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Tag Archives: backyard

Improve Your Backyard By Clearing Out The Rubbish

Are you ready to bring your backyard back to life? This is the time a year when amateur gardeners take their yards to “wake up the lawn” and plant for spring growing. It is also the time that you can make a fair assessment of just what is working in your backyard. That assessment should be on two levels: mother nature and store-bought. All the plant life provided by mother nature should be flourishing. If something has shriveled up or been attacked by bugs, then you should consider getting rid of it and replanting something that is more vibrant. As for all the store-bought items those can also be things that are taken a beaten from the weather over the years. They might also have to be replaced. When you add it all up it could be obvious that you need to clear out a lot of rubbish from your backyard. That’s when you need to hire Junk King Phoenix.

Clean and Dirty Debris

Hiring Junk King is really like hiring two professional movers. This will be the team that is assigned to your backyard for the duration of your cleanup appointment. These crews show up with a positive attitude. They also know what they’re getting into especially when it comes to clearing out a yard. In other words, they know this can get a bit dirty. You should never hesitate asking the Junk King crew to remove something just because it is covered with crime or rust. They’ll have their gloves and will know the proper way to lift and load any object even if it is falling apart from rot.

Swift Work

With the Junk King crew on the job you can expect the task to go quickly. Junk King asked that you set aside a two-hour window for your session. But it will take two hours to clear away all the things from your yard. Even if you want to take down the swing set it won’t eat up a lot of time because the Junk King crews have a lot of experience with these types of disassembly projects. You can schedule your appointment for any day of the week that works best for your calendar. However, Junk King might offer you the chance for same day pickup. As long as your junk is ready to go and they have the time they can make it happen.

The quickest way to improve your backyard is to get rid of all the rubbish. Let Junk King Phoenix help make that happen today.

Important Trampoline Safety Tips For The Whole Family

A backyard trampoline can provide your family with hours of fun. It’s also great exercise. Anytime you get involved with the physical activity you need to take safety precautions. That is true with a swimming pool, swing set or a backyard trampoline. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind for your backyard trampoline:


Clear Jumping Space

Bouncing on a trampoline is all about achieving vertical height. This is why you have to be aware of proper placement with your trampoline. There needs to be a clear jumping space above the trampoline. No tree branches or awnings should be within that space.

Clear Perimeter Space

There’s also a distinct possibility that people jumping on the trampoline may fall off the trampoline. That doesn’t automatically mean they’re going to be injured but you will reduce the risk even further by making sure the perimeter space is clear. That means moving away any chairs, toys or gardening tools by at least 10 feet.

Inspect the Trampoline Before Jumping

Before anybody starts jumping, you should make sure the trampoline is completely dry. Even a tiny puddle of water from an overnight storm can cause serious problems for the jumpers. You also want to make sure there’s nothing underneath the trampoline that might be jumped on.

Install Padding

If you haven’t already, you should install the perimeter padding around your trampoline. This will prevent people from falling through the open slots rid of the springs are. Most trampolines come equipped with this padding but if not it is easy to order online. Another precaution would be a safety net around the perimeter. This prevents the jumpers from tumbling off the trampoline.


Just as you would with a swimming pool, you need to keep an eye on your jumpers especially the younger ones. No one under the age of five should be jumping on a trampoline. You should only be one jumper at a time. It’s too easy for jumpers to get out of control and knock into each other.

Replace Old Trampoline

If your old trampoline has become torn or the springs are rusty, then you might want to think about replacing the entire unit. This isn’t a challenging task when you hire a company like Junk King Phoenix. Junk King has a lot of experience taking apart backyard playsets. They’ll be able to load up your old trampoline along with the rest of your unwanted yard debris on the same session. It’s a great way to get your yard clean of clutter.

Keep your trampoline jumpers safe this summer. And put Junk King Phoenix to work clearing out the yard clutter. Win/win.


Start Your Backyard Makeover Today

What are your big plans for the summer? If you’re staying close to home, then you’ll want to make the most of your backyard. Whether that means a lot more grilling or simply just chilling, you want to create a comfortable oasis. That might include a hammock or cozy chaise lounge. To help get your backyard ready, you should bring in the junk removal pros from Junk King Phoenix. Don’t let the word “junk” in their name throw you off. If you want something gone, no matter where it is, the team from Junk King can make it vanish!

There could be a lot of things around your backyard that have overstayed their welcome. Obvious thinks like patio furniture that has seen better days or a lawnmower that no longer works can easily be loaded onto the Junk King truck. But you don’t have to stop there. The Junk King crew can also collect busted planters, mounds of dirt and any amount of stones and rocks. When they say they’re going to help with your backyard makeover, Junk King really means it!


Often, clearing out debris from a backyard can result in the removal of some extremely heavy items. Although there is a weight restriction with your municipal trash pickup, there are no such limits with Junk King. They’ll remove anything regardless of weight. Best off all, you won’t be charged by the pound. Instead, Junk King charges a flat rate that is only based on how tightly they can pack your stuff onto the truck. It is all about volume with Junk King and that is the best pricing approach for this type of service.

Along with all the yard waste removal, you can also tap the Junk King crew to clean out the clutter from the rest of your home. That might be mean having the crew stick around a bit longer but remember, you won’t be charged any extra for the labor. It’s a great opportunity to finally toss out all the rubbish stacked up in your garage and all those unwanted things in your closet. Start with a backyard clean up and end with a home that is totally junk free all thanks to Junk King Phoenix.

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