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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Make A Resolution For No More Clutter

One of the easiest resolutions that you can make for 2021 is to have no more clutter in the house. That just takes a dedication to putting away everything that you are keeping and getting rid of everything that needs to be tossed out. It is easy to toss out clutter into the trash when it fits. It is not so easy to get rid of clutter that is too big for the trash can. That is the kind of removal that Junk King Phoenix can help. When you get rid of the big clutter items in your home, you will be starting out the new year in the right way.

Easy to Pick

It will be easy to pick all the clutter items that you want taken from your home by the junk King squad. Start with the big stuff. That would be any piece of furniture or major kitchen appliance that you want to replace. Perhaps it is something that you have already replaced and have just pushed that item off into a corner or out into the garage. That would definitely be considered clutter!

After you’ve picked the big stuff, consider all of the smaller things like old electronics such as televisions or computers. Those are the kinds of things that should never be put into the trash because they need to be disposed of in a responsible manner. When you hire junk King for this type of removal, you can always count on that responsible disposal. Junk King will find the best places to have those items dropped off at that won’t cause an impact to the environment.

Once you have designated all the clutter items that you want removed from your home you can set up your appointment with junk King. Most of those appointments are completed within 24 hours of that first phone call. When the crew does show up at your house, you will find that they work very efficiently and quickly. It will probably take less time to clear out all your clutter than it does to have your morning cup of coffee.

Making a resolution to get rid of clutter in your home is a great way to kick off the new year. Junk King Phoenix is standing by to be part of that plan.

Stop Feeling Cramped In Your Apartment

Living in an apartment is often a step towards home ownership. You can be saving for your home deposit while paying rent. You could also be collecting some furniture and other items that you know you will want to bring into your new house. Unfortunately, the more you bring into your apartment, the more likely it is for you to start feeling cramped in the space. The question then becomes whether or not everything you are holding onto is something that you would be using again. If you have designated a few items that you can do without and they can’t be tossed out into the trash, then you need to set up an appointment with Junk King Phoenix. This is the best approach for moving all the unwanted items out of your apartment.

Stairs Aren’t an Issue

All the big stuff that is currently in your apartment was probably brought in by at least two movers. That means it will take the same kind of movers to bring that stuff out again. That is exactly what Junk King provides with every one of its sessions. The two movers who will be assigned to your apartment will show up with a friendly attitude and a lot of experience. That experience comes in handy when they have to navigate items down flights of apartment stairs. Even if you are just getting rid of a single sofa, you will appreciate how quickly and efficiently the crew from Junk King can take care of it.

Of course, there will be plenty of room on the back of the Junk King truck for all of the stuff that you want to get rid of. Use this appointment as your opportunity to thoroughly clear out all the unwanted items from your apartment whether that’s a piece of furniture or clothing from the closets.

Getting rid of your unwanted stuff will make you feel less cramped in your apartment. That is a goal that Junk King Phoenix would be happy to help with. Set of your session today.