Dependable Rubbish Removal In West Palm Beach

Sometimes your neighbor’s trash becomes your problem. That is certainly the case for one West Palm Beach resident. After her elderly neighbor died, Jennifer Hillsgrove, the condo owner next door is dealing with left behind trash towering at foot feet high. That’s a lot of trash for a condo!


“It makes me sick to my stomach, to be honest,” said Jennifer Hillsgrove, to a local TV news station. “I’m very concerned what’s in that place. I mean it’s disgusting,” she said.

To make things worse, since the occupant’s death, the A/C has been turned off leaving those piles of garbage to ferment. It wasn’t long before the cockroaches showed up and made their way into Jennifer’s unit.

Jennifer says an elderly man lived in the unit and he passed away about a month ago.

Since his death, she says the A/C has been turned off, those piles of garbage are starting to smell, and the filthy place is attracting thousands of cockroaches that have started to come into Jennifer’s condo. When she asked for help, Jennifer didn’t get far. Eventually, city officials were brought in but they couldn’t even enter the condo without a court order. It is a mess on many levels.

All of this brings up the issue of rubbish removal from your own home. The main reason that clutter piles up in most homes is that it is a challenge to remove it without help. That help is now available thanks to Junk King Palm Beach.

The crews working for Junk King are all licensed and insured. That makes them the exact type of worker you should invite into your home. They’re going to treat your property with a lot of respect. It helps when you have the experience with maneuvering heavy objects down stairs and narrow hallways. You might not be able to move something but the Junk King crew won’t have any problems.

Junk King also moves fast. You might be able to call in for an appointment at breakfast time and have all your stuff gone by dinner. You no longer have to let clutter take over your West Palm Beach home thanks to Junk King Palm Beach.

Treat Dad To A Junk King Session For Father’s Day

Was your dad the type of guy who liked to build things? That probably meant that the garage was the workspace and there are a lot of things around your house that you can point to with pride and say, “Dad made that.” It could also mean that over the years, there have been a lot of “leftovers” accumulated inside and outside of the garage. If your dad has a junk pile on his property, then this Father’s Day you can finally help him get rid of it. All it would take is one call to Junk King Palm Beach.


No matter what type of build project this is, there are always scrap pieces of lumber or metal. The first instinct is to hold onto those scraps because you never know where you might be able to use them again. As years go on, those scraps become less useful. That is especially true if they’re being kept outside. Even if they’re stored in a shed or under a deck, there is still a chance they’ll be useless after years have gone by. All of those useless items can be hauled away in a single session by Junk King. Best of all, your dad won’t have to lift a finger.

As long as you’re having the Junk King crew and their truck come over to your dad’s place for a cleanup, you might as well put them through their paces. This is the chance to get any unwanted furniture, appliance or other rubbish carted away for good. Not only will Junk King be freeing up more space but they’ll also be making things safer. The more clutter there is in a home, the more hazards it creates.

Your dad will also appreciate how Junk King gets rid of what they collect. Since they started collecting junk back in 2005, Junk King have been strong supporters of the environment. That is vital in a beach community like Palm Beach. Instead of dumping their truckloads at a landfill, Junk King takes the extra time to sort through everything and pull out those items that could be recycled or donated. That is helping keeping the air and water around Palm Beach clean. This Father’s Day, hire Junk King Palm Beach to help make your dad’s place safer and cleaner. That’s a win/win.

Junk King Palm Beach Customers Check In With Rave Reviews

A performer can tell how they’re doing by the applause from the audience. There is always “polite” applause after every song but if the applause goes on for a long time or generates a standing ovation, then you know you’ve just delivered a great performance. A company can’t be judged by applause but they can be evaluated with reviews. For professional junk hauling, Junk King Palm Beach has become the areas number one provider of this service. You can tell why by reading a sample of their customer reviews:


“The men came in the pouring rain, and it did not hinder their performance at all. They were fast, efficient and pleasant through it all. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone who is moving.” – Susan Riman, Wellington

“They are very nice and professional. and will remove your junk at a reasonable price. This is my fourth time using their service and I’m very satisfied with the service they provide.” – Dally Fontaine, Lake Worth

“Darryl and Lorenzo were fantastic! They were helpful, professional and very nice! I would most definitely use your services again and refer you as well. Thank you!” – Elizabeth Hoadley, Boynton Beach

You can sense a pattern with these reviews: The Junk King crews are helpful and friendly. They are focused on getting rid of all your unwanted clutter, no matter what it takes.

“I called in the morning and your men came in the afternoon. They were prompt, fair, and efficient. I would definitely contact your company again. Thank you.” – Lori Wyman, Boynton Beach

Many Junk King customers are pleasantly surprised at how fast Junk King operates. Once you make the decision to get rid of your junk it won’t take Junk King long to make that happen.

“Happy we called you to remove an extremely heavy glass table top. Your men called when they were a half hour out and were courteous and quick to remove the table top. Thank you.” – R.E., Jupiter

“Very nice to deal with. Extremely polite and helpful staff at the office when you call the individuals who came to pick up the items were also very courteous and did their job quickly and efficiently.” – Jerry Grant, North Palm Beach

From start to finish, the best approach to any time of rubbish removal is to give that job to Junk King Palm Beach.

Take Care Of Heavy Trash Pickup Fast

Everything in your home could fall into one of three categories: Useable, broken or trash. The useable items are the things like furniture, appliances, clothes and anything else that gets used at least once a day. Broken items might be those things that you think you might get around to repairing someday. They could also be things that have been replaced by new models. That applies to computers and televisions. Then there is the trash. A lot of broken things could end up as trash but not every trash item has to be broken. You might be done using an old lawnmower or futon. This is something you want to get rid of. That makes it trash. The best way to take care of a heavy trash pickup is to turn that task over to Junk King Palm Beach today.


The moment you designate something as trash, you don’t want it around your house. It is taking up space and might even be a safety hazard. One call to Junk King can make that trash item disappear for good.

The heavier something is, the more of a challenge it becomes for you to move. Even if you tried to get it down to the curb, you could end up straining your back or scratching up your floors. None of that is going to happen with Junk King doing the work. You won’t have to lift anything except your finger. That will be used to point out all the stuff you want taken away. Those objects could be situated all throughout the house. Junk King doesn’t need them to be in a pile on your driveway.

If you’re ready to get rid of your heavy trash items, then make that call to Junk King. You’ll be happy with how fast they respond and can schedule your appointment. Often you might find that Junk King is available for a heavy trash pickup on the same day that you call them. That is how fast you can get rid of your rubbish. Thanks to Junk King Palm Beach, heavy trash pickup is no long complicated. One call gets it done.

A Spring Cleaning Action Plan

Before you leave work, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes to set up a plan for the following day. This way you can come in and hit the ground running. An action plan is also what you should create for your spring cleaning. Here are some of the items you should include:


Your Windows

If you haven’t invested in a squeegee yet, then now is the time to do it. They make cleaning windows inside and out a lot easier. You should also give attention to the window tracks. Accumulated dust and grime can build up and prevent easy opening. An old toothbrush is a good tool to use in these areas.

Vacuum Everything

Vacuuming is always part of cleaning but for spring cleaning, you’re going to want to take your vacuuming to the next level. Be sure to target baseboards, moldings, ceilings and walls. If you have area rugs and/or carpets, then you should consider renting a carpet cleaner from the grocery store. Same effort as vacuuming just a lot more deep cleaning. Just note if you are using a carpet cleaner that things will need to dry out. Perfect excuse to open up those newly cleaned windows!

Make a Safety Check

Spring cleaning is when you should change the batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. You should also make sure your fire extinguishers aren’t expired. If you don’t have extinguishers, then now is the time to get them.

Blankets and Curtains

If you have a backyard, then you have a chance to hang up blankets and curtains to air them out. If you wash them, then still hang them out to dry.

Clean Appliances

Bring the vacuum cleaner into the kitchen and use it to vacuum the back of your fridge and freezer. Those vents need to be kept clear of dust to prevent overheating. You should also carefully slide out your stove and fridge, without unhooking them, in order to get at any grease or dust. 

Once you’ve cleaned all through the house, you will probably have a new list of things that need to be tossed out. This when you want to call in Junk King Palm Beach. The two-man moving crew will swiftly go through your entire home and pick up all the stuff you want to get rid of what on the spot. That will make a positive impact on your living space. The best way to finish your spring cleaning is to set up a junk removal session with Junk King Palm Beach. Get rid of rubbish once and for all.

Quick Removal Of Cardboard Boxes And Other Junk

What piles up the most around your house? Does your laundry grow into a mountain of clothes before it makes its way down to the washer? Are there stacks of dishes waiting to be put away? Maybe it is shoes in the closet that seem to grow every week? Those are actually manageable piles of stuff that you can easily take care of. The more challenging piles are those things that can simply be tossed into the garbage can. Things like excessive amounts of cardboard boxes or bulky pieces of furniture. For those kinds of removal, you need to bring in the pros from Junk King Palm Beach.


Thanks to all the online shipping deals, cardboard boxes are showing up at our homes with more frequency. It is understandable that you would want to hold onto the box to make sure you’re not going to ship the item back. But that’s when the piles start build up. Before you know, you’ve got more cardboard boxes than you know what to do with. That’s when you want to call in Junk King. The crew from Junk King will be able to break down those boxes and get them out of your home for good.

Junk King always sends over at least two strong movers to get the job done. All you have to do is show them what you want taken away and they’ll handle everything. Two movers means just about any oversized or heavy object can be taken out of your home. They’ll even sweep up the empty spot before they leave.

All those cardboard boxes that you’re getting rid of will be the perfect items to drop off at a recycling center. Junk King will strive to make that happen. They make those kinds of drop offs every week. They also can drop the rest of your stuff off at a charity. That way it can be put back into circulation instead of ending up on a trash heap it is a much greener way of disposing of things. Don’t let your old cardboard boxes and other rubbish pile up. Get rid of it all with one call to Junk King Palm Beach.

You Can Motivate Your Family To Cleanup

Families fall into a routine. Mornings getting ready for work and school follow the same timeline every day. Dinners are typically served around the same time. The exceptions are when the family becomes too busy to sit down together. It happens but it is important to make that family meal a priority even if it is just on Sundays. All those hectic schedules might mean other things fall by the wayside like cleaning the house. Actually, that is one routine that shouldn’t slip away. Are you motivating your family to cleanup? You can and you should.


When you teach your kids to clean, you’re not only getting your own house in order but you’re also preparing them to survive out in the world. That is the number one role we have as parents: Get out kids ready to leave the nest. Simple life skills like doing laundry and cooking will make them a lot more independent when the time is right. Of course, for right now it’s about getting those tasks done in a timely fashion.

Cleaning house needs to be mandatory. You might find some siblings trading off job assignments. That’s fine as long as the work gets done. It will help to set a schedule of what is expected every week. Kids should not only keep their rooms clean but also share in the cleaning of the rest of the house. It helps to establish a “no dumping” policy. Shoes, jackets, sweaters, hats and backpacks all have a place and that place isn’t the floor.

It also helps to give age appropriate tasks. You don’t want your four-year-old mowing the lawn but they can certainly put away their toys after every play session. After all, if they took them out, then they should know where they belong.

Let your kids see what helping out with the cleaning means to you. It should free up more time to spend together as a family. You won’t be nearly as exhausted or stressed out when you have help.

You can also get help from Junk King Palm Beach. This is the company to call on when rubbish removal is part of the family cleaning. All the old clothes, toys, shoes, sporting equipment and anything else that isn’t being used can be turned over to Junk King. You can also give them outdated computers, TVs and furniture. All that rubbish clearing is going to have a positive impact for your home. Enlist Junk King Palm Beach to be your family’s cleanup partner. You’re going to like how the house looks after one junk removal session.

Ready For A New Hobby?

Studies have shown that having a hobby is actually good for your health. It keeps the mind sharp because many hobbies involve some level of problem solving and hand-to-eye coordination. Hobbies are also relaxing. As you work through a project, you’re able to shut of the rest of the world to focus on the task at hand. That’s very soothing. Are you ready for a new hobby? Here are some fun ideas:



Needlework requires patience and an attention to detail. The rewards can be amazing. A good way to start is with a cross-stitch or embroidery set. If this is your first time with needlework, then you’ll want pick a small project. Once you get confident with the basics, you can start creating your own designs.


Sewing is a very practical hobby. Not only can you develop the skills to make repairs and alterations to you own clothing but you can also create outfits from scratch. You might have a lot of old clothes in your closet that you can repurpose for your sewing practice. As your sewing skills improve, you might start creating outfits for friends and family. Who knows? It could even turn into a small revenue generating business.


Knitting is a perfect hobby to keep your hands busy while watching your favorite television shows. A good binge watching/knitting session could yield a scarf or a sweater. As with all hobbies, you’ll find plenty of tutorials online to help you develop your skills. When it comes to deciding on yard color and texture, you’ll be amazed at the variety that is available.

To be a success with a hobby, you’ll need a work and storage space. Sewing means setting up a machine. All that needlework and knitting comes with a lot of materials that need to be organized for easy access. Do you have space in your home to support your hobby? You will after Junk King Palm Beach helps clear out clutter. With help from these pro junk haulers, you can make room in your garage, basement or spare bedroom for your hobby set up. Start your new hobby off right with decluttering help from Junk King Palm Beach.

Don’t Hang Onto Your Junk

You can tell a lot about our lives by what we throw away. Archeologists have made a career out of sorting through ancient trash heaps to find out how we used to live. Left behind in a dump are all the remnants of food, clothing, tools and other articles of life that really do indicate a sense of society and culture.


Of course, most of us won’t have to worry about having an archeologist dig around our homes but we should be concerned about the amount of junk we are actually hanging onto. This could be the stuff that is crammed under beds, into closets or even in spare rooms that is causing our homes overflow with debris. The only reason to hang onto that stuff is because you don’t have a way of getting rid of it. At least, you didn’t until Junk King Palm Beach set up operation.

Junk King Palm Beach is a local based junk hauling franchise that specializes in the removal of all kinds of junk. We’re talking any shape or size. There will be nothing too big or bulky that a Junk King crew won’t be able to haul away.

Because this is a professional operation you know that they are dependable and insured. This matters a lot especially for any workers you’re bringing in your home.

The first step with working with Junk King is to set up your appointment. You pick the day that works best for you. That’s much better than waiting for the city to haul away something from your property. Plus, with Junk King you won’t have to do any actual lifting or loading. Leave it all for the Junk King crew. This is really the only civilized way of handling your garbage.

Once you’ve let go of all that junk you’ll be amazed at how your home has opened up. Even the simple act of finding an outfit to wear to work won’t be stressful because your closet is going to have a lot more room. There is no reason to hold onto your junk as long as Junk King Palm Beach is standing by for a fast removal session.


Decorating On A Budget Tips

All throughout Palm Beach, there are furniture showrooms set up to offer a wide assortment of sofas, chairs, tables, lamps and other furnishings. No doubt every one of those high end show rooms also has a few decorators on staff, standing by to offer help. There is nothing wrong with hiring a professional decorator but ultimately, you’ll be paying them to present you with selections. You have the final say in what you want to put in your home. Do you really need someone for that? There are plenty of great decorating ideas that can spruce up your home and without breaking the budget. Here are a few:


Shop Craigslist

Craigslist is the great online classified site. At any given time there are hundreds of items being offered for sale or for free on Craigslist. Often, people just want to get rid of something and if you pick it up, it can be yours. These aren’t just “yard sale” discards but actually a lot of high end items. You can shop on Craigslist for something specific or be inspired by the photos of what is being offered.

Customize What You Have

If you’re not afraid of working with a clue gun, then you can customize a lot of what you already have in your home to give it a fresh look. There are iron-on trim that you can apply to curtain panels. A black table can have gold edges with a simple brush stroke. You can wallpaper the back of a bookcase. A terrific resource for inspiration is Pinterest. Just type in the search of what you’re looking for and you’ll see all kinds of variations.

Get Eclectic

A lot of decorating is anchored by consistency. A white sofa means a white rug, white end tables and white lamps. That look can be appealing but so can an eclectic approach. Not everything in a room has to match in color and style. You can have different colored end tables and mixture of accent pieces. It all spins back to your personal tastes.

Before you undertake any decorating, you should get rid of the clutter. It’s not just about cleaning up a room but clearing out the stuff that isn’t working. Ratty furniture, and outdated electronics have no place in your home. They certainly don’t have a place out in the garage or up in the attic. To get all that junk removed, hire Junk King Palm Beach. They’ll be able to quickly sweep through your home to pick up whatever needs to be disposed of. Quick and efficient. Home decorating needs to start in a home free of junk. Junk King Palm Beach can help with that in a big way.