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Junk Removal Blog

Put Junk King On Your Remodel Cleanup Crew

As you put together your remodeling plans, you will no doubt hire a contractor and a crew. They may also be additional specialized crew members that will be a part of the project. For instance, you might hire an electrician or tile professional to take care of specific tasks on the project. One crew you should definitely hire is a remodel cleanup crew. That is the team that Junk King Palm Beach can provide.

Keeping a Clean

Junk King staffs every one of their cleanup sessions with two capable movers. This is a team that is experienced with hauling away unwanted furniture and appliances. But they are equally adept at cleaning up debris from a remodel project. That debris can come in many forms, such as demolition from your cabinetry and flooring. A considerable amount of debris could also be created by knocking down a wall. Whatever amount of debris you need to clear away, the Junk King crew can take care of it swiftly. That is important because you want to ensure you always have a clean environment for your remodel crew to complete the work.

Junk King can be very flexible with scheduling. For example, you might want to set up a remodel cleanup session for the first day. That is when all of the demolition occurs. You might also want to follow up with a session on the last day of the remodeling project. That can make sure everything is clean and allow you the perfect environment to start enjoying your new kitchen or bathroom.

Although the debris you are getting rid of might weigh a lot, that will not be an issue for Junk King. Junk King never charges by the pound. Instead, they charge a flat rate determined by how the truck gets packed up. And you will know what that rate is before the work begins.

Junk King Palm Beach can be crucial to your next remodel project. Call to discuss the cleanup options today.

2023-03-24 20:57:50

Declutter Your Cabinets With Help From Junk King

You may do an excellent job of hiding household clutter, but it has a way of showing up. That is especially true every time you open up your kitchen cabinets. This is where a lot of clutter ends up, and it can be incredibly frustrating. If you struggle to find what you’re looking for every time you open your cabinets, it might be time for a significant decluttering session. The decluttering results can end up on the back of the Junk King Palm Beach truck. This is the junk hauling service that is in the best position to help you get rid of all your unwanted cabinet clutter.

Nothing Goes to Waste

When you hire Junk King to haul away unwanted items, none of those items have to go to waste. Junk King is dedicated to keeping as much of what they collect out of landfills as possible. One of the ways they accomplish that is by making drop-offs at local charities. Many items you remove from your cabinets could still be helpful in some other households. Those are the items that are perfect for charity drop-offs. That disposal will happen automatically as part of Junk King’s removal service.

It may not take a lot of effort to remove shoeboxes of kitchen clutter. But Junk King will send over two movers to take care of the job regardless of how much you get rid of. Those two movers will make the entire process go quickly. They are also great to have around just in case you want to get rid of any other bulky objects.

A decluttering session with help from Junk King Palm Beach can make a positive impact for your home. So set up that session today.

Set Up Refrigerator Removal With Junk King

A good refrigerator will last between 10 to 15 years. After that time, it can start to be less efficient. If you notice ice cream melting or vegetables wilting, it might be time to consider replacing that old refrigerator. In the last 15 years, great strides have been made in the design of refrigerators. There’s more interior space that helps you organize all your food items. Additional features such as water and ice dispensers make the refrigerator a beneficial appliance.

Once you pick out your new refrigerator, you will schedule the delivery. That should coincide with the removal of your old refrigerator. After all, you don’t want all your food to go to waste. Instead, you want to be able to swap it out between the two appliances. That’s for Junk King Palm Beach comes into play. These professional junk haulers can set up refrigerant removal from your home at the right time.

Moving Crew Operation

Getting rid of an old refrigerator requires the support of an experienced moving crew. But that is exactly what Junk King can provide you. Two capable movers staff every Junk King session. This team will know how to unhook your refrigerator and safely carry it out of the home. The goal is always to remove that appliance without causing any damage to the walls and doors. Given Junk King’s track record of positive customer satisfaction, it is clear they are doing that kind of work the right way every single time.

Junk King’s refrigerator removal service costs the same as removing any other object from your home. It is always a flat rate determined by volume and not the weight of an object. That can make a big difference when you want to get rid of your old refrigerator.

Refrigerator disposal is a job best handed off to Junk King Palm Beach. Book your session today.

Junk King Helps Make More Storage Space

How much available storage space do you have in your home? Is there room in your closets? What about out in the garage? If you have reached maximum storage capacity, it might be time to rethink what you are holding onto. In other words, is every item you keep in storage in your home still of value? When you determine that some of those storage items can be cleared out, you’re ready to set up a session with Junk King Palm Beach. These junk-hauling professionals can help you make much more storage space in your home, and think of what a benefit that could be!

Final Decisions

When you call to book your appointment with Junk King, they will ask what you want to get rid of. They want to get a general sense to ensure there will be room on the truck for all your unwanted items. You do not have to decide what you want to get rid of until the Junk King crew shows up. That is when they will look over everything and determine how it fits onto the back of the Junk King truck. This means you can add items on the day of your removal session, and your flat rate will be adjusted accordingly.

You should also know that Junk King will make every effort to recycle whatever they can from your unwanted stuff. That recycling can include dropping off charities or actual recycling centers. This is how Junk King approaches the disposal of what they collect, which is all included in that flat rate.

Making more storage space in your home will be easy when Junk King Palm Beach clears out the rubbish. Make an appointment today.

Utilize Junk King For Total Rubbish Removal

Are you ready to make all the rubbish disappear from your home? The quickest way to accomplish that goal is to set up a session with Junk King Palm Beach. This company is dedicated to helping homeowners, and apartment renters clear out all the unwanted stuff from your living environment. Whether it is furniture, appliances, clothing, or other household goods, if you do not want it, then you can give it to Junk King for responsible disposal.

Loading of the Truck

The goal with every Junk King appointment is to load up the truck with all the items you want to clear your home. That will be handled by the two-person moving crew, who will be assigned your appointment by Junk King. This is a team that has plenty of experience lifting all kinds of objects. In the past, Junk King has cleared away pull tables and treadmills. They have also hauled off every imaginable piece of furniture and household appliance. All of that work is done with great respect to your property. Junk King will ensure your walls and floors are not damaged in the removal process.

Junk King also offers a very fair price for this service. Junk King’s cost is determined by how the crew packs up the truck. They won’t just throw things onto the back of the truck. Instead, they will carefully plan to pack everything in as tightly as possible. That way, you will pay the best price. And you will know what that price will be before the work begins. It is also a price that is guaranteed to match any competitor.

Add it all up, and it is clear that the best way to get rid of your rubbish in the new year is to hire Junk King Palm Beach for the job. Make your appointment today.

Call In Junk King For An Old Sofa Pickup

You might be able to nudge her sofa a few inches to vacuum underneath. But that is as far as it will go without extra help. Usually, it takes two people to move a sofa. And if that sofa needs to be cleared out, it will also take a big truck. But that is exactly what Junk King Palm Beach will provide you for your old sofa pickup. This is the quickest and most efficient way to clear out that old sofa and make room for your new sofa.

Stacked Onto the Truck

An old sofa will take up plenty of room on the Junk King truck. But there will also be room left for anything else you want to get rid of. In fact, the Junk King crew will probably stack things on top of the old sofa. The goal of Junk King is to make sure that every one of their sessions is fair and affordable. Junk King will also match any competitor’s price to remove the same amount of unwanted items. In many cases, Junk King will beat that price.

You can schedule your session with Junk King online or over the phone. Most Junk King calls are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. However, if you have an open day when you call junk King, you might be able to take advantage of a same-day appointment if offered. You can also schedule your pick up on the same day the new sofa is delivered. That way, you’ll always have somewhere to sit!

When you need to get rid of an old sofa, you need to call in the crew from Junk King Palm Beach. They will get the job done right every time.

More Great Reviews For Junk King Palm Beach

Customer reviews are important for business. Even bad reviews can help them improve their services. Of course, every business would much rather have positive reviews. It doesn’t matter the type of business. Consider junk removal.

Junk King Palm Beach is the leading junk removal professional in this area. They have achieved that status by building a solid reputation for providing exceptional customer service. That can be proved by these recent reviews posted by Junk King customers:

“Evan and another gentleman removed the construction cement debris from my yard and did a great job. Thank you.” – Amanda, Boynton Beach

There is no object that is too heavy and bulky for Junk King. It also helps the Junk King charges a flat rate based on volume. It all comes down to how everything fits onto the truck and not how much it weighs.

“Kim and her team always do a fantastic job. They are so professional, and reliable, and always go above and beyond. We have used Junk King multiple times and will continue to for all our jobs. I highly recommend their services!” – Megan, West Palm Beach

“The crew were amazing. They were on time, very professional and clearly happy with their careers. They were thorough, upbeat and incredibly accommodating. This was not a small job and they did it in only a few hours! I was downsizing and had to get rid of some very personal items, I was crying about it and they assured me that special items will be donated and immediately, I felt better. They even took dog items to a shelter. Customer service was excellent. I have used them before and recommended them to family them for my business. I give 1000 stars if I could. Thank you, Junk King” – Samantha, West Palm Beach

Hiring Junk King means you hire a team with experience and a terrific attitude. That is exactly the type of work you want to invite into your home. When you need to get rid of your rubbish, you can count on Junk King Palm Beach to get the job done right every time. Book your removal session today.

Clear Out The Junk Before The Holidays Start

A successful holiday season depends on careful planning. Not only will you have plenty of party invitations to schedule around, but you also need to get the house ready. So before the decorations go up, the junk should be cleared out. This is not just removing the average amount of daily accumulated trash but clearing out all those bulky items that are taking up valuable space around your home. That kind of junk clearing is a job for Junk King Palm Beach.

Start In the Guest Room

You can start in the guest room with your junk removal. Anything in storage in that room that you can no longer use can be turned over to the Junk King team. The same can be said for unwanted electronics, appliances, and clothing. A lot of those items might be replaced as Christmas gifts! So now is the chance to make room for them by having the Junk King crew haul it away.

That crew will consist of two capable movers. This is a team that is licensed and insured. They also show up with a positive attitude. There isn’t a removal challenge you can present to the Junk King crew that they will not be able to manage. That includes taking things apart to fit them out the door.

The cost of the Junk King service will depend on how everything gets packed onto the truck. One flat rate covers all the work and the disposal. That disposal could include a drop-off at a charity for any items that could be used again. This is your chance to eliminate all your clutter, which is the perfect way to start the holidays. So book your rubbish removal session with Junk King Palm Beach today. You will be glad you did.

Responsible Television Disposal

Are you on the lookout for a new deal for a TV? Then you want to make sure you have a plan for getting rid of the old TV. Once you replace a television, it becomes obsolete. It doesn’t have any real value. What needs to happen is that it has to be recycled responsibly. You cannot toss it out in the trash! This means hiring the right company for this type of disposal task. That would be Junk King Palm Beach. These are the professional junk haulers dedicated to a responsible approach to disposing of old televisions.

Fast Removal

Junk King is going to send over two movers for your television pickup. It will take this team just a few minutes to get one of the TV and carried out of the house. At that point, you can declare the job is finished. But as long as you have access to these capable movers and that big truck, you might want to consider what else you can get rid of from your home.

This is your chance to clear out any unwanted pieces of furniture. You can also box up clothing, shoes, sweaters, jackets, and even sporting equipment and turn that all over the Junk King. Junk King will also have the plan to dispose of those kinds of items. Anything that can be reused again, Junk King will strive to drop off at a charity. They don’t want to see anything go to waste, especially this time of year.

When you call Junk King to set up your appointment, you might be able to take advantage of the same-day pickup. That would mean you are just a few hours away from getting rid of your unwanted stuff.

The only way to dispose of your old TV is the responsible way. That means hiring Junk King Palm Beach for the job. Call for an appointment today.

Save When You Book Online With Junk King Palm Beach

When you need to get rid of junk from the inside or outside of your home, you need to put the Junk King Palm Beach team on the job. You can make that happen by booking your next appointment with Junk King online. When you do that, you will get a fast confirmation to lock down the appointment time, and you will also get a discount. That’s a terrific way to start a junk removal session! So, are you ready to get rid of your rubbish? Then you are ready to put Junk King on the job.

The Appointment Time

When you set up your appointment online with Junk King, you need to submit your contact information, the day you would like to pick it up, and a two-hour window. Junk King strives to accommodate every client’s schedule. If you need a pickup for the weekend, Junk King will make that happen.

On the day of your appointment, Junk King needs you to set aside a specific two-hour window. That two-hour time allows the crews to get from one side of Palm Beach to the other. It certainly will not take them two hours to remove your unwanted items. But even if it did, you would not be charged extra for that service. One flat rate covers all the labor regardless of how long the Junk King crew stays with the cleanup.

Also included in that rate is the disposal drop-offs. Some things you are getting rid of might still be of value to a charity or recycling facility. Junk King is happy to make those drop-offs part of their complete removal service. Best of all, this will happen automatically. You do not have to sort your stuff. The Junk King crew will take care of that from start to finish.

Getting rid of your junk has never been easier. So book an appointment with Junk King Palm Beach today and watch how fast it gets done.

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