How To Handle Old Bike Disposal And Junk Removal

Almost any home repair task you need to complete will have a “how to” video posted on YouTube. You can find out how to flush out a water heater, how to stop a faucet from leaking and how to patch a hole in the wall. What you might not find is a how to video on taking care of an old bike disposal or junk removal. Actually, that video would only have to show someone calling Junk King Philadelphia. That remains the easiest way to handle this type of cleanup.


When space is limited in a garage or apartment, an old bike might have hung on the wall. But lifting it off the ground doesn’t solve the problem of holding onto something you’re not going to use again. It might make cleaning the floors easier but it will still contribute to the sense that you’re surrounded by clutter. There are probably a lot more things that you have in your garage and closet that could also be considered useless clutter. All of that can be given to Junk King for fast removal.

The typical junk clearing sessions only lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. Things can slow down for the Junk King crew if there is something that needs to be take apart before it can be brought down from upstairs or down a tight hallway. Regardless of the time it takes for the crew to load up their truck with all your stuff, they won’t be on the clock. At least, not as your fee is concerned. The flat fee for Junk King covers all the labor whether it takes them a few minutes or all day to clean out clutter. That fee also covers the transportation costs and the disposal.

Many junk haulers will charge a  dumping fee because that is what they get charged anytime they go to a landfill. You can bet by the time that fee gets to the customer that it has been marked up. Since Junk King avoids making trips to landfills, they can avoid those fees, too. That is direct savings that benefits each customer. The reliable way to handle an old bike removal or junk clearing remains Junk King Philadelphia. Put them on the job today.

Tips For Throwing An Awesome Graduation Party

Are you celebrating a graduation this year? Although that is your kid’s big achievement, you, as the parent, should get some of the credit, too. Think of all that positive encouragement you gave over the years and how you created a safe place for them to study. There might have even been a free science projects you helped build. Before your grad embarks on the next chapter of their lives, it is time to bring all the friends and family together and celebrate those accomplishments. Here’s how you can throw an awesome graduation party.


Adapt a Theme

Although graduation is the main reason you’re tossing your party, you can adapt a theme to make it even more fun. It can be a luau graduation or Mexican fiesta graduation. Any theme you can think of will have plenty of decorating and food options to go along with it. That even includes going “Star Wars” for a middle school grad!

Hire a Caterer

How many times have you ordered pizza for your grad and their friends? It’s an easy way to keep everyone happy. You might want to do something a bit more special than pizza for your graduation party but that doesn’t mean you can’t order it in. Most restaurants offer catering but it’s not the kind of catering you would have at a wedding reception with servers. Instead, you can pick out trays of delicious food and have them delivered or picked up on the day of the party. Everything will be fresh and ready to go. Best of all, you won’t be spending time in the kitchen.

Get a DJ

Depending on the size of your party, you might have a lot of folks who want to dance. Even without a dance floor, you’ll still want music. Your grad might know a local DJ who works parties. Short of that, you should let your kid pull together the playlist for the party and put speakers out for everyone to enjoy.

Clear Out the Rubbish

Before you can clear space for a dance floor or party table and chairs, you have to clear out the rubbish. This is another task you don’t have to take on all the work for. A call to Junk King Philadelphia is all it will take to clear your yard of all kinds of unwanted planters, furniture and other debris. To get your home ready for an awesome graduation party, start with a junk clearing session from Junk King Philadelphia.

Best Ways To Motivate Your Staff

Has your staff hit the proverbial wall? Do they seem a bit lackluster in their approach to work? It might be that they need a motivational boost. The responsibility of motivating a staff falls on the manager or company owner. It might mean taking a completely different approach to how you do business but that can be a good thing. Here are some of the best ways to motivate your staff.


Reward Great Work

A lot of kids these days get “participation awards.” Essentially that means they get a trophy just for showing up. That probably isn’t the best way to encourage someone to do their best. At your workplace, you should reward great work. This doesn’t mean handing out prizes at every turn. Instead something as simple as acknowledging a job well done in an email that is copied to the company can be a very positive reward. You can also set sales goals for the week that are reward with catered lunch. Even a pizza day will be greatly appreciated.

Speak to Your Staff

Obviously, you talk to your staff every day but it is how you talk to them that is important. Do you get out from your office and walk around the team? Your office shouldn’t be thought of as “the principal’s office” where only bad news is delivered. The more time you spend in direct contact with your staff, the more you’ll get to know what motivates each individual.

Lead by Example

Your staff will take their cues from you. How you approach the workday is how they will. If you take two-hour lunch breaks, then you can expect your staff might be taking the same kind of break. That is the same for showing up late and coming in early. One great motivator is making family a priority. Maybe goals weren’t met by a particular Friday but folks still want to go home to start their weekend. Then shut everything down and kick them out of the office. You can bet they’ll be back on Monday charged up and ready for work.

Create a Welcoming Environment

A dull office isn’t going to make your staff excited about work. This doesn’t mean you have to turn the place into an arcade but many companies have found that a well-equipped break room can go a long way towards keeping the team happy and motivated. It also helps to keep all the rubbish out of the office. No one wants to work surrounded by dusty files or broken office equipment. That’s where Junk King Philly can make a big difference. One session with these junk hauling pros is all it will take to get your office cleared of all your unwanted rubbish. Keeping the junk out of your office is a good way to motivate your staff. Let Junk King Philly help with that today.

Customers Rate Junk King Philadelphia

There are a lot of ways that you can rate the performance of a company. You can simply “like” their Facebook page, give them a thumbs up or designate your feelings on a scale of 1 to 10. The most helpful approach is to write out your review. The company appreciates this and so will future customers. Junk King Philadelphia has always encouraged their customers to rate their service. Here’s what some recent customers had to say:


“Great service, prompt, friendly, very fair price . They came within the two-hour window, and called prior to arrival. I will definitely use your service again and recommend your company to whoever has the need.” – Mitchell Shuster, Philadelphia

“Your men were fabulous! They were courteous, prompt, quick and very efficient. They made it so much easier to manage the estate and clear out the house during a sad and difficult time. Thank you again!” – Cristina Blazek, Newtown

“Quick. Called Sunday you came out next day and you got to my house 2 and half hours early so it freed my day up to run my errands. Thank you. Already mentioned you to my niece.” – M.W., Warminster

“Friendly hard working fast reliable reasonable. Overall wonderful company. Had a great experience with these guys. I would definitely recommend and use them again.” Robert Grivner, Southampton

“On time with phone calls keeping us informed of arrival. Efficient with removing junk without damaging our home. These are a few reasons why we continue to use them over and over again.” – R.P., Doylestown

“Requesting the pickup was easy. Price reasonable. Communication on status of pick up was very good. Pick up was quick. The two men making the pickup were efficient and nice. Email receipt was a good feature.” – J.S., Southampton

“They called ahead of time advising that they could get there earlier which was GREAT. The two drivers were patient and helpful I would definitely use this company again. This was a difficult day as I was cleaning out my parents home since their passing 14 months apart. They removed whatever we asked them to take out and told me not to feel rushed. Great service!” – C.D., Southampton

That is just a small sampling of how Junk King customers feel about the services provided. It is clear from the customer reviews that when it comes to getting rid of junk, Junk King Philadelphia is the best call to make.

Smart Choice For Junk Removal In West Chester

Last summer, international food-service giant, Aramark, embarked on a new initiative that puts all their food scraps to work: Composting. This was an EPA-funded pilot program that was started with Aramark employees at West Chester University. It proved to be so successful that it subsequently was put into action at other Aramark entities such as restaurants, senior living facilities and the Chester County Hospital. This growing season, that compost is being put to work fertilizing gardens throughout the area. This is a positive step towards the goal of achieving zero-waste for all of Pennsylvania.


How close do you think your home is to achieving zero-waste? It helps if you are recycling and composting but you don’t have to stop there. Anything that is taken out of your home that is considered trash should be considered for recycling. This where a company like Junk King Philadelphia can be a big benefit.

Since they began collecting junk in the area, Junk King quickly became the number one junk hauler for Philly. This happened because of a combination of things like providing excellent customer service and a fair pricing policy. But it also happened because of how Junk King disposes of what it collects. They strive to keep the majority of junk out of landfills. That is what everyone should be aiming for.

What do you have to get rid of around your house? You turn over to Junk King everything from old electronics to old sofas. And you won’t be straining your back at all. The squad from Junk King is doing all the lifting and loading. That might actually help you decide what to get rid of. There won’t be any restrictions on weight or stairs.

When the crew arrives, they’ll look over all the things you want to get rid of. Before they load anything, they’ll give you an estimate that will be based on how they’re going to pack the truck. They always want to pack tight and that will translate into the low end of the pricing scale. To get rid of your junk in West Chester the right way, the smart move is to bring in Junk King Philadelphia from the start.

Spring Break Fun For Families In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a town full of history. It’s a safe bet your kids will be learning all about that history in school and on field trips. That means you don’t need to take any historical tours on spring break. But you can have a lot of fun with these other Philly activities.


Please Touch Museum

The title of this museum says it all. It is located in the Fairmount Park’s Memorial Hall and has two floors of interactive exhibits for kids 7 and under. You can top off your day with a ride on a full restored century-old carousel.

Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo is America’s first zoo and a lot has changed over the years. New habitat environments are being added every season. Right not, there are over 1,300 rare and endangered animals. It might just take two days to see everything.

Adventure Aquarium

Two million gallons of water and 8,500 species of marine life. That is what you’ll find at the Adventure Aquarium. Whether you’re going under the sea to look up at the fish over or over the Shark Bridge to look down, you’re going to have a fascinating time.

Spruce Street Harbor Park

This is one of the best urban beaches in the country and that’s no boast. There are cargo container arcades and concessions all long the harbor line. For a break from a day of fun, swing in a tree-slung hammock. It’s the ideal destination with a little bit of something for everyone in the family.

Sesame Place

This is the nation’s only park that is all about Sesame Street. Your kids will know all the “players” here as they enjoy splashing in a water park, taking in some rides and exploring interactive fun zones. There are also parades and fireworks at night and Cookie Monster, of course.

The best way to enjoy a spring break day with your family is when everything else is taken care of around the house. Have you been putting off getting rid of junk around the house because it is too much of a hassle? It won’t be a hassle when you give that job to Junk King Philadelphia. This is the team that can swoop in and quickly remove all kinds of unwanted mattresses, refrigerators, washers, bedroom sets, car parts, recliners and other rubbish items. As far as cleaning your home, that can be a game changer. Start your spring break with a fast junk removal appointment with Junk King Philadelphia. A junk free home is a happy home!

Step Up Your Kitchen Storage

Do you find yourself making more of a mess in your kitchen looking for things than actually with your cooking? That is a clear sign you need to step up your approach to kitchen storage. Here’s how to get it done:


Declutter Your Kitchen

The first step is to declutter the entire kitchen. That means pulling everything out of cabinets, drawers and the fridge. Getting rid of expired food in the fridge and freezer is easy. Then you have to make the tough call about all the rest of the stuff. Are you ever going to use that ice cream maker you got as a wedding present year ago? Are there gadgets that you don’t even know what they’re for? All that stuff they you’re not going to use needs to be set aside. Focus on the practical items for your kitchen.

Use Space-Saving, See-Through Containers

The biggest contributor to kitchen clutter are all those food storage containers. You never seem to have as many as you need and the ones you do have are missing lids. The best way to store your containers is with another container. Put the empties in one bin and all the lids in another. Those two receptacles should be the only place a plastic container should ever go and they should always be side by side.

Make Use of the Back of Your Cabinet Doors

There is a lot of wasted space in your cabinets beginning at the door. Instead of leaving that area empty, you can utilize a lot of storage hooks for measuring cups, pot holders and even pot lids. Attach a magazine rack to the door and it becomes a perfect place to store your cutting boards. If you’re using a separate pantry with a door, then paint that door with blackboard paint and convert it into a chalk board for a kitchen grocery list.

Create Sections with Tension Rods

Tension rods are most often used to hang curtains but someone caught onto this concept and made smaller rods that can be used in cabinets. They work great under the sink to hold up cleaning bottles.

As you reconfigure your kitchen storage, you’ll come across a lot of things to get rid of. That’s where Junk King Philadelphia comes into play. These are the junk hauling experts who can quickly remove all that unwanted clutter. They can also load up an old futon, computer, TV or any other item you want to toss out that can’t go in the trash. You’re going to open up a lot more storage in the kitchen and house after Junk King Philly is done clearing out the clutter.

Swift Junk Removal In Chesterbrook

This past Christmas, it was very easy to recycle your Christmas tree in Chesterbrook. All you had to do was remove the decorations and take it out to the curb on trash pickup day. The only challenge was to make sure you got the tree down by that first week after New Year’s. When it comes to recycling an old computer, you’ll find it a bit more challenging. You would be hard pressed to find a convenient drop off site for your e-waste. You probably have a lot of other things you’d like to get rid of that can be put into a trashcan. That is when you call in Junk King Philadelphia.


Junk King Philly is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work for quite some time. They have worked out a system that not only benefits the homeowner but also the environment around Chesterbrook and beyond. Junk King wants to make it easy to get rid of your stuff. Unlike the Christmas tree, you won’t have to bring anything your getting rid of down to the curb. The moving squad who will be assigned to your appointment will carry everything out of the house and onto their truck. That even means bringing furniture down from a second floor or an attic. Are you considering the possibilities?

Junk King crews can also be tapped to help clear your yard of any kind of debris that has been gathering since last year. All those piles of wood, lumber, auto parts and tires can finally be picked up and cleared away. Think of the improvement that is going to make in your property.

All you need to do is pick a day when you want Junk King to clear away your rubbish. They only ask that you set aside two hours. That is less about how long it will take to remove your stuff and more about giving them time to get through Philly traffic. They’ll be calling on the day of your appointment to keep you posted on their whereabouts. If you want swift junk removal in Chesterbrook, then you want Junk King Philly on the job.  They’ll know what to do with your rubbish.

Start Decorating Today With These Fresh Ideas

Although it might not seem like it, spring is just a few weeks away. It is time to think about freshening up your home with some new decorating ideas. You could take a “top to bottom” approach and redo your entire house or just focus on one room at a time. Makeover the living room in the spring and your bedroom at the start of summer. Here are some fresh decorating ideas you can put into action today:


Go Bold With Color

One of the biggest secrets of an interior designer is “color is cheap.” You’ll find that you can repaint a room for a lot less money than it would cost to replace all the furniture. If you’re thinking about repainting, then you want to think about going bold with color choices. Think outside your current color scheme. Instead of a white wall for the dining room, go red. In the living room, you can try a pastel yellow or green. The bedroom is a perfect place for soothing blue tones.

Before you break out the brushes, you might want to narrow your color choices down to three or four top picks. Then get small samples of those colors and paint a square on the target wall. This will let you see what that paint is going to look like when it dries and in the light.

DIY Your Decor

Décor is defined as any item that doesn’t serve a practical function but instead provides decoration “accents.” Your décor elements can be artwork, rugs, candles and other selective knick-knacks. Décor is always open to personal interpretation. In other words, what is appealing to you is what should go into the room but not all of these items have to be bought from a high-end decorating store. You can create keepsake mementos using things you collect on vacation. Arrange them in a frame or shadow box. You also have plenty of photos stored on your cell phone. Print them out and put them into frames, too. There is also plenty of kid artwork you can use as a whimsical “artwork” piece for your décor.

Before you take on any one of these decorating projects, you want to make sure you’re working in a home that is clear of clutter. You wouldn’t want to clear out a room to paint it and then bring back in all the worn out furniture and other rubbish. Instead, turn that all over to Junk King Philadelphia today. Let them do all the clearing work. One junk removal session with Junk King Philadelphia is all it will take to get your home clear of rubbish and ready for decorating.

The Best Service For Junk Removal

The city of Philadelphia makes getting rid of trash easy. They’ll send over garbage collectors once a week. In exchange, you have to bring your trashcan to the curb and make sure it’s not overflowing. It is a smooth operation that is only interrupted by snow storms and holidays. Even then, the garbage collectors manage to bounce back with out a lot of effort.


Things only get difficult when you want to those collectors to cart away bigger stuff like recliners or mattresses. To make that happen, you have to bring what you want tossed out down to the curb. That’s hard if you’re living in the top floor of an apartment building or the thing you want to get rid of is down in your basement. There also isn’t a guarantee it will get taken away. If it is too big or too heavy, the garbage collectors have the right to refuse it. A much better approach is to simply hire Junk King Philadelphia. They’ll get rid of whatever you want cleared away. Best of all, you won’t be doing any of the lifting.

When you hire Junk King, you’re hiring you own personal work crew. This is a team that is licensed and insured. Unlike a work crew who is remodeling your home, the Junk King crew isn’t going to stick around all day. They show up, grab your stuff and go. It isn’t complicated at all. There also isn’t any limitation to what you can get removed in terms of size or weight. The Junk King crews are equally skilled a removing an old treadmill as they are with a box of sweaters. They’re only focus is to make sure everything you want gone is loaded onto that truck.

You should also know that Junk King Philly is dedicated to keeping as much of what they collect out of local landfills. You can’t say the same about the city garbage collectors. Junk King would much rather make a drop off at a charity than a dump. You should feel good turning your stuff over to Junk King knowing it won’t get trashed. Ask around and you’re sure to discover that when it comes to quality junk removal, Junk King Philadelphia is the best service in town.