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Junk Removal Blog

Take Care Of Old Sofa Removal Today

Getting rid of an old sofa require scheduling coordination. First, you want to ensure that the old sofa is cleared to make room for the delivery of the new sofa. However, you don’t want both sofas in the room simultaneously! The simple solution is to hire Junk King Philadelphia to take care of your sofa removal task. This professional junk hauling service makes sofa removal part of their daily routine.

Any Size Sofa

Junk King will dispatch a moving crew to help with your sofa disposal. This is a team that can remove any size sofa from any environment. It doesn’t matter if the sofa needs to go down a flight of stairs or an elevator. It doesn’t matter if there are “sections” to the sofa. All that matters is you want to be removed.

When the Junk King crew shows up, they will look over the sofa and know precisely how it will fit onto the back of their truck. This is important because that is how the cost of the removal job will be determined. One flat rate covers all the work, disposal, and transportation. That disposal could include dropping your sofa off at a charity if it can still be used. Junk King is happy to make that kind of off.

In addition to your old sofa, you can use the same appointment with Junk King to eliminate all the unwanted stuff from your home. Consider this the perfect opportunity to clear out all kinds of things from your closets, cabinets, garage, and basement. There will be plenty of room on the Junk King truck for everything.

When you need to remove an old sofa from your home, you must put Junk King Philadelphia on the job. Call to schedule today.

Hire Junk King For Spring Cleaning Help

How much help do you need to get your spring cleaning agenda finished this year? Will you be enlisting family members in the effort? Everyone can have their own assignments. And you can even provide reward motivation like a pizza party at the end of the job! Spring cleaning can also be helped by hiring outside support. That can be found by setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Philadelphia. This junk-hauling company can help clear all the unwanted stuff out of your home in a single session.

Junk King will send over a helpful team to get rid of all your junk. This can be any item you discovered during your cleaning that you would like cleared away for good. It can be furniture down in the basement or clothing from an upstairs bedroom closet. One thing to remember with Junk King on the job is that anything you turn over to them can be dropped off at a charity. That can make a big difference when deciding what you want to be cleared out of your home. In other words, those usable items do not have to end up in the trash!

The cost for Junk King service is based strictly on volume. So it all depends on how all your stuff fits onto the truck. The goal for the Junk King team is to get as much as possible into a very tight space. That will provide you with a great deal, which is something Junk King wants to happen with every one of their appointments.

Add a junk removal session from Junk King Philadelphia to your spring cleaning agenda this year. It will make a big difference.

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How To Get Rid Of An Old Hot Tub

Getting rid of a backyard hot tub can be a bit of a dilemma. Once a hot tub is put in place, it cannot be moved around like a piece of patio furniture or barbecue grill. When that hot tub “lands,” it is there for the duration. So what happens if you want to get rid of that old hot tub? Maybe you want to replace it with a new, improved model. Perhaps you want to clear it out to make more room in your backyard. Now the focus shifts to finding a viable solution on how to get rid of an old hot tub. That is easily solved with one call to Junk King Philadelphia. These professional junk haulers can take care of your hot tub disposal the right way from start to finish.

Fast Work

Removing a hot tub will take a bit longer than removing an old futon. But you still benefit from the same level of fast work by the Junk King crew assigned to this task. That will be a two-man crew with plenty of experience with hot tub removal. Although hot tubs have different designs, they have the same core elements. There is an inner fiberglass shell and an encasement. There are also motors and pumps. All that has to be dismantled and loaded onto the Junk King truck piece by piece.

As you watch Junk King take apart the hot tub, you do not have to keep an eye on the clock. The Junk King crew works for the same flat rate that covers all the labor. That rate is based on how the truck gets packed up, not weight. You will know the price before the work begins. Junk King will always strive to make it a fair price for the service.

The best way to get rid of your old hot tub is to give the job to Junk King Philadelphia today.

Get Rid Of Cabinet Clutter With Help From Junk King

How many individual items do you think you have in your kitchen cabinets? Adding up all the dishes, cups, pots, pans, and pantry items could be several hundred different things. That is a lot in those cabinets. If you have reached maximum capacity with your cabinets, it might be time for serious clutter removal. That means taking everything out and laying it out on the dining room table to see what stays and what can go. After you put everything back, the left-over stuff is what can be turned over to Junk King Philadelphia. This full-service junk hauling company will remove all the clutter from your home, big and small!

Fast Carry-out

It may only take four or five trips for the Junk King team to get all your tablet clutter out of the house and onto the truck. That kind of carry-out can happen in a matter of minutes. Having two movers on the Junk King team is so helpful. You can also put those two movers to work, removing even more stuff from your home. Clearing cabinet clutter can inspire you to get rid of unwanted furniture down the basement or a dresser upstairs. None of that will be a challenge for the Junk King team.

It is also not a challenge to pack up the truck. The Junk King crews always manage to get a lot of stuff into very little space on the truck. They do that so they will have room for the next appointment. They also do it so you will have a great deal with every removal session.

Getting rid of all the cabinet clutter and unwanted stuff from your home can make a big difference. Let Junk King Philadelphia help with that task. Book a removal session today.

Clear Out Unwanted Office Furniture Today

What area in your office space would you consider to be the most cluttered? Set aside individual desks. The amount of clutter on a desk is determined by the person sitting there. And everyone will claim they have a “system” to make sense of that clutter. But other areas of an office can also contain clutter, like a storeroom, empty office, or cubicle. Those are the areas where your unwanted office furniture ends up. Usually, when a piece of office furniture is put into storage, it means no one wants to use it, or it is broken. But that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it. One call to Junk King Philadelphia can change that. This is the crew that can help you clear out all your unwanted office furniture today.

Quick Turnaround

Junk King provides a quick turnaround for its services. Most appointments are completed within 24 hours of that first phone call. So even if you book your appointment online after hours, you can expect a fast response that will put you just hours away from getting all your unwanted office furniture removed.

This task will be completed by a team of movers who have the experience to haul away any size object from your work environment. That includes the things that need to be taken apart, like cubicle walls or credenzas. The Junk King crew will handle that dismantling task from start to finish without involving your staff.

The cost of Junk King service is always determined by how everything fits onto the back of the truck. It’s all about volume and not about weight. Junk King wants to make every one of their removal sessions good for the bottom line. Getting rid of your old office furniture is just a phone call away when you call Junk King Philadelphia.

Clear Out The Rubbish For More Storage Space

Have you reached maximum storage capacity in your home? Professional organizers suggest that whenever you bring something new into the house, you should get rid of two old things. That’s good in theory but not always practical. However, there are probably plenty of things you are keeping in storage that you no longer intend to use. Those are the kinds of things that you should get hauled away by the team from Junk King Philadelphia. One session with these professional junk haulers will help you create more storage space in your home.

Rediscovering What Is Valuable

As you go through all the things you keep in storage, you will be able to rediscover what you consider valuable. There may be a lot of items like old clothing, books, and other household goods that have no value to you. But that could also be something you might want to bring out and put on display.

Whatever you get rid of can be collected by the Junk King squad. This is a team of professional movers who work quickly and efficiently. You just have to show them all the things you are cleared away in no time at all those items will be safely loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck.

All of this can happen in a very timely fashion. For example, if you call Junk King today to set up an appointment, you could complete it by tomorrow. You might also be able to use the same-day pickup appointment. Junk King knows how valuable your time is and how important it is to get rid of those unwanted items. Therefore, they will make the whole process go by very quickly!

When Junk King Philadelphia clears out the rubbish in your home, you will discover a lot more storage space. So book your appointment to make that happen today.

Kickoff 2023 Without Any Rubbish

Now that all the holiday decorations are safely packed up and put away, it is time to take stock of what else is happening around the house in terms of “stuff.” How many things would you like to finally get rid of that you cannot toss into the trash? These are all the more oversized items like unwanted furniture, appliances, and electronics. Those are the kinds of things that have to be hauled away by a professional. Here in Philadelphia, that professional is Junk King. These experienced junk haulers can help you kick off 2023 without any rubbish in the home.

Moving Crew Dispatch

Junk King will dispatch a moving crew for your rubbish removal session. This is the team that is going to handle all the lifting and loading on your behalf. You do not have to get anything ready for the Junk King crew. You can leave all your unwanted stuff right where it currently is. Then, when the Junk King crew shows up, you will show them everything you want to be cleared away. In no time at all, that stuff will find its way onto the back of the Junk King truck.

Before that can happen, Junk King will provide you with a written estimate. That estimate will always be a flat rate determined by how all your stuff it’s onto the truck. Will your things take up one-third, one-half, or the entire truckload? Whatever the flat rate that is determined will also be a guaranteed price. Junk King matches any competitive price. That makes them the best deal in town for this type of service.

Start your new year without any rubbish in the house. It can happen with one call to Junk King Philadelphia.

Hire Junk King For Sofa Removal

Is it time to finally say goodbye to your old sofa? It certainly provided you with a lot of comfort over the years. This is where you watched all that great television. It’s where you take those lazy weekend naps. Everyone in the family has their favorite spot sofa. But sooner or later, a sofa will eventually wear down. When that happens, it needs to be replaced. But that just means you get to start all over again making those great sofa memories! After you have picked out your new sofa, you need to arrange for the old sofa to be cleared away. That is a task that is best turned over to the crew from Junk King Philadelphia. These are the professional junk haulers who make sofa removal look easy, and that’s because for Junk King it is easy!

Stacked On the Truck

your sofa will be stacked onto the back of the Junk King truck. This truck can hold around six pickup trucks working rubbish, so there will be plenty of room for your sofa. It also means there would be plenty of room for anything else you want to get rid of. You could get rid of boxes of old clothing or other household goods. That can be stacked right on top of the sofa. The goal for the Junk King crew is always to pack up the truck as tightly as they can. That will give them room for the next appointment. More importantly, it will provide you with a great price. The Junk King flat rate is always based on volume and not about weight. It all comes down to that packing!

You can set up your session with Junk King online or over the phone. Either way, you will not have to wait long to get yourself cleared away.

When you need a sofa removed from your home, you must put the crew from Junk King Philadelphia on the job. Book your session today.

Junk King Philadelphia Earns More Positive Reviews

Junk King Philadelphia is a professional junk hauling company that has perfected an approach for getting rid of rubbish from homes, apartments, and businesses. That starts with making easy booking appointments and ends by having a dedicated two-man crew assigned to every removal session. It’s the proof the Junk King delivers on its promise of hassle-free junk removal can be found in reviews like these:

“Quick, fast, and will let you know if they are going to be running late. Will use again if needed. Great experience. The guys you sent were respectful and responsible for not trying to damage anything in my home while removing the items. Great job, guys.” – Natalie, Philadelphia

Junk King treats every one of its customer’s home as if it were their own. They might work fast, but they do it efficiently and safely.

“We had used Junk King a number of years ago and retained their business card for future service. I scheduled this morning, and they were able to do same-day service. Very nice and courteous. They kept me updated on their arrival time. Good value.” – Chris, Washington Crossing

Junk King can often provide same-day pickup service. It all depends on when you call and how flexible your day is.

“This was the quickest, easiest junk removal I’ve ever scheduled. I was able to obtain service in under 36 hours. The staff on the phone were lovely to speak with, and the folks who removed my old bed were very professional. They even asked permission to come out early. Mattress removal took less than five minutes, and I didn’t have to move other furniture in my tiny studio. No wonder this place has a 4.9-star average with more than 1000 reviews!” – Maisha, Philadelphia

The best approach for getting rid of your unwanted rubbish remains to hire Junk King Philadelphia for the job. Set up your removal session today.

Make Your Home Rubbish Free For The Holidays

The holiday season is finally happening. That means things kick into high gear around the house. There will be a lot more errands to run and gives to wrap. There will also be a lot of decorations to go up. But, before that happens, it might be wise to look for an appointment with Junk King Philadelphia. These professional junk haulers can help you clear out all your unwanted rubbish. That will undoubtedly make your home a lot more festive, and that’s just what everyone should have for the holidays!

All The Rubbish

Junk King office full-service rubbish removal. That starts with a two-man crew who will be assigned to your appointment. This team will be under your direct supervision for that appointment. It is a crew that will do all the lifting and loading on your behalf. It doesn’t matter where you have a particular item in your home. All that matters to the Junk King team is that you want it gone for good.

When the crew arrives for your rubbish removal session, you will show them everything you want to be cleared out. They were then present you with a written estimate based on that list. That estimate will be about how they plan to pack up the truck. One flat rate covers all the labor, travel time, and disposal. And that rate is all about the volume and not about the weight. So you will never be charged by the pound when you hire Junk King for rubbish removal.

Drop-offs at a charity for some of your items could be included in that flat rate. Junk King is happy to make that trip with clothing, furniture, and other household goods. Those items are always needed, especially this time of the year.

Hire Junk King Philadelphia at the start of this holiday season to get the rubbish out of your house. You’ll be glad you did.

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