The Best Approach For Old Furniture Removal

How often do you have your sofas and other upholstered furniture professionally cleaned? This is typically a task that happens around the holidays and anticipation for guests coming over to the house. It might also be part of a spring-cleaning ritual. As long as your furniture is still structurally sound, then having it professionally cleaned is a good way to extend its lifespan. However, there might come a time when even the best of cleaners can’t make an old sofa look like new. When it is time to replace that old sofa or any other piece of old furniture in your home, it is time to bring in the crew from Junk King Phoenix.

The Moving Specialists

The crews working for Junk King could be considered as moving specialists. The only difference between these movers and the kinds of movers you would hire to relocate is that the Junk King squad will be making a “one way” trip with your old furniture. You are essentially letting go of that furniture in the hopes that it will be disposed of in a responsible manner. For Junk King, that “responsible manner” often involves a local charity. There are many organizations around Phoenix that employee folks to fix up tattered and broken furniture. That way those pieces can be sold in a thrift shop to benefit the charity or given directly to families in need. When it comes to getting rid of old items that you no longer want this really is the best approach.

You can consider Junk King moving specialist by the actual work that they do, also. These are crews that understand the best approach for carrying heavy objects down hallways and staircases without causing damage. One of the reasons you might have held on to this old piece of furniture is that you didn’t have the proper help to bring it out of your house. When Junk King is on the job you can rest assure that your furniture will always be safely removed from your property.

Along with the old furniture you can also take advantage of the crew and their big truck to get rid of any other rubbish or clutter items. It doesn’t have to be big or small. You just have to decide that you no longer want it!

The best approach for old furniture removal remains hiring Junk King Phoenix. Set up a session today.

Let Junk King Handle Your Construction Scrap Removal

If you are in charge of any kind of construction project, then you will be hiring outside help. Even if you were doing a renovation on your own, then there might come a time when you would bring in a specialist to help with wiring or plumbing if for not other reason than to make sure it was up to code. The bigger the project, the more likely it is that you’ll hire additional workers. Contractors will often manage multiple crews on multiple jobs. It takes a lot of coordination to pull it all together. One important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked on any construction project is designating an entity to handle scrap removal. The work crews might be able to keep all the debris in a certain area but it still has to be eventually cleared away and disposed of. That is where Junk King Phoenix can make a big difference. These are the junk hauling pros who can handle your construction scrap removal from start to finish.

More Than Just Junk

The vast majority of Junk King sessions involve homeowners or apartment renters who a hoping to make more room in their living spaces. They are either clearing out closets or replacing furniture and sofas. That requires a moving crew and that is exactly what Junk King provides on a regular basis. That same crew who is adept at lifting and loading sofas and washing machines can also be of assistance on a construction site.

You can set up regular pickup appointments with Junk King for all your construction scrap cleanup. You can also wait until the end of the job for one massive removal. The Junk King truck can hold the same amount of debris that six pickup trucks can hold. If you have an exceptionally large amount of construction scrap to clear away, then Junk King will dispatch additional trucks in order to get it all cleared in a single session.

For dependable construction scrap removal, you’ll want to hire Junk King Phoenix at the start of your project. They will keep the site clean until the end!

Clear Out The Junk From Your Home This Fall

Do you have any big plans for the fall? This is apple and pumpkin picking season for a lot of folks. It is also the beginning of holiday prep time. You might not be doing any shopping for Christmas now but you will certainly be getting the place ready for Halloween trick-or-treaters. Whether you go all out decorating your home or just put up a few “ghosts” in the window, it signifies that the big holiday season is coming up. That’s what makes this time of year the best time to get your home ready. Along with all the maintenance chores like cleaning out rain gutters and swapping out filters in the furnace, you also should consider clearing out the junk from your home. This is a task that you don’t have to take on by itself. Instead, turn the job over to Junk King Phoenix. You’ll be glad you did.

Front to Back

With Junk King on the job, your junk clearing session can cover your home from front to back. In the front, the big challenge area might be the garage. That is where you are holding onto a lot of potentially unwanted rubbish. Things have a tendency of making your way into the garage only to be forgotten about. A little time devoted to sorting through the garage can reveal a lot of things to have the Junk King crew load up on to the truck. As you make your way to the house, there could be other big items in each room that you would like to clear out. If you plan on replacing any furniture, then this is a terrific opportunity to remove those old pieces to make room for the new items.

You should also devote some energy to your closets. That is where you will find even more unwanted items to give to Junk King. Everything that you turn over to Junk King has the potential to either be recycled or dropped off at a charity. The goal is to keep as much as what is collected out of landfills. That is something that Junk King does on every appointment.

This fall make rubbish removal from your home a priority with help from Junk King Phoenix.

Hire Junk King Phoenix For Your Storage Unit Clean Out

Occasionally, you will see a news story about a storage unit auction that reveals “treasure” for the highest bidder. Recently, a couple bought the contents of a storage unit sight unseen and discovered inside there was $7.5 million in cash. Can you imagine leaving that much money in a storage unit and not paying the rent on that unit? For the most part, storage units are full of the items that you don’t have room for in your own home. The longer those items stay in storage the more they become unwanted. They might come a time when you decide that you don’t need any of those storage items. It makes sense then to clean out the storage unit and stop paying the monthly fee! That’s a perfect task to bring Junk King Phoenix in on.

Sort Through

Before the crew from Junk King shows up you will have to sort through all the things that you have in your storage. You might have forgotten some of the items that you tucked away in there. Those can be pulled out and brought home. But the rest of the stuff like old furniture, appliances and other household goods that you don’t have any use for can be given to Junk King. Whether your storage unit is on the outside of the facility or several floors up, the team from Junk King won’t have any problems clearing out all the items you have designated for removal. You want have to lift a single box for this job. Just let the team from Junk King know what you want gone and it will be swiftly loaded onto the truck.

Back at Home

If you have some items back at home that you want to Junk King team to remove as well, then you might be able to set up a session in the same day. After they’re done at the storage unit, they can follow you back to your house and clear out the stuff from your garage and closets. That is certainly a very efficient way to utilize Junk King’s awesome services.

The sooner you clean out your storage unit, the sooner you can stop paying that monthly fee. Junk King Phoenix is standing by to help make that happen.

Decluttering Helps With Back-To-School Time

The good thing to remember about back-to-school time is that you’re not in this alone. Every child that is a classmate to your child has a family that is going through the exact same transitions and “upheavals” to family life. For some, this is a brand-new experience with kids starting out in kindergarten or first grade. For others, the routines are familiar but still need adjustment. The best course of action is to reach out and make friends with those classmate parents, especially the ones with older siblings. They will definitely know the drill.

Another thing that will help with back-to-school time around the house is a thorough decluttering. For that you can also get outside help from Junk King Phoenix. These are the junk hauling pros who will be a major asset for all your decluttering needs.

Start with the Kids’ Rooms

The most clutter in any home can always be found in a kid’s room. That might be fine for the summer but for back-to-school, that clutter is going to be a hinderance. Junk King can’t really help with picking up toys and clothes unless you are getting rid of them. That means you have to devote some time to sorting through the room first. The closet is where you’ll no doubt find a lot of items that need to be tossed out because your kid has outgrown them. They might have even outgrown their toddler bed. All of those outgrown items can be swiftly carted off by the team from Junk King.

All the Rest

As long as you’re decluttering your kids’ rooms, you can apply that same effort to your bedroom and the rest of the house. The more unwanted stuff you can get rid of now, the better off you’ll be for the rest of the school year. There will certainly be a lot more new things coming into the house and if you can clear out the storage space now, then you won’t ever feel overwhelmed.

Decluttering the home for back-to-school time is a terrific way to upgrade the living environment. Let Junk King Phoenix help you with that goal.

Renovation Waste Gets Cleared Fast By Junk King

What is the area in your home that you knew you to renovate when you bought the place? Most people’s big target is the kitchen. It is very rare to find a “dream kitchen” in an older home but that doesn’t mean one can’t be created with the right contractor and design team. If you are taking on a renovation project now, then there’s a good chance it will be completed by the holidays. Won’t it be nice to celebrate those family gatherings in your dream kitchen? Before you can get to that place there is going to be a lot of work done in a short amount of time. That work begins with totally demolishing the old kitchen. That’s a good thing! What you want to make sure of is that all of that renovation waste gets cleared away in an efficient manner. The best approach for that goal would be to hire Junk King Phoenix for the job.

Less Waste, More Work

Technically, it is the responsibility of the work crew that you hire to keep the renovation site clean. However, they might be limited with what they can handle. They will certainly fill up your trash cans very fast and that will be an inconvenience to you. A lot of work crews also will load of trash on the back of their trucks and dispose of it at the closest landfill. The problem with that is that it means they would need to leave the job early in order to get to the landfill before it closes. That means they are spending less time at your job. That’s not going to get that kitchen done fast!

When you turn the renovation waste clearing job over to Junk King there won’t be any disruption of the actual remodeling work. Junk King will work independently clearing up all the trash that’s created on the project. The first day usually creates the most debris because of all the demolition. You can schedule your Junk King appointment for the end of that first day so that when the workers come back, they will be coming back to a clean space. If you need additional cleanup, then you can count on Junk King standing by to help make that happen.

Your renovation waste will get cleared fast when Junk King Phoenix is handling that part of the remodeling project.

Make An Open Flow Office Without Cubicles

How important is it for your staff to talk to one another? Obviously, communication is essential in order for a company to be productive. A lot of that communication is generated through memos, emails and even texts. But the most effective form of solving problems and finishing assignments is through face-to-face communication. That can be a challenge when employees are kept isolated within cubicles.

Yes, they can get up and walk around to find the person they need to talk to and then stand there while they work out an issue. Wouldn’t it be nicer if they could just look across the desk and have that conversation? That can happen when you create an open flow in your office without cubicles. Bringing down those cubicle walls will be a big leap forward in terms of your office design but it is a task that is easy to accomplish when you hire a company like Junk King Phoenix from the start.

Disassembly Required

Taking down cubicles is not as easy as lifting an old sofa and carrying that to the freight elevator. Those cubicles need to be disassembled first. Although they might not be as complicated as a piece of IKEA furniture you will still probably need a set of tools and some knowledge on how to take apart those pieces. That is exactly what the team Junk King will provide to you.

These crews have a lot of experience with all kinds of disassembly projects. Some of these projects have been on a very large scale like taking apart hot tub or a backyard shed. Other times it just means busting up an old entertainment center in order to fit it out the door. With the cubicle walls there is an easy solution for taking them apart. Once the Junk King squad has unlocked that system, they will work very fast to get all the pieces disassembled and loaded onto the truck.

You’ll be amazed how quickly Junk King can transform your office space simply by removing the cubicles. Put them on that job today.

A House Cleanout Fills Up The Junk King Truck Fast

There are many reasons why someone might need to hire junk King for a total house cleanout. It could be a rental property that has to be prepared for a new tenant. It might also be that the house is being put up for sale and needs to be cleared out in order for contractors to come in. Whatever the reason, house cleanouts are something that Junk King Phoenix can take care of from start to finish. This is also the type of job that fills up the Junk King truck fast. This video provides proof of that.

Everything Can Go

When determining what you want to get rid of for your house cleanout you don’t have to think about size or weight. Those are two factors that never become a complication for junk King. If something is too big to fit on the truck, then the crew will break that item up. As for the weight, Junk King never charges by the pound so it doesn’t matter if you are getting rid of six sofas or an entire torn up patio worth of concrete. Junk King’s mission is to make sure that everything you want gone will be cleared out in a single session. The only minor restrictions are items that are considered hazardous to transport such as paints and solvents. Those have to be set aside and dropped off at a designated hazardous waste site. This is information that Junk King can provide for you as well.

Always Eco-friendly

Junk King is always eco-friendly. That means that their disposal policies are focused on recycling and donations. The bulk of what Junk King collects get dropped off at those facilities and organizations that can repurpose an item. The goal is to keep as much collected stuff out of a landfill as possible. This is something the Junk King has been extremely successful with ever since they began collecting junk over 14 years ago.

Your house cleanout doesn’t have to be a challenge when you give the job to Junk King Phoenix. They are standing by to help today.

Take Down Your Old Fence With Help From Junk King Phoenix

If you are a parent, then you are in many ways a “supervisor.” Just like a supervisor at a place of business you have to delegate the chores to your kids and follow-up to make sure they accomplish those tasks. Often you will be conducting inspections of their rooms and follow up with suggestions for how they can improve those living conditions. You also have to supervise what they wear, what they eat and making sure they get their homework done. Those supervising skills can actually translate to your job.

They can also help when you hire a work crew for a project around the house. For instance, if you need to take down your old fence, then hiring Junk King Phoenix is a smart approach for getting the job done. You will be supervising the two-man crew assigned to the task. Of course, that supervision might just consist of the instruction to “take it all down.” The team from Junk King will do the rest!

Easy Operation

Whenever you hire Junk King for any type of removal project you can be assured of an easy operation from start to finish. The first thing the junk King team will do is assess the situation. They will need to determine the best approach for removing that fence and loading it onto the truck to cause the minimum disruption to your property. That might involve some digging and pulling up of shrubbery and other plant life. It also might require going to the other side of the fence on the neighbor’s property. All of that will be taken care of by the Junk King team.

They will efficiently load up all the debris that’s created from the demolition of the fence. How the debris gets back on the truck will also determine how much you will be paying for the service. The less amount of space used up by your debris, the less you will be pain. The Junk King teams always want to pack things tightly. You might be surprised at how little room your old fence will take up on the back the truck. That leaves plenty of space for anything else you want to get in the same session.

When you hire Junk King Phoenix to take down your old fence, the job gets done and you won’t have to lift a finger. Book a session today.

Hire Junk King Phoenix For Your Business Cleanup

Every business utilizes supply chain logistics to some degree. Most businesses are on the receiving end of inventory that is delivered because of those logistics. That inventory is then stocked on shelves to be sold. On delivery day, a lot of boxes and pallets can be brought into a business almost to the point of overwhelming the space especially if there’s already an overflow of inventory. It helps to make sure all the rubbish that’s generated from those deliveries is cleaned up in a timely manner. A lot of that can be taken care of with the dumpster in a back alley. But too often there is an overflow situation that has the area behind the business cluttered with wooden pallets, cardboard boxes and other discarded shipping materials. That’s not the kind stuff that you want to keep out at your business. One call to Junk King Phoenix can take care of all of that business cleanup in a very timely fashion.

Put the Crew to Work

Anytime a Junk King truck is dispatched to a business or residence it will be manned by two capable workers. This will be the crew that you will supervise for the duration of your cleanup. Of course, if the cleanup directions are “take it all away,” then you won’t have to worry about too much of that supervision! The Junk King crews are very thorough with their cleanup efforts. Not only will they load up all the things that you want to get rid of very quickly but they also sweep up the area that they just cleared away. You might have some objects that need to be broken down or taken apart before they can go on to the truck. The Junk King squad can help with that also.

Designated Drop-offs

All the things that are collected by Junk King will be dropped off at three potential sites. It can either be a recycling center, a charity or a landfill. Junk King will always pick the first two over the landfill. This is how they’ve been getting rid of collecting rubbish since they began operations over 14 years ago. It also means you’ll be able to extend your company’s own “green” philosophy.

When you need a business cleanup, Junk King Phoenix will be standing by to land a hand. Call today and your rubbish can be gone by tomorrow.