Start Your New Year With A Call To Junk King Orange County

Do you remember the first phone call you made in the new year? You might have called your family to wish them a happy new year on New Year’s Day. If you knew they were up after midnight, then perhaps you welcome them to the “roaring 20s!” Beyond the newness of saying “happy new year” it is time to get comfortable with the concept of it being the year 2020. That seems so far into the future and yet here we are! They might have been a few tasks around the house that you put off in 2019. Now that you have crossed over to 2020 it is time to get those tasks taking care of. That is why you may want to let your first service call of the new year be to Junk King Orange County. These are the professional junk haulers who can make short work out of getting rid of all your unwanted rubbish.

Swift Removal

Even though you might have been holding onto the items that you want to get rid of for quite some time the moment that you call Junk King you are starting a swift removal process. That process could literally just have you a few hours away from getting rid of all your unwanted items. That’s because Junk King often can provide the same day pickup. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be the first call in the morning. Wherever the crews are throughout the day will determine whether or not they can reach your home. That is why they always have a two-hour buffer in between appointments.

Once the crew shows up you will also benefit from their swift removal focus. They are going to look over every item that you want to get rid of and come up with the estimate for how it will all sit on to the back of the truck. That will then become your flat fee. It is a price that covers everything from the actual labor to the disposal. It’s also a very competitive and fair price for this extensive service.

Kickoff your new year in a home without rubbish. Junk King Orange County wants to help make that happen.

Junk King Orange County Customers Upload Great Reviews

Everyone gets ask their opinion almost every single day. Sometimes those opinions have to do with work and whether or not a task is being completed as it should. Other times, an opinion could be as simple as “do you like what I am wearing?” There is also a wide range of places where you spend your money that can earn your opinion. In fact, sharing your thoughts on a particular company’s services can go a long way towards helping that company improves and providing helpful recommendations for any potential customers. Junk King Orange County is a professional junk hauling service that prides itself on making satisfied customers with every session. The proof of that satisfaction can be found in all the great reviews that these customers upload. Here’s a brief sample of some recent reviews:

“Made appointment online the day before and they arrived early after calling to verify it would be okay. The two men identified themselves and checked what needed to be cleared out. After agreeing on a price, they moved an armoire from upstairs and a bunch of furniture from the garage. They also took a very heavy concrete garden bench. Price beat their competitors. They cleaned up and had everything done in 30 minutes. I would recommend Junk King for your source to clean out unwanted items.” – Gregg B., Foothill Ranch

“Terrific service! Punctual, efficient, friendly. I would definitely use them again. Thanks guys!!” – Brent Giddens, San Juan Capistrano

“The guys at Junk King did a fantastic job. They were on time, reasonably priced, courteous and quick. I have used them before and will use them again.” – Janine T., Trabuco Canyon

“Brian & Charles came on time and were both very pleasant. They completed the job very efficiently. This is the second time I have used Junk King and will use them again.” – Louanne C, Irvine

These reviews demonstrate exactly how Junk King operates. There is no item too big, too small or too heavy that they won’t be able to remove from your home. This is a very efficient and affordable approach for clearing out all the rubbish and debris from your property.

You are sure to upload your own positive review after hiring Junk King Orange County for your junk removal needs.

Get Help From Junk King For Your Garage Clean Out

Tackling a garage clean out is a major accomplishment. This is the kind of cleanup task that can last a very long time. It might also inspire you to become organized and not let clutter ever overrun that space again. To make sure this goal is handled the right way you want to schedule a pickup session with Junk King Orange County. These are the professional junk haulers who will be able to clear out all of those items that you are going to designate for removal. That might be the most challenging aspect of the garage clean out if you were to do it on your own. Thankfully, Junk King is standing by to provide exceptional service for this task.

Thorough Sorting

Depending on the amount of clutter that you have in your garage you may need to devote a few hours to a thorough sorting of that area. This will reveal a lot of items that you might want to bring back into the house. It will also create a pile of objects that you no longer need to keep in storage. You might’ve had a good reason for holding onto those things when you brought them out to the garage. The longer you go without using them the less practical they become.

Knowing that Junk King is going to handle the disposal can also expand that list of items to get rid of. You can now toss out with confidence all your old electronics knowing that Junk King will strive to get those items dropped off at a certified recycling center.

When the Junk King crew shows up they will take a few moments to look over all of your sorting efforts. After that, they will have a clear plan on how to pack up their truck with all that rubbish. This is how they will determine what you will be paying for the service. It is always a fair and affordable price for this level of work.

The best help to get for your garage clean out is provided by Junk King Orange County. Book a session today.

Swap Out An Old TV With Help from Junk

Have you ever camped out overnight to be first in line for a Black Friday sale? There are many folks who have gone on that type of quest regardless of how cold it might be on those sidewalks. The result of their efforts is usually that one big ticket item that is being offered for an amazing price. Often, that would be something like a laptop or a flatscreen television. Thankfully, those terrific Black Friday deals can now be found online. That means you are able to make a purchase without breaking out the tent! If this year you will be replacing your old TV with a new and improved model, then you will want to make a call to Junk King Orange County. They aren’t offering televisions to sell but they are the best company to call in to dispose of that old TV set the right way.

How Old Is Old?

It is interesting to think that an old television today might actually be a flatscreen TV. It wasn’t that long ago when flatscreen televisions replace the old tube style television sets. Today, the only televisions you can buy our flatscreen. But even with the improved technology those TVs aren’t meant to last a lifetime. It could be that the TV you want to swap out was also bought during a Black Friday sale. Anytime you get rid of an electronic device, regardless of size or type, it becomes e-waste. That automatically means it needs to be kept out of the local landfills and that is exactly what Junk King can help with.

Ever since they began collecting rubbish and junk, Junk King has been dedicated to an environmentally friendly disposal policy. With e-waste that means dropping those items off at a certified recycling center for proper disposal. That is what Junk King will take care of her behalf as part of their pickup service.

Along with the old TV you could also get rid of some other old objects from your home. There will be plenty of room on the Junk King truck for furniture, appliances and other household goods. Take full advantage of your session to get rid of all of that shock.

Setting up a new TV is easy after Junk King Orange County first clears away the old TV. Book your removal session today.

Hire Junk King To Haul Away Old Furniture

Furniture is part of every home but unlike the walls and foundation of that home, none of that furniture is permanent. You always have the option to replace old furniture. You might opt to do that out of necessity if a piece of furniture gets broken or worn out. Or you might do it out of the desire to redecorate your home. With either option, you need to take care of hauling away that old furniture the right way. That is easily taken care of with a Junk King Orange County session.

A Perfect Moving Team

An appointment with Junk King means working with a perfect moving team. Before that team shows up at your home, they’ve already become licensed and insured. That sets them apart from a lot of other workers who claim to be professional. Upon arrival, you’ll notice that the Junk King team is extremely friendly. That is the dominate comment posted by the majority of satisfied Junk King customers. It is always nice to have workers with a great attitude.

That attitude won’t drop when you show the Junk King crew what kind of old furniture you want removed from your home. You don’t have to feel guilty about asking the Junk King team to move something that is extremely heavy or awkward. They can lift and load any item even if it includes carrying that piece down a flight of stairs. This is what you’re hiring Junk King for.

A Perfect Price

The price for all of Junk King’s hard work is covered in a flat rate that is based on volume. This is how it works: Before the crew starts loading up any of your old furniture, they will provide you with an estimate based on how much space that furniture will take up on the truck. They will never put a sofa on a scale! You can also put a lot more onto that Junk King truck than just a few pieces of old furniture. You’ll be able to get rid of all your unwanted rubbish in the same appointment.

Hiring Junk King Orange County is the best option for getting old furniture hauled away from your home.

Junk King Handles Construction Scrap Cleanup In The OC

How many blocks can you drive around Orange County without seeing some kind of construction project in progress? It seems like new homes and office buildings are going up every day. Not every “groundbreaking” makes the news but all those projects are a good sign for the local economy. That means there are folks working up and down the production side of things from the crews doing the actual building to the food trucks that feed them. There are also material suppliers and designers in the mix as well. One vendor that is crucial for any construction project is the company in charge of scrap removal. Here in the OC, the best company for that job would be Junk King Orange County.

A Lot of Loading to Do

Hiring Junk King for your construction scrap cleanup will provide a dedicated crew for the task. This is a crew that won’t need a lot of supervision. You just show them the pile of debris that you want removed and they’ll handle the rest. They take care of all the loading onto their truck. That means you won’t have to pull off any of your own work crew to pitch in. That means your team will be focused on their project and not have to take time off for cleaning up.

Junk King also handles the disposal. Depending on the situation, this could be a bit time consuming. The drop offs that Junk King makes for construction scrap could be at a recycling facility. There are a lot of places that accept concrete, lumber and even dirt as recyclables. It is not just metal!

For the fee, you can count on a fair deal from Junk King every time. The fee structure will depend on how the crew packs up the truck. The less space they use, the less you will be paying. There are never any extra charges for “extra” weight. One fee covers everything. That will be very beneficial to your bottom line.

For all your construction scrap cleanup needs, turn to Junk King Orange County to get the job done fast.

Streamline Your Storage Unit With Help From Junk King

The average move for a family consists of around 60 boxes of possessions. Some of those boxes find their way into a storage unit rental without ever getting unpacked. How many boxes do you have your storage unit? Renting a storage unit is a great way to avoid making your home feel crowded. However, the longer you keep things in storage, the more obvious it becomes that you might not need those things in the first place. If what you are keeping isn’t as valuable as what you are spending to rent on that unit, then you need to reconsider your options. It might be time to streamline your storage unit with help from Junk King Orange County.

Sorting Effort

In order to streamline your storage unit the right way you will need to devote some sorting every time to the process. This should happen before you book the junk King team. You certainly don’t want to keep them waiting outside the unit while you are still going through a few boxes. However, if you think it will only take a few hours for you to get through your sorting, then you could schedule your pickup appointment in the afternoon and do your sorting in the morning.  Junk King will be happy to lockdown that time for your schedule.

Sorting through your storage unit possessions is really about the siding what you want to hold onto. You might discover that a few pieces can be brought back into your house or sold off. Again, this goes to the theory that since you haven’t been using these things for several months you might not need them at all.  When the Junk King team arise for the scheduled appointment you can show them all the things that you want loaded onto the truck. It will only take them a few moments the size of thing up and determine just how much space it will need on the truck. That will provide the estimate for the services. This entire operation might only take under 30 minutes with Junk King.

Get your storage unit rental cleaned out with help from Junk King Orange County. Book that appointment today.

Clear Out The E-Waste From Your Home Once And For All

There are some computers and gaming systems that would be considered “vintage.” These would be the rare devices that collectors would be happy to pay a premium price for. However, most of the outdated electronic equipment that you have in your home would just fall under the category of general e-waste. Anything that has been mass-produced can never be called a vintage treasure. Of course, holding onto your old computers, gaming systems and other electronics might not be because you’re waiting for them to increase in value. It could be that you have made the smart choice not to throw them in the trash where they could end up in a nearby landfill. That doesn’t mean that you have to hold onto all that e-waste. You can finally get it cleared from your home once and for all with one call to Junk King Orange County.

A Major Cleanup

Gathering up all the old television sets, laptops, monitors and DVD players would certainly constitute as a major cleanup around your house. When you hire Junk King you will be assigned a two-man moving crew and a big truck. It might seem excessive to have two movers carrying out a few pieces of electronic gear. However, that two-man crew rides along on every Junk King appointment whether the job is big or small. Knowing that you’re going to have those two movers at your disposal might change the list of things that you want to get rid of. You can finally also toss out the unwanted furniture that might be scattered around the house. How many chairs, love seat, mattresses and baby furniture are taking up valuable storage space in your home? Those are all the perfect things that can be part of your major cleanup.

Set up Today

You can set up your junk appointment session today with one call. That could mean having your e-waste and other clutter cleared out by tomorrow. That is exactly how fast Junk King wants to operate. The time it takes to clear out the stuff that you want to get rid of might be just a few moments. But junk King will take a lot longer to make sure those items are disposed of in a responsible manner.

Clearing out e-waste and clutter from your home is easy when Junk King Orange County is on the job.

Renovation Projects Need Efficient Cleanup

Any successful renovation project has a lot of moving “parts.” Your contractor needs to coordinate with the crew on a daily basis to make sure they are on track to complete the project and that they aren’t running into complications. Those complications could be anything from using the wrong materials to making the wrong cuts for the countertops. Another possible complication could be having your property overrun by debris. Hopefully, you won’t face any of those installation challenges. And the best way to make sure that you’re not navigating around piles of construction debris is to turn the cleanup job over to Junk King Orange County.

DIY Demolition

You might take on your own remodel demolition as a DIY project. If you can handle the takedown of cabinets and countertops, then you could save on hiring the crew for the day. But you will still need the cleanup. Junk King can dispatch a pickup crew to your home end the end of demolition day to ensure that all that mess is cleaned up. Beyond the demolition, you’ll want the professional remodeling team taking over but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t benefit from support from Junk King, too. If the cleanup task is removed from their work agenda, then they can spend more time focuses on the remodel project. That will keep everything on schedule.

The further in advance you can lock down your Junk King session, the better off you’ll be. But if you have to call in the Junk King team on an emergency basis, then you can count on them providing a pickup within at least 24 hours of your call. That can make a big different over the course of the project.

The Fair Fee

Junk King provides the same level of professionalism with a renovation cleanup as they do with every other type of clean up they carry out. They also provide the same fair fee. That is a price that is always based on how your debris will fit onto the back of the truck. For Junk King, volume matters the most and not the weight.

A renovation site needs to be cleaned up fast and kept that way. Junk King Orange County is the perfect company to handle that task.

Make Back-To-School Rubbish Clearing Time

Back-to-school is a time for fresh starts. There are always new clubs and teams for the kids to join and new teachers to meet. They will also be new challenges with regard to class study. This might even be the year when and your kid is starting to think about what happens after graduating from school. Back-to-school for kids is like starting a new job. It is the job of the parent to support their kids through the school year in the best way possible. That begins at home by creating a distraction free zone for homework. It also helps to make sure there is still plenty of family time that can happen outside of all the school activities. No one should be overwhelmed!

It can be a big help if you take care of some of those tasks that have been put off around the house. That way you will have that free time to devote to supervising homework and spending time with the family. If one of those issues has been to get the rubbish cleared from your garage, backyard, closets and spare room then it’s time to bring in Junk King Orange County to take care of that task once and for all.

Fast Removal

One of the most common comments made about Junk King’s services is how fast the crews operate. Your experience with movers might have not been all that great. No matter how many hours a professional mover estimates for the job  it always seems to take several hours more. You might actually notice the movers going slow because they know the longer they stay on the job the more they will get paid. That doesn’t happen with Junk King.

First of all, Junk King never charges by the hour. They also have busy schedules each day. That means they can afford to spend any wasted time at any property. Their goal is to get in and get out as quickly as possible with all the things that you want removed. That doesn’t mean they will be careless with. Quite the opposite! The experience that Junk King brings to his job means they know exactly what it takes to remove bulky and oversized items from any type of environment. You don’t have to worry about giving up an entire day for this process. You pick the two-hour window that works best for your schedule and that’s when Junk King will get the job done.

If you want to clear your home of rubbish for back-to-school, then you want to put Junk King Orange County on the job today.