Get Rid Of Unwanted Clutter Today

Do you remember the exact day you brought every item into your home? We’re not just talking about the day you moved in but everything that has come in since then. Everything that comes into your home once had a purpose. However, over the years those things could have been broken, worn out or simply replace. There are also the things you put into storage and forget you even have. Too often, we are forced to hang onto all of that clutter because we don’t have the means to get rid of it. All of that changed once Junk King rolled into town! These are the professional junk haulers who never met a pile of clutter they couldn’t get rid of.


With just four weeks into the New Year, Junk King has been keeping very busy. They’ve also made some very happy customers.

“These guys came on time, they were efficient and they took some pretty heavy items from my upstairs loft. They were pleasant and professional and were well worth the price. I would hire them again.” – Cheryl White

This is a perfect example of what you want to hire Junk King. If it took two movers to bring something into your home, then it is going to take two movers to bring it back out again. The teams working for Junk King have a lot of experience when it comes to moving heavy objects and navigating them down stairs. It won’t be a problem!

“The service was prompt, courteous and efficient. I appreciate the pickup.” – D.S., Mesa.

Once you’ve made the decision to get rid of something, you’ll want it gone as quickly as possible. Most Junk King appointments are completed within 24-hours of that first contact. Junk King asks that you set aside two hours for the job. This can happen early in the morning, late in the afternoon or on the weekend. Whatever works best for your time.

“The drivers were prompt, professional and did a very good job of getting the furniture out of the house.” – M.B., Phoenix.

All the crews working for Junk King are licensed and insured. That makes them 100% professional. Not only can they get old furniture out of the house but they can also get yard waste out of the yard!