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Junk Removal Blog

Call In Junk King To Clear Out An Old AC

Getting rid of an old air-conditioning is going to require a lot of heavy lifting. That is the kind of task that could definitely put a strain on your back. You can avoid that by hiring an outside company to do this task. A company like Junk King Phoenix provides the moving crew to do all the lifting and loading. More importantly, that same crew will also know the proper place to dispose of that old air-conditioning unit. That is why hiring Junk King is the best way to clear out an old AC.

Avoiding The Heat Wave

Phoenix is definitely a city where you do not want to be without air-conditioning. If your air conditioner is showing signs of a “meltdown,” then you definitely want to get it replaced before it goes up altogether. Obviously, before the new air conditioner can be installed, the old one needs to be cleared away. Once you have designated net conditioner is obsolete is not something that you can hand down to someone else in the family. Instead, it needs to be disposed of a certified recycling center and that is exactly where the team from Junk King will drop off your old air conditioner as part of their complete removal package.

The cost to Junk King service will be determined by how everything fits on to the back of the Junk King truck. If you are just getting rid of that single air-conditioner, it is clear that it will take up a lot of space. That means you can pay the low end of the price scale. Of course, it also means there will be plenty of room left over for anything else that you want to clear out.

Getting rid of your old air conditioner is the perfect job to hand off to the team Junk King Phoenix. Your session today.

Hire Junk King For Old Bedroom Furniture Pickup

It is a challenge to rearrange furniture in your bedroom. Once everything is in place, that is where it will remain. The hope is that you find the perfect position for your bed that makes sleeping easy to come by. Over time, your mattress might lose its firmness and that can hinder your sleep. You might also feel that your bedroom furniture is not as pleasing as it once was. All of this means it might be time for a bedroom makeover. That can include new furniture and a new mattress. Once you have picked out those items, you need to make room for them. That is where the team from Junk King Phoenix can be a big help. These are the professional junk haulers to hire for your old bedroom furniture pickup needs.

Personal Moving Crew

For your appointment with Junk King you will have access to a personal moving crew. This will be the two-man team that Junk King is going to assign for your session. It is the crew that will do all the lifting and loading on your behalf. Clearing out bedroom furniture could mean navigating stairs. That will not be a problem for the Junk King team. This is a crew that is dedicated to clearing out bulky items without causing any damage to walls and floors. That’s how they make a loyal customer.

Your Junk King moving crew also has a lot of experience with packing up the truck. That is crucial when it comes to determining what your final fee will be. The goal for Junk King is to get as much as they can act in as tightly as possible. That could mean stacking up your furniture on the back of the truck. It is also that you will have a great deal for this service.

When the need is for old bedroom furniture pickup, the solution can be found with one call to Junk King Phoenix.

Use Junk King For Bulky Clutter Removal

The easiest clutter to get rid of is the stuff you can toss out into the trash. The next easiest would be the things that have to be put away in a bedroom dresser or closet. The challenging clutter items would be those things that are too big to toss out into the trash. They might even need at least two people to carry them out of the house. Those would be the bulky clutter objects that the team from Junk King Phoenix can be a big help with. These are the junk hauling pros who will help you remove all the bulky clutter from your home in a single session.

Packing Up the Truck

Junk King is going to assign to workers to help with your bulky clutter removal. This is a team that will always have a positive attitude. It doesn’t matter if you ask them to go down the basement or up into the attic to remove something. The Junk King crew will always do it with a smile.

Before the Junk King crew starts carrying out the things that you want to get rid of, they will want to lockdown the cost for the service. That cost will be determined by how they will pack up the truck. This is also where their moving experience comes into play. The goal for the Junk King team will always be to get as much of your stuff into as tight a space as possible. You might think that your stuff will fill up the entire truck bed but the Junk King team could pack it into just half of that amount of space. That means you will be paying a better price for the service. The flat rate for Junk King is all about volume and not about the weight.

The fast and affordable way to get rid of your bulky clutter items is to give that job to the team from Junk King Phoenix today.

Set Up Rubbish Removal For Your Office

How often do you bring in outside vendors to your office? There are always repairs to be made and upgrades to be installed throughout the computer network. You can also utilize vendors to keep the break room stocked with coffee and snacks. That would certainly be a priority for your staff! They might be one other vendor that you could consider hiring for a session. That would be Junk King Phoenix. These are the junk hauling professionals that can help you remove all the unwanted rubbish from your office in a single session. Just think of what a positive impact that will have on the entire work environment.

Total Rubbish Clearing

When you hire Junk King you are hiring two movers the truck. That is exactly what you need for a total rubbish clearing from your office. This is the team that you can ask to pick up and carry out any unwanted piece of furniture or office equipment. Yes, you can finally get rid of all those old computers and printers. Junk King team will strive to make sure that kind of e-waste is disposed of in a responsible manner.

The cost to Junk King services always determined by a flat rate. The junk King team will assess what you want to get rid of and provide you with a written estimate based on how they intend to pack up the truck. It will always be their goal to pack up the truck as tightly as possible. That will reflect in a low price point on the price scale. Junk King always want to make rubbish removal sessions good for the bottom line.

Getting rid of rubbish from your office should involve the team from Junk King Phoenix. Booker rubbish removal session today. You’ll be glad you did.

Reliable Old Computer Disposal

As with any other type of device, computers have a “lifespan.” Sometimes you will use a computer until it crashes and is no longer functioning. Other times, you might find that you want to upgrade a computer because the new model has faster features. Whatever the reason, that old computer will instantly become obsolete. Usually that means talking and away in a closet or out in the garage. Even though it might not take up a lot of space, it still is clutter. You are right not to toss out an old computer in the trash but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it forever. Instead, you can call up the team from Junk King Phoenix and have that old computer removed and disposed of in a responsible manner.

The Right Way From The Start

Junk King has dedicated itself to the right way of disposing of you waste from the beginning of their operations. That means identifying a certified recycling center that handles that type of device. Along with your old computer, you can also have the Junk King crew remove old televisions, printers, monitors and other electronics. That is a lot of clutter to clear out!

The cost for Junk King service will come down to a matter of volume. It all depends on how everything fits on to the back of the junk King truck. One flat rate covers all the labor, transportation and those special drop-offs. You will not be charge by the pound when you hire Junk King for this type of work.

In addition to your electronics, the Junk King team can also remove any other unwanted item from your home or yard. It can all go in the same single session.

The reliable and responsible way to get rid of your old computers is to turn the job over to Junk King Phoenix. Book your session today.

Call In Junk King To Haul Away The Rubbish

Is a time to finally get rid of rubbish? Your definition of rubbish could be different than your neighbor’s definition. It should mean anything that you no longer need around the house. That could include items from a closet or kitchen cabinets. It can also be boxes of stuff from the garage or piles of debris out in the backyard. Whatever you do find is rubbish can be cleared away in a single session with help from Junk King Phoenix. Are you ready to get rid of your rubbish?

Easy Set Up

Junk King provides an easy set up for your rubbish removal session. You can book your time online or over the phone. In either case, you will get a proper response for your request. If you have a flexible schedule, Junk King might be able to provide you with the same day pickup. That could put you just hours away from getting rid of your rubbish on the same day that you call in. If it works better for the pick up to happen on the weekend, then Junk King can accommodate that as well.

When the Junk King crew shows up you will show them all the rubbish items that you want to get rid of. You do not have to do any preparation for this removal session. That means you can leave everything right where it is in the Junk King team will pick it up on the spot.

Before they do any lifting and loading, the Junk King crew will present you with an estimate. That estimate will be determined by how they plan on packing up the truck. The less space they use with your stuff, the less you will pay. Junk King always sets out to make sure there removal sessions are fast and affordable.

The best way to get rid of rubbish in your property is to bring in the crew from Junk King Phoenix. Book your rubbish removal session today.

Get Help With Furniture Disposal From Junk King

The vast majority of things that you get rid of from your home are tossed out in the trash. When you consider the average family creates up to 4 to 5 pounds of trash a day, then it is easy to see just how much gets thrown out on a regular basis. However, there are those “single items” that are more difficult to toss out. That would include any piece of furniture that you would like to dispose of. Those are not the kinds of things that can go into the trash. They also don’t belong anywhere else in your home. Once you have decided to replace a piece of furniture that old furniture should be cleared away for good. That can actually happen very quickly when you enlist the help of Junk King Phoenix.

The Fast Crew

Junk King appreciates how valuable your time is. That is why they only ask you to set aside a two-hour window on a day that works best for your schedule. Most of that two-hour time will be used for traffic time between appointments. Once the crew does show up, it will take you more time to say hello than it does to actually move out the old piece of furniture. Just think about how long it takes you can walk from where the furniture is to the front door. That is how long this process will take!

Not only will there be room in the truck for whatever furniture you want to get rid of but also for any other random items you would like to clear from the home. All you have to do is point to what you want gone and the Junk King crew will pick it up from the spot. The flat rate will be determined by how everything fits on to the truck. The less space that your stuff takes up, the less you will pay. It is just that simple.

Handling old furniture disposal is what Junk King Phoenix is all about. Book your removal session today.

Junk King Makes Hot Tub Removal Easy

A hot tub is one of those structures that can’t be moved once it has been installed. There is no such thing as a “hot tub on wheels.” That means if you move into a home with a backyard hot tub you could be “stuck” with it. It might be that the hot tub is functional and a benefit to use. But what about that situation where a hot tub has been neglected and is no longer functional. That would definitely qualify as being “stuck.” Fortunately, there is a solution. That would be to hire Junk King Phoenix to remove that hot tub once and for all.


In order to load a hot tub in the back of the junk King truck, the junk King crew needs to first dismantle the structure. With every hot tub there is an outer structure and an inner shell. Those have to be taken apart. As for the inner shell, that might have to be broken up in order for to sit on to the back of the truck. This sounds like a lot of work but it will not be a challenge for the Junk King team. This is the kind of task they have done time and again.

Hot tub removal is also one of those jobs that might take a bit longer than a typical junk clearing session. Junk King charges a flat rate that covers all the labor. That means you do not have to watch the clock with the Junk King crew on the job. They will work diligently and efficiently to get that hot tub cleared away as quickly as possible.

If you need a hot tub removed from your backyard, then you need to put the team from Junk King Phoenix onto that job. Book your session today.

Utilize Junk King For Garage Cleanup

How often do you feel your trash cans to capacity? Do you regularly have to stop down the trash as if it was a trash compactor? It is actually easy to smash down trash to make it fit into a trashcan. But there are definitely some items that would never fit into a trashcan. Many of those things could be out in your garage at this very moment. The question then becomes whether you want to hold onto them forever. If you have some rubbish in your garage that can be cleared out, then you want to put the crew from Junk King Phoenix on the task.

Make This Sorting Matter

The more time you devote to sorting through your garage, the more stuff you will find to get rid of. What you need to keep in mind is that those items you have targeted for removal won’t necessarily end up in a landfill. That is because Junk King is dedicated to eco-friendly disposal policies. That includes avoiding a landfill whenever possible. The Junk King crews have been trained to spot those items that could be used again. These are be things like clothing, toys, books and other household goods. All of that can be dropped off at a charity. That is extra work that Junk King is happy to provide as part of its complete removal service.

The cost for that service is determined by how everything will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. One flat rate covers all the labor, transportation and that disposal. You will never be charge by the pound with junk King. That can be important especially if you are getting rid of some heavy things like appliances or sporting equipment. Yes, junk King can finally clear way that old treadmill!

Cleaning out your garage doesn’t have to be a solo chore. Hire Junk King Phoenix to get rid of the rubbish the right way.

Utilize Junk King For Dishwasher Removal

There are not many households that have “double” major kitchen appliances. The only exception might be a refrigerator or freezer. It’s a smart move to have a second refrigerator freezer out in the garage or down the basement for food storage. But you certainly don’t need a double oven or two dishwashers. That is why when your old dishwasher is broken down and needs replacing you want to get rid of it before the new one is delivered. That can happen with one call to Junk King Phoenix.

A Smooth Transition

You can make a smooth transition from your old dishwasher to the new dishwasher with careful planning. When you set up a session with Junk King, you will be asked to pick a day and two-hour window that works best for your schedule. If you pick the day that your new dishwasher is being delivered, then you might want to schedule your Junk King session for the first thing in the morning. That two-hour time is actually devoted mainly to traffic. Once the junk King crew does show up at your house, they will move swiftly to get that old dishwasher out of the kitchen and onto the back of the truck. That entire process could literally take less than 10 minutes.

With time to spare and room on the truck, you can also utilize the Junk King crew to get rid of a lot more of your unwanted items. The Junk King team can go anywhere in the home to pick up old furniture, boxes of clothing and other household goods. This is even a great chance to get rid of some old electronics like television sets and computers that are no longer being used.

The fastest and most efficient way to get rid of your old dishwasher is to give that job to Junk King Phoenix. Book your session today.

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