The More Prepared You Are For A Hurricane, The Better Off You’ll Be

How prepared are you for a hurricane? Most longtime Florida residents know the “drill.” The moment a tropical storm becomes a hurricane, those preparations should begin. That starts with filling up your car with gas. If an evacuation order is given, then you certainly don’t want to use up valuable time waiting in a long gas lines. The same can be said for grocery shopping. Water and basic pantry items are the first thing that fly off the shelves. If you always keep a well-stocked pantry, then you shouldn’t be kept off guard by an approaching storm.

With a hurricane you need to prepare for two possible scenarios: An evacuation order or a power outage. With an evacuation order, you will be directed to a shelter inland from the storm. Of course, you’re under no obligation to go to a shelter. You can travel inland and check into a hotel if you can find a room. You just want to be sure to evacuate when ordered. That will be one less bit of searching the emergency workers have to do. It is always a challenge when people ignore evacuation orders and then have to call for a rescue.

If you’re not ordered to evacuate, then the storm can cause a power outage. That could last for anywhere between a few hours to a few days. Would you be prepared for that? When a power outage occurs, you want to make sure that food doesn’t spoil. You can always cook on a propane grill but only outside. Your fridge can act as a big cooler provided you can keep the door close. This might only be effective for a few hours.

Outside of the kitchen, you should be extremely careful about using candles for light. A battery-operated lantern is a much better option. A solar powered one is an even stronger choice provided to kept charged during the day. The ultimate preparation would be to have your home utilize a generator. This can be a portable generator that works on gas or a larger unit that is tied into the house and automatically engages when the power goes out.

You might even practice blackout drills in your house so that everyone knows where to find the supplies and ride out the blackout.

When the storm passes and things get back to some sense of normalcy, you’ll want to take care of any storm debris cleanup. That is when to reach out to Junk King Palm Beach. One session with these junk hauling pros can help get your property clear of all kinds of storm debris.

When it comes to hurricanes, don’t take any chances. Get prepared, follow orders and stay safe. Junk King Palm Beach will be ready to help when needed for the cleanup.