Put A Home Office Together With Help From Junk King

Do you enjoy shopping and an office supply store? Many folks find it to be an extremely pleasurable experience to shop for pens, envelopes, Post-Its and everything else that belongs in an office. It always seems that whenever you go shopping and office supply store you come home with more than what you originally intended to buy. If you are setting up a home office, then you will definitely be making a few trips to your nearest office supply store. This might also be where you purchase your desk and shelves. Before that big furniture can be brought in you want to make sure that the room you have designated for your home office is cleared out of any unnecessary objects. That includes the big and the small stuff. The best company to help with that goal is Junk King Phoenix.

A Practical Use

Think back to when you were shopping for a home. You probably went through every room in the homes that you looked at and imagined how you would use them. Obviously, everyone in the family needs a bedroom and there also has to be a living room for TV watching. But what about a spare room? Did you have a purpose for the spare room in your home? That might have initially been a guest bedroom. But unless you have guests coming every month it is not a practical use of that space. That is especially true when you could benefit more from having a home office set up.

All of the furniture and other items that you put into your spare room can be moved out by the Junk King team. These should be things that you know you have no further use for. When you turn something over to Junk King that item has the opportunity to be put back into circulation in some form. The Junk King teams always strive to make a donation drop-off to charities for items like furniture and household goods. That way nothing has to go to waste. By doing that, you can probably proclaim right from the start that your home office business is a green one!

Putting together your home office should start with a rubbish removal session from Junk King Phoenix. Book that time today.

Get Rid Of An Old Mattress Fast With Junk King

There are some things that you want to get rid of that you can actually “live” with. If you have replaced an old television, then it can go into a spare room or out in the garage.  The same can be said for any piece of furniture that you have swapped out. However, there are some things that you want to get rid of fast once you have made the decision to replace them. That would certainly be true with an old mattress. That is not something you need to keep around because chances are it would never be used again. Once you are done with the mattress, that mattresses done for good unless he gets recycled. Junk King Phoenix can help you get rid of that old mattress fast and take care of the recycling part, too.

Quick Turnaround

Junk King prides itself on its ability to provide a quick turnaround for its services. Most customers who call in to set up an appointment can have that session completed by the following day. There are also same day pickups available depending upon when you call in. For mattress removal, you may want to coordinate with the delivery of your new mattress. Junk King can come in the morning to get rid of the old mattress and you can have the new one delivered after lunch. That would make a seamless transition to your new bed!

It will literally take just a few minutes for the two-man moving crew from Junk King to bring your mattress out of the bedroom and onto the truck. You have to make the decision whether or not that is all you want to get rid of. Considering you have those movers and the truck you might want to think about getting rid of a lot of other unwanted and bulky items in your home. This is a perfect opportunity to transform your living environment and create more storage space.

Get rid of your old mattress and the rest of your rubbish fast by hiring Junk King Phoenix from the start.

Make Valentine’s Day Junk Free

There are a lot of special things that you can do for Valentine’s Day that don’t automatically have to include roses and chocolates. Of course, no one will ever say no to roses and chocolates but there is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box for a special gift. You could make dinner for your partner. You could attend a cooking class together. You can take dance lessons. You could also set up a session with Junk King Phoenix. That might not seem very romantic but when you consider that one session with Junk King can make all the junk and rubbish from your home disappear then you might realize that this can be a very special Valentine’s Day gift for sure!

Fast Removal

Every junk King session staffed by a pair of hard-working movers. Even if the things that you are getting rid of don’t necessarily require two people to lift and load you will still get those two movers. That helps make a fast session happen. Junk King appreciates how valuable your time is. Most appointments are scheduled when you are taking a day off or are coming home early from work. That means you want to get back to your time as quickly as possible. The Junk King team also likes to do as many pickups as they can during the day. In fact, because they are always on the move you might actually be able to benefit from the same day pickup when call it. They always leave a little “buffer” time in their day for these types of calls.

As for what you can get rid of, was Junk King on the job anything goes. You don’t have to bring it down to the curb to make it easy for the Junk King team. They will pick everything up right from the spot where it is at the moment. That includes anything that you have an upstairs bedroom or down in the basement. Just think of all the space you will be reclaiming when all that rubbish is removed. And think of how much that will mean to the special someone in your life.

This Valentine’s Day make your home junk free with help from Junk King Phoenix. It will be a very thoughtful gift.

Great Reviews For Junk King Phoenix

“Very happy with trucks early arrival. Men always courteous and helpful.” – Barber H., Phoenix

That is one of the many recent positive reviews posted by Junk King Phoenix customers. It is clear by these reviews that Junk King is delivering on the promise of providing full-service junk hauling for homeowners and businesses. This is the type of work that can make a great amount of difference when it comes to creating more storage space. It also helps when Junk King can move in to help you swap out old mattresses and kitchen appliances. Here are a few more of those great reviews for junk King:

“I called Junk King and actually spoke to a live person didn’t have to leave a message. They were very professional. Scheduled my appointment. They called and said they were able to come earlier than what they scheduled. When they showed up the guys were very professional. We talked for a few minutes they gave me a price. I thought it was a fair price and they loaded up what would’ve been two pick up loads if I had to do it. They cleaned the spot up very well. We shook hands and they were gone. I would recommend Junk King.” – Howard D., Cave Creek

Not only does Junk King save you time but also saves you potential back strain! The two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your appointment for going to do all the heavy lifting for you. That is much better than you doing yourself or trying to find some friends to help. As mentioned above, before the work begins Junk King will lockdown the price with you so that everyone is on the same page. After that, it won’t take the crew very long to load up all the things you want to get rid of.

“After I contacted them, they were able to come out within a few days. They had a cancellation & showed up early! Surveyed the garbage to be removed & hauled off. They were done in less than 15 minutes! I would use again. Saved me time renting a truck & hauling ourselves. Thank you.” -  Lori L., Phoenix

When you hire Junk King Phoenix to haul away your rubbish you won’t be waiting long for the “mission accomplished!” Set up a session today.

Make A Resolution To Get The Rubbish Removed From Your Home

Are the New Year’s resolutions that you are making this year the same ones you have made in past years? That is actually very common especially when it comes to self-improvement. You might have some bad habits that you want to break for the new year that you tried breaking before. They could also be some goals attached to working out that you want to take another run at, literally and figuratively! A new year is always a good time to for a fresh start. That fresh start can also extend to your living environment. Perhaps you can make a resolution to get the rubbish removed from your all. That is a resolution that you should definitely bring in Junk King Phoenix to help with.

Junk King Makes It Easy

Junk King makes it easy to get rid of any amount of rubbish in your home. It all begins with the phone call to set up your appointment. You always be asked for the best day that works for your schedule. Within that day, you will need to set aside just two hours for the Junk King appointment. Most appointments are handled within 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish. Those two hours gives the crews plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next. Throughout the day of your appointment the crew will keep you apprised of their estimated arrival time. Based on the majority of comments from happy Junk King customers, the crews are always prompt and often quite early.

Once the team arrives, they will make the lifting and loading phase look easy also. Having to capable movers lift a heavy object always works best when they have the experience with this type of work. That experience helps them navigate staircases with sofas and other oversized pieces.

The price structure is easy to understand, as well. Junk King will provide you with an estimate for the amount of space that all of your rubbish will take up on the truck. It might be one third, one half or the entire truck bed. Whatever that amount is will reflect the price that you will pay. The less space that they use for packing, the less you will be paid and that will always be the goal for Junk King.

If you make a New Year’s resolution to get the rubbish cleared from your home, then it is time to call in the pros from Junk King Phoenix.

A Garage Clean Out Should Start With A Call To Junk King

Do you know the square footage of your garage? Is it the biggest “room” in your home or the smallest? Whatever the size of garage is, it often gets filled up fast with a lot of stuff. Most of the things that you put into the garage for storage or items that you put to use on a regular basis. That is certainly true for your holiday decorations. It might also be true for some seasonal sporting equipment and clothing.

As for everything else, you have to question whether or not you really need to be keeping that in storage. There could be a few things that hold value that you might want to sell off. The rest of the stuff can be classified as rubbish and there is no reason to turn your garage into a rubbish receptacle. If you are ready to take on a complete garage clean out, then you should start by calling in the pros from Junk King Phoenix.


When you call Junk King to set up an appointment you could be putting yourself on a deadline. That deadline can motivate you to get all the sorting done in your garage. It might help to scheduling this session for the weekend and that way you’ll have plenty of time for a week to go through all the boxes and shelves in your garage to pull down those things you don’t need to keep anymore. If something is especially heavy that you want to get rid of, then just leave it right where it is. When the Junk King moving squad shows up, they will be able to pick up right spot and swiftly loaded onto the truck with all the rest of your rubbish.

A lot of what you might be getting rid of could still be usable just not for you and your family. Those are the kinds of items that would make a perfect donation drop off at a nearby charity. Junk King knows exactly what these organizations are looking for when any given day and will make those drop-offs as part of their complete pickup service.

Taking care of your garage clean out with help from Junk King Phoenix will be a major accomplishment. Put that into motion today.

Put Junk King On The Job For Old TV Disposal

Do you do more shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Over the last couple of years online shopping has begun to dominate traditional shopping. There is always trips to the mall that are part of the holiday season but once you experience how convenient it is to shop online and have everything delivered to your doorstep it is hard to consider going back to all the crowds! Even when it comes to purchasing big items like flatscreen televisions you can still make those purchases online. In fact, you might be able to check out the TV in a store and then find a better deal online. If you are planning to make a TV swap in the coming weeks, then you should also plan to hire Junk King Phoenix to take care of your old TV disposal.

A Good Deal

The only reason to buy TV at this time of year is to make sure you get a good deal. When you hire Junk King to haul out that old TV you will also be getting a good deal. This is your chance to get rid of a lot more than just an old TV. Junk King is can you send over a pair of movers to handle this task. It might only take one mover to carry out the TV but they will probably both do it in order to make sure it is done right and there’s no damage to walls and floors. That same team can be utilized to remove other big items like a recliner or loveseat that you are thinking about replacing. If you have some gathered donations like clothing and other household goods, then you should also turn those over to Junk King. They will make sure they get dropped off to a charity that can put them to work. All of that happens as part of the Junk King service.

You can schedule Junk King on the same day that your new TV is being delivered. If you need more time, then you will find that junk King is extremely flexible.

Put Junk King Phoenix on the job of handling your old TV disposal and it will be done swiftly and affordably.

The Best Approach For Old Furniture Removal

How often do you have your sofas and other upholstered furniture professionally cleaned? This is typically a task that happens around the holidays and anticipation for guests coming over to the house. It might also be part of a spring-cleaning ritual. As long as your furniture is still structurally sound, then having it professionally cleaned is a good way to extend its lifespan. However, there might come a time when even the best of cleaners can’t make an old sofa look like new. When it is time to replace that old sofa or any other piece of old furniture in your home, it is time to bring in the crew from Junk King Phoenix.

The Moving Specialists

The crews working for Junk King could be considered as moving specialists. The only difference between these movers and the kinds of movers you would hire to relocate is that the Junk King squad will be making a “one way” trip with your old furniture. You are essentially letting go of that furniture in the hopes that it will be disposed of in a responsible manner. For Junk King, that “responsible manner” often involves a local charity. There are many organizations around Phoenix that employee folks to fix up tattered and broken furniture. That way those pieces can be sold in a thrift shop to benefit the charity or given directly to families in need. When it comes to getting rid of old items that you no longer want this really is the best approach.

You can consider Junk King moving specialist by the actual work that they do, also. These are crews that understand the best approach for carrying heavy objects down hallways and staircases without causing damage. One of the reasons you might have held on to this old piece of furniture is that you didn’t have the proper help to bring it out of your house. When Junk King is on the job you can rest assure that your furniture will always be safely removed from your property.

Along with the old furniture you can also take advantage of the crew and their big truck to get rid of any other rubbish or clutter items. It doesn’t have to be big or small. You just have to decide that you no longer want it!

The best approach for old furniture removal remains hiring Junk King Phoenix. Set up a session today.

Let Junk King Handle Your Construction Scrap Removal

If you are in charge of any kind of construction project, then you will be hiring outside help. Even if you were doing a renovation on your own, then there might come a time when you would bring in a specialist to help with wiring or plumbing if for not other reason than to make sure it was up to code. The bigger the project, the more likely it is that you’ll hire additional workers. Contractors will often manage multiple crews on multiple jobs. It takes a lot of coordination to pull it all together. One important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked on any construction project is designating an entity to handle scrap removal. The work crews might be able to keep all the debris in a certain area but it still has to be eventually cleared away and disposed of. That is where Junk King Phoenix can make a big difference. These are the junk hauling pros who can handle your construction scrap removal from start to finish.

More Than Just Junk

The vast majority of Junk King sessions involve homeowners or apartment renters who a hoping to make more room in their living spaces. They are either clearing out closets or replacing furniture and sofas. That requires a moving crew and that is exactly what Junk King provides on a regular basis. That same crew who is adept at lifting and loading sofas and washing machines can also be of assistance on a construction site.

You can set up regular pickup appointments with Junk King for all your construction scrap cleanup. You can also wait until the end of the job for one massive removal. The Junk King truck can hold the same amount of debris that six pickup trucks can hold. If you have an exceptionally large amount of construction scrap to clear away, then Junk King will dispatch additional trucks in order to get it all cleared in a single session.

For dependable construction scrap removal, you’ll want to hire Junk King Phoenix at the start of your project. They will keep the site clean until the end!

Clear Out The Junk From Your Home This Fall

Do you have any big plans for the fall? This is apple and pumpkin picking season for a lot of folks. It is also the beginning of holiday prep time. You might not be doing any shopping for Christmas now but you will certainly be getting the place ready for Halloween trick-or-treaters. Whether you go all out decorating your home or just put up a few “ghosts” in the window, it signifies that the big holiday season is coming up. That’s what makes this time of year the best time to get your home ready. Along with all the maintenance chores like cleaning out rain gutters and swapping out filters in the furnace, you also should consider clearing out the junk from your home. This is a task that you don’t have to take on by itself. Instead, turn the job over to Junk King Phoenix. You’ll be glad you did.

Front to Back

With Junk King on the job, your junk clearing session can cover your home from front to back. In the front, the big challenge area might be the garage. That is where you are holding onto a lot of potentially unwanted rubbish. Things have a tendency of making your way into the garage only to be forgotten about. A little time devoted to sorting through the garage can reveal a lot of things to have the Junk King crew load up on to the truck. As you make your way to the house, there could be other big items in each room that you would like to clear out. If you plan on replacing any furniture, then this is a terrific opportunity to remove those old pieces to make room for the new items.

You should also devote some energy to your closets. That is where you will find even more unwanted items to give to Junk King. Everything that you turn over to Junk King has the potential to either be recycled or dropped off at a charity. The goal is to keep as much as what is collected out of landfills. That is something that Junk King does on every appointment.

This fall make rubbish removal from your home a priority with help from Junk King Phoenix.