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Prepare For Your New Pet With A Decluttering Session

Bringing a new pet into the house means you can expect a lot more mess. Even if it’s a puppy that has been housebroken there is still a good chance of that pup shredding newspapers or getting in the things they shouldn’t get into. You can minimize the risk by removing clutter from their “target zones.” You want them to focus on their toys and not your shoes! To make room for all the other things that come along with that puppy you could benefit from hiring Junk King Orange County for a decluttering session. Its amazing how a few minutes with the Junk King crew can totally transform your home.


Junk King Orange County provides the manpower and truck space; all you have to do is provide the rubbish. This doesn’t mean your home is full of trash but anything you’re holding onto that you no longer use or is broken could be considered rubbish. Of course, there are those hoarder homes that are filled with trash. Junk King takes care of them as well but that might require sending over additional teams and trucks. It’s not a problem for Junk King Orange County.

As for your stuff, all you have to do is decide what you want taken away. You don’t have to move any furniture around or stack boxes by the door. You’re hiring Junk King to do all the lifting and loading. You don’t need to put your back at risk with Junk King on the job.

Hiring junk King Orange County to get rid of the clutter can include finally tossing out all those old computers, printers, televisions and DVD players. Although your puppy might not be bothered by those things they are probably taking up space that you could put to better use. Junk King Orange County will make sure those e-waste items are dropped off at a certified recycling center. That might mean making an extra drop off trip but it’s all the day’s work for Junk King! One session with Junk King Orange County is all it will take to get your home totally clutter free and ready for a new pet!

Take Pride In Your Home Again

Are there certain areas of your home that you’re embarrassed show to visitors? What about your neighbors? Are you happy with how your front and back yards look? There is actually a lot you can do to transform your home into a comfortable living space that you take great pride in. Most of that can be easy cosmetic fixes like new paint and landscaping. However, before you invest in those types of improvements you should clear out all the clutter. Were not just talking about a stack of old magazines and mail but instead removing those big objects that are taking up a lot of space. That is a job that is perfect for Junk King Orange County. These are the junk removal specialists who can get you clutter free in no time at all.


It doesn’t matter if you’re just tossing out one box of clothes or an entire bedroom worth of furniture. Junk King Orange County is going to send over a two-man moving crew and huge truck to get the job done. Some folks feel a bit embarrassed by asking movers to lift something heavy or clear way a lot of rubbish. What you should know about the Junk King Orange County crews is that they’ve seen all kinds of cleanup jobs. They also have a very professional and friendly attitude. Nothing you can show them will put them off!

Not only have these crews been trained in the proper techniques of heavy lifting but they also know how to sort through junk. They’re not going to be looking for collectibles but instead for any object that might benefit a charity. There many organizations around Orange County that provide jobs for folks who fix up furniture or repair appliances. Once that work is complete, those items can be turned over to a family in need. You should feel good about turning your junk over to Junk King Orange County. They’ll make sure nothing goes to waste.

Past Junk King customers appreciate how quickly Junk King operates. Depending on the time a day when you call, you might be able to score a same-day pickup. That means you could decide to get rid of your junk at breakfast and have it gone by dinnertime! One call to Junk King Orange County can totally transform your home!

How To Take Care Of Organizing Your Home

Would you classify yourself as an organized or disorganized person? Despite what you might think the real evidence could be found around your home. What kind of shape are your closets in with regard to clutter? Do you know if all the things you’re keeping in your garage are worth hanging onto? Do you have outdated computers and televisions stuffed under beds? All of that clutter the can create a disorganized atmosphere. But it doesn’t have to be that way not with Junk King Orange County standing by to lend a hand!


Getting organized means you’re going to need to spend some time sorting. That might translate into going through your closet and trying on every article clothing deceive it still fits or is in style. It could also mean going through every box in your garage to decide what can be kept in what can be tossed out. There is no getting around all that sorting unless of course you don’t care what you’re throwing out because you just want it gone! In either scenario, you’ll be designating items that you want taken away by the two-man moving crew assigned to your appointment by Junk King Orange County.

It never matters to Junk King what you’re throwing out in terms of weight or bulk. All that matters to them is that it can be safely removed from your home without causing any damage. Judging by the long list of satisfied customers it’s clear they accomplish that goal every single day. Keep in mind that you’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King Orange County. That isn’t a very fair way of handling this type of service.

Instead, your flat fee will be based upon an estimate of how tightly the crews can pack up all your stuff on the back of the truck. These crews have a lot of experience with fitting all kinds of junk into the smallest space as possible. That translates into you benefiting from the low price every time.

Included in that affordable fee will be all the potential drop offs to various charities or recycling centers. Junk King is dedicated to keeping Orange County a green county! Tackle your home organizing project by first getting rid of the clutter with a little help from Junk King Orange County!

Make Money With Your Spare Room. First Clear The Clutter

If you are living in Orange County, then you you’ve probably taken advantage of all the great things there is to do. Between a day at the beach or at Disneyland, it certainly is a great place to live. It’s also a very popular destination for world travelers. These travelers are often tired of the hotel experience and paying exorbitant amounts of money for a room that’s not the least bit comfortable. That is why the online travel sites that promote guest rooms for rent in actual homes have become so popular. It doesn’t matter if the homeowner is also living in the space. Most of these travelers just want decent place to rest after a day of sightseeing. That is where your spare room comes into play. It will be even more valuable if your home is within striking distance of those great Orange County attractions. Before you can start advertising that space, you’ll want to spruce it up. That is where Junk King Orange County will be a big help.


Just because you’re renting out a room in your home doesn’t mean you have to become a full-service hotel. You don’t have to cook for these travelers or drive them around town. Quite often, they’ll barely even be at your place. That’s a win-win scenario. In order to get your spare room ready, the two-man moving crew provided by junk King Orange County will be able to quickly take away all the boxes and worn out furniture that are being kept in storage there. While they’re at it that same crew can do some amazing decluttering around the rest of your home. They can also work some magic out in the backyard clearing away any type of yard waste. One session is all it’s going to take to totally transform your home.

The cost for this amazing service is surprisingly affordable. Junk King Orange County has a pricing policy that is based exclusively on volume as opposed to be in charge by the pound. You’ll know the fee once the crew has had a chance to size up all the junk you want to get rid of in person. If you’re happy with the price, then the crew will spring into action and have everything taken away without you lifting a finger. You can earn some serious money this summer renting out your spare room but first turn it over to Junk King Orange County for some intense decluttering.

Free Up Storage Just In Time For A New Baby

There is a lot of prep work happening in anticipation of the arrival of a new baby. A lot of that could mean painting a nursery blue or pink, building cribs and making room for a major influx of baby stuff. Junk King Orange County might not be able to help with the painting or the building but they can certainly be the perfect partner for the “making room” task. One call to Junk King and you can literally have tons of clutter removed from your home.


When it comes to removing things from your home, the only real limitation is what you decide to keep. As a far as Junk King is concerned, anything and everything can go. It doesn’t matter how heavy something is or how bulky it might be to carry. If you want it gone, then you just have to point it out to the crew from Junk King and watch it go! As mentioned, the Junk King team might not help with the assembly of baby furniture but they can certainly take apart those things you want gone that can’t fit out the door. They’ll have the tools and the experience to remove just about anything.

Beyond the inside of your home, you’ll also want to spend some time out back with the baby. Junk King Orange County can prove to be an asset here as well. On that same truck that is holding all your household clutter, you can fill it up with yard waste, stones, concrete and even an old lawnmower.

Part of Junk King’s complete junk removal package involves an eco-friendly approach to disposal. That will often mean the Junk King crews are going to be making extra drop offs to local recycling centers or charity. Any day they can avoid going to a landfill, Junk King considers a great day.

How much will all this great help cost? You’ll be delighted to discover that Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound for its junk removal.  Instead, you’ll be presented with an estimate based on volume. Be sure to ask around and you’ll find that Junk King has the best deal in the OC for this type of work. Get ready for that new baby by letting Junk King Orange County clear out your clutter today!