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Before The Staycation Starts Get The Junk Cleared Out

Will this be the summer of the Philly staycation? There are certainly plenty of things to do around town that can fill up your weekends. If you opt to take time off for work and make your home your “vacation destination,” then you’ll want to create a rubbish free space once and for all. You don’t want to come home each day of your staycation and find yourself staring down at the objects you’ve been hankering to get rid of for years, do you? Junk King Philadelphia is standing by to help with the challenge of removing all your unwanted items. Of course, with Junk King on the job, it won’t be a challenge at all.

Take in History

Summer is a popular time in Philly as folks come to the city to explore our country’s history leading up to the 4th of July celebrations. Have you ever been down to Independence Hall? You might have gone there as a kid on a school field trip but it is worth visiting again as an adult. You’ll have a much great appreciation for what it took to declare independence and it should fill you with a great sense of pride that it all took place here in Philadelphia. And it is not just all the history you can embrace around town. How many eateries have you been eager to try out? Have you ever done the complete Philly cheesesteak taste test challenge? It won’t be hard to fill up your staycation days. What you don’t want full is your closets, attic and basement. That is where Junk King is going to help.

Gone for Good

How many big items do you have in your home that you’ve wanted to get rid of for some time? Just because there is a sofa down in the basement that the kids hang out on doesn’t mean it is worth keeping especially if it has gotten a bit “ripe” over the years. The same can be said for all kinds of electronics and appliances. There is no reason to hold onto things that are never going to be used again. They should all be turned over to Junk King who can make those things gone for good.

Before your staycation starts, bring in the team from Junk King Philadelphia to help make all your unwanted rubbish disappear. Junk King is standing by to help today.