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Make More Storage Space In Your Home

The most common item that is put into storage rental is furniture. Sometimes the reason for this is that moving into a new home or apartment means that either the furniture won’t fit or it has been replaced. What happens then is your paying for storage on things that you’re not using or ever plan to use again. It might be that you’re holding onto some of that furniture to pass on to a child who will eventually move out on their own. But by the time that happens they might want to get their old furniture. If you’re keeping furniture because a parent has moved to a small place, then you really have to ask if that furniture will ever be put back into a home. Renting a storage unit is a quick way to deal with these kinds of issues. But the longer a thing stays in storage the more obvious it becomes that you really don’t need that thing at all. Perhaps it’s time to clear out the storage areas in your home with a little help from Junk King Phoenix.

As it turns out, the most popular item that Junk King Phoenix hauls away is also furniture. Usually, the arrival of a new sofa facilitates the removal of the old one. That’s easy to take care of with Junk King because they provide two movers to carry out the old sofa. You can also be scheduled to coordinate with the drop off of the new piece.

As long as you’re getting rid of an old sofa, you could also make a lot more storage space in your home by having Junk King haul away all the rest of your unwanted clutter. How many things do you have out of the garage that could be removed for good? What about in your closets? What about up in the attic? If you were to spend some time in those areas tagging all the things that you could get rid of, then you might discover you suddenly have a lot more storage space you ever thought of.

Keep in mind two things: if you are keeping something in storage for over a year, then you should get rid of it. And if you’re hiring Junk King, then there’s no limit with regard to size or weight of what you can get rid of.

Making more storage space in your home is in complicated when you partner up with Junk King Phoenix for the task.

Junk King Phoenix – House Cleanout Tips

Getting rid of all the junk that’s been sitting around for years through our Phoenix – House Cleanout is a great idea. More than likely it will start the wheels turning and you’ll start planning some new renovations for that new space.

If you’ve gone through this process and decided on a renovation, we’ve put together a list of the best ones to choose from. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re staying in the house or selling it, these are the renovations that make a big difference.

Phoenix – House Cleanout First, Garage Door Replacement Next!
From a monetary standpoint, you really can’t beat putting a new garage door on your house. Some of the things that you want to make sure to get in that new door include galvanized steel tracks. This is the renovation that’s all about curb appeal. It’s also the kind of thing that follows along actually after you opened up some rooms or even the garage itself.

A Kitchen Remodel
It’s not necessary to undergo huge kitchen remodeling job to get some money back. In fact, a lot of people consider just a few minor tweaks can recoup almost 81% of the original cost. Consider upgrading the cabinets and replacing the old countertops with either the latest variety or even granite.

Keep in mind that you’ll want those old appliances taken away before you bring in new ones. Our Phoenix – House Cleanout services can give you a quote with only a click of the mouse. Remember that even the smallest upgrades can make a big difference. Painting the trim for just a few dollars can make a huge change when it comes to visual appeal.

Phoenix – House Cleanout and a New Deck

One of the other things that you might want to consider after you’ve had your house cleaned out is a new deck out back. Whether you’re staying or moving, enhancing your backyard space with a wooden deck can increase your enjoyment and resell value.

Research tells us that this kind of addition will hold almost 85% of a resale value. Make sure that you use pressure-treated wood so your new deck will last for as long as possible. It’s also a good idea to get in touch with Junk King so we can figure out what to recycle during your Junk King Phoenix – House Cleanout.

Put Junk King To Work For Your Estate Cleanup

Handling the disposition of state comes down to a list of items. That list can be divided into three categories. These are the same three categories that professional organizers use when helping folks the clutter their homes. Those categories are: keep, sell or toss. Of those three, the selling of items might prove to be the most challenging. You can turn that task over to appraisal services that either remove furniture and put it on consignment shop or hold in an estate sale right on the property.

In either scenario, it may be some leftover items that no one is buying. Those still become your responsibility for that third category of tossing out. Depending on the situation that “toss out” pile could be quite huge. That’s where Junk King Phoenix can be of assistance. One call to these junk hauling pros put a plan into action that will have your estate cleaned up in no time at all.

What Junk King uses for an estate cleanup is the same thing it uses for every junk removal session. You’ll be assigned a team of movers and the use of a big truck. Obviously, you won’t have to drive this truck or load it up. That is all handled by the Junk King crew. That is good news because a lot of the things you’re getting rid of might be extremely heavy or bulky. They could also be located on the second floor or up in an attic. The team from Junk King won’t have any problem climbing the stairs.

The cost for this service will be based on how your stuff gets back up. This takes a little visualization part of the Junk King crew. But they have a lot of experience with packing up that truck and will know exactly how every piece of furniture it in there. They want to get as much stuff into his little space as possible. That’s going to work in your favor when it comes time to the final price. When you agree to that number, the work can begin and in no time at all the entire house will be emptied.

Your estate cleanup doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just turn the job over to Junk King Phoenix and watch how fast it gets done.

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