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Junk King Orange County – House Cleanout After A Flood

You might need to call our Junk King Orange County – House Cleanout team after a flood or other type of natural disaster. We can get rid of a variety of furniture that’s ruined after a flood like mattresses as well as tables and bookcases.

As a homeowner, a flood can be both damaging and devastating. There are many causes of one of these disasters including burst pipes and heavy rains. A malfunctioning sump pump or sewer that backs up are two other reasons why you might need to clean your house out.

Knowing what to do before we arrive is important. With a few tips about how to prepare for a house cleanout after a flood, everything will go more smoothly.

Safety First
For example, the most important idea to follow after a home disaster of this magnitude is safety first. Before you start worrying about what furniture and other items can be saved, you need to turn the power off.
Being proactive is also a good idea. Wearing protective clothing like gloves and rubber boots can help you to stay safe when you enter your home after a flood. There’s always the possibility the water inside has come into contact with chemicals or sewerage. You want to be protected from that.

Stop Water
After you’ve got those safety tips looked after, you’ll want to stop the water from coming in and causing further damage. You can call your municipality to move any debris that’s clogging up your storm drains. If you have a sump pump and it’s not working properly, you should replace it as quickly as possible.

If you take a quick look at our Junk King Orange County – House Cleanout services, you’ll see that we can remove almost all types of furniture from your home or office. If anything can be recycled or donated, we will send it to the right location.

Drying Out
Drying out your house after a flood is another step you can take after the water is gone. If you’re lucky enough to have power, you can use dehumidifiers to minimize the damage. Don’t forget to call your insurance company and make a claim.

With all of those steps out of the way, you can get in touch with our Junk King Orange County – House Cleanout services by calling or using the tab on our website.

Haul Away Junk From Your Orange County Home

Are you ready to decorate your home for the holidays? Perhaps this is the year to decide to go “Clark Griswold” and put up enough lights to see from space. Nothing wrong with that! Just make sure you test them before you string them. It would be horrible to wire you entire home only to find one bulb is knocking out all your lights. There are some folks who have turned their lights into the kind of displays you might see over at Disneyland. By hooking up the lights to a computer program you can blink on and off in tune to a holiday soundtrack. Of course, the more lights you hang up the more you’ll attract neighbors and visitors who will drive by for a glance. If you’re putting your home under the spotlight then you want to make sure it is ready. Before those decorations go up, you might want to hire Junk King for a little junk removal appointment.

Since they set up shop here in the OC, Junk King has quickly become the number one “go to” service for junk removal. This is because Junk King knows how to treat their customers and they certainly know how to handle junk. Just because you’ve got things in your yards like lumber scraps, piles of sod or chunks of concrete doesn’t mean Junk King can’t take them away. They’ve helped plenty of folks cleanup after remodeling jobs both on the exterior and the interior. Everything will end up on the back of the Junk King truck and all rubbish is welcomed!

As long as you’re hiring Junk King Orange County to clear up your yards you can also put them to work decluttering your garage and spare rooms. There is where you might want to really think ahead. If you anticipate getting new furniture, appliances or a television for Christmas then you’re going to need to make room. Let the Junk King crew carry out all that old stuff to clear the way.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will be sorted by the crew to determine what items can be recycled, donated or trashed. The ultimate goal is to get the OC to a zero trash zone which means nothing goes to a landfill and instead it is all reused and repurposed. And you thought getting rid of your junk would be messy. Not with Junk King OC on the job. Give them a call today to find out how they can get your home ready for the holidays.