Surprise Someone With A Junk King Session Gift

Do you know someone who claims that they hate surprises? Usually, this issue will come up around their birthday when they insist that you don’t throw them a surprise party. That is probably their way of saying they hope you throw them a surprise party. Christmas morning is all about surprises. Each gift is a mini surprise and if done right it will be totally unexpected and very much appreciated. That would certainly describe giving the gift of a Junk King Phoenix junk removal session. No one would expect that but they would think it is amazing.


Everything you need to know about Junk King can be found in their motto: “We do all the work.” That work includes lifting and loading any heavy object from anywhere in your home. The team from Junk King won’t be put off by a few stairs or something that seems too heavy to move. What you’ll hear several times during the junk removal session is, “No problem.”

If the person you’re giving this gift to has been surrounded by unwanted rubbish, then they’re going to appreciate the level of help provided by Junk King but it doesn’t stop inside. The same crew that loads up old furniture and appliances can also pile up yard debris and construction materials. They can even take down an old swing set.

The Junk King crews know about lifting and about recycling. They have made it their mission to divert as much as they can away from any landfill. That requires extra work of sorting through the rubbish and making drop offs at charities or recycling centers. But this is work that Junk King is happy to make if it helps the Phoenix environment even a little bit.

When giving the gift of Junk King, you’ll want to coordinate the appointment and the fee payment. Junk King will just need a day and two-hour window to lock down the appointment. If your schedule is flexible, then Junk King could even pick up in the same day that you call. As for the fee, that will be worked out once the crew has had a chance to look over all the things you’re getting rid of. They’ll estimate how it will fit onto the truck and provide a fee based on that volume. Very simple and fair.

Giving the gift of a junk removal session from Junk King Phoenix might go down as the best Christmas surprise gift ever.

Start Off The Holidays In A Junk Free Home

Is there one thing that you consider as the official start off for the holiday season? Maybe it is when your favorite radio station switches to all Christmas songs. Maybe it is the first television appearance of the Grinch. Or it could just be when the holiday decorations start going up in the neighborhood. Whatever the signal is, that is when you want to start your own holiday preparations because time certainly flies fast at this time of year. A good approach would be to start off with a junk removal session from Junk King Phoenix. This is a terrific way to transform your home and get it ready for all the wonderful decorations.


It is true that a genuine transformation of the home happens with big projects like a kitchen remodel. But a big difference can certainly be made when all the unwanted rubbish is removed, too. Just think of how much better things will be when you don’t have to stare at that old sofa that you been anxious to get rid of. How much nicer will it be to pull in your garage and not be overwhelmed by boxes and clutter? And want to be nice to go and your closet and not be confronted with an avalanche of clothing and junk falling off shelves?

All of this requires a little sorting on your part but that’s easy. When the Junk King crew arrives at the scheduled appointment, you’ll be able to turn over all the stuff you sorting through. It doesn’t have to be brought downstairs for out to the driveway. You believe everything right where it is and just show it to the Junk King crew. They will pick it up right from there and have it loaded onto the truck in minutes.

If you are concerned that the stuff you’re getting rid of isn’t necessarily trash, then don’t worry. Junk King makes it a point to drop off the bulk of what they collect to charities and recycling centers. That’s a great way to handle this kind of disposal especially this time of year. Start off your holidays in a home without a speck of rubbish in it. One call to Junk King Phoenix can make that happen today.

Hiring Junk King Mean Effortless Basement Cleaning

Like every other city in the country, Phoenix is prone to occasional flash flooding. If the power goes out during the flooding, then many home sump pumps will fail. This can mean flooding in the basement. When that happens, it becomes a race against time to dry everything out before mold starts growing. Sometimes that means tossing out furniture and carpeting. This is the kind of basement cleaning that can be a bit of a challenge. Of course, anytime you’re bringing furniture or an old washing machine up from the basement it’s going to be challenging unless you’re working with Junk King Phoenix. these are the junk removal pros that make basement cleaning effortless under any conditions.


When climbing down your basement do you have to stoop in order to avoid hitting your head? Is it a narrow staircase? Those are the kinds of situations that the Junk King crew will size up right away. They have plenty of experience when it comes to carrying heavy objects up small staircases. When the crews on the scene, you only have to make one trip down the basement to show them all the things you want removed. Once they have the list it will only be a matter of minutes before everything is carried out and loaded onto the truck.

How they pack up the truck will determine your final fee. This is an estimate that will meet generated before the work begins. All the experience of the junk in crews have with lifting and loading also applies to packing up the truck. You’re gonna want them to pack up the truck as tightly as possible so that you will pay the lower and of the price scale. This is what they do on every job.

Included in that flat fee will be the disposal of all your stuff. You might think it will go to the same place where all your trash goes. Actually, Junk King will probably avoid the landfill and instead make up off the recycling center for charity. If you want to get your basement cleaned out, then don’t hesitate to hire Junk King Phoenix today. It’s the quickest way to get this job done.

Are You Under A Junk Invasion? Junk King Can Help

Back in 1939, Orson Wells broadcast his “War of the Worlds” radio drama in such a way as to make folks tuning in actually think the country was being invaded by Martians. Since then, Hollywood has always turned to “invasion” stories as a way of scaring up movie audiences. Around your home, you could be going through a different kind of invasion than with aliens from outer space. Are you under a junk invasion? Has clutter and rubbish taken over your home and yards? That can be downright scary! Thankfully, Junk King Phoenix is standing by to stop that junk invasion right in its tracks.


It is amazing how quickly empty spaces in our homes get filled up. Do you remember when you first moved in and there was nothing in the closets or cabinets? Remember when the only thing in the garage was an overhead light? How quickly before your were “invaded” by stuff? Those areas tend to fill up fast as a way of keeping the rest of the house clear of clutter. The result is that you have all your storage spaces filled up with outdated electronics, clothes nobody is wearing and broken things that are never going to get repaired. All of that stuff can now be swiftly removed in a single Junk King session. Just think of how that is going to transform your home for the better!

The crew that Junk King is going to send over for your session is going to do all the work. That includes carrying the heavy stuff, climbing the stairs and even crawling under porches to pull out rubbish. You tell them what you want removed and they make it disappear. It really is that simple.

All the things that Junk King is helping to clear out of your home won’t automatically end up in a dump. Junk King would much rather see that stuff get donated or recycled. That will always be their priority and it is one of the many reasons why Junk King is the leading junk removal service in the country.

To eliminate your junk invasion, bring in the pros from Junk King Phoenix today. You’ll be glad you did.

Junk King Can Remove Old Appliances Fast

There are a lot of jobs that depend on timing. This is especially true in a restaurant kitchen where a good chef knows how long it takes to cook a particular item and uses that knowledge to judge when to cook several items so that they’re ready at the same time. Trains, planes and buses all need to run on schedule… even if they often miss that schedule! How many things in your day are ruled by time?


When it comes to getting your old appliances hauled away, time is a big factor with that task. Typically, you want an old appliance taken away because it is getting replaced. That means you would want to time it to coincide with the delivery of your new appliance.  This is something that Junk King Phoenix can help with. Not only will they send over the right team of movers to help get the appliance out of the house, but they can make sure it happens on time.

Scheduling with Junk King can happen online or over the phone. When you set up your appointment, you’ll be asked to pick a day and a two-hour window within that day. Here is where timing comes into play. If your new appliance is getting delivered during the afternoon, then you’ll want to set up your removal with Junk King for the morning. It certainly won’t take long for the Junk King crew to get that item out of your kitchen and onto their truck. That will leave you plenty of time to clean the floor and get that empty space ready for the new appliance.

There will also be a lot of time left over for the Junk King squad to load up anything else that you want to get rid of. Just because your focus is on the old appliance removal doesn’t mean you can’t get all kinds of furniture and other household items carted away. A lot can be done when you have a moving crew on the job.

The fastest way to get old appliances and junk removed from your home is to give that job to Junk King Phoenix today.

Debris Removal Made Easy

At some point in everyone’s life, an attempt is made to “shoot a basket” with a rolled up piece of paper into the garbage. There are some folks who will only throw out trash if they can shoot it like a basketball. As long as it gets into the trashcan there shouldn’t be a problem. But not every debris removal can happen with a flick of the wrist. For those big jobs that go way beyond the trash pickup, you’ll want to bring in Junk King Phoenix.


What is some of the big debris that is taking up space around your home? Debris isn’t just construction waste or fallen tree branches but anything that you want to get tossed out of the house. Furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing and bedding can all be debris if you’re done with it. And all of that can easily be loaded onto the Junk King truck for disposal.

That loading work is going to be done by the two movers who will be assigned to your session. These are professional workers who have been trained to handle all kinds of junk removal from a few boxes to an entire home’s worth of furnishings. The Junk King crews have cleared tons of debris from all kinds of locations, too. It’s not just homes but restaurants, offices, schools, apartments, warehouses and storage units. They go where the debris is at!

All the debris that is collected by Junk King will have a shot at being repurposed. You might be done with a piece of furniture but a charity could have folks that can reupholster is and make it worth using again. There could also be a lot of debris that can be straight up recycled. You don’t have to make the determination. Just leave that to the Junk King crew. This is what they’re trained for.

If you’re ready to hire Junk King, then you can book your session online. All you have to do is pick a day and a two-hour window. You’re going to like how fast the crews move. Junk King Phoenix makes debris removal a very simple process. Let them show you how today.

Helpful Advice For First-Time Homebuyers

Most first-time homebuyers embark on the journey as a couple. The goal is to find the perfect house to raise a family in. That means projecting ahead to just how big that family might become. There is nothing wrong with moving into a home today with extra rooms that will sit empty for a few years. It’s always best to have more space. There is some other helpful advice that first-time homebuyers can activate. Consider the following:


Get Pre-approved

Applying for a mortgage can be a bit stressful. There are a lot of forms to fill out and a lot of money that will be going out of your savings. You don’t want to compound that stress when you’ve got a seller waiting to find out if you qualify. Getting pre-approved for a loan sends you into the market with a price range and the confidence to know whatever offer you put in can be backed up. That will make the home shopping process go a lot smoother.

Use a Realtor

There are dozens of online sites that provide listings for homes. They provide photos and details of a property that can certainly help narrow your focus. They also all have a line that reads: Contact the realtor. That contact should come from your own realtor. This is the person who will know the territory and have experience negotiating. Those are two very important assets to have on your side as you go into this process.

Be Decisive

No matter what time of year you’re going to buy a house, there is going to be competition. It is very common for any home on the market to receive multiple offers. This is why you need to be decisive. Don’t just put in an offer because you think time is running out. If it isn’t a perfect fit of a home, then move onto the next one. By that same logic, don’t miss a good opportunity because you think something better might be out there. If the home meets the majority of your “wish list,” then it could be your dream property. Aside from location, almost any home can be improved down the line.

Don’t Move With Junk

When the deal is complete and you’re waiting for closing to finalize, you’ll want to start packing. The best thing you can do during this phase is to get rid of all your junk. This is where Junk King Phoenix can be a big help. They’ll be able to send of a team of workers and a big truck capable of helping you get rid of anything regardless of size or weight. Start the next chapter of your life without junk. Junk King Phoenix can make that happen for first-time homebuyers with one session.

Put The Junk King Phoenix Junk Haulers To Work At Your Business

Keeping a home clean shouldn’t take a lot of time. Once you’ve done a complete cleaning it is only a matter of staying on top of things with regular mopping, dusting and vacuuming. If you get into the habit of wiping down countertops after every use (bathroom included), then you’ll always be ahead of the cleaning game. Sometimes your cleaning might require outside help like the professional junk haulers from Junk King Phoenix. This is a team who can help clear any home of all kinds of unwanted clutter. But Junk King isn’t just for homeowners. It can be used by business owners and office managers, too. Do you have clutter around your company? Then it’s time to hire Junk King Phoenix.


Clutter can easily build up around a business just like it can around a home. A storage room is like a garage. This is where all the unwanted stuff goes that might be too big to throw out. Or there might be a thought of using it again someday. As is often the case, anything that gets put into storage is rarely brought out again unless it is holiday decorations. With an office, you’re paying for that storage space. Shouldn’t it only be holding things that are vital to your company’s productivity?

The same thing can happen around businesses like retail stores or restaurants. A stock room quickly fills up and that pushes things out into hallways or limits the kind of inventory you can keep in stock. Junk King can help with all of that. They’ll send over a pair of capable movers who can quickly get rid of all the things you’re never going to use again. Think of what an improvement that can make for your business space.

Before anything gets loaded, the Junk King crew will come up with the estimate for the work. Their pricing policies are based on a volume fee. It is how things will fit onto the truck and not how much they weigh that matters. This is a very affordable and fair way of handling this type of service.

When your business is overrun with clutter and rubbish, it is time to call in the junk haulers from Junk King Phoenix. They’re standing by to help.

Getting Your Home Ready For A Block Party

If you know all your neighbors and get along with the folks on your block, then you should celebrate those relationships with a block party. The upcoming labor day weekend is a perfect time to throw a block party. And the best way to get ready is to start with some yard cleanup help from Junk King Phoenix.


A block party works best when everyone pitches in. Depending on the lay out of your street, it might make sense to set up tables and chairs across one big lawn or down the sidewalk. Any street that ends in a cul-de-sac would be the perfect block party territory. As for the menu, pot luck is the best way to go with each house contributing that family’s favorites. You’re sure to pick up a few new recipes!

Even though the block party happens outside, there still might be some action in your backyard, especially if you have a pool. This is why a session with Junk King can be a big help. Junk King is going to send over two hardworking movers to help with your yard clearing. This is the crew who can lift and load just about anything you want to get rid of in your yard. Go ahead and put Junk King to the test. They’ve already removed hot tubs, swing sets, sheds, planters and all the demolition from a deck removal. They can even cart away chunks of concrete or pavers.

All of that sounds like a heavy load and it is but you don’t have to worry about the weight. Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound. Instead, their pricing fees are regulated by how much space your stuff will fill on the truck. The crews know how to pack up trucks tight so you can expect a terrific deal with every session.

As long as Junk King is clearing your yards, they can also haul off all the rubbish from your garage. You don’t want to open the garage door during the block party and reveal that clutter. Junk King can make it disappear. Make your home block party ready with rubbish removal help from Junk King Phoenix.

Get Your Trampoline Hauled Away

Some people think that the best way to get rid of something bulky is to put it on the curb or try to sell it at a yard sale? Putting something on the curb rarely works because the thing that is out there is so easily ruined. A yard sale depends on someone actually driving by, stopping and buying what you’re selling. Most often when a yard sale is over, all the stuff that didn’t sell is put on the curb with a “free” sign. Again, that’s not helping. You certainly couldn’t get rid of a trampoline by putting it on the curb. For a job like that you’ll need to bring in the pros from Junk King Phoenix.


Junk King’s motto has always been, “we do all the work.” That covers all the lifting and loading of any piece of furniture or appliance. It also covers any stair climbing to get at those objects. When it comes to getting rid of your old trampoline a lot of that work will involve dismantling it. That is something the crews from Junk King excel at. They’ve taken apart all kinds of things from homes and businesses like pool tables, sheds, cubicle walls and swing sets.

Once the trampoline has been taken apart, it will be easy to tuck onto the truck. There could even be room left over a few other items that you’re eager to get rid of. The truck is big enough to hold the amount of six full pickup trucks. In other words, plenty of room to get rid of every junk item from your home.

How fast do you want your trampoline and junk cleared? With Junk King Phoenix on the job, it can happen by tomorrow. That’s when Junk King likes to complete their assignments; within 24 hours. The make sure things go according to plan, be sure to tell Junk King that you’ll need a trampoline taken apart as part of the session. That way they can clear their schedule in order to get the job done for you. Getting rid of a trampoline and your junk won’t be a challenge to Junk King Phoenix. Put them to work today.