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Monthly Archives: February 2023

Easy Refrigerated Disposal

If you can pick up something and hold it in your hand, you can get rid of it quickly. That is how every piece of trash ends up in your kitchen trash can. It’s the things you can’t lift that requires outside help for disposal. An old refrigerator would fall into that category. This disposal depends on an experience moving crew and a big truck. Both of those things are provided by Junk King Phoenix. This professional junk hauling service will make your refrigerator disposal easy to take care of.

Coordinated Scheduling

Swapping out an old refrigerator for a replacement model requires coordinated scheduling. First, you need to get all the food out of your current refrigerator and put it into coolers while you wait for the new fridge to arrive. Then, of course, the old refrigerator should be cleared out when all the food is out of the fridge. That can be coordinated with Junk King. You can book your session with Junk King on the morning of your new refrigerator delivery date. It will only take a few minutes Junk King crew to clear away that old refrigerator. They will even sweep up the spot that it was just on!

The cost for refrigerator disposal will be the same flat rate the Junk King charges for each removal session. That flat rate is always based on how everything fits onto the truck. For example, your refrigerator might take up a lot of room in your kitchen, but it will not take up a lot of room on the back of the Junk King truck. That means you will pay the low end of the price scale for this service.

Fast and affordable refrigerator disposal is just a phone call away when you call Junk King Phoenix.

Junk King Makes Office Furniture Removal Easy

There is always at least one broken chair in any office space. Often, that share gets broken when adjustments are attempted to make it comfortable. The broken office chair will then be relegated to an unused portion of the office. Unfortunately, the unwanted office furniture space can quickly fill up with a lot more pieces. Before you know it, you are keeping a lot of junk in storage that you are paid for by the square foot. That is not a good use of company expenditures. It is also not a good use of that space. If you have reached the point where your unwanted office furniture is piling up, you are ready to book a session with Junk King Phoenix. These professional junk haulers can get all that unwanted stuff cleared out of your office for good.

No Work for Your Staff

When hiring Junk King for office furniture removal, you are hiring a two-person moving crew. This team will do all the work of getting those office furniture items out of the workspace and onto the truck. That means your staff does not have to be involved. You do not have to bring anything to an elevator or loading dock. All you have to do is leave everything right where it is, and the Junk King crew will pick it up right from the spot.

Even though you are getting rid of this unwanted furniture, the Junk King crew will take precautions for packing it up on the truck. They want to ensure you get as much stuff crammed into as little space as possible. The reason for that has to do with pricing. The less truck space your old office furniture takes up, the less you will pay for the service. And that service will also include responsible disposal of those items. Junk King Phoenix makes office furniture removal good for the bottom line every time.