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Orange County Basement Junk Removal

Are you in the remodeling mood? Converting a garage, basement, attic or spare room into a more practical space could be just the perfect DIY project to kick off the New Year. Before you tackle that type of job you’ll want to consider your options. What exactly is your goal? Building a home office means making a room comfortable for a desk and other equipment. You’ll maybe want a window or ceiling fan for comfort. On the other hand if you’re looking to turn your basement or garage into a screening room keeping the light out is a better way to go. And if you’re starting from scratch with a screening room you might want to plan out your speaker and television placement so you can sink the speakers into the wall and hire all the wiring.

Once you’ve set your goal for the remodel you’ll want to set some kind of budget. If you’re hiring a contractor it will be easy to know how much you’ll be spending because of the estimate they’ll be providing. Even then you should pad that budget with a contingency just in case. If you’re going to embark on a genuine DIY remodel then you should price out the hard costs of materials. Don’t forget to include any type of furnishings for the finished room. One other valuable budget item for a remodeling job is the before and after cleanup which will be made far easier by utilizing the services of Junk King Orange County.

Junk King OC is the professional hauling company who specializes in all types of junk removal in the Orange County area. Before you start the project you’ll want to clear out the space you’re targeting for a makeover. That area could already be filled to the rafters with all that discarded refuse you’ve manage to collect over the years. Here is where the old mattresses, sofas, loveseats, chairs, tables, bedroom sets, luggage and sports equipment go to “hide.” Getting rid of that junk is long overdue. With Junk King on the job they’ll be able to clear out any size room in a snap. All of that junk will be loaded up on their truck to be carted off to the nearest recycling center or licensed landfill.

The “after” aspect of your project will mean another call to Junk King from them to pick up all the construction waste. Whether there will be some level of demolition or left over scarps of wood or drywall, you’ll want to make sure all of that is cleanup as quickly as possible. Junk King OC can ride to the rescue and handle the job from start to finish.

Orange County Debris Removal

Ask any parent what the happiest day of their life and they’ll probably relate the day their kid was born. Then they grow up to be a teenager and all bets are off! According to the law, until a child reaches the age of adulthood, which is 18, the parents are essentially responsible for their actions. This also means picking up the bill when the teen gets into trouble such as tagging. Recently, a local Orange County mom was slapped with an $18,000 dollar bill to clean up her son’s recent bout of graffiti “art.”

As is the case with most taggers, they are happy to sign their work so it wasn’t hard tracking down the culprit and now mom is on the hook. While that is a very expensive bill to pay off it’s really just a fraction of the total cleanup costs in Lake Forest alone. Last year it was $74K which was a drop from the $141K spent the year before. Clearly, having parents pay the bill is having a positive impact.

When it comes to your own type of cleanup project, thankfully it doesn’t have to be that expensive. Not even close especially when you hire a professional company like Junk King Orange County to haul away all your bulky items. Junk King is relatively new to Orange County but not new to the junk removal business. That’s because they are part of a national franchise of businesses dedicated to helping folks and businesses clear out the clutter in their life. This translates into high marks for customer service. A Junk King crew is fast and efficient. How can they help you? There are many ways!

First of all, the Junk King OC crew will be doing all the heavy lifting. You won’t have to climb up stairs or haul anything out to the curb. They take care of all of that. You also won’t have to rent a truck to cart off that stuff. A Junk King crew always comes with a huge empty truck perfect for loading all kinds of items like furniture, mattresses, appliances and any other oversized item. Finally, Junk King is also a green company. That means they’ll make sure your junk it given a eco-friendly final resting place whether that’s at a recycling center, charity or certified dump.

As for affordable, Junk King Orange County will only charge you by the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck. There are no bloated labor costs or dumping fees. One price that you agree to before the job is done. Add it all up and Junk King is the best way to get rid of your unwanted items.

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