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Professional Yard Waste Removal Orange Country Service In Your Budget

You have turned your yard into a wasteland and now you don’t know how to clean the mess? It’s always a good idea to look for some professional help to clean up your plot. Even if you don’t huge a huge budget to spend on professional junk hauling services, you can hire someone cost effective. You can clear garden waste conveniently now with Junk King. After serving people in different parts of the United States, they have come to help people in Orange Country as well. Simply call us or visit our website to fix an appointment and a team will come to take away your garden waste.

Though there are numerous yard waste removal Orange Country service providers, Junk King deserves special mention for their impeccable service at good prices. They have a team of qualified professionals, who are able to handle all kinds of garden waste. The great thing is that they ensure the waste is responsibly by burning it, recycling it or dumping it in the right manner. A team arrives at your doorstep with all the required equipment to clean up your garden. Everything is cleaned up in the time provided by you so your daily routine is not troubled.

Fall Yard Waste And Leaf Removal In Orange County

Southern California is home to many great things but it’s not the kind of place where you can always tell the seasons are changing. Back east, the folks are starting to bust out the sweaters and winter coats while here in Orange County, surf is still up and it’s warm enough for suntans! Of course, this year the warnings are starting about a new powerful El Nino storm. That means it is time to get things ready for a lot of rain. The best approach would be to bring in Junk King to help with your yard waste removal.


Although most of their jobs involve hauling around things like old sofas and refrigerators, Junk King can work wonders around your yard. You’ll have that hard working two-man team at your disposal to remove any object from your yard that you’re officially done with. That could be anything from a hot tub to a tool shed. Junk King can also finally get rid of things like old tires, a rusty grill and a kid’s playset. Even if something has to be taken apart or broken up, Junk King will get it done.

You might initially hire Junk King for your yard waste removal but they don’t have to stop there. Once you realize how much lifting and loading work they can accomplish, there is no end to what you can toss out of your home. Take full advantage of this team to clear out your garage from years of accumulated clutter. All you have to do is decide what you want gone before the crew shows up.

On the Junk King website, you can use the price estimator to get a range of how much the job will cost. That final price can’t be locked down until the crew has had a chance to size up your stuff. That’s because they are going to be packing up the truck and using the volume of your stuff as the basis for the price. It’s not about how much something weighs but how much space it uses. That will make a huge difference in your favor for the final cost. Don’t let another week go by living with clutter. Let Junk King handle your yard waste removal and junk hauling today!

Spring Cleaning Tips in Orange County California

Smile! It’s time to give your home a good spring-cleaning. No smile? Well, that’s understandable. Doing the kind of thorough floor to ceiling cleaning in a home can be a bit of drudgery but it doesn’t have to be like that. The key is to keep your eye on the prize and that’s in a home that is sparkling and free of clutter. Getting a little outside help wouldn’t hurt either.

First of all, set aside the time to do the job right. Give yourself a couple of hours on a day when there will be no other distractions. If you can’t enlist your family in helping you get the job done then kick them out of the house for the day. After you’ve put together your cleaning supplies, don’t forget to put together your favorite music play list. The work will go a lot quicker when you’re moving to the beat of your favorite tune.

A good spring-cleaning means getting at all the areas which are neglected through most of the year. These would be places like ceiling fans, window treatments and ceiling corners. If you’ve got blinds, they should be washed. If’ you’ve got drapes send them to the cleaners. For deep cleaning rugs and carpets you can rent a professional shampoo machine from your local grocery store. Before you hit the rugs, you want to make sure all your clutter is taken away. You don’t just want to move things around in circles. Make the commitment to get rid of junk once and for all. Need help? Then all you have to do is call Junk King of Orange County.

As professional junk haulers, Junk King has managed to remove literally tons of junk from the homes of Orange County residents. Most of that junk has been successfully diverted away from area landfills. What do you have that can be added to those piles? Bookshelves, tables, couches, loveseats, stoves, washing machines, lawnmowers, boxes of trash, mattresses and sporting equipment; these can all qualify as junk if they have outlived their usefulness in your life.

If the only reason that you’re holding onto that junk is because you have no way to haul it off, enter Junk King OC. They’ll be providing you with a two-man moving crew and truck capable of carting away whatever you’re tossing out. When you schedule a removal appointment with Junk King it is done on your schedule. And when Junk King does the job, you can get back to your life a lot quicker than if you had to drive around to dump sites. Make this year’s spring-cleaning really matter by finally getting rid of your junk. Junk King Orange County can show you how!

Orange County Landscaping Cleanup

Here in Orange County, we can count on the return of the Swallows every year. As such, folks go out of their way to welcome these fine feathered friends. This year will mark the 55th anniversary of the annual Swallows Parade Day. As it does every year, the parade will kick off on El Camino Real at Ortega Highway and march up Del Obispo Street to Camino Capistrano and then head over to the Mission San Juan Capistrano. That’s where the Mercado Street Fair will take place at the Historic Town Center Park. There will be plenty of delicious food, music and games for the kids. Expect huge crowds because if there is one thing that comes along with the Swallows it is tourists. Will your home be ready for visitors?

Most folks use the Swallow Parade day as an excuse to throw a backyard cookout with all the trimmings. However, if your yard has taken a beaten from the weather this past winter it might be time for a little landscaping cleanup. Don’t think you have to tackle a job like this alone. Junk King of Orange County is standing by to help with all kinds of debris removal.

As you stare out into your backyard, what kind of mess are you facing? Are there broken tree limbs from the last storm? Shrubs that have seen better days? Planters that are leaking? Those are all perfect for the Junk King crew to pick up. While you’re at it you can also toss in your old patio furniture or rusty grill. Once you’ve cleared out that clutter, you can focus on remaking your backyard into a cozy area to entertain friends and family alike. Of course, you don’t have to stop with the backyard cleanup.

When you hire Junk King OC for a cleanup job you will have a two-man crew to put through their paces. Not only can they clean up your front and back yard but they can also do a circuit through your garage, closets, kitchen and every other room in your home to help you remove whatever your deem as “junk worthy.” That would be all the stuff that is broken or no longer being used and can’t fit into a trashcan. Forget renting a dumpster. Don’t worry about wasting a Saturday driving to the local landfill. Junk King Orange County can make a quick pickup and have that stuff out of your life for good.

Get ready for the Swallows by getting your home free of clutter. The birds might not notice but you sure will!