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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Hire Junk King To Remove Old Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture typically comes in a set. The bed frame, dresser and night tables all have the same style. It is what gives a bedroom a uniform look. Of course, over the years you might grow tired of that look and want to “freshen things up” a bit. That could mean replacing all that bedroom furniture for new styles. It might also mean it is time for a new mattress. That is a lot to clear out of a single room. But it won’t be a challenge for the team from Junk King Phoenix. These are the junk hauling pros that will make quick work out of removing all your old bedroom furniture.

Split-level or Stairs

The main reason to hire Junk King for any type of furniture removal is that they will do all of the work. You will be assigned a two-man moving crew who will do all the lifting and loading. This is a team that is also experienced with all types of architectural styles. They won’t have a problem carrying bedroom furniture down flights of stairs or down along split-level hallway. The only focus is to make sure that everything is removed that you want removed.

The furniture that you are getting rid of might still be usable to some other family. Junk King will always strive to take any usable item to a charity for drop off. That should make you feel good about getting rid of everything from bedroom furniture to old clothing. It can all be cleared away in the same Junk King session.

To schedule your appointment, you just have to pick a day and a two-hour window that works best for your calendar. Most of that two-hour window is taking up with traffic time in between customers. The Junk King team will always keep you posted as to when you can expect them to arrive during your two-hour window. In most cases they will be early!

The best way to remove old bedroom furniture from your house is to let the Junk King Phoenix crew take care of that from start to finish. Book your session today.

Decluttering Helps With Organizing

Organization cannot exist with clutter. That is as much true for a desk drawer as it is for an entire household. Over the summer, things tend to get a bit more cluttered around the house. There are a lot more “drop-offs” of clothing, shoes, sporting equipment and other random items that seem to be spread out across the home. Those things are easy to pick up and organize. They all have a place to go! But there are some other clutter objects that might need removal from the house altogether. That is when you want to bring in the team from Junk King Phoenix. One decluttering session with these junk hauling pros can get your home organized from top to bottom.

Opening Up the Space

When you get right down to it, decluttering is really about opening up storage space. Think about all the clutter that you have in your bedroom closet. There are probably a few pairs of shoes, jackets, sweaters and other articles of clothing that you might never wear again. Those things can all be gathered up by the team from Junk King and removed in your major decluttering session. But you don’t have to stop there. They could also be clutter in the form of furniture.

Any piece of furniture that you would like to get rid of and replace can be considered a clutter item. The team from Junk King can swiftly remove any size furniture item from your home. That includes bringing that furniture down from the second floor or up from the basement. When Junk King says they do all the work that includes climbing stairs!

You can set up your session with Junk King online or over the phone. Junk King will always strive to be accommodating to your schedule. You can pick a time during the week or on the weekend. Either way, you won’t be waiting long to get rid of your clutter.

Removing the big and small clutter from your home is the perfect job to hand off to Junk King Phoenix. Book your session today.