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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Construction Scrap Cleanup Is Made Easy By Junk King

One of the most challenging aspects of completing a construction project is to get it done on time. Savvy contractors will pad the calendar by a few days and maybe even weeks. That way when they job is finished “early” they can look like heroes. Completion dates aren’t exact because of all the factors that might be out of control of a contractor like weather and material delivery. It might also be that some of the crew catches a cold and has to call in sick. That will certainly slow things down and is another thing that might be out of a contractor’s control.

One element of a project that a contractor can control is keeping that site clean. This is a job that doesn’t have to be taken care of by the onsite crew but by outsourcing the work to Junk King Palm Beach. These are the professional junk haulers who can make construction scrap cleanup look easy.

The Right Time

A construction project is going to generate the most amount of scrap and debris on the first day. That is when the demolition happens. That demolition can involve pulling up floors, knocking down walls or even bringing down an entire house. This might be the first cleanup session that you hire Junk King for. As the construction project goes on, more debris will be created and you can lock down regular pickup appointments from the Junk King crew. Even if you lock down weekly pickups but suddenly find yourself with an exceptionally large amount of debris on a given day, then you can always call for an “emergency pickup.” Often that can mean having Junk King come over on the same day. That will certainly ensure your construction site is never overrun by construction scrap.

Fill Up

The price for Junk King’s services will be based on how the truck gets filled up. The Junk King crews provide estimates for those fees so that you’ll know the cost up front. That is always appreciated by any contractor.

Taking care of your construction scrap cleanup shouldn’t be a hassle. Just let Junk King Palm Beach handle it all.

Outsource Your Company’s Trash Overflow To Junk King

If you work or manage a company that deals with a lot of deliveries, then you may occasionally run into a trash overflow situation. This is what happens when you have an excess amount of packing materials on any given day. It could also mean that you are overrun with inventory that can’t be sold or returned. If it has been designated as a “loss leader,” then it is essentially trash that has no value. A trash overflow removal is the perfect scenario that you should outsource to Junk King Palm Beach these are professional junk haulers who are devoted to keeping businesses and facilities throughout the Palm Beach area clear of rubbish.

Whatever Your Needs Are

Junk King’s mission is to keep your operation as clean as possible. Only you can determine what it would take to make that happen. For some Palm Beach businesses, that means regular trash pickup appointments from Junk King. These could be monthly or weekly depending on their trash overflow levels. Other businesses just need to utilize Junk King for a major cleanup of a stockroom or warehouse space. That is certainly a practical thing to take care of before the busy holiday shopping season.

What you can always count on getting from Junk King is dependable service in the form of two very capable movers. This is the team that goes out on every Junk King session. They are licensed and insured which makes them 100% professional. That is the exact kind of outside vendor that you want to bring onto your place of business.

The fee structure provided by Junk King will also support your businesses need by providing a fair price with every pickup. Junk King is more focused on how the truck gets filled up then how much it will way after being filled up. In other words, you would never be charge by the pound by Junk King. Instead, your fee will be based on how tightly the crew can pack up all the stuff that getting rid of. You will know what this price is before the work begins. It’s a very competitive fee for the amount of work devoted to the loading and disposal of that trash.

You never have to worry about the trash overflow removal at your business when you can outsource that job to Junk King Palm Beach.

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