Antique Or Junk? One You Keep The Other You Toss Out With Junk King Palm Beach

Most antique dealers except the general rule that something needs to be at least 30 years old to be considered an antique. However, just because something is old doesn’t necessarily mean it has value. You could have antiques in your home that mean a lot to you because of their personal history but might not be of value simply because they were either mass-produced or there isn’t a market for them. Does that mean you should get rid of them? Of course not! But when it comes to all those things in your home that you can absolutely categorize as junk, you should toss them out right away. That’s where Junk King Palm Beach is going to come into play.


Junk King Palm Beach is the professional junk hauling service that has been helping homeowners and businesses throughout the area clear out all kinds of rubbish and clutter from their properties. With Junk King Palm Beach on the job that is easily accomplished thanks to the hard-working crew that will be assigned to the task. There several teams that work for Junk King Palm Beach and regardless of who you will be assigned you’re guaranteed to find a friendly team that will bend over backwards to make sure all your unwanted clutter is removed in a single session.

Although you might decide something is junk it doesn’t automatically mean it is trash. Junk King Palm Beach goes out of its way to make sure the bulk of what they collect never ends up at a landfill. That may be a great place for seagulls to hang out but it’s not great for your junk that could be donated or recycled. Even if it requires extra drop-offs, Junk King Palm Beach is happy to make those trips.

Clearing out all the unwanted junk from the inside of your home is just beginning. You can also ask the Junk King Palm Beach crew to pick up all the objects from around your yard that are taking up space and creating an eyesore. Think of how much better everything will look once all that rubbish is gone. Hold onto to your valuable antiques but lose your worthless junk with help from Junk King Palm Beach.

Junk King Palm Beach Halls Away Cardboard Boxes And Rubbish Fast

How long do you think it took to accumulate all the rubbish cardboard boxes that are out in your garage? Those cardboard boxes might be from several months worth of Amazon deliveries. They could even go back to when you moved into the home. As for the rubbish, that’s all the stuff that you pile up out there that you think one day you’ll get around to using or fixing. Truth be told, most of that stuff is probably already been replaced or you have no intention of ever using it again. The result is that you now have a garage that’s full of cardboard boxes and rubbish as opposed to the things that really matter. That can all change with a quick call to Junk King Palm Beach.


Rubbish doesn’t just have to be stored in your garage. It could be found throughout your entire house. There might be stuff in your closet that you could get rid of. You could have dresser drawers full of clothing you never going to wear again. And there’s probably tons of things you get rid of from the kids rooms. The team from Junk King Palm Beach will happily go through every one of those rooms clear out all that stuff. You can leave it right where it is and don’t have to worry about bring it downstairs. You’re hiring Junk King Palm Beach to climb go stairs!

Rubbish can also be found in the backyard in places like an old shed, behind the garage or under a deck. You might think you’re doing a good job of keeping that stuff out of sight but ultimately it’s just going to get in the way when it starts decomposing. Before that happens, turn it all over to Junk King Palm Beach. It doesn’t matter how dirty that stuff is, though happily loaded onto the truck.

Everything is collected by Junk King Palm Beach will have a chance in a new lease on life. That’s because this is the company is dedicated to an eco-friendly way of getting rid of junk. Most of what they collect ends up at a charity. These organizations can take in busted furniture and make it like new again. As for everything else, that could be repurposed at a recycling center. All of this means you can reduce your carbon footprint without lifting a finger thanks to Junk King Palm Beach. Take care of your cardboard boxes and rubbish overload the right way by hiring Junk King Palm Beach today.

Enjoy All Of Palm Beach With Help From Junk King

The first thing people think of when they hear “Palm Beach” and is all those idyllic beaches. You simply can’t make a trip to Palm Beach without going down to the water. But there are a lot of other ways to experience nature in Palm Beach that might surprise people. You can check out manatees at the Manatee Lagoon or go on a wildlife tour on an airboat the swamps. There’s also McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary in the Palm Beach zoo that gives you an up close look at all kinds of animals in all kinds of habitats. Any one of those destinations would make a fun day for the whole family.


The goal is being able to carve out time on your day off. That’s usually when you are tackling the household chores that have been piling up. If one of those chores happens to be getting rid of rubbish that can be tossed in the trash, then Junk King Palm Beach can be a big help. These are the junk removal pros who can clear out all that rubbish early in the morning and leave you with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day.

Scheduling is easy with Junk King Palm Beach. You can take it that online or with a phone call. If you want that early morning appointment, then just designate the day that works best for you. Junk King will do what they can to accommodate that and in most instances they can complete junk removal within 24 hours of that first contact.

You’ll be dispatched a two-man moving crew who is going to be doing all the heavy lifting for you. This is the team that likes to move very fast. That doesn’t mean they’re going to be careless. Quite the opposite. These crews have all been trained in proper techniques for moving and maneuvering heavy objects. If something proves to be too much of a challenge to get out the door, then they will happily taken apart to make it fit. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this team works.

Take care of your rubbish removal the right way by hiring Junk King Palm Beach today.

Junk King Palm Beach Helps Keep Your Business Clear Of Clutter

One of the most discouraging online reviews you can get about your business is when a customer comments on its cleanliness. There’s not a bigger turnoff for a potential customer than to find out the place they want to go to has been labeled “dirty.” It is understandable that sometimes the cleaning chores can fall behind. Is also understandable if you have a certain amount of clutter that you can’t be removed because of its weight or size. In a situation like that, your best option is to call in Junk King Palm Beach. They might not be able to help you wipe down your counters and mop the floors but they can certainly get rid of all that oversize rubbish.


Junk King Palm Beach is all about taking away the effort out of hauling from your business. Every junk removal session set up a Junk King Palm Beach will be staffed by a pair of capable movers. In some instances, Junk King Palm Beach sends over additional crew members for those jobs that have reached “hoarder level.” But you’ll find that the standard two-man moving crew is really all you need to clear out your stockroom, parking lot or other storage areas of unwanted junk.

Price is always a consideration when hiring additional work crews. Junk King Palm Beach charges a flat fee based upon how much space your stuff will take up on the back of the truck. This is an estimate that is determined by the crew after they’ve had a chance to look over all your things. That is why they can’t give you a locked down price over the phone. They need to see everything in person. Plus, between the time you called set up your appointment and the actual appointment you may add to that list. It’s only fair that Junk King Palm Beach has a chance to size everything up for themselves. Once they agree to that price, they’ll get to work doing all the lifting of loading. Before you know it, your business will be clear of all that unwanted clutter. Make sure your business looks its best with a junk removal session from Junk King Palm Beach.

Take Care Of Your Apartment Clean Up With A Call To Junk King Palm Beach

One of the stressful things about moving into a new apartment is having to clean the old apartment. After all the packing, coordinating with movers, setting up utilities and everything else it’s associated with the move the last thing you want to do is clean apartment your leaving behind. But that is just what you have to do if you want to get back your security deposit. Part of that apartment clean up also involves getting rid of any oversize rubbish that you are leaving behind. That can include pieces of furniture, drapes, carpeting or anything else that requires help getting out of the apartment. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that on your own. One call to Junk King Palm Beach can take care of your final apartment clean up with very little stress.


You’ll be getting another set of movers when you hire Junk King Palm Beach. This is the team that is going to carry out all the stuff you want taken away. The difference between the Junk King crew and your other movers is that Junk King won’t be charging you by the hour. Instead, they charge a flat rate that is based upon the space you’re stuff will use on the back of the truck. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King Palm Beach. That is something your other movers might be doing and its even more reason why you don’t want to carry any extra junk with you. Why pay for stuff that you want to throw out eventually?

You might find that a lot of the things you want to get rid of would make perfect donations to a charity. You hire Junk King Palm Beach you can be assured that is just what will happen. This is a company that has been dedicated to keeping as much is what they collect out of landfills as possible. Making drop offs to charities part of their weekly routines. Nothing has to be tossed out when you’re handed over to junk King Palm Beach. When you hire Junk King Palm Beach for your final apartment clean up its one less thing to worry about.

Junk King Palm Beach Makes All Your Holiday Clutter Disappear

In many towns that are tourist destinations, you often find a Christmas store. This is a shop that is open year-round selling Christmas decorations and tchotchkes. Usually the ornaments they sell are related to the area where the store is located. Here in Palm Beach you’ll find a lot of Santa with sunglasses and surfing reindeer. It’s actually nice to walk into a Christmas store in the middle of summer. At home, you probably don’t want to be thinking about Christmas all year long. That is why you take down the decorations and toss out the tree. By now you probably already done your decoration cleanup but that doesn’t mean they’re isn’t holiday clutter that needs to be dealt with. If it that kind of clutter is still around, then it’s because it won’t fit into the trashcan. This sounds like a job for Junk King Palm Beach!


Before setting up your appointment with Junk King Palm Beach, you’ll want to go through your entire house and identify all those things you can toss out. If you got a new flatscreen TV for Christmas, then the old TV probably should go. The same could be said for a Blu-ray player, computer, monitor or printer. All of that old electronic gear needs to be disposed of in a proper way. You don’t want to dump it into a landfill where it will bake in the sun releasing toxic chemicals. Instead, that e-waste has to be dropped off at a certified recycling center. That is something that Junk King Palm Beach is happy to take care of.

Although Junk King Palm Beach looks for every opportunity to find something to recycle they also are all about donated to charity. This is where your old clothing, furniture, and other household goods could end up. Whether that charity will put those items in their thrift store or give them directly to a family in need nothing has to go to waste.

You’ll be paying a flat fee for this service that will be based upon how the truck gets packed by the crew. Their objective is to squeeze in your stuff in as little space as possible. By doing that they get to make room for another pickup and you get to pay the low end of the price scale. Start out 2017 by saying goodbye to all your 2016 clutter. Junk King Palm Beach can make that happen today.

Make Room For New Stuff With Help From Junk King Palm Beach

There was a time when single car garage was normal for home design. Then the two-car garage became en vogue and every new home had to have this kind of space. Today’s new home features a three-car garage as standard. This doesn’t necessarily mean a home will have three cars but instead families need that much extra space. Imagine if you could double the space of your current garage? That would certainly open up a lot of room for new stuff. Of course, you have the opportunity to make room for new stuff right now but that would require getting rid of the old stuff. To get that accomplished you only need to make one call to Junk King Palm Beach.


As soon as you make contact with Junk King Palm Beach, they’re going to put a plan into action that will have you living in a junk free home in no time at all. You get to set the day and two-hour window that works best for your calendar. Once that is locked down, you can focus on deciding what you want to get rid. You may have a few “big-ticket” items already in mind like an old couch or washing machine. But since you’ll have your personal moving crew and huge truck at your disposal, you don’t have to stop just a few items. This is a wonderful opportunity to go through every room in your home and target those things that can be taken out.

You might discover a box of toys from one of the kid’s rooms and some books from the living room. That could be bags of clothing from every closet in the house. They can also be all kinds of unused sporting equipment, kitchen gadgets, electronic gear and other household goods that you aren’t ever planning on using again. You won’t even have to gather any of that up into a pile. You can leave it scattered throughout the house and the Junk King Palm Beach crew will sweep through pick it up right from the spot.

The only way to make room in your home is to clear out the unwanted junk and that happens fast when Junk King Palm Beach is on the job.

Junk King Palm Beach Helps You Do Away With Clutter Once And For All

Every junk removal session set up by Junk King Palm Beach is a quick by two very capable movers. This is the team that has been licensed, bonded and insured. There also be arriving in a truck big enough to haul away an entire home’s worth of furnishings. This crew has been trained in the proper techniques of lifting and loading. They’ll also be fully stocked with the toolkit that allows them to take apart just about anything from a hot tub to a swing set. Depending upon what you want to get rid of, that might seem a bit excessive. However, that is the standard on how Junk King Palm Beach operates. It doesn’t matter to them how much want to get rid of because as far as they’re concerned, no junk pile is too big or too small to haul away.


There might be some items in your garage, basement or attic that you been holding onto for quite some time. These could be pieces of furniture that you think you might reupholster some day. It might be an appliance that you are thinking about getting fixed. It could even be an old computer that you since replaced many times over. When you get right down to it, that stuff is really just junk. You not to fix it or use it again so why hold onto it and take up valuable storage space in your home? One call to Junk King Palm Beach can and all of that.

Before the crew arrives for your schedule appointment clear about exactly what you want to toss out. Many folks have discovered that between the time of calling for Junk King Palm Beach and the crew actually showing up they change what they want to put on the truck. There is nothing wrong with that because your final price can’t be locked down until the crew has a chance to look over all the things you want to throw out. They’ll be looking to see how your stuff will fit on the back of the truck. Their goal is to get it in as little space as possible. That way you be paying the lowest price as possible. That’s just how Junk King Palm Beach operates. You don’t have to surround yourself with clutter anymore thanks to Junk King Orlando. Bring them in today.

Make Your Holidays Clutter Free With Help From Junk King Palm Beach

With the holidays approaching, there is a lot going on. The last thing you’re thinking about is getting rid of that old sofa down in the basement. However, that is exactly the kind of thing you should take care of so that your holidays are less clutter. Thankfully, there is a professional junk hauling company standing by that can make that sofa disappear in the blink of an eye. It’s kind of like Santa magic! That company would be Junk King Palm Beach. Not only can they get rid of your old sofa but they can also do amazing things with decluttering the rest of your home. That would certainly make the holidays a lot brighter!


The biggest thing that has kept you from getting rid of something like old furniture or appliances has probably been the lack of a truck. You certainly can’t throw a recliner in the backseat of your SUV. The Junk King Palm Beach on the job you’ll be able to load up all kinds of things the back of their truck. Actually, you will be doing any of the loading. That is what two-man crew assigned to your task will be handling. It doesn’t matter to them is something is really heavy or bulky if you want gone, then it’s can be gone!

This is the same crew you can call on to do some terrific yard cleanup. They may not mow the grass or rake the leaves but they can certainly pick up anything that has piled up out there. That includes anything dumped in the last storm or has been rotting away in the rain. Everything gets loaded onto the same truck.

Cost is always a factor when you’re hiring a company to do work around the house. The cost for Junk King Palm Beach is service is based strictly on volume. It all comes down to how tightly the crew can pack up all your stuff onto the back of the truck. The less space your junk feels the less you be paying. You’ll know what this estimate will be ball for the work begins so that there won’t be any surprises at the end of the job. Call Junk King Palm Beach today to fire up your holiday decluttering.

Junk King Palm Beach Helps You Clear The Clutter Before Decorations Go Up

Just because there won’t be any snow on the ground in Palm Beach doesn’t mean folks won’t get in a festive holiday spirit. All throughout the area, Christmas lights will start going up and decorations will be hung with great care. If you’re going to be decorating this year, then you’ll want to bring in Junk King Palm Beach. This is a dedicated crew who won’t help hang up lights but can certainly work magic when it comes to clearing out the clutter!


Junk King Palm Beach is can supply you with a strong moving crew who is going to do all the heavy lifting. Knowing you’ll have this team at your disposal might have a huge impact on deciding what you want to get rid of. It doesn’t just have to be some old clothes from your closet but it can be things like a sofa, refrigerator, old television or mattress. Want to be great to get rid of those kinds of things? One call to Junk King Palm Beach can make it happen.

The other things you might be looking to get rid of our electronics such as old computers, printers or monitors. These are the kinds of things that need to be disposed of at a certified recycling center. You could wait for the occasional e-waste drop off day. But those events tend to be very inconvenient and far removed from where you might be. Junk King Palm Beach will make sure all those items will get to the proper facility.

Decorating your home for the holidays might also mean drawing attention to your front yard but in a good way. After all, you want folks to enjoy the decorations you hang up outside. What you don’t want them to enjoy our any kinds of yard waste. The crew from Junk King Palm Beach will be happy to pick up any debris that has been dropped in your yard by Mother Nature. They can also take away things like leftover construction material, rusty auto-parts, spare tires or even a hot tub! This just no end to what junk King Palm Beach can take from your home!

Kick off your holiday decorating the right way by having all the junk and clutter removed from your home with help from Junk King Palm Beach.

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