Junk King Can Handle All Kinds Of Debris Removal

The official definition for debris is “scattered pieces of waste or remains.” It usually refers to the broken up bits from a building demolition. However, debris can come in many forms around the house. One thing that is common about all kinds of debris is that Junk King Palm Beach can have it removed in no time at all.


If you’re replacing a roof or repairing story damage, then there is going to be a big pile of debris generate from the project. Most contractors and work crews will assume they can just throw out that debris in your trash. Some of it might fit but it would mean there won’t be any room for your actual garbage. On the bigger repair jobs, the crews will create a pile of debris and keep adding to it until the job is finished. If you have specifically contracted for debris removal with them, then that pile of trash will be your responsibility. Junk King can certainly help with that.

It’s not just repair work that can create mounds of debris but also a remodeling project. You could literally have your entire old kitchen smashed up in to pieces that need to be cleared away. If you were to spend time sorting through your closets, then you would probably find “scattered pieces” of old clothing, shoes, sweater, jackets and hats that could be cleared out to make more room. Again, Junk King is the best approach for any kind of debris removal.

What makes hiring Junk King ideal is the fact that their moving squads are going to do all the work for you. No matter where your debris pile is, that is where Junk King will pick it up from. It doesn’t have to be bagged up or put into a box. Let the Junk King crew handle it the best way they know how.

You can set up your appointment with Junk King on the day of the repairs or the demolition. That way things can stay clean at the job site. Junk King will make every effort to show up at the time that works best for your schedule. Junk King Palm Beach helps make debris removal a hassle-free task. Put them to the test today.

Smart Approach To Old AC Disposal

At your home, how close are you to running your air conditioner around the clock? It is understandable during heat waves during the day but do you keep it on overnight? Has it held up over the summer? As the temperatures start to cool, now might be the best time of year to go shopping for a new AC. You’re sure to find a good deal on them. As for the old AC, this is an appliance that has to be disposed of in a responsible manner and that is what Junk King Palm Beach is all about.


Junk King has been dedicated to an eco-friendly approach to disposal since their inception. Every franchise is encouraged to maintain that “green standard” and Junk King Palm Beach is no exception. An old AC can’t just be crushed up for scrap. It first has to be drained of the cooling chemicals used to make it work. That is something that can only be performed at a certified recycling center. Junk King knows who the players are in the recycling industry throughout the area and when they’ve got a truck load of old AC units to dispose of they know right where to take it.

Removing an old AC unit is a two-man operation. But so is removing all kinds of other things you might want to dispose of like a sofa, loveseat or recliner. If it took two movers to bring something into your home, then it will take two movers to carry it out again. You’ll be working with two movers. They’re part of every Junk King service call.

An AC unit is also going to heavThe smart approach for getting rid of your old AC and the rest of your junk is the Junk King Orlando way. Book them today.y but that’s not a factor for your pricing. If Junk King charged by the pound, they wouldn’t be in business for long. Instead, Junk King has a pricing policy that is all about how the truck will get packed. The less room your stuff uses up, the less you’ll be paying.

The smart approach for getting rid of your old AC and the rest of your junk is the Junk King Orlando way. Book them today.

Mistakes To Avoid For First-Time Homebuyers

No matter how close you come to buying your dream home, there will always be room for improvement. That means you don’t have to find the perfect house but a house with possibilities. It is also true that first-time homebuyers need to get educated fast about all aspects of buying a home to avoid costly mistakes. Here are the mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

two-story-southern-charm-1151641-mNot Making a Budget

A household functions better when it is working with a budget. That is vitally important as you prepare to buy a home. That budget is in for some adjustment and it’s not just the new mortgage payment. For the most part, the mortgage payment replaces the rent payment but there will also be property taxes that have to be paid along with homeowners insurance and all the potential repairs. That is a lot to budget for.

Shopping for a Home Before a Loan

It makes no sense to go looking for a home without being prequalified for a mortgage. Sellers aren’t going to wait around while prospective buyers get their paperwork sorted out. As a result, you could come across a great home only to lose it what you wait for a lending company to approve you for a loan. When you get approved before you start looking, you can focus on houses in your price range and make offers with confidence.

Not Getting Professional Help

An experienced real estate broker is going to have a major impact on your home purchase. Although you might only be working with them for a few weeks, it is going to be a very intense few weeks of work. That agent will be negotiating your behalf. They’ll also be able to steer you away from a potentially bad deal and that could be extremely important.

Wiping Out Savings for a Down Payment

As first-time homebuyers, you probably will have been saving up for a down payment for a long time. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is wiping out your savings for that down payment and/or closing costs. You have to remember all the money you’re going to be spending for moving, buying new furniture. Whatever you think you need to save for your home purchase, you probably have to save a bit more.

Moving with Junk

Finally, a big mistake for first-time homebuyers would be to move into your new home with all your old junk. You shouldn’t bring anything into your home that isn’t going to be use. This is where Junk King Palm Beach can help. As you pack up, you’ll find all the things you’ll want to get rid of. All of that stuff can be quickly loaded onto the Junk King truck for responsible disposal. Junk King Palm Beach can help first-time homebuyers avoid the mistake of moving with junk. That’s a good move!

Get Ready For Back-To-School With These Helpful Tips

Getting ready for back-to-school has everyone excited around the house. Even though they might grumble, you know the kids are eager to get back to seeing their friends and having something more exciting to do than sit around the house all day. As you get your house ready for back-to-school you might want to put some of these tips into action:


Get the Supplies Early

Most schools send out a list of required school supplies days before the first day. The sooner you can get these supplies the more ahead of the game you’ll be. You might be able to order them all online and take advantage of back-to-school discounts while you’re at it.

Make a Daily Plan

The first week back-to-school is the “shake down.” Everyone is working out their schedules and it requires a lot of coordination. You only have to focus on drop offs and pick ups. The kids have to sort through their various class schedules. It will help to give them a print out of their classes and note on their cell phones. Let them know where they belong!

Read Ahead

The older the student, the more reading will be required of them. Teachers can make a syllabus available of the required reading for the semester. It will help if your kids can get a jump on the reading. It might also help if you’re reading along. After all, you will be checking their homework. Reading the same books also will keep them “honest.” No watching the movie!

Don’t Encourage Procrastination

At the end of every school day, two important questions need to be asked: What is for homework and when is it due? Overnight homework is easy to accomplish with a consistent schedule. Over the weekend, it can be a bit more challenging. That’s why it is best to get the homework done first thing Saturday morning. That way your student will have the rest of the weekend to relax and have fun.

Remove Clutter

Back-to-school prep is a good time to go through your kids wardrobe. The little ones might have outgrown a lot over the summer. The older ones might have decided on an entirely new style. In either scenario, you’re going to have to make room in the closet. It will also help to removed the rest of all the unwanted items from their room. All of those discarded objects can be quickly removed by the crew from Junk King Palm Beach. They can also end up being donated to a local charity. Everybody wins! Make a decluttering session with Junk King Palm Beach be a part of your back-to-school prep. You’ll be glad you did.

Getting Ready For A Block Party

Block parties are making a comeback. These are the neighborhood gatherings that literally shut down a block. Some of them involve setting up tables, chairs and firing up grills in the street. Other blocks take things to the next level by renting bounce houses, hiring a DJ and even setting off fireworks at the end of the night. If you’re part of a block party in your neighborhood, then there are some things you’ll want to do to get ready. Here’s what to consider:


Your Potluck Dish

It’s a safe bet that your block party is going to be a potluck affair. This means everyone gets to bring their own dish to share. It should be organized between appetizers, salads, main courses, side dishes and desserts. The amount of what you’re making will be determined by how many people have committed to coming. It just might mean doubling up your recipe.

Party Supplies

Block parties are like big picnics. That means all the necessary supplies are needed like paper plates, napkins, cups and plastic utensils. You should encourage your block to embrace the concept of repurposing. In other words, you can use leftover party plates from a super hero birthday or a Halloween party. Why not? They get the job done.

Kid Fun

If you have kids, then you should think about “sponsoring” at least one activity for them to do with the other kids on the block. You can come up with some relay races or other games of chance. And there is noting wrong with a cooler full of water balloons!

Clearing Rubbish

A block party means everyone will have the chance to enjoy everyone else’s front lawns. Are your lawns ready for “review?” You get them clear of debris and rubbish with a little help from Junk King Palm Beach. Some block parties stretch across several backyards. That might be where you could definitely put Junk King to work. In one session they can get rid of all kinds of unwanted patio furniture, hammocks, planters and anything else that is an eyesore. Things will look great then for sure!

To help get your home ready for a block party, bring in the junk hauling pros from Junk King Palm Beach today.

Great Junk Movers For Palm Beach

In a lot of sci-fi movies, depictions of the future always involve easy moving. You’ll often see in the background small types of hover crafts carting boxes and equipment all around. Usually, these hover movies are operated by someone walking along side with a remote control. Won’t that be a great thing to make a reality. Until that happens we have to move things the old fashion way by lifting with legs and exerting some muscle power. Just because the basics of move seem simple it doesn’t mean we’re always capable. Plus, there is that issue of needing two movers for the really big stuff. When you need to get rid of junk from your Palm Beach home, you can always count on the great junk movers from Junk King Palm Beach.


Every junk removal session set up by Junk King will be staff by two of those great junk movers. What makes them so great? They have a positive attitude. That applies to whatever challenges they might meet on the job. It might be very hot outside (always!) but that won’t slow down the Junk King team. They might need to carry a heavy piece of furniture down from a second floor. This is what they do all the time. And for those extremely bulky pieces, it might make more sense to take the thing apart in order to protect your walls and floors. The Junk King junk movers will have all the right tools and experience to get this type of work done.

As they are loading up the truck with your discarded stuff, the junk movers will be keeping an eye out on items that could be donated or recycled. They have a ongoing list of these types of items and know which organizations or facilities can take them in. This is a much better approach to disposal of junk than racing towards a landfill. The more trash that goes into a landfill, the less helpful it is for Palm Beach’s environment. Junk King wants to keep this area as pristine as possible.

No matter when you’re reading this post, you can set up your junk removal session. During the day, you can call direct. Overnight, you can book online and have it confirmed first thing in the morning. Getting rid of your rubbish won’t be a challenge for the great junk movers from Junk King Palm Beach.



Celebrate Independence Day By Making Your Home Junk Free

What traditions do you have for the 4th of July? Do you go to see the same fireworks display? Maybe you’re close enough to walk to a nearby park or watch them from your backyard. That sure beats getting stuck in traffic when leaving a big event. If you are hosting a backyard BBQ, then you probably only need a day to get ready. Shop in the morning for food and drinks and then spend the afternoon prepping. As for the backyard,  that can be cleaned up with one call to Junk King Palm Beach.


Junk King isn’t the crew to hire to clean your grill but you can certainly put them to work with all kinds of yard debris cleaning. The team from Junk King can finally remove all those items that you’ve been eager to get rid of. Things like a swing set, hammock, lawnmower or planter that have all taken a beating from the weather. If you’re replacing patio furniture, then the Junk King crew can clear that away, too. All you’ll be doing during this entire process is pointing to what you want taken away.

What about the rest of the house? If you’re having company over, then you’ll want to get rid of the old furniture and other clutter objects from there, too. Everything that is collected by Junk King has a chance to be recycled. This is always Junk King’s priority. They consider it a good day whenever they can avoid a trip to the landfill.

If the goal is to get this stuff cleared by the 4th, then you’ll want to call Junk King ASAP. They often will have same day sessions available. This is a company that is happy to work around your schedule. With Junk King, you’re in control.

Are you ready to celebrate your independence from junk? Then let Junk King Palm Beach make that happen for you today.

Junk King Takes The Hassle Out Of Trampoline Removal

When was the last time someone had a bounce session on the backyard trampoline? Was it last year? Maybe even two summers ago? You probably got a lot of use out of that trampoline but now it’s just taking up space. Unfortunately, getting rid of an old trampoline is a bit more complicated than having it delivered. It might have been dropped off and built by a crew. Now you’ll need that same kind of crew to get rid of it and that is just what Junk King Palm Beach can provide.


Don’t worry if you no longer had the directions for the trampoline. The crews from Junk King have a lot of experience with taking things apart. They’ve dismantled pool tables, entertainment centers and hot tubs. They won’t have a problem taking apart your old trampoline.

This kind of removal job often takes up more time than the standard furniture or appliance removal. But you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock. That’s because the Junk King crew won’t be charging by the hour. The labor costs, however long that labor takes, is covered in the flat fee. That fee is always based on how your stuff will fit onto the back of the truck. A big backyard trampoline might only fill up a little space on the truck after it has been broken down. That means there could be plenty of room for a lot more of your unwanted clutter.

Take the time to go through your entire home including the closets to find all those things you’re never going to use again. All of it can be turned over to Junk King. Of course, when you give something to Junk King to dispose of that doesn’t automatically mean that object is going to be dumped in a landfill. If Junk King had their way, then they’d never go to another landfill again. Instead, they prefer to make drop offs at charities or recycling centers. That is a much better approach to getting rid of junk.

It will be easy to get rid of your old trampoline and unwanted clutter if you give that job to Junk King Palm Beach from the start.

Dependable Rubbish Removal In West Palm Beach

Sometimes your neighbor’s trash becomes your problem. That is certainly the case for one West Palm Beach resident. After her elderly neighbor died, Jennifer Hillsgrove, the condo owner next door is dealing with left behind trash towering at foot feet high. That’s a lot of trash for a condo!


“It makes me sick to my stomach, to be honest,” said Jennifer Hillsgrove, to a local TV news station. “I’m very concerned what’s in that place. I mean it’s disgusting,” she said.

To make things worse, since the occupant’s death, the A/C has been turned off leaving those piles of garbage to ferment. It wasn’t long before the cockroaches showed up and made their way into Jennifer’s unit.

Jennifer says an elderly man lived in the unit and he passed away about a month ago.

Since his death, she says the A/C has been turned off, those piles of garbage are starting to smell, and the filthy place is attracting thousands of cockroaches that have started to come into Jennifer’s condo. When she asked for help, Jennifer didn’t get far. Eventually, city officials were brought in but they couldn’t even enter the condo without a court order. It is a mess on many levels.

All of this brings up the issue of rubbish removal from your own home. The main reason that clutter piles up in most homes is that it is a challenge to remove it without help. That help is now available thanks to Junk King Palm Beach.

The crews working for Junk King are all licensed and insured. That makes them the exact type of worker you should invite into your home. They’re going to treat your property with a lot of respect. It helps when you have the experience with maneuvering heavy objects down stairs and narrow hallways. You might not be able to move something but the Junk King crew won’t have any problems.

Junk King also moves fast. You might be able to call in for an appointment at breakfast time and have all your stuff gone by dinner. You no longer have to let clutter take over your West Palm Beach home thanks to Junk King Palm Beach.

Treat Dad To A Junk King Session For Father’s Day

Was your dad the type of guy who liked to build things? That probably meant that the garage was the workspace and there are a lot of things around your house that you can point to with pride and say, “Dad made that.” It could also mean that over the years, there have been a lot of “leftovers” accumulated inside and outside of the garage. If your dad has a junk pile on his property, then this Father’s Day you can finally help him get rid of it. All it would take is one call to Junk King Palm Beach.


No matter what type of build project this is, there are always scrap pieces of lumber or metal. The first instinct is to hold onto those scraps because you never know where you might be able to use them again. As years go on, those scraps become less useful. That is especially true if they’re being kept outside. Even if they’re stored in a shed or under a deck, there is still a chance they’ll be useless after years have gone by. All of those useless items can be hauled away in a single session by Junk King. Best of all, your dad won’t have to lift a finger.

As long as you’re having the Junk King crew and their truck come over to your dad’s place for a cleanup, you might as well put them through their paces. This is the chance to get any unwanted furniture, appliance or other rubbish carted away for good. Not only will Junk King be freeing up more space but they’ll also be making things safer. The more clutter there is in a home, the more hazards it creates.

Your dad will also appreciate how Junk King gets rid of what they collect. Since they started collecting junk back in 2005, Junk King have been strong supporters of the environment. That is vital in a beach community like Palm Beach. Instead of dumping their truckloads at a landfill, Junk King takes the extra time to sort through everything and pull out those items that could be recycled or donated. That is helping keeping the air and water around Palm Beach clean. This Father’s Day, hire Junk King Palm Beach to help make your dad’s place safer and cleaner. That’s a win/win.