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Clear Out The Unwanted Stuff From Your Closets Today

When was the last time you found something in your closet that you had forgotten you put in there? This could be an outfit or article of clothing that has been pushed back on the hanger rod. It might be something that you have never even worn before. It could also be something that you have no interest in wearing! You will only discover this kind of items if you take the time to sort through your closets. That means pulling everything out and examining each article one at a time. That could take up a few hours of your time but it will be time well spent when you consider the payoff will be more room in your closets for the things that matter.

What you will be left with could be a big pile of stuff that needs to be removed. These are items that should be tossed out into the trash. Instead they should be given to a charity where they can be put to use again. This is the kind of responsible disposal that is part of the standard Junk King Palm Beach removal session. Yes, when you hire Junk King to get rid of your unwanted rubbish it will always be disposed of in a responsible way.

Box or Bag

The items from your closets could be put into a box or a bag for pickup from the Junk King crew. They could also be left as a loose pile. All that matters to the team from Junk King is that you want those things gone from the house. Before anything is loaded up onto the truck Junk King team will tell you exactly what your final fee is. That fee will always be based on how everything will fit onto the truck and not how heavy it will be. Since the Junk King crew likes to pack things up tight you can always count on a fair and competitive price for this service.

It will be great to get more room in your closets. That can happen when Junk King Palm Beach removes all the way the unwanted stuff. Book them today.

Get The Most Out Of Remote Work

Remote work has become a new reality for a lot of folks. This goes beyond just answering a few emails and instead devoting a good portion of the day to working at a home office set up. For people who aren’t used to working from home there will definitely be a kind of learning curve. Here are some ways that you can get the most out of your remote work:

Over Communicate

At the office, it is easy to get questions answered and updates by simply walking up to a coworker for status report. Now that you are working at home it is vital that you over to communicate with your coworkers. Not only does this mean staying in touch with regard to work projects but also on a social level. You don’t want to build up feelings of isolation because you’re working alone. Regular video chats should be part of your workday even if those are just for “venting.”

It will help if you let everyone on your team how the best way to communicate with you is. This might mean exchanging Skype contacts or setting up a group text. Just be sure you stay focused when you are responding to make sure a message meant for a single coworker doesn’t go out to the entire office!

Dress for Work

Working from home means you don’t have to commute. It also means you don’t have to dress up in business attire just to sit at your desk. But you don’t want to wear your pajamas to work every especially if you are having a video conference call. It will help you achieve a sense of normalcy if you continue with the same morning routines as you always have done.

Set Your Schedule

Everyone you work with is now also working from home. But that doesn’t mean that you should make yourself available around-the-clock. You also have a family to take care of. That is why you should have a definitive and of your workday and let everyone know that after certain hour you won’t be as responsive.

Keep the Home Tidy

Working from home shouldn’t mean that all the other household tasks fall off. It is important to keep your home tidy so that you won’t be overwhelmed by clutter. You could actually tackle your spring-cleaning project on the weekends. Take your time to go through the house and identify all those items that you could get rid of. That will go a long way towards improving your living environment. When you have created those piles of unwanted stuff, calling Junk King Palm Beach. We’ve created some new pickup policies that keep our customers and our work crews safe. When you’re ready to get rid of the rubbish, Junk King Palm Beach will be ready to haul it away safely.

Here are a Few Tips to Get Ready to Use Our Palm Beach – Storage Cleanout Services

We offer a variety of excellent junk removal services including of course Palm Beach – Storage Cleanout. If you take a look at our website, you’ll see how many different kinds of things we can get rid of.

Television disposal and recycling, as well as e waste disposal, are common when we are cleaning out a storage facility. Some of our clients like a little time in advance to prepare and separate what they want to keep from the junk they want to throw out.

Here are a few tips that you can use to prepare in advance for our Palm Beach – Storage Cleanout team.

Get Prepared.
If you have a storage unit for any length of time, you might not even remember everything that’s inside. Many of our clients haven’t kept a proper inventory, so they can feel a little overwhelmed at first when they decide to start getting rid of the junk inside.

We suggest that you take a few days to separate what you want from what you don’t want. Remember, you’ll find some items that you might be emotionally attached to.
Hanging on to those slows the whole process down. Another helpful idea is to have someone to back you up. Of relative is a good idea to help you go through the storage facility.

Take A Quick Inventory
After you’ve started the process and done a bit of sorting, it’s important to write everything down. Taking a general inventory of everything that’s in the unit is a good idea because it will give you a starting point. It’s the first step in being able to sort through everything and decide what will go with our Palm Beach – Storage Cleanout team.

Start the Sort
With all of those other steps out of the way, you’re ready to begin sorting. You’ll need some cardboard boxes more than likely and a permanent magic marker. You can mark the boxes that you want to throw out and separate them from the ones that are labeled for donation. You might even want to keep a few boxes back in the unit and you should label them accordingly.

Here’s a final tip that can help you get ready to use our Palm Beach – Storage Cleanout services. If you start sorting one area, the process will be more manageable than if you try and go through the whole unit at once.

Keep Your Home Trash Free With Junk King

Enjoying a junk free home can be difficult when you try to do it on your own. It is not possible for a single person to clear large junk on their own. It is not recommended either because an untrained individual might get hurt in doing so. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to hire professional household junk removal services in Palm Beach, Florida.

We at Junk King are proud to say that we have emerged as a winning team for home junk removal in Palm Beach with our constant efforts to keep households clutter free. We have gained immense reputation because of our trained teams and sophisticated equipment. All services are provided on time because we understand that time is of the essence.

Residential junk removal is something we have been doing for a long time now. We are experienced in clearing backyards, garages and attics easily. We can take away all your junk—right from mattresses and furniture to old electronic units and sanitary ware.
We do our job without disturbing anything else in your household. We also clean the mess if we create any after ourselves.

Palm Beach County’s Greenest Junk Removal Company


When Junk King started, the founders wanted to create a junk removal company that was dedicated to being green.  In 2005 they pioneered recycling-based junk removal and have been going greener ever since.

metalWhat does that mean exactly?  Well, unlike other companies we sort all of our junk in our warehouse (located on Aragon Avenue) before heading to the dump.  We separate anything we might be able to salvage. We pick out scrap metals and then make trips to our local scap yard.  Palm Beach Metal is a great local business that we have a working relationship with.

Additionally when we come across household items that are gently used and are worth saving, we try to find new owners.  We have formed a great connection with Palm Beach Harvest.  This worthy community-based, non-profit organization has been feeding the hungry in Palm Beach for over 16 years.  Often they help people get back on their feet after experiencing hardship.  We have been fortunate to pass along furniture and other household wares to this great group.


In honor of Earth Day, we would encourage all of you to make an effort to be a little greener.  Whether it is recycling or conserving water or carpooling…try to adopt one new green concept in your life.  We will do the same! Happy Earth Day!


Palm Beach Hotel Clean Out – Fit For Kings, Cleaned By Kings

Every day brings a new adventure at Junk King. Our itineray today included a trip to the Palm Beach Hotel.
palm beach hotel

According to its website, this historic hotel was “designed by eminent New York architect, Mortimer Dickinson Metcalfe, and built by Thomas A. Clarke.”  The hotel was completed in 1925 and is Spanish Baroque style at its finest.  The first Palm Beach hotel guests arrived iin 1926!  It becamse a place for the wealthy and the elite- a place fit for royalty.  So naturally it made sense then that if anyone was going to clear some junk from this place it should be the junk “Kings.”  🙂

Here are some progress shots!


nbsp; 011 007 010



Can’t wait to see what tomorrow may bring!

Junk King of Palm Beach, The DIYer’s Best Friend

Are you a DIYer?  What’s a DIYer?  So glad you asked!

DIYers (pronounced: Dee-eye-why-ers) are do-it-yourselfers!  These crafty people take on home projects and renovations that might normally (ahem, don’t look at me) be reserved for a professional.  DIYers are taking America by storm.  Heck, there’s even an entire network on television dedicated to these resourceful folks.


At Junk King we have partnered with many great DIYers.  Before, during and after renovations, we have hauled flooring and other construction debris away so that the do-it-yourselfers can focus on their tasks at hand.  Many homeowners who take on construction projects lack the resources we have available to haul junk away.  Whether you’re adding hardwood floors, creating a new backyard oasis, taking out kitchen cabinets or performing a home flip, we can be there to help!  Rather than deal with an unsightly dumpster that can often be expensive, give us a call to remove the debris in a swift and cost effective manner!

So all you ambitious renovators, plan you next project and call Junk King!





Boat Removal – Yes, We Do That Too!

Last week we removed an old boat from a customer’s property.  For a long time, his view had been clouded by this old, abandoned boat.

And then, just like that his view went from this:

Boat Removal in Florida

To this:

Boat Removal In Palm Beach County

If you have a similar situation and need an old boat removed, please give us a call.   Right now is a great time to spruce up your property before the holidays!  We will make the removal as stress free as possible.  Call us and it’s smooth sailing after that.  Haha!

Junk King – Where It’s Customer Service Week Every Week

Did you know this week is National Customer Service Week? Forbes had a great article yesterday about making customer week EVERY week.  I feel confident in saying that at Junk King we have already embraced this mantra.

Junk King tries to set itself apart from other junk haulers by being especially attentive to our customers.  We make being on time, being fair, being efficient, being thorough and being considerate, a priority.  Our company has invested significant monies into following up with our customers.  We are constantly checking in to make sure they were satifisfied with the job that was performed.  And also, we are constantly checking in to see how we can improve our process!

thank you customer

We have found that taking care of our customers, in turn, takes care of us.  When people are happy with a job well done, they generally tell other people.  We get lots of referrals from happy customers.  We also get repeat business when people realize how easy our system is and how great a job we do.

Thank you to all of our great customers for your business!  Thank you for sharing your great experiences with other people.  We will continue to make customer service week EVERY week!

Have a great Monday!

The Florida Basement

Have you ever heard of a garage in Florida being referred to as the “Florida basement?” I overheard someone say that recently and had to laugh. Unfortunately most of us Floridians do not have traditional basements due to the high water table. Many of us also do not have attic spaces. We thus, lack storage space! Our garages tend to fill up quickly.

At Junk King one of our popular job is a garage cleanout. We do them frequently! Sometimes the stuff that accumulates can be overwhelming. Our customers are always relieved once we visit. We work quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to labor in the sun or deal with costly/unsightly dumpsters. We come, dressed in uniform, ready to take on the challenge.

And, boy, what a difference a call to Junk King makes!

Here’s a recent example:
before garage and construction debris

after garage construction debris


If you want to clean out your “Florida basement” then please consider giving us a call.  We would love to help.  Your next dilemma will be figuring out what to do with all that new space!


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