Guide To Organizing Your Garage

Does your garage look like a disaster zone? Do you find it a challenge to get from the car to your kitchen door? Do you have a hard time finding the things been keeping in storage? If the answer is “yes” to any one of those questions, then clearly it’s time to get your garage organized. This will take a little time and effort on your part but the investment of an afternoon can make a huge difference in your garage. Here’s what you’ll need to do:


Remove Everything

In order for you to see exactly what you’re working with you’ll need to remove everything from the garage. Fortunately, you have a driveway that is designed for this very purpose. As you pull everything out you may want to put it into category piles. For instance one pile for sporting equipment and another for tools. Once that is completed, you can see exactly what should stay and what should go.

Make Use of the Walls

Your garage walls are the perfect spots for hanging up most of what you’re keeping in storage in there. You can either put up designated hooks directly into the wall or hang up large sections of pegboard. The advantage of having pegboard is that you can easily move around the hooks as you replace certain items. Once you’ve designated a hook for a particular item that is where it should go after every use. This is an important habit for you and your family to get into.

Cleanup the workbench

If you have a workbench in your garage, then it is a major culprit for clutter. There are plenty of options when it comes to organizing loose items like nails and screws. It might be helpful to buy a mini vac and keep it plugged in right on the workbench. Directly above the workbench could be another pegboard for your tools. Just to make things clear, once the tools are hung you can trace around them forming an outline so you and everyone else in the house knows exactly what goes where.

Use Rafter Space

If you are in need of extra storage space then look up. There are many shelving units designed specifically to hang from rafters. You can even DIY rafter storage with some sturdy chains, hooks and plywood.

Lose All the Rubbish

As you start to move things back into the garage from the driveway, you might discover that a lot of stuff is being left behind. This is all the rubbish that you should turn over the Junk King Phoenix. There two-man crew can quickly load up all of this unwanted clutter and make sure it is disposed of in a responsible manner. You’ve spent the day cleaning out the garage. Now let Junk King Phoenix get rid of that rubbish once and for all.

Best Ways To Save On Your Kitchen Remodel

Summer is a very popular time to take on a kitchen remodel project. If you start now, then you would be finished long before the holidays kick into high gear. To do the job right you’re going to need a great contractor. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Let your contractor know that you are on a budget and want to save as much as possible. You actually be amazed at how much money you can save on your kitchen remodel by using these helpful tips:


Build It Yourself

A big part of a kitchen remodel is replacing the cabinets. These cabinets don’t often come assembled. If you have experience putting together IKEA furniture, then putting together your kitchen cabinets will be a breeze. This is something you could take care of in an afternoon and then turn over the installation to the professionals. You’ll be saving a lot of crew costs that way.

Shop For Your Own Materials and Appliances

You know exactly what you’re going to replace in your kitchen. Unless your contractor is offering some great discounts with their purchasing power, you should do your own shopping for materials and appliances. You can buy overstock or floor models and save significantly. When it comes to granite countertops look for remnant cuts. Plenty of savings when you do the shopping.

Simplify Your Backsplash

A backsplash is a very labor-intensive part of a kitchen remodel. You could simplify your backsplash by using sheet materials, which are more inexpensive and easier to install. They also look just as great as those high-end tiles.

Do Your Own Painting

Before counters are put in and appliances are hooked up your kitchen might need to be painted. This might mean bringing in a separate paint crew. Or it is a job you could easily do on your own with some help from friends. The fact that you’ll be working in an empty space should make the prep work easy. Before you settle on the paint color though you may want to paint squares of samples on the wall just to see what they look like in the light of your kitchen.

Do Your Own Demo

Before you can replace anything in your kitchen, you’re going to have to take out all the old stuff. Demolition is in this complicated as it sounds. As long as you have goggles, gloves and the right tools, you can get through your kitchen demolition in a single day. The only consideration is what to do with all the construction waste. That’s easily handled with one call to Junk King Phoenix. These are the junk hauling experts that have a lot of experience moving all kinds of debris from all kinds of building projects. They’ll make sure your site is clean for the crew. Put Junk King Phoenix to work with your kitchen remodel cleanup. You’ll be glad you did.

Important Trampoline Safety Tips For The Whole Family

A backyard trampoline can provide your family with hours of fun. It’s also great exercise. Anytime you get involved with the physical activity you need to take safety precautions. That is true with a swimming pool, swing set or a backyard trampoline. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind for your backyard trampoline:


Clear Jumping Space

Bouncing on a trampoline is all about achieving vertical height. This is why you have to be aware of proper placement with your trampoline. There needs to be a clear jumping space above the trampoline. No tree branches or awnings should be within that space.

Clear Perimeter Space

There’s also a distinct possibility that people jumping on the trampoline may fall off the trampoline. That doesn’t automatically mean they’re going to be injured but you will reduce the risk even further by making sure the perimeter space is clear. That means moving away any chairs, toys or gardening tools by at least 10 feet.

Inspect the Trampoline Before Jumping

Before anybody starts jumping, you should make sure the trampoline is completely dry. Even a tiny puddle of water from an overnight storm can cause serious problems for the jumpers. You also want to make sure there’s nothing underneath the trampoline that might be jumped on.

Install Padding

If you haven’t already, you should install the perimeter padding around your trampoline. This will prevent people from falling through the open slots rid of the springs are. Most trampolines come equipped with this padding but if not it is easy to order online. Another precaution would be a safety net around the perimeter. This prevents the jumpers from tumbling off the trampoline.


Just as you would with a swimming pool, you need to keep an eye on your jumpers especially the younger ones. No one under the age of five should be jumping on a trampoline. You should only be one jumper at a time. It’s too easy for jumpers to get out of control and knock into each other.

Replace Old Trampoline

If your old trampoline has become torn or the springs are rusty, then you might want to think about replacing the entire unit. This isn’t a challenging task when you hire a company like Junk King Phoenix. Junk King has a lot of experience taking apart backyard playsets. They’ll be able to load up your old trampoline along with the rest of your unwanted yard debris on the same session. It’s a great way to get your yard clean of clutter.

Keep your trampoline jumpers safe this summer. And put Junk King Phoenix to work clearing out the yard clutter. Win/win.


How To Find A Good Roommate

If you have decided to rent out a room in your apartment or house, then the goal is to find a good roommate that you’ll get along with and won’t give you any trouble. It would be nice if every roommate could be as fun as the ones on Friends. Actually, with a little due diligence on your part you might be able to find your own version of Chandler or Rachel! Here’s what you need to do to find a good roommate.


Ask Your Friends

Just as you would ask your friends for recommendations for a doctor or a plumber, you should also ask them about a potential roommate. They may know of a coworker or someone in their family that is looking for a place to stay. It’s much better to get a recommendation from someone you know then looking for a total stranger.

Conduct Multiple Interviews

Obviously, you’re going to meet your prospective roommate in person and show them the space they will be moving into. Before you settle on a final pick, you might want to conduct multiple interviews of your leading candidates. This will let you get to know them a little bit better and to find out if there are any “red flags.”

Don’t Hold Back Asking Important Questions

Picking a roommate is not unlike setting up an online dating profile. You’re going to want to share all your likes and dislikes. At least with dating, if something doesn’t go right you can always end the relationship. That’s not the case with the roommate. That’s why you want to do as much prescreening as possible asking them about everything from smoking to drinking habits. Always remember, you are inviting this person into your home that will become their home. But it doesn’t mean they need to take over.

It is also important to ask them about their work and living history, as well. If you find out that they have moved from job to job and from place to place, then this might not be someone who is ready to make a commitment.

Be Clear About the Costs

You are already know exactly what you’re paying in terms of rent and bills. The reason for taking on a roommate is to cut those costs in half. You should let that prospective roommate know up front exactly what they’ll be expected to pay and when those bills are due. This is where finding out about a steady job is vital.

Give Them a Clean Space

Once you’ve settled on the roommate you want to make sure that they have a clean space to move into. That I require you clearing out some of the clutter you have in storage in the spare room a closet. This is the perfect job for Junk King Phoenix. These are the junk removal professionals who won’t have a problem climbing stairs or hauling away heavy objects. You just tell Junk King what you want gone and consider it gone.

Find out everything you can about your prospective roommate will make sure you make the right choice.

Count On Junk King Phoenix For Very Fast Junk Removal

How fast do you want to get rid of your junk? You might have been “collecting” this stuff for several years but when you reach the breaking point in terms of storage, then it’s time to let go of your junk. One call the Junk King Phoenix can make that happen in a very timely fashion. It could also happen the same day you reach out to Junk King Phoenix. By the time you finish reading this post, you could set up an appointment and have your junk cleared in a matter of minutes.


How long the Junk King Phoenix crew is going to stay at your home depends on what you’re getting rid of. If it’s a few items, then it won’t take them but a couple of minutes to load it all up onto their truck. If they have to take something apart before can be loaded, then obviously, they’ll need more time. The same can be said if they are dealing with an “extreme” type of clean up like at a hoarder’s home. If the Junk King Phoenix team does stick around a bit longer, then you won’t be paying any additional charges. Junk King Phoenix never charges by the hour or by the pound.

The price for Junk King Phoenix is determined once the crew is at a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of. They will estimate how much room all that stuff will take up on the back of the truck. These crews are really great when it comes to packing up that truck. They know how any combination of junk will fit. They want to get as much into as little space as possible. When that happens you’ll benefit by paying the low end of the price scale. That’s a win-win for everybody.

Also included in that flat fee will be how junk King disposes of all the stuff they collect. Instead of rushing to the landfill like most junk haulers, Junk King Phoenix would much rather go the extra mile to drop your stuff off at a recycling facility or charity. This way they know they’re doing their best to keep the environment around Phoenix as green as possible. You don’t have to live with your junk one day longer as long as Junk King Phoenix is just a phone call away.

Get Rid Of That Old Swing Set And The Rest Of Your Junk With One Call To Junk King Phoenix

Were you the one who installed the swing set in your backyard or did you hire workers to take care that task? Either way, it probably took at least two people to assemble swing set and make sure it was safe. Now all these years later it’s time to bring that swing set down and you’ll still need two people to handle it. This time around, you can count on Junk King Phoenix. These are the professional junk haulers who will make quick work of taking down that old swing set and hauling away the rest of your unwanted junk.


The typical junk removal session set up by Junk King Phoenix involves the removal of a few pieces of furniture, some old clothing and if you household goods. There are those big hoarding cleanup jobs that require additional teams and trucks to complete in a single day. As for the old swing set removal, this is a task that requires dismantling before it can be loaded up. All of those scenarios are easily handled by junk King Phoenix.

Getting rid of an old swing set means you’ll be reclaiming part of your backyard. It may not be a big section but it will certainly improve the way things look out there. The same could be said for having Junk King Phoenix clear out the clutter from your garage and closets. It may not be a lot but every little bit that frees up storage space is going to be much better for your home over all.

Setting up your appointment with Junk King Phoenix is very easy. Many customers complement the company on how fast the Junk King Phoenix crew responds. Whether you call or book online, most sessions are completed within 24 hours. If you’re in a real hurry, then you can ask for a same day pickup. There’s no extra charge for that it’s all based upon the availability of the crews. The only thing you have to do is locked out all the things you want taken away in your session. With two movers in a big truck that can be just about anything. Handle your old swing set removal and junk hauling the right way by hiring Junk King Phoenix today.

Save Your Antiques But Toss Your Junk With A Call To Junk King Phoenix

Much like buying stocks, investing in antiques is really about the long game. You want to hold onto an antique in the hopes that it will increase in value as it gets older. It also helps that there is a particular market for that antique. This is why you need to be a bit savvy about what you invest in. As your antique collection grows, it might help to make more room in your home by getting rid of the junk. This would be all the things that would definitely not be antiques but instead items that are either broken or will no longer be used by you. To clear out all that junk you only need to do is hire Junk King Phoenix.


Suppose you have an antique chair or table store down in your basement or garage? Would that look nicer in your living room or foyer? That might mean moving out that old recliner or television that sitting in the corner. Those big items can’t be crammed into your trashcan. But there the exact kind of junk pieces that Junk King Phoenix will be happy to remove. The two-man crew assigned to your task will swiftly lift and load those objects onto the back of their truck. That’s really all you need to get rid of just about anything you want in your home.

Junk King will never turn something away because it’s too heavy. They’ve hauled away pianos and hot tubs. They also won’t reject things that are oversized and bulky. They have plenty of experience taking apart things like entertainment centers, swing sets and bedroom furniture. There isn’t a junk removal challenge that you could give them that they haven’t already faced!

Once the truck is loaded with all your stuff the junking crew will sweep up and beheaded on their way to the next appointment. What happens with all the things you giving them? It actually might take a few days to dispose of them. That’s because Junk King is going to sort through all the stuff they collect and create piles of furniture, clothing, books, electronics and other household goods. Once they have enough to fill up another truck that’s when they’ll make the drop-offs to charities or recycling centers. This is a total green way of getting rid of junk. Make room for your antique collection by clearing out all your unwanted junk today with one call to Junk King Phoenix.

Junk King Phoenix Helps Get Your Yards Ready For Spring

When it comes to giving your front or backyard a makeover, you have the choice between landscaping or hardscaping. Landscaping is all about the lawn and greenery whereas hardscaping involves more man-made features like rock fountains, pathways and alternatives to grass. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing a combination of both! The best way to start to get your yards ready for spring is to clear away all the debris and eyesore items. That is easily fixed with one call to Junk King Phoenix.


Working out under the Phoenix on can be demanding. It can also be a bit dirty if it evolves things like rocks, dirt, sod, stones, bricks and concrete. None of that work is good about of the two-man crew from Junk King Phoenix that will be assigned to your clearing task. The Junk King crews always have a positive attitude. They are great with solving problems such as what to do with an old swing set or hot tub. Their solution is to take it apart as quickly as possible and to safely load all the pieces onto the back of the truck. There isn’t a job you could throw at them that they haven’t done before.

Other things to get rid of around your backyard to make it ready for spring could be rusty patio furniture, a broken lawnmowers, rotted planters or birdbath that is seen better days. The Junk King Phoenix crew will quickly load all of that or to their truck as well. You’ll be amazed at how efficiently they get this type of work done.

When they’re finished, working around your yards you can direct the crew to clear out any clutter items you have in your garage or basement. The truck to their rolling up in will be big enough to hold an entire house worth of furnishings. It will easily cut off all the things you want to have removed.

How the truck will be packed will ultimately determined how much will be paid for the fee. The Junk King Phoenix crews will provide you with an estimate based on volume once they’ve had a chance to size everything up. It all comes down to how tightly they’ll pack up the truck. You’ll know this price before the work begins and is not to change when the job is done. Start your spring with yard clearing and rubbish hauling help from Junk King Phoenix.

Finish Off Your Spring Cleaning With A Call To Junk King Phoenix

Spring cleaning is all about getting into the nooks and crannies of your house to wipe out the dust that is gathered since the last time you thoroughly cleaned. Throughout the year, you probably vacuuming sweep on a regular basis but that doesn’t mean you’re getting at all the dust. To accomplish that you need to move the furniture. It’s easy to slide a sofa or recliner a few inches to vacuum underneath. The same can be said for moving a refrigerator or stove to get it all the grease and grime. It’s taking those big items out of your home that becomes a challenge. If that’s on your spring cleaning list this year than one call to junk King Phoenix solves that problem.


Junk King Phoenix is a professional junk hauling service that is staffed by moving crews who have been licensed and insured. This makes them the perfect partner for your spring cleaning chore. You might have reached the point where you’ve decided that your sofa, recliner, bedroom set, dresser, bookshelves or any other big piece of furniture has served its purpose. You now ready to replace that item. Since it took two movers to bring it into the house, it’s going to take two movers to bring it out and that’s just what junk King Phoenix will provide with every junk removal session.

The crew from junk King Phoenix will be picking up everything right from the spot where it’s at. It doesn’t matter to them if that means going downstairs or up into the attic. They will gladly climb go stairs as many times it takes to get it all your junk. This is why you’re hiring them. Let them do the work while you take it easy and just point to what you want removed. It’s just that simple!

The added you’re throwing out may still have some use left in them. The junk King Phoenix crews have been trained to spot those items that could be donated to a charity. They will happily make the drop-off as part of their disposal route. This should make you feel good about turning your junk over to junk King Phoenix because nothing has to go to waste. This year your spring cleaning won’t be finished until junk King Phoenix has removed all the junk from your house.

Hire Junk King Phoenix To Keep The Clutter Out Of Your Business

There are a lot of terrific marketing campaigns that you can undertake for your business that will break the budget. Even something as simple as giving away refrigerator magnets or bumper stickers with your company logo can go a long way towards reinforcing your brand. The idea is to make people familiar with your company and what it has to offer. However, all that hard work might be a waste if a customer shows up at your place of business only to find it’s overrun with clutter. They’ll be wondering how you can take care there needs if you can’t cleanup your own. This isn’t just an issue of taking out the trash but getting rid of those big oversized items that won’t fit in the dumpster. That’s the kind of job that was tailor-made for Junk King Phoenix.


Junk King Phoenix is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work for over 10 years. The benefit of hiring Junk King Phoenix is that they can provide you with the movers who will be doing all the lifting and loading for you. That will certainly help you decide on the final list of things to get rid of because when somebody else is doing the moving then just about anything goes. That includes bulky display counters, cases, furniture and outdated office equipment. Getting rid of those things can make a huge difference around your work environment. It also frees up a lot more space for storage of things that really matter. Why pay rent to keep stuff that you are just going to toss out?

The cost for Junk King’s hauling service is surprisingly affordable. You’ll be charge a flat fee based upon how much space your junk will fill in the back of the truck. It could be one third, one half or the entire truck bed. You’ll know that cost before the work begins. Once is provided to you in a written estimate by the crew it’s not going to change. Even if your stuff takes up more room than what was estimated you will still pay that original price. Your business is going to look awesome when you hire Junk King Phoenix to remove all the rubbish.

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