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Monthly Archives:

Phoenix Storm Debris Removal

The first official storm of the fall season happened last weekend. The result were flooded roads, delayed flights, toppled trees, debris-littered streets and thousands of residents stuck without power. Not the best way to welcome a new season. The good news is that when it comes to storm debris removal, you have a great ally in Junk King. These are the professional junk haulers who can spring into action at a moment’s notice and help you get your home back to normal.


Unless a tree branch has brought down a power line, clearing storm debris isn’t all that complicated. Yes, it is a bit labor intensive, which is why you want Junk King on your property ASAP. If you suffered from flooding in your home, then you really need to spring into action. All of that water soaked carpet and furniture needs to be hauled out before mold starts to grow and that can happen very quickly. At a minimum, Junk King will send over a two-man crew and huge truck to help with the cleanup. If you’ve experienced more debris damage, then they can add additional workers. This is why you want to keep Junk King’s number programmed into your cell phone. The hope is that you’ll never need them for storm debris removal but it’s nice to know they’ll be standing by.

In between storms, you can always call on Junk King to provide general junk removal services. They’ll work just as fast and efficiently as with the storm debris removal. Hiring Junk King to haul away all your unwanted stuff will free up a lot of space. It will also help you maintain you storage areas. Without all that clutter, you’ll be able to find things like holiday decorations much easier.

You should also know that Junk King is a 100% green kind of company. Since they opened their first franchise back in 2005, Junk King has made it their mission to keep as much collected junk out of local landfills. So far, that has resulted in a 60% diversion rate. That is a big boost to the Phoenix environment. Thanks to their recycling and donation efforts, your stuff could be repurposed and reused. It’s a good feeling knowing that nothing is going to waste. Whether you need fast storm debris removal or general decluttering, Junk King is the company to call.

Phoenix Junk Removal Services – Back To School 2014

Are your kids the type who leaves a trail behind them? This trial usually starts at the front door with shoes left behind. That’s followed by a coat and hat. Next comes the backpack and schoolbooks. You would never have a problem finding your kid in your house; just follow the trail. No matter how many times you tell the kid to “pick up their stuff,” they’re still going to leave a trail. It’s just what being a kid is all about. Naturally, our kids look to us as role models for all kinds of behavior. If we leave our own clutter around, is it any wonder that they would do the same thing? This fall, you could provide a cleanup inspiration when you finally get rid of all the unwanted clutter around your home. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a day loading up junk and driving to the nearest landfill. Instead, turn that project over to Junk King and your clutter will be gone in a flash.


With Junk King handling your junk removal chore, you can be assured that all your heavy objects will be removed safely from your home. This means getting rid of an old couch, TV, stove or mattress without banging up walls or scratching floors. The Junk King teams have all been trained in the proper moving techniques. They’re also fully insured. They have to be otherwise they can’t call themselves Junk King.

Junk King can provide another great model for your kids with its eco-friendly disposal policies. Junk King is dedicated to keeping Phoenix as green as possible. This translates into your junk getting recycled or donated to a charity. It’s the perfect example of repurpose and reuse.

Finally, Junk King can provide a great lesson in money management. If you were to handle bulky junk removal on your own, you might have to hire you own moving crew of day laborers, rent a truck, pay for dumping fees and sacrifice a workday. Instead, Junk King handles all aspects of the junk removal job for a single low fee that is based on volume, not weight. Look around and you’ll find that Junk King’s pricing policies are the most competitive and affordable in Phoenix. Teach your kids all about the right way to handle junk removal by hiring Junk King from the start.


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