Can You Have A Holiday Without Clutter?

With the right amount of planning and help, you just might pull off this holiday without any problems. Isn’t that what you say to yourself at the start over every holiday season? Despite all your careful planning there are always those last minute “bumps” that can upend your holidays. There always seems to be one gift you forgot to buy or one extra guest for dinner. In the end, it’s all good but before you get to enjoy the actual holiday you have to get things ready and that starts with clearing out the clutter. If only you could borrow some of Santa’s elves for that chore. Actually, help is standing by from Junk King Orange County.


Often deciding what clutter you want to get rid of takes a lot more time than it does for the team from Junk King to clear it from your home. Start with the premise that Junk King is going to provide you with a two-man moving crew. This is the team that is going to do all the real work of lifting and loading your clutter out of the house and onto their truck. Knowing that you have a pair of movers at your disposal could impact your list. You can finally get rid of that old sofa or loveseat. It will be easy to remove that bulky TV set. You see where this is going, right?

More clutter is sure to be found in your closets. Can you say with absolutely certainty that every outfit in your closet is something you would wear again? By devoting some time to pulling everything out and trying it on (it’s the only way!) you might be able to clear up to half that closet. Just think of what a difference that would make especially with new outfits coming in at Christmas!

Once you’ve completed all your sorting, you’re ready to schedule a session with Junk King. You pick the day and time that works best for your calendar and Junk King will make it happen. You might even be able to get rid of everything in the same day. Can you have a holiday without clutter? You can if Junk King Orange County is on the job.

Make Your Holiday Guests Feel Welcome

Living in Orange County means you are within striking distance of Disneyland. That’s a great place to visit anytime of the year but especially during the holidays. This makes your home a very popular destination for out-of-town family and friends. If you are inviting them to share some of the holiday fun with you and your family, then you want to make them feel welcome. Here’s some of the ways that can happen:


Set Up A Coffee Station

Obviously, you know where everything is in your kitchen but your guest won’t. You can either spend every morning answering all their questions about where something is or set up a small coffee station. This is especially a good idea if they are going to be still on East Coast time. Next to your electric teakettle or coffee pod machine, you can put out some mugs, sugar and other necessities. You can even have a few early morning pastries or fruit. The feel right at home and you get to sleep in. It’s a win-win!

Printout A Wi-Fi Card

Your guests will feel horrible if you go to bed and they want to log onto the Internet but don’t have the Wi-Fi password. You could print out a card with the password and put it in the guest room. That way they’ll always have access to the Internet.

Create A Guest Basket

You can fill a small basket with all the things your guest might need like small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, soap, sponge, toothbrush, toothpaste and even folded hand towels. You could also set up a kind of guest room minibar. Get small bags of snacks and bottles of water to put on the nightstand. They’ll feel like they checked into a four-star hotel!

Make Room In The Closet

Your guess is going to live out the suitcase. That’s why you should make some room in the closet for them to hang their outfits. If you can clear out a dresser drawer, then make that available as well.

Of course, you should also clear out any rubbish that might be kept in storage in the guest room. That’s a perfect job for Junk King Orange County. One session with these junk removal pros will have your guest room and the rest of your house clear of unwanted clutter once and for all. You’ll feel great about inviting guest over for the holiday when your home is clear of rubbish. One call to Junk King Orange County gets it done.

Get Rid Of Scary Rubbish Fast

If the new Star Trek series reminds us of anything, it is the desperate need we have for transporters. Those are the sci-fi devices that let you literally beam yourself from one place to another. That would essentially wipe out the airline industry, which might not be a bad thing. But the other huge benefit with a transporter is that you beam out all your scary rubbish. Just press a few buttons and all your unwanted clutter will be transported to parts unknown. That would be nice. But until science gets that transporter beam up and running, we have to depend on more conventional means. The best way to get rid of rubbish today remains Junk King Orange County.


The majority of Junk King Orange County customers are pleasantly surprised at how quickly these professional junk haulers operate. That begins with scheduling. You’ll find a very prompt response whether you call in for your appointment or book it online. Most junk removal sessions are completed by the next day. There are some customers who call at the right moment and can benefit from a same day appointment. All of this means that you need to be ready when you call Junk King because they’re going to be ready for you.

The final list of what you’re turning over to Junk King doesn’t have to be locked down until the crew arrives for the scheduled appointment. That should give you plenty of time to go through your closets, garage and other storage areas to tag the things you want taken away. Actually, you can literally tag those items because the Junk King crew is going to pick everything up right from where it is at. You don’t need to lift a thing.

The Junk King crews have been trained to identify those items that could be donated to local charities. These organizations don’t care what shape the thing is in or how old it might be. They’ll be able to refurbish anything. That should make you feel good about tossing out sofas, bedroom sets and children’s furniture. It won’t go to waste. When you are ready to get rid of all your scary rubbish, Junk King Orange County will be ready to get the job done.

Where To Turn To For Reliable Debris Cleanup

The past several weeks have been horrendous for California firefighters. They have been battling blazes on several fronts throughout the state. As often happens during these dry months with Santa Ana winds just as one fire is brought under control another one reaches critical mass. So far, damage estimates have reached over $1 billion and that’s a number that is sure to go even higher. Once the fires have been put out, the cleanup effort begins. Often this falls to homeowners who are eager to take care of their own property cleanup as opposed to waiting for municipal help. That doesn’t mean they need to do this type of work alone. Reliable debris cleanup assistance is always waiting from Junk King Orange County.


Whenever there has been a natural disaster in Orange County, Junk King provides a rapid response. They have swooped in to remove water damaged items from homes and cleared away debris from falling trees. They understand that the sooner they complete this work the sooner homeowners can get back to some sense of normalcy. Junk King always sends over at least two capable movers to handle the debris cleanup. This is a very friendly and hard-working crew that prides itself on their efficiency. You’ll be able to direct them towards any pile of debris that you want removed whether that is inside or outside of your house.

Before the crew rose up their sleeves and gets to work, they want to work out the price with you. They can only finalize that price once they’ve had a chance to size up all the things you want to get rid of. They’ll be looking to see how it will be packed onto the truck. These crews are great at visualizing that type of packing. They’ll know right away whether your stuff will fill up the whole truck or just half. When you agree to the price the spring into action and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your unwanted stuff gets loaded. Junk King Orange County is always standing by to help homeowners and businesses take care of their debris cleanup. Put them to work today.

See What Junk King Orange County Customers Are Saying

You don’t have to go far online to find out how a company is performing with their customers. There are specific websites dedicated to reviews of everything from restaurants to vacuum cleaners. Of course, smart move by any company is to allow their customers to post reviews right on the homepage. That is what Junk King Orange County does and their customers have a lot to say about these professional junk haulers. Here’s what just got posted in the last couple of days:


“Both times I have used your service I have had nothing but excellent service. The men have been very professional and courteous. Tanner and the other gentleman that was with him were awesome and I will be requesting them in the future.” – Jackie D., Santa Ana

“The guys arrived on time, looked very presentable in nice clean shirts, etc. They called and alerted me of their pending arrival, and greeted me with smiles when I met them at the loading dock. Took care of our business easily, quickly, and nicely. Would recommend, and/or use them again definitely.” – C.J., Santa Ana

“Service was prompt. Price was fair. Personnel were friendly, helpful and most importantly courteous. My experience was with Junk King was better than I expected. I could give them an 11! I will definitely contact them for any future junk removal.” – S.F., Irvine

“I like the fact that you set a definite time frame of two hours to pick up the unwanted items. I also like that your employees were neatly dressed, very polite and courteous. The billing is pretty straightforward and I was surprised to see a discounted rate when I received the receipt for payment via email. Setting up a pick-up date and time was extremely easy using the Junk King website. All in all, a very easy and pleasant experience!” – Joanne W., Huntington Beach

These posts sum up the total junk King experience. This is a company that likes to move fast and not waste anyone’s time. They also make scheduling uncomplicated. You pick the time and date that works best for your schedule even if that includes the weekend in Junk King will make it happen. Are you getting rid of your junk this weekend? You can if you hire Junk King Orange County today.

How To Take Care Of An Old Lawnmower Disposal

How to in your yard there are some things that are easy to get rid of. Although it may be a little labor-intensive to rake up leaves, they can be bagged up and tossed in the trashcan. There are some other items that present a bigger challenge when it comes to getting rid of them. Case in point: an old lawnmower. This is not something you can set out on the curb or cram into a trashcan. Instead, you can hand that task over to Junk King Orange County.


The first thing you notice about Junk King Orange County when they roll up to your property is the truck. This is a big red truck capable of holding an entire household worth of furnishings. You will certainly be able to get your lawnmower on the back of that ride whether it’s a push mower or tractor mower. Actually, you won’t be doing the lifting and loading. That task will be left for the pair of movers assigned to your session.

Even though the focus of hiring Junk King is getting rid of that old lawnmower there’s no reason why you can put them to work around the rest of your yard and house. This probably a long list of things you’d like to get rid of that you been holding onto for no reason other than you don’t have the manpower truck to haul it away. Plus, there’s all the time you would have to devote to getting a job like that done. If you can imagine how quickly would take Junk King Orange County to load up all the things you want to get rid of, then that’s exactly how long the job will take on your end.

The price for this helpful service is very affordable. You’ll only be charge a flat rate for the amount of space your stuff takes up on the back of the truck. The crews have a lot of experience with packing their truck and always like to use the least amount of space as possible. That will let them make many stops throughout the day but will also give you a terrific price the low end of the scale. Get rid of your old lawnmower and junk the right way by putting Junk King Orange County onto that job.

Feeling The Empty Nest? Time To Organize Your Home

After you dropped your kid off at college, you might be returning to an empty house. Although you have been preparing for this day for over 18 years it still may come as a shock at how quiet things suddenly are. There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit depressed about missing your child. Thankfully, you can stay in touch with them through Skype and FaceTime so you can see exactly how they’re getting along. But now you have some time in your hand you get to refocus your attention back on your house. This doesn’t mean you have to totally make over your home but instead you should get things organized. That starts with sorting through all your clutter.


Begin With The Closets

How many closets do you have in your home? Your mission is to pull out every single item from every one of those closets. If it is an article of clothing, then try it on to see if it still fits. If it doesn’t or it is totally out of style, then it should be put into a pile to toss out. You’ll likely discover a lot of other things that you don’t plan on wearing again like coats, sweaters, shoes and hats. They could also be a big pile of sporting equipment, games, gadgets and other things that are either broken or worn out.

Getting rid of that clutter can open up a lot of space in those closets. The good thing is it doesn’t have to go to waste when you hire Junk King Orange County to pick it all up. These are professional junk haulers who would much rather go to a charity then I’d landfill to drop off your junk. You don’t even have to identify things you want to be donated. Junk King will pull them out of the pile automatically.

Sort Through Your Garage

The next big area to organize would be your garage. You could have things packed away there that you forgot you owned! They could also be a lot of keepsakes that you would like to put on display. Then there are the big things that were put into the garage simply to get out of the way. Junk King Orange County can pick up old futons, exercise equipment, sofas and any other household goods you want to toss out.

To organize your home, sort through everything and then hire Junk King Orange County to haul away the clutter. Perfection!

Guide To Prep Your Home For Fall

Fall is the time of year when it seems as though everything you buy in the store will have a pumpkin flavor variation. It’s also a good time to do some prep work around the home. Unlike other areas of the country, Orange County won’t see drastic weather changes but it’s always a good idea to make sure your home would be ready for any weather event. Use this guide to help prep your home for fall:


Inspect Your Roof

As the old adage goes, “the best time to fix your roof is when the sunshine.” When was the last time when up on your roof for thorough inspection? That seems a bit precarious, then you should hire professional inspect your roof. This is especially vital if you are past the 25-year anniversary of your roof.

Check the Chimney And Fireplace

It might have been several months since you last lit a fire in your fireplace but that doesn’t mean it is still clean from last winter. You should have your chimney and fireplace clean inspected at least once a year. The best time is at the beginning of fall before you go to light any fire.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Your rain gutters are the first line of defense for your house when the storms come. You should clean them of any debris or nest that was gathered there in the last couple of months. It might also be a good idea to run some water through the gutters to make sure everything flows as it should.

Check the Foundation

As you walk around the home looking up at your roof and rain gutters make sure to look down at the foundation. Any cracks that have formed should be patched up to prevent water damage from seeping into your home.

Inspect Your Trees

The Department of water and power are out in full force trimming trees but they can get to every home. If you have tree branches that are close to power lines or hanging over your house, then you may want to consider bringing in professionals to trim those branches back.

Haul Away Rubbish

This is another job that can make a big difference around your house but doesn’t have to be done by you. Instead of renting a van and hiring day laborers, you can turn this task over the Junk King Orange County. These professional junk haulers have a lot of experience hauling away rubbish from homes, apartments, storage units and businesses. There two-man crew won’t have any problems loading up whatever it is you want to get rid of. Finish off your fall prep with a rubbish removal session from Junk King Orange County.

How To Pull Off A Successful Construction Project

On a construction project, it is the contractor who calls the shots. They are the proverbial middleman between the client and the crew. Although there can be a lot of subcontractors hired for a particular job it ultimately falls to the contractor to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you are new to the contracting game, then you want to ensure that you build up a solid reputation. Here’s how to pull off a successful construction project:


Set a Realistic Schedule

Nearly every construction job is plagued with schedule overruns. That is why it is crucial to set a realistic schedule for your work crew. A realistic schedule provides all the building milestones that should be ticked off on a weekly basis. This schedule helps the crew know what is expected of them and keeps them on track.

Provide a Supervisor

Providing supervision for construction crews is not the same as micromanaging that crew. The supervisor is the person who will be on top of reaching those scheduled milestones. They should identify problems as they crop up and take proactive steps to rectify them. It’s not uncommon for a supervisor to manage several ongoing building projects. Whoever the chosen supervisor is they will need to make regular visits. In other words, you might need to supervise the supervisor.

Offer Incentives

The mere mention of the word “bonus” is sure to put a smile on the faces of your construction crew. Offering incentives for completing work early is a great way to motivate that crew. By no means should this be about cutting corners or rushing to finish a job poorly. It should be about working as efficiently as possible to achieve the schedule goals. A crew who knows their hard work will be valued is one that will provide that hard work every day of the job.

Make an Effective Job Site Plan

In terms of access, not every job site is created equal. It will help to keep your construction crews on time by ensuring that the job site plan is as efficient as possible. That includes a clearly mandated area for storage of construction materials and easy access to those same materials. You don’t want to crew walking far from the build to get what they need.

You also want to keep the construction site as clean as possible. Sometimes the best option for that is to hire an outside vendor like Junk King Orange County. These are junk removal experts that have a lot of experience clearing away all types of construction waste. You can schedule an appointment Junk King Orange County for demolition day and at the end of the job. Partnering with Junk King Orange County will make sure your construction project is kept clean.

Good Advice For Picking The Right Storage Unit

So, you’ve come to the decision to rent a storage unit because your house is just overflowing with stuff. You’re not alone. There are thousands of storage units fully occupied all across the country. Despite what you might see on reality TV, storage units aren’t always abandoned. You want to make sure that you pick the right storage unit for what you putting in there. Take a moment to think about all the things you want to put in storage and then consider the following:


Climate Control

Heat can be a factor in a storage unit especially one in Orange County. If you don’t want your property baking in the hot sun, then look for a storage unit that is climate controlled. There are also units that are inside of facility as opposed to on the outside like a garage. Storage units on upper levels might also be less expensive than the ones with drive-up access. If you know that you’re not going to be doing a lot of back and forth, then those upper-level units are good option.

Plan Out What You Put In

It’s hard to gauge the size of a storage unit compared to all the things you want to put into it. That’s when we need to maximize the space by being a smart packer. Any piece of furniture that can be taken apart such as a table or headboard should be disassembled. Put all the nuts and bolts in a baggie and tape it right to the furniture. Stack your lighter boxes on top of heavy boxes. Don’t make those stacks too high. If possible, create aisles that you can walk up and down. Pack as you would for move by using bubble wrap or foam peanuts for your breakables. Keep a detailed inventory of all the things you have in storage so you know where to find them.

Get Insurance

Just as you would ensure your property in your home or apartment, you should also consider ensuring the items in your storage unit. Before you add a policy from the facility to check your homeowner’s insurance policy. You might already be covered and not even know it.

Don’t Store Rubbish

Regardless of the great rate you might get on your storage unit you don’t want to pay money to keep rubbish safe. As you sort through the things you’re going to put into storage you’ll probably find a lot of stuff you can get rid of. That’s when you want to call in Junk King Orange County. These are the junk removal pros that can help haul away all kinds of unwanted items from your home. If you’ve Artie put them into storage, then you can arrange for Junk King Orange County to drive up to the facility for removal. Don’t load up a storage unit before hiring Junk King Orange County to get rid of rubbish.

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