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Category Archives: Philadelphia Appliance Disposal

How To Handle Washing Machine Removal

You might occasionally spot an old washing machine on the back porch of some homes throughout Philadelphia. That is because that is the best temporary spot to place the machine that has been replaced. An old washing machine is not something that can be put out with the garbage for pickup by the weekly crew. Instead, this is an appliance that has to be hauled away the right way. The approach for your washing machine removal should involve Junk King Philadelphia. These are the junk hauling pros who will take care of that task from start to finish.

All the Lifting and Loading

The team from Junk King who will be assigned to this task is going to be doing all the lifting and loading for you. You might have been able to push that washing machine out of the way but that doesn’t mean you can carry it out the front door and down your steps without putting your back at risk. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience with this type of removal task. Not only will they find the best way to maneuver that wash machine safely and of your home but they can also take care of unhooking it from the plumbing.

All of that lifting and loading help can be applied to other bulky or heavy items that you would like to get rid of from your house. Whether the item is up in the attic or down in the basement it won’t be a challenge for Junk King to get onto the back of their truck.


An old washing machine is a perfect candidate for recycling. That would require dropping the machine off at a certified recycling center. This is also something that Junk King provides as part of its removal service. Those things that can be reused like old books, clothing, toys and other household goods will get dropped off at charities. That might seem like a lot of extra work for the Junk King team but that is work that they are happy to do in order to keep stuff out of landfills.

How should you handle your washing machine removal task? One call to Junk King Philadelphia gets it done.

Easiest Way To Take Care Of Big Appliance Recycling

Every city makes getting rid of garbage rather easy. They provide you with the trashcan and ask that you put it out on the curb on your designated trash pickup day. Most often, you pay for those services through your property taxes or by other means. Still, given the reliability of those pickups it is a very efficient way to get rid of all the garbage in your house. Of course, the only limitation is what you can put into that trashcan. You won’t be able to throw out a refrigerator or stove that way. Easiest way to take care of big appliance recycling is to turn that task over to Junk King Philadelphia.


Kitchen appliances are designed to slide across linoleum floors. This allows you to clean behind them or pick up anything that got dropped. The real challenge comes when you need to appliances out of the kitchen altogether. That is definitely a two-man job. That is exactly what Junk King will provide you. Every session arranged with Junk King is staffed by two capable movers who have a lot of experience moving big appliances. They will take great care to make sure your floors and walls aren’t scuffed up. That alone is worth hiring Junk King but there are more benefits.

Junk King Philadelphia a terrific recycling partner. The bulk of what they collect will often end up either at a recycling facility or charity. If the big appliance that you’re getting rid of still is operational, then those charitable organizations of the best option. The make sure those appliances are put to use again. If the item is completely shot, then recycling is the way to go. The Junk King crew has been trained to sort and categorize everything they collect. Don’t know just where to drop it off. That might sound like additional work on their part but it is work there happy to do because of their eco-friendly junk removal policy.

Although your main focus might be getting rid of those big appliances, hiring Junk King means you can get rid of the rest of your unwanted clutter the same session. This is a great way to get your home junk free before the holidays. Junk King Philadelphia  takes the stress out of big appliance recycling because they do all the work.

Haul Away Junk King From Your Philadelphia Home

christmas-treeFor many folks, decorating the Christmas tree is all about tradition. There are always a bunch of ornaments that make an annual appearance. Plus everyone has a preferred method for hanging lights. And let’s not forget color schemes. Oddly enough, all the work we put into decorating our trees is usually only seen by a handful of family and friends. That’s not the case with the Festival of Trees currently on display at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on South Broad Street in downtown Philly. This is a collection of Christmas trees decorated by local groups and businesses that are on proud display for everyone to see. It’s a great opportunity to show some personality and share the joys of the season.

If you’re putting up a tree this year, then you’re going to clear out the corner once again. This could be as simple as moving out the recliner. However, if in the last twelve months you’ve accumulate a lot more clutter, then it might be time to bring in the “big guns.” That would be the professional junk hauling crew from Junk King Bucks County. These hard workers can take away all kinds of unwanted stuff from your home.

How many boxes of decorations do you bring down from the attic? More importantly, how many other boxes up there should be tossed out? Let Junk King take a pass at the attic to remove what you want gone. They’ll also go down the basement or out into the garage to remove anything you’re done with. All you need to do is tell the crew what you want taken out and what it go!

As long as they’re coming to your home, that same Junk King crew can also help clean up your front yard. This will help a lot if you’re putting up holiday decorations. Now you can get rid of those piles of leaves, left over lumber or rusty patio furniture. Everything goes onto the back of the Junk King truck where it will be heading off to its final resting place. That will either be at a recycling center or certified landfill. The goal is to avoid the landfill and Junk King has an amazing record of diverting tons of junk away from those local dumps. This is helping Philadelphia reach its goal of becoming a zero waste kind of town.

Remember, Junk King will be doing all the work. You don’t have to carry a stick of furniture or give up your entire day off driving around town looking for a recycle facility. Call today to give your junk over to Junk King Bucks County!

Philadelphia TV Disposal

old tv disposal philadelphiaWill you be camping out for a Black Friday bargain this year? Many smart shoppers think nothing of pitching a tent at the local Best Buy or Wal-Mart to insure they’ll be first in line on the day after Thanksgiving. As it happens, there are many stores that are taking the fun out of the long waits by opening at midnight on Thanksgiving. Check the news on that Friday to see videos of stampeding shoppers! Yes, there are good deals to be had but they don’t all end on Black Friday. In fact, stores go out of their way to make sure you’ll be coming back all through the holiday season. It might pay to wait out because the closer we get to Christmas the better the bargains. Could this be the year you get that new HD flatscreen TV?

If you’re going to make the switch over to a flatscreen you need to decide if you want that as table top unit or a wall mounted unit. Many folks opt for the wall mounting but this is something that is best left to the pros to handle. You don’t want that new TV to come crashing down! Before bringing in your new set, you’ll want to make room by getting rid of the old one. This is not something you want to keep in storage. You also can’t throw it out with the garbage. Instead, you’ll need the pros for this job, too. Those pros would be Junk King Bucks County

When it comes to handling e-waste disposal or old television removal, Junk King is your best bet. Their crew will load up that old TV onto the back of their truck and make sure it is dropped off at the proper recycling center. The same can be said for other items like old laptops, computers, printers and fax machines. But it’s not just e-waste that Junk King can remove from your home. In that same trip, they can also haul away old furniture, kitchen appliances and boxes of unwanted stuff.

This would be the perfect time of year to let Junk King Bucks County make a total sweep through your home to take away all the clutter. What better way to start the holidays then with a clean home? Junk King is also a very affordable way to go for junk removal. Check out our prices and you’ll discover we’ve got the best deal going. You’re just a phone call away from being junk free!

Philadelphia Refrigerator Disposal

Philadelphia Refrigerator DisposalOver at the Appliance Recycling Centers of American Philadelphia facility they’ve fired up new system that has been designed to target refrigerators. This is the UNTHA Recycling Technology or URT systems that can recover around 95% of insulating foam that is in a fridge. This same cruncher can also extract high-end plastics, aluminum, cooper and steel. With the addition of this new piece of equipment, the facility could handle up to 150,000 fridges in a single year. These ice boxes might not all be from Philly but also shipping in from the surrounding areas. What does this mean for your old fridge? Obviously, it will mean it can be properly disposed of. The trick is getting it from your home to that recycling center. To take care of that refrigerator disposal job you need only call Junk King Bucks County.

It might be easy to occasionally slide your fridge across your kitchen floor to do some cleaning but it’s not really going to go further than a few inches without the need for help. And if you’ve got some stairs to climb down then you’re not only going to need some extra muscle but also the right moving equipment. All of that can be provided by Junk King. Whether the Junk King crew that will be showing up at your home prefers the dolly or straps you can rest assured that your fridge can be taken away without causing any damage to your floors or walls.

That fridge will be loaded up on the back of the Junk King Bucks truck. If that’s all you’re getting rid of then the JK crew will take off for the rest of their pickups. However, you can take full advantage of that crew to remove all kinds of other junk you’re holding onto. These could be those heavy objects that landed in your garage or basement and have been stuck there for years. That Junk King crew won’t have any issues removing those things and loading them on the truck.

Not everything you’re tossing out can be recycled. There might be some pieces of furniture that can be fixed up. If so, then the Junk King Bucks County crew will drop that off to a local charity that handles that kind of operation. All of these drop offs are part of the complete Junk King package. They are also covered by the estimated rate you’ll be presented with before any work will start. That rate is based on the volume of your junk when it is placed on the back of the truck. There will be no hidden charges. Let Junk King be your direct line from getting rid of your old fridge and the rest of your junk.

Philadelphia Hot Tub Removal

philadelphia hot tub removalMention the words “hot tub” and you might think of Hollywood parties or Miami late nights. But just because it’s a hot tub doesn’t mean you can’t have it here in Philly. In fact, many homeowners have discovered the joys of slipping into a warm soak after a hard day at work. That’s why there are many homes on the market which feature a hot tub set up in the backyard. Unfortunately, many of those same tubs have seen better days. Whether the previous owner took care of them or not will be evident with how well they function. If you “inherited” a hot tub that isn’t up to your standards then it’s time to get rid of that clunker. Easier said than done, right? Actually, if you hire Junk King it is actually as easy as said!

Junk King Bucks County is the junk removal professional and hauling away an old hot tub is a perfect example of why they are Philly’s number one service professional. You can’t throw out a hot tub in your trash. It has to be broken down and disassembled. Then what? You’ll be left with some very big pieces of trash. With Junk King on the case none of this will be an issue. Not only can the Junk King crew break down that hot tub but they’ll have no trouble loading it onto the back of their truck where it will be dropped off at the nearest landfill or recycling center. Try doing all of that on your own! It just can’t happen.

Along with an old hot tub, Junk King Bucks County can also remove any other oversized item you want out of your home. We’re talking about all those things you’ve been holding onto because you never had the chance to toss them out. Things like old recliners, busted appliances, computers and printers. All of that stuff will fit very neatly next to that hot tub!

In terms of fees, Junk King Bucks County is only going to charge you by the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of their truck. So, if it takes five minutes to break down the hot tub or an hour you’re not paying for labor costs. You’re also not paying travel time or dumping fees. One priced based on how much you’re getting rid of. That is easy. Call Junk King today and set up an appointment to get rid of your junk. Whether it is outside or inside, Junk King will make it gone!

Bucks County PA Grill Disposal and Recycling

When it comes to great BBQ, there are a lot of options here in Bucks County. Big Bob’s BBQ Pit has gotten rave reviews which probably explains all the long lines. Over at the Dancing Pig BBQ, they’ve created a legion of loyal customers ever since they opened their doors. The only thing better that BBQ from one of these shacks is the BBQ you grill on your own. However, if your grill isn’t up to the task it might be time to make a swap and get a new model.

Whether you’re a fan of marinade or dry rub or a combination of both, unless your grill is up to snuff that meat just isn’t going to be cooked properly. There might be an issue with your flame grid and it being clogged up. It could be that your grill plate is too crusted to release the proper heat. Maybe your starter is on the fritz. Whatever the reason, don’t let this summer BBQ season slip by without maximizing your grilling potential with a new BBQ. Now is a good time to find a deal on a grill. It might also be time for a serious BBQ grill upgrade. There are rolling models that have much larger grill space. Some have side burners to fire up dishes like baked beans or boil water for corn. This allows you to stay focused on the grill without running back and forth to your kitchen.

If your yard space is at a premium then you’ll be a lot better off getting rid of that old grill before you accept deliver on the new grill. A BBQ grill is one of those bulky items that can’t be tossed out in the garbage. You could try putting it out on the curb to see if someone will pick it up but what are the chances of that? To properly dispose of your old grill you need to hire the experts. That would be Junk King of Bucks County. These are the professional junk haulers who will take away your grill with no fuss. In fact, they’ll be providing you with an truck large enough to hold just about anything you want to get rid of.

Look around your home. Is there an old sofa that has seen better days? Is there a table nobody is using? Are there pieces of exercise equipment that are gathering dust? Add to that list lawnmowers, patio furniture, yard waste and boxes of junk and you can see how easy it would be to fill up that Junk King truck.

You can get the ball rolling with a call into the Junk King service center. Often you can arrange for a same day pickup. There is nothing like getting rid of junk. It will change the whole look and feel of your home. Call Junk King Bucks today and get your grill on the right way!

Bucks County Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

Next to our refrigerators, the washing machine and dryers are the biggest energy users in our homes. They also tend to be the most problematic in terms of trying to stay eco-friendly. However, there are a few simple changes you can make to your laundry routine to ensure you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. First of all, every laundry load should be a full load. It might be tempting to throw a few things in to get them clean for the next day but if you can wait for a full load then do so. Some old models of washers can use up to 55 gallons per load whether that load is full or not.

If your clothes aren’t super dirty then you might want to wash in cold or warm water as opposed to hot water. Try pre-soaking your clothes in cold water for 60 minutes. Be sure to add a few tablespoons of baking soda to break up that dirt and grime before the real washing can begin. It’s also helpful to sort your laundry. This has more to do with the drying phase than the washing phase. Heavyweight articles like towels dry better when they are kept together. Speaking of towels, you really don’t have to wash them after every shower. You can go a few days before loading them up.

Dryers that are older also use up more energy. You can help by not running the dryer for longer periods of times. If possible, line dry items. Otherwise, keep checking the clothes and the minute they are dry take them out. On the new models of dryers, there are moisture detectors which automatically shut off the drying cycle the moment the clothes are dry.

Speaking of new models, it might be time to swap out your old washer and dryer for a pair of energy efficient models. You’ll definitely see an improvement in your electric bills! Before you can bring in those new models you need to clear the space in your laundry room. A washing machine and dryer is not something you can toss out on the curb with the rest of the trash. To get those machines disposed of the right way, you’ll need to call upon Junk King Bucks County. These are the junk removal experts in Bucks County, PA.

The Junk King crew who will show up at your home will bring the right equipment to remove the old washer and dryer. More importantly, they’ll also have the right size truck to haul it off. They can also take away all the rest of your bulky items in the same trip. Yes, it’s true: throwing away junk can save you money. Call Junk King Bucks and let them show you the way!

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