”

Michele from San Mateo had another positive experience with Junk King. “Wow! These guys are great. They showed up at the office with three guys and loaded the truck (which was a half load) in about 15 minutes. They even swept the area and took the excess trash with them. I’ve worked here 7 years and that’s the cleanest I’ve seen it! They were quick, professional and did an excellent job.”

Are you ready to add your review after clearing out your clutter? Call Junk King San Diego today and get them over to your place ASAP!

North County San Diego Mattress Disposal

Having trouble sleeping? We’ve all been there. The real reason you might not be a morning person is because you haven’t gotten the proper rest the night before. And if you’re feeling worn out during the day then you really need to catch up with a good night’s sleep. Easier said than done? Not if you follow some of these helpful hints.

Most important is that you need to stick to a sleep schedule. This doesn’t mean you’ll be expected to hit the pillow and precisely 11 p.m. and fall directly asleep. However, you should go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including the weekends and holidays. Despite your best intentions, you have to train your body that “now is the time for sleep.” You can’t do that if you’re switching times up. Essentially you want to create a kind of bedtime ritual. Perhaps that means reading for a half an hour before drifting off or listening to soothing tunes or taking a shower. Being consistent with those rituals is another way to train your body to “switch off.”

You should be paying attention to what you’re eating and drinking at least several hours before you head off for slumber. The goal is not to go to bed overly hungry or stuffed. Those kinds of discomforts can keep you tossing and turning. The same can be said for drinking before drifting off. Waking up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom.

Once you’ve accomplished all of those tasks, the biggest challenge for a good night’s sleep is being physically comfortable. That means creating an environment that suits your needs. For some folks that means total darkness. A sleep mask is a good way to achieve that especially if you’re sharing the room with someone who is keeping the light on. You might even want to invest in some earplugs to block out any noise. Then there is the issue of your mattress. If you’ve been sleeping on the same bedding for the last five years (or longer!) then you’re long overdue for a new mattress.

This is one shopping trip you don’t want to rush through or make a purchase on an impulse. Your sleep is too important. When you go shopping, be sure to wear comfortable clothes because you should be spending several minutes trying out a mattress and don’t want to be “bulked up” with layers of clothes.

After picking out your new mattress, your next call should be to Junk King San Diego. These are the folks that are going to take the hassle out of mattress removal. They’ll provide the crew and the truck to get the job done. In that same trip the JK San Diego crew will also be able to remove any other oversized item you want to finally toss out. Don’t wait another day for a good night’s sleep or to get rid of your junk!

Escondido Junk Recycling & Removal

Just outside of Escondido in Oceanside a battle has been raging over what to do about a landfill in Gregory Canyon. This particular battle has been going on for close to twenty years. The recent salvo concerns an environmental impact report presented to the city staff for review. After giving this report the once over, the public will have a change to weigh in with their own comments. The goal is to gather all of this information before an April 15th deadline. Keep in mind that this landfill was approved by voters in 1994 and since then over $67 million has been invested in getting it ready for use but the permits are still under review. The fear is that the groundwater in the basin under the proposed site could be at risk. This is despite assurances from the developers that every reasonable precaution has been taken to prevent those kinds of leaks. Of course, the only absolute way to avoid those potential hazards is not to dump in the landfill at all. That might not be practical given the expanding population. However, dedicated efforts towards recycling can have a very positive impact on landfill volume.

Wouldn’t it be great if we reached a point where landfills were no longer needed? One company who is helping towards that noble goal is Junk King North County San Diego. They are junk removal experts who specialize in recycling. A major percentage of everything that Junk King collects is diverted away from local landfills and towards recycling facilities. Their recycling data shows impressive statistics by anyone’s measurements. Junk King takes all the hassle out of recycling for you. There is no need to rent a truck and drive around San Diego looking for those certified recycling centers. They’re all on the Junk King route. You also won’t have to worry about deciding which of your items can be recycled. The Junk King North County crew who will be assigned to your pickup has been trained on how to sort through collected items and make the determination of their final resting place.

You might be surprised to learn just how much of what you’re throwing away can actually be recycled. All manner of furniture and/or kitchen appliances are perfect examples of items that can be broken down and recycled. Whenever possible, those same items could be dropped off to a charity that refurbishes pieces and provides them to those in need. This is guarantying that your junk will have a second life. And yes, you can claim to reduce your carbon footprint when you hire Junk King. You’ll be reclaiming space in your home and doing your part for the environment. What could be better than that?

North County San Diego Junk Hauling

By the time you read this article we may have a new Super Bowl Champion.  Even though the Chargers are out of the running this year, many folks around the San Diego area will be hosting Super Bowl parties.   Between the action on the field and the fun commercials there is plenty to keep everyone entertained. Given the nature of the event it is almost inevitable that some kind of spill is going to go down. You can say the same for almost any gather of folks. For your next party, whether a football game is involved on not, you should consider some insightful cleanup tips.

For those spills, keep a spray spot remover handy for a quick spritz. You should also have a big garbage can and recycling bin standing by for easy access. As the party goes on, try applying the “clean as you go” philosophy. This is where you’ll do a circuit through the rooms every hour or so just to stay on top of any empty glasses or plates piling up. This doesn’t mean you’re cleaning up so folks will go home but just so you won’t have so much to do when the party does end.

Naturally, before any party can get under way you’ll want to make sure your home is free from clutter. Instead of taking hours out of your party prep why not hire Junk King North San Diego to do all the heavy lifting both figuratively and literally. Junk King is the junk removal specialist now proud to be operating out of North San Diego County. As the leading junk hauler for the community, Junk King takes a lot of pride in getting the job done right every time. When a Junk King crew shows up for the scheduled removal appointment don’t hesitate for one minute to put them to work. You can direct them to move any object from your home, garage or yard. If that item is extremely heavy don’t worry; the JK crew will handle that. If the item has to be taken apart the crew will take care of that as well.

Whatever you’re tossing out will then be loaded up on the truck and dispatched to its final destination. How Junk King gets rid of your junk is equally important as the pickup job itself. That’s because Junk King is going to do everything in their power to make sure your junk ends where it should whether that’s a certified recycling center or approved landfill. When it comes to junk hauling the only way to go is with Junk King San Diego.

For the best in San Diego Junk Hauling, call 1-800 -995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.