Who To Call For Professional Junk Removal In Scottsdale

You might have noticed a lot of abandoned bikes around Scottsdale lately. Sometimes it looks like bikes were just randomly dropped off outside of business and parks. At first glance you might think these bikes were stolen but they’re actually part of a bike sharing business. Technically, those bikes are meant to be picked up by the next “rider” but if no one needs that bike in that location, then that is where it will stay. Some of these companies have docking stations for bikes but others just let you drop them anywhere. The GPS tracker on each bike lets the next user pick them up on the spot. Unfortunately, for some homeowners and businesses, these bikes end up looking like discarded junk that is cluttering up their property. Some owners are so fed up that they’re trashing the bikes. Every one of these bikes has identifying marks but it shouldn’t be the responsibility of the property owner to sort things out.


Of course, there is one instance where asking a company to come pick up something actually works to your advantage. That would be when you want to get any kind of junk item removed from your home. And the company to make that happen in Scottsdale is Junk King Phoenix.

Junk King wants to make sure you don’t have to live with any unwanted rubbish one day longer. Once you’ve made the decision to get rid of something, a call to Junk King sets a plan in motion to make that rubbish gone from your home for good. Only you can decide if something is no longer purposeful for your home or life. That might take some sorting time as you go through closets or boxes in the garage but it will be time well spent when you consider the trade-off. When Junk King is finished clearing out all of your unwanted stuff, you’re going to find yourself with a lot more storage space and an overall cleaner look for your home.

When you in see junk on your Scottsdale property that you want to get rid of, let Junk King Phoenix make the pickup. Always reliable and always professional.

What You Need For A Graduation Party

Do you have a kid who is graduating this summer? No matter what the grade or diploma they’ve earn, this is a major accomplishment and it’s time to celebrate. If you’re hosting your graduation party at your home, here’s a good list of what you’ll need to make it an awesome time for all.


Food & Drink

Obviously, people who show up for your graduation party will be hungry and thirsty. How you’ll take care of them might depend on how many people are coming. A big party requires easy options. A few coolers stocked with ice and drinks outside are a good start. If you’re throwing the party inside, you can actually turn your washing machine into a cooler with ice and drinks.

As for food, make it easy on yourself and let someone else do the cooking. Find a local restaurant that you like and see if they do catering. They might be able to drop off trays of pasta and salads to keep everyone satisfied. Of course, there is nothing wrong with firing up the grill and going the hot dog and hamburger route. Just know you’ll also have to do a lot of sides. Those could be catered, too!


To get the party hopping, you’ll need music. No doubt, your grad will be happy to pull together a playlist. If you’re going to set up speakers outside, then it’s a good idea to let the neighbors know that you’re throwing a party. If you invite them too, then they can’t really complain.


If your plumbing can handle the sudden influx of several dozen people, then you can use you own bathrooms. But you might want to look into a portable bathroom that can be set up in the driveway. It’s a good way to minimize “traffic” from inside of the house and no one in attendance will object.

Finally, you’ll want to get your home ready with a rubbish clearing session from Junk King Phoenix. These are the junk hauling pros that can swoop in and get rid of all kinds of backyard “eyesore” items like rusty furniture or a broken down swing set. Size and weight aren’t ever a factor for Junk King. They’ll take away everything! What you need for your graduation party is a home free of junk and rubbish. Junk King Phoenix can make that happen today.

How To Handle Heavy Trash Pickup In Phoenix

You won’t have to travel far in Phoenix to find some boulders. In fact, many homeowners use small boulders as features in their landscaping. Moving any size boulder is bit of a challenge. It takes extra manpower, special equipment and experience. You don’t ever want that boulder rolling away from you! That same approach to moving a boulder should be applied to getting rid of heavy trash items from around your home. You need manpower, equipment and experience. That is exactly what Junk King Phoenix provides, plus a lot more.


Heavy trash can be defined as anything you couldn’t fit in your actual trashcan. You might have old furniture, appliances or boxes of clutter that you want to finally get rid of. There could also be some items from the backyard like a grill or lawnmower you’re not using any more. When you turn that removal task over to Junk King, they’re going to supply a team of strong movers to do all the heavy lifting. These crews have all been trained on the proper techniques for lifting things like pianos, sofas or stoves. Sometimes muscle is all it takes. Other times, they might deploy dollies or straps to get the items out of your house. Junk King is going to do whatever it takes.

All the stuff the crew removes from your house will be put onto the back of their truck. Before they start loading, they’ll present you with an estimate for the fee. That estimate is going to be based on how all that stuff will fit on the truck. The crews know how to size things up. They’re also awesome when it comes to getting a lot of things into a little amount of space. That’s going to help your bottom line.

After all that heavy trash is loaded up, the job is done as far as you’re concerned. For Junk King, it is time for them to start making drop offs. Responsible disposal of junk includes stops at recycling centers or charities. It might be extra work for Junk King but it is work they’re happy to do in support of the environment. Taking care of your heavy trash pickup is no longer complicated thanks to a little help from Junk King Phoenix.

Junk King Phoenix Gets Stellar Reviews

“Dan and Earl showed up on time after letting me know they were on their way, and helped me out super quickly. Definitely happy with their professionalism and speed of service.” – D.S., Tempe

That’s just one of the many comments posted to the Junk King Phoenix website within the past few weeks. Junk King is happy to hear feedback from their customers. They know this is the best way to know they’re providing exceptional service. It also helps them make adjustments for even better service. Here are a few more of those stellar reviews:


“I have used Junk King twice and have been very satisfied both times. Dan was up front about the cost and what was /wasn’t included. I believe the price was extremely reasonable considering how large the job was. I would definitely recommend this company.” – J.R., Scottsdale

Junk King’s pricing policy is based on volume. It is all a matter of how your stuff will fit onto the back of the truck. You’ll know that price before the work begins and it won’t change at the end.

“Very friendly, fast, on time, and reasonable. Saved us a lot of time and work. WE will definitely use them again and recommend them to our friends and family.” – Brandi Cohen, Phoenix

Saving time is a big plus with Junk King. They want you to get back to your day off as quickly as possible.

“Easy to schedule appointment, fast friendly service and made sure I was pleased with the work. Everyone from Megan in scheduling my appointment so quickly, to Dan and Luis on the job we’re professional and good ambassadors for the organization!” – D.P., Scottsdale

“Very Professional, great communication, respectful of homeowners privacy and easy to deal with. The estimate was on target and they left the site in clean condition. I will definitely recommend Junk King to other Landlords and Contractors. Thanks again for the great service.” – M.L. , Phoenix

“On time, courteous and removed my living room in five minutes or less. Insanely fast!! I only had AMEX for payment and the gentleman was kind enough to accept it (they usually don’t) and give me a $30 discount on top! Would recommend to friends and definitely will use again!” – L.P., Phoenix

Junk King knows every customer they serve can lead them to even more customers. When you want your junk hauled away, the fast and affordable approach is with Junk King Phoenix every time.

The Smart Way To Buy A New Car

Whether you’re buying a new pair of shoes or a new car, you never want to feel like you’re getting ripped off. It probably won’t matter if your find the shoes for a few dollars cheaper but it will certainly sting if you pay more for a new car than you should. Just remember that the dealer is in business to make money and that can only happen if they get you to agree to the highest possible price. Here’s what you need to do the make a smart deal on a new car:


Get Outside Financing

The profit margin for a car sale isn’t a big as you can expect. The way dealers make money is when they get you to finance your loan through them. That becomes a steady source of income that can bank on for years to come. It also means they will be charging a higher interest rate than an outside lender might. It might only seem like a few percentage points, but that can quickly add up. This is why you should get pre-approved for a car loan with an outside entity like your bank or credit union. It might turn out that the dealer’s offer is equal or less to. Getting pre-approved doesn’t mean you’re taking out the loan.

Start Online

You will want to test drive any car before you buy it but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at the dealer haggling over a price. Instead, start that negotiating online. Almost ever car dealership has an internet department. You can open up an exchange by asking about a specific make and model and any potential rebates. Often, you’ll find that you might be getting a better initial deal this way because they want to entice you to get into the showroom. Plus, you’ll already have that deal in writing. It’s a good place to start.

Focus on Price, Not Payment

What you can afford to pay each month is important to factor in but that shouldn’t be what you should focus on. You want to work down that price. Remember, about the financing. They could lower your monthly payments by extending the loan. Looks good until you realize how much extra your going to pay. Get that final price as low as you can and then workout the monthly payments.

Clear the Garage

After closing on the car, you’ll want to make sure it is protected from the elements. The safest way to do that is park it in your garage. What if there isn’t any room because of rubbish? That’s when you call in Junk King Phoenix. These are the skilled junk haulers who can clean out a garage full of clutter in no time at all. Your new car will look great in a junk free garage. Junk King Phoenix can make that happen today.

Spring Cleaning To Do Checklist

How excited are you that it is finally spring? This means it is time to get busy in your garden and cleaning your home. Even if you do a good job with regular cleaning, your spring cleaning sessions are the time when you know you’re going to step up your game. It is time to go much deeper with the cleaning throughout the entire home. Whether you try to get your spring cleaning done in a single day or spread it out over a few weekends, you’ll want to put this checklist to work:


Make Doormats Welcoming

Your front door mat is the first line of defense against keeping dirt and grime out of your home. It might not work so well if that actual doormat is caked with the grime. You want to pull that mat off the porch and give it a good shake. Hosing it down is also recommended.

Clean Carpets and Upholstery

The furniture fabrics can carpets in your home might look clean on the surface but deep down tells another tale. There can be all kinds of dirt, oils and dust mites buried in your sofas, chairs and rugs. Instead of merely vacuuming, spring cleaning should be for shampooing. Most grocery stores have shampoo cleaners that you can rent for the weekend. This is a bit labor intensive and will mean you need to stay off those areas until they are dry but you’ll feel a lot better sitting on freshly shampooed furniture.

Reseal Your Floors

Any floor that doesn’t have a rug or carpeting on it should be resealed during spring cleaning. If you can contact the people who put in the floors, then they might be able to recommend the best polish for this task. Just remember that certain floors are actually no-wax floors. Before any resealing, be sure to mop everything to make sure you’re not trapping dust.

Wash Walls, Cabinets and Baseboards

The walls, cabinets and baseboards are more areas in your home that might look clean but really aren’t. It only takes one swipe with a sponge to reveal the dust culprit. As you make your way along the walls and baseboards, you should have two buckets: one for the soap and the other for wringing out the dirt.

Get Rid of Rubbish

There will be a lot of things going into the trash during spring cleaning but what about the stuff you can’t fit in the trash? Instead of cleaning around furniture you don’t want, you should let Junk King Phoenix take it away. Every junk removal session is handled by two movers. That’s all you need to get rid of all kinds of unwanted stuff from your home. The first item on your spring cleaning checklist should be a junk clearing session with Junk King Phoenix.

Junk King Phoenix Yard Waste Removal

Our team of junk removal specialists from Junk King Phoenix are trained to get your junk removal job completed efficiently

Getting the job done right the first time is the specialty of our junk removal specialists from Junk King Phoenix. All of our valued Phoenix clients know that we take away just about everything. What’s more, we have the experience to be professionals on a variety of different projects including:

Yard Waste Removal
If you own your own property, yard waste can build up before you know it. Sometimes it’s just about storing a few bags here and there and then forgetting about them. Other times it’s about taking on a big gardening project and not knowing what to do with the leftovers.
Then of course Mother Nature has her own way of creating yard waste. Regardless of how it got there, our junk removal specialists from Junk King Phoenix can help.

Easy Scheduling and Pickup
Scheduling the pickup of your yard waste is easy and quick. What’s more, every crew comes with two strong efficient helpers and all the tools they will need to clean your yard up. Do you have an old shed taking up room that you want to get rid of? The experts at Junk King Phoenix can tear it down and haul it away for you.

A Guaranteed Written Estimate
It doesn’t matter whether you have branches, clippings, plasterboard or old lumber that needs to be taken away. We guarantee a written estimate that beats the competition because we want Junk King Phoenix to be your only yard waste removal stop.

Our Junk King Phoenix Electronic Waste Disposal Services are Green and Efficient
We know that many people have e-waste inside their homes they’d like to get rid of with all the electronics that we have today. That’s why we have an e-waste disposal unit that’s efficient and affordable. Junk King Phoenix understands that innovation moves so quickly what’s useful today might be gathering dust somewhere in the basement tomorrow.

Online Cost Estimator
We can look after everything from shredders to copy machines and computers in ecofriendly manner. That doesn’t mean that we’re opposed to using all of the latest electronic innovations. In fact, we have an online estimator that can give you an accurate idea of what the project will cost.
It’s just another one of the excellent services our junk removal specialists from junk King Phoenix can offer you. Why not get in touch with us today online?

Fun Hobbies To Start Today

What were your favorite hobbies you had as a kid? Do you remember how you could get lost for hours with model building or playing house? It might be time to go back to those hobbies. No matter how old you are, hobbies are a great way to keep the mind sharp. They’re also very relaxing. Even if you can only spend an hour a week on your hobby, it will still be beneficial. Here are some fun hobbies to start today:


Upcycle Stuff

If you like crafting, then you should be upcycling. This is where you take something you’re not using and repurpose into a different use. Add some decorations and it becomes something practical and fun. If you need some ideas, then head over to Pinterest and type in “upcycle projects.” You’ll amazed at what people have created.

Cook More

The more you enjoy cooking, the better your food will be. It is easy to fall into cooking routines. We all have our “go to” meals that we are constantly making over and over. It’s time to switch things up and cook recipes you’ve never tried before. You can start with some of those meals in a box services that give you everything you need to whip up a gourmet dinner. Or you can spend time on one of the many cooking websites scattered across the Internet. Allow yourself time to cook things from scratch. Turn up the music, pour some wine and make it a fun afternoon.


You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to paint. Not every picture has to be the Mona Lisa. You could paint a mug, a chair or even your bedroom. There are all kinds of stencils that can be used in this process or you can go freeform and see where the paint takes you. When you feel confident, go ahead and get the canvas from an art store to express yourself. There’s always paint by numbers, too.

When starting a hobby, you’ll want to dedicate a corner in your house where you can keep your materials. It might also become a place for a workbench. If clearing clutter is on the agenda to make that space, then Junk King Phoenix is standing by to lend a hand. You decide what furniture, appliance or electronic gear you want hauled away and Junk King does the rest. Let Junk King Phoenix help you get your hobbies off to a good start with a junk free workspace all your own.

Safe Junk Removal In Gilbert

We all depend on the garbage collectors to show up once a week and remove our trash. It is the type of municipal service that improves our standard of living. What you would never expect is a garbage truck to plow into your home. That’s what happened last summer to a local Gilbert family. The impact of the garbage truck tore out stucco, ripped open the garage door and left debris scattered around the yard. Thankfully no one was seriously injured in the accident.


Homeowner Tiffany Knox described the crash to a local news station: “It was quite a noise,” she said. “It was just, boom. And I looked out the other window and saw a truck…like, in my house.”

Thankfully, most of use never experience that level of destruction around our homes. Still, there are the occasional cleanup jobs that require outside help. This is especially true when you want to get rid of bigger items like furniture or appliances. The garbage collectors might not be a big help with that but you can count on Junk King Phoenix to get the job done.

The crews working for Junk King are all licensed, bonded and insured. That makes them extremely trustworthy. They also have a lot of experience lifting objects of all shapes and sizes. They know how to get things safely down stairs or narrow hallways. They move fast but not careless. Their goal is to get everything onto their truck that you want gone in a timely manner. Judging by the rave reviews, it is clear Junk King is getting the job done.

You only part in this prosses is designating what you want removed. You’ll show the crew all your stuff when they arrive for the appointment. They’ll be able to size up those items and know how they’ll fit on the truck. That will allow them to lock a final fee. The less space they use, the less you’ll be paying. If your stuff takes up more room, then you’ll still be charged that original price. Get your junk removed in Gilbert won’t be complicated as long as Junk King Phoenix is doing the work.

Clever Home Decorating Ideas

Are you ready to give your home a makeover? You don’t have to know down walls or redo floors. Instead, focus on decorating. These are the little touches you can make to freshen up any room. Decorating is where you get to show off your personality and your potential crafting skills. Thankfully, there is a lot of online tutorials that can help with the DIY projects. Here are some clever home decorating ideas to try out:


Buy Furniture Without Varnishes or Stains

If you’re going to invest in wood furniture, then look for pieces that are unfinished. You might eve be able to find a chair or table without a top coating of paint or stain. That shifts the final touch to you and you get to decide exactly what color would work best in your house. What if you find the perfect piece and it is already in a color not of your liking? Stripping paint is not at all complicated. It is a task best done outdoors on a sunny day. Easy to manage here in Phoenix.

Shop Second Hand

Every day, people are getting rid of all kinds of furniture, lamps, tables, chairs and other decorating items. You won’t find these objects in high-end furniture stores. Instead, you’ll want to go on a second-hand shop treasure hunt. There is probably a thrift store in your neighborhood bursting with product. If you don’t find something you like today, then drop in tomorrow. New old pieces are coming in every day. And if you’re looking for something in particular, let the shop owner know. They might be able to put it aside and give you a call when it comes in.

Create Groupings

A nice decorating touch is to create groupings of like objects. You could put some old colored bottles on a tray by a window and let the sunlight works its magic. A group of candles clustered together on a mantle also make for a new group. Even a trio of accent pillows placed at one end of the sofa can add a burst of color to a room.

To make your decorating ideas work, you want to start with a kind of blank canvas. It is time to get rid of all the things you know you’re not going to use again. That is when Junk King Phoenix comes into play. These junk removal specialists can come to your home and quickly take away anything you put to from a rickety piano to a dumpy looking divan. After Junk King Phoenix has cleared your home of junk and rubbish, you can put your decorating ideas to work.