Make The Clutter In Your Shed Disappear

Magic only really happens in the movies. It would be great if you could wave a wand and have your clutter disappear. It would totally change the way you clean! Of course, there is a way to make your clutter disappear with one call as long as that call is to Junk King Philadelphia.


Think about shed clutter. This is the small structure in your backyard that has become a kind of “extension” storage unit. It is where all the things that can survive a cold winter end up. And much like your closets inside the house, your backyard shed could also have a lot of clutter you can probably toss out. The only time that clutter becomes an issue is when you go looking for something and can’t find it. Instead of fighting through that clutter, turn it over to Junk King Philly today.

The crew who will be coming out to your home will be able remove just about any item from that shed regardless of size or weight. You can finally get rid of the lawnmower that isn’t working or the snow blower that has been replaced. Say goodbye to all those rusty gardening tools and grimy planters. The best part of all of this is that you won’t have to lift a finger aside from pointing to all the things you want taken away. It is just that simple.

You aren’t limited to just clearing out the clutter from the shed in this appointment. You can also have the crew take a pass at your garage, basement and closets. Even if something can’t fit on the truck, like an entertainment center, the crew can break it down and load it up.

As for pricing, Junk King Philly has set up a pricing policy that is used with all the Junk King franchises across the country. That policy is based on truck space, as in, how much space will your stuff will fit on the back of the truck. You’ll know this price once the crew has looked over all the stuff they’ll be loading up. They’re expert packers and that’s going to be a huge benefit to your bottom line. If you’re looking for a way to make your backyard shed clutter and home junk disappear, then let Junk King Philadelphia work their magic.

Smart Way To Senior Proof Your Home

If you need to get your home or your elder loved one’s home ready for retirement, then it’s time to senior proof. This is the process of making your home safe for anyone who might be having mobility issues. You’ll actually find that making some of these improvements would probably benefit the entire family. Everyone wants a safe home, right? Here is the smart way to senior proof your home:


Check the Exterior Entrances and Exits

The first thing to check is the ways into your house. Are the walk and driveway surfaces even? A small crack today can turn into a big problem tomorrow if you don’t make the fix. You might also want to think about getting the curb outside your home cut down to allow for easy access.

Moving onto the porch, are there sturdy handrails at the steps? Are they in good condition? You also want to check all these areas at nighttime to make sure there is plenty of light from the driveway, up the porch and into the house. Once at the door, are there durable locks and does the door open easily?

Check the Stairs and Halls

Once inside the home you want to make sure the pathways between rooms are clear. This is especially important when a wheelchair is involved. Are there sturdy railings for the stair leading up to the second floor? Here you’ll also have to make sure there is adequate lighting. There might come a time when your senior loved one will benefit from a stair lift. That is not as complicated as it might seem.

If there is carpeting on the stairs or hallways, then they need to be firmly attached to the floor. What if you have wall-to-wall carpeting? Make sure it hasn’t gotten so worn down as to become slippery.

Getting your home senior proofed also means clearing out the clutter. The more you can take out, the better off you’ll be. This is where Junk King Philadelphia can be a big help. For your junk removal session, Junk King will send over a team of movers and a big truck. What else do you need to do for this session? Just pick out the stuff you want taken away and Junk King will handle the rest. To senior proof your home, start with a call to Junk King Philadelphia to get rid of the unwanted rubbish.

How To Get Rid Of Winter Rubbish Today

What kind of winter rubbish do you have cluttering up your home? Winter rubbish would be all those things that you would normally use in the winter but have no plans of doing so this time around. Winter coats and boots that no longer fit are a perfect example of winter rubbish that is taking up valuable storage space in your home. The same could be said for any old sleds or snowboards that the kids have outgrown. How much space are they taking up in your garage? When you sort through it all, you’ll realize there is no reason to hold onto winter rubbish. That’s where Junk King Philadelphia comes into scenario. You want that clutter gone? Junk King is the company to get it done.


Not everything you want to get rid of this time of use is for strict winter use. You could have an old bedroom set up in the attic or a couch down in the basement that you want to finally get rid of as well. Those are more perfect jobs for Junk King. The two man moving crew who will be handling your session won’t be challenged by carrying stuff up and down stairs. They do that every day.

Going through your closets in search of those unwanted winter outfits might have you accumulating quite a big pile. When you turn it over to Junk King, you’ll be actually donating it to a charity. That’s what Junk King strives to do with the bulk of useable items they collect and it’s not just this time of year. That is Junk King’s policy all year long.

As for timing, you could book a same-day pick up with Junk King Philadelphia today. It all depends on timing and whether one of the crews is close to your location. If that can’t happen, then there is a good chance Junk King can make it out to your place by tomorrow. Yes, they move that fast.

Once all that excess clutter is gone, you’ll feel a lot better going into the holidays. If you want to get rid of your winter rubbish today, then call Junk King Philadelphia ASAP!

Fun Recycling Facts To Share

Recycling is part of our daily lives. Even if you don’t toss a water bottle into a recycling bin today, you probably opened a container made from recycled paper or drove on a road made from recycled asphalt. Recycling touches a lot of our world. How much do you know about recycling? You’ll know a lot after checking out these fun facts:


Recycling is all about saving energy. How much energy gets saved when you recycled one ton of paper? That comes out to 682 gallons of oil, 7,000 gallons of water and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. That’s a lot of saving on many levels.

About paper… 95% of all the data in the world is still stored on paper. And most of that data is never looked at again. That means there are tons and tons of paper sitting in filing cabinets, binders and storerooms that will just gather dust instead of being recycled. Yes, emails might have changed the way we communicate but we’re still using a lot of paper. Tough habit to break.

Plastic water bottles make up a large portion of the recycling stream. When you recycle a single plastic bottle, you’re conserving enough energy to light a 60-watt bulb for up to six hours. Remember, it takes less energy to recycle an item than it does to create it from scratch. That’s the whole game, right there. In the next hour, Americans will have thrown away 2.5 million plastic bottles. What happens if they end up in a landfill? Literally nothing because it takes 500 years for a plastic bottle to decompose.

There is also a real danger to animal life when we don’t recycle. Thousands of marine creates die by mistakenly swallowing a plastic bag. They think it looks like a jellyfish. Tragic. It’s a good enough reason to ban plastic bags.

What about soda cans? Every year, we toss out enough soda cans and bottles to reach the moon and back… 20 times. That’s a lot of cans out there.

How are you doing with your home recycling program? It is easy to get into the habit of recycling but you shouldn’t stop at plastic, paper and aluminum. You can also recycle all the junk you want to clear out of your house. At least you can if you hire Junk King Philadelphia for the job. These professional junk haulers have partnered up with several recycling facilities around the area and are happy to drop off your stuff to those centers. Keep up your recycling and get your junk repurposed with help from Junk King Philadelphia.

Before The Holidays Send Your Junk Packing

December 19th. That is an important day to remember for anyone sending Christmas gifts. That is the last day that the postal service will guarantee that the person you’re sending to will get the gift by Christmas. If you think the lines at the post office are bad now, then just try to send something on that day. Hopefully, you’ll get everything shipped long before that cut off. It helps to do some pre-planning around the holiday season. That also includes getting your house in order. Now is the perfect time to schedule your junk removal session with Junk King Philadelphia to get your home totally junk free for the holidays.


Getting rid of junk might have been a task you’ve been putting off for some time. If you missed clearing clutter during your spring break cleaning, then perhaps you wanted to wait until summer. Of course, who wants to take on that kind of job in the summer? The thing to remember about hiring Junk King is that you won’t actually be doing any work. You also won’t be sacrificing a lot of time either.

Junk King will send a crew over to your home to do all the heavy lifting. That includes climbing stairs. All they ask is that you set aside a two-hour window for the appointment. Most removal sessions only take a fraction of that two-hour. That “window” is put in place to give the crews time to get from one appointment to the next. Much better than the five-hour window the phone company asks for!

The moment the crew arrives, they want to get busy. That starts with them looking over all the things you want to get rid of. They don’t have to be in a single pile. They know how to size things up. This is how they’ll determine the price. It is going to be based on how much room your stuff is going to fill on the back of the truck. One rate covers everything from the pick up to the drop off. Get your holidays off to a junk free start with a Junk King Philadelphia session today.

Easiest Way To Take Care Of Big Appliance Recycling

Every city makes getting rid of garbage rather easy. They provide you with the trashcan and ask that you put it out on the curb on your designated trash pickup day. Most often, you pay for those services through your property taxes or by other means. Still, given the reliability of those pickups it is a very efficient way to get rid of all the garbage in your house. Of course, the only limitation is what you can put into that trashcan. You won’t be able to throw out a refrigerator or stove that way. Easiest way to take care of big appliance recycling is to turn that task over to Junk King Philadelphia.


Kitchen appliances are designed to slide across linoleum floors. This allows you to clean behind them or pick up anything that got dropped. The real challenge comes when you need to appliances out of the kitchen altogether. That is definitely a two-man job. That is exactly what Junk King will provide you. Every session arranged with Junk King is staffed by two capable movers who have a lot of experience moving big appliances. They will take great care to make sure your floors and walls aren’t scuffed up. That alone is worth hiring Junk King but there are more benefits.

Junk King Philadelphia a terrific recycling partner. The bulk of what they collect will often end up either at a recycling facility or charity. If the big appliance that you’re getting rid of still is operational, then those charitable organizations of the best option. The make sure those appliances are put to use again. If the item is completely shot, then recycling is the way to go. The Junk King crew has been trained to sort and categorize everything they collect. Don’t know just where to drop it off. That might sound like additional work on their part but it is work there happy to do because of their eco-friendly junk removal policy.

Although your main focus might be getting rid of those big appliances, hiring Junk King means you can get rid of the rest of your unwanted clutter the same session. This is a great way to get your home junk free before the holidays. Junk King Philadelphia  takes the stress out of big appliance recycling because they do all the work.

More Positive Reviews For Junk King BucksMont

There are some companies that dread opening up their email every morning. They’re afraid of what the customers might be telling them. That’s not the case with Junk King BucksMont. These professional junk haulers have a terrific relationship with all their customers and those customers are happy to share their experiences. Here’s what a few of them had to post within the last couple of days:


“You show up when you say you will. Your men work quickly and efficiently and are patient and friendly. Your pricing is reasonable and I am so relieved to have gotten rid of all that stuff! I will call again when we have accumulated more! Thank you for your service.” – Lois W., Quakertown

Getting rid of your junk can truly be transformative. It’s amazing how much space unwanted clutter takes up in your garage, closets, basement and attic. The team from Junk King is going to move fast to get all those items out. You just show them what you want removed and they will take it from there. You won’t have to lift a thing.

“I was very pleased with the service for the following reasons: On time. Kept me informed as they filled the truck. Pleasant. Moved quickly and they were careful. Overall, I have no complaints.” – C.V., Philadelphia

Communication is key in any type of business. When you’re expecting a work crew, then you definitely want to be kept informed about their progress. Junk King makes it a point to let their customers know when they are 20 minutes out from arrival. You might also get a call letting you know they could be there even earlier in the day!

“I think this was the 4th or 5th time we’ve scheduled a pick up from you guys. Every time, the guys from Junk King have been on time, friendly, quick with filling up the truck and the price is just right. We will definitely be calling again and have already recommended Junk King to a couple friends.” – S.K., Elkins Park

“The workers were very friendly and efficient. The quoted a fair price and completed the job in a timely fashion.” – J.R., Langhorne

After one junk removal session, you’ll be ready to add your rave review for Junk King BucksMont.

Tips For Hosting An Estate Sale

An estate sale is a great way to clear out a home that you been put in charge of. It can also generate a lot of cash. Estate sales are a notch above yard sales because of the things you are making available. Here are some things to keep in mind when hosting your next estate sale:


Get A Cash Box And Change

You should have a cashbox with plenty of change for your estate sale. The cashbox can be anything that would be easy to keep locked and carry with you. Anytime you walk away from your purchase table, you should take the cashbox with you. As for the change, most of your customers will be coming directly from their ATM to your estate sale. Some of them might also have hundred dollar bills. You don’t want to lose a sale or waste time asking other people if they have change. It’s a good idea to start with change for at least $100. You’ll soon have plenty more coming in as the day goes on.

Be Prepared For Large Crowds Early

Seasoned shoppers are always on the lookout for state sales and they also know that the best time to show up is when the sales begin. You can expect to have a large crowd as soon as you are open for business. That’s why it’s a good idea to get everything ready the night before with regard to putting on price tags and other signage.

Put Beverages On Sale

Depending on the weather, your shoppers could work up a thirst especially if you aren’t keeping the air-conditioning on while the doors are open to the house. You could have a cooler of water bottles for sale at a dollar piece. You won’t get rich with that but it’s a nice courtesy.

Keep Items For Sale Where They Belong

An estate sale means that your customers will be going through every room in the house. You should make use of those spaces by stocking them with the appropriate items. For instance, all your household kitchen goods like dishes, pots pans, silverware should either be in the kitchen for the dining room. That way your customers will know exactly where to look for those items.

Send The Kids Away For The Day

Although you might want to enlist help from friends and family, young kids are probably best kept away from an estate sale. They will be too tempted to go from room to room to play with all the things that are out on display. This might be the perfect day to send them off to the zoo with their favorite aunt or uncle.

At the end of the day, you could still be left with a lot of things that didn’t sell. You can always try again the next week but chances are you’ll be stuck with them. That’s when a call to Junk King BucksMont can be a big help. The junk removal professionals will be able to sweep in and take away all the things remaining from your estate sale. They won’t be anything left once Junk King BucksMont is finished with your estate clean out.

One Call Takes Care Of Your Backyard Shed Removal

When you first notice that your backyard shed has starting to deteriorate, it becomes a waiting game to see how long it will keep standing. You might have been able to get through the summer with some of that wood in the shed rotting but with fall right around the corner it might be time to plan for your backyard shed removal. This is a job that is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King BucksMont.


It doesn’t matter to the crew from Junk King how long that shed has been in your backyard or why it might be falling apart. What matters to them is that you want to gone. The two-man crew assigned to your appointment will carefully take apart that shed whether it is made from wood, galvanized steel or plastic. All those pieces will then be loaded onto the back of the truck for responsible disposal. Often that can mean recycling a lot of those elements.

All of this means that your backyard shed removal is going to happen without you lifting a finger or putting your back at risk. You can turn around and use that same junk King crew to haul away all the rest of your unwanted items. It is a great chance to clear out the attic and garage of old furniture and appliances. You can make room in your closets by backing up all your old clothing, shoes and hats. As with the backyard shed pieces, all the rest of the stuff you want to get rid of could be repurposed or donated. Junk King Bucksmont is dedicated to staying far away from any landfill with the things they collect.

As for the fee, you’ll only be charged a flat rate based upon volume. The junking crew will size up all the things you want to get rid of and present you with an estimate based on whether your will be filling up one half, one quarter or one third of the truck. That’s a price you’ll pay and it won’t change. The best way to get rid of your rubbish and handle your backyard shed removal is turn that job over to Junk King BucksMont.

Five Easy Fixes Every Homeowner Should Know

Buying a home means you make an instant switch from calling your landlord to becoming a landlord. If you live in that home, then the fixes can be done on your own schedule. If you’ve invested in a rental property, then you’ll need to make these fixes right away in order to support your tenants. In either scenario, it would be a good idea to know how to take care of these fixes because it will save you money from hiring a professional.


Fixing a Running Toilet

Although it may seem complicated at first glance, the inside of a toilet is actually a rather simple universal system. A running toilet results from either a flush valve not closing or the water runoff not shutting down. You’ll know right away from looking on the inside of your tank, which is the problem. They are usually easy to fix with minor adjustments. All you need to do is turn off the water and make those fixes. If you need to replace parts, then you’ll find that most hardware stores will carry the parts that you need. It might help to take apart the item and bring it into the hardware store for a perfect match.

Unclogging a Drain

Television commercials advertising drain cleaners make unclogging a drain look simple. Unfortunately, many of those pricey chemicals could damage your pipes because of their corrosive nature. Instead, try a small plunger meant for a sink. You can also get a drain snake that you operate by hand. After you remove the clog, pour down a cup of baking soda and then 4 cups of boiling water to tear out the smell.

Setting the Thermostat

You probably know how to set your thermostat but that doesn’t mean you’re setting it at the right temperature. The US Department of Energy recommends that you set your thermostat to 68° in the winter and 78° in the summer. This will result in optimal energy efficiency. Ideally, the temperature in your home should never drop below 55°. And raising the AC over 80° can create some problems with humidity.

Weatherstripping Doors and Windows

You want to keep your warm air and cool air inside. The first places that air escapes is through gaps in your window and doorframes. That’s why all of those areas should be weatherstripped. Depending on the set up installing weatherstripping is as easy as unfurling a roll of tape. Just take it time to make sure it is done properly.

As for the bigger jobs like junk hauling, you definitely want to bring in the pros from Junk King Bucksmont to handle that. All it would take is one call to put a plan into action to have all your unwanted clutter gone for good. A junk removal session with Junk King BucksMont is what every homeowner can use.

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