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Spring Cleaning To Do Checklist

How excited are you that it is finally spring? This means it is time to get busy in your garden and cleaning your home. Even if you do a good job with regular cleaning, your spring cleaning sessions are the time when you know you’re going to step up your game. It is time to go much deeper with the cleaning throughout the entire home. Whether you try to get your spring cleaning done in a single day or spread it out over a few weekends, you’ll want to put this checklist to work:


Make Doormats Welcoming

Your front door mat is the first line of defense against keeping dirt and grime out of your home. It might not work so well if that actual doormat is caked with the grime. You want to pull that mat off the porch and give it a good shake. Hosing it down is also recommended.

Clean Carpets and Upholstery

The furniture fabrics can carpets in your home might look clean on the surface but deep down tells another tale. There can be all kinds of dirt, oils and dust mites buried in your sofas, chairs and rugs. Instead of merely vacuuming, spring cleaning should be for shampooing. Most grocery stores have shampoo cleaners that you can rent for the weekend. This is a bit labor intensive and will mean you need to stay off those areas until they are dry but you’ll feel a lot better sitting on freshly shampooed furniture.

Reseal Your Floors

Any floor that doesn’t have a rug or carpeting on it should be resealed during spring cleaning. If you can contact the people who put in the floors, then they might be able to recommend the best polish for this task. Just remember that certain floors are actually no-wax floors. Before any resealing, be sure to mop everything to make sure you’re not trapping dust.

Wash Walls, Cabinets and Baseboards

The walls, cabinets and baseboards are more areas in your home that might look clean but really aren’t. It only takes one swipe with a sponge to reveal the dust culprit. As you make your way along the walls and baseboards, you should have two buckets: one for the soap and the other for wringing out the dirt.

Get Rid of Rubbish

There will be a lot of things going into the trash during spring cleaning but what about the stuff you can’t fit in the trash? Instead of cleaning around furniture you don’t want, you should let Junk King Phoenix take it away. Every junk removal session is handled by two movers. That’s all you need to get rid of all kinds of unwanted stuff from your home. The first item on your spring cleaning checklist should be a junk clearing session with Junk King Phoenix.

Finish Off Your Spring Cleaning With A Call To Junk King Phoenix

Spring cleaning is all about getting into the nooks and crannies of your house to wipe out the dust that is gathered since the last time you thoroughly cleaned. Throughout the year, you probably vacuuming sweep on a regular basis but that doesn’t mean you’re getting at all the dust. To accomplish that you need to move the furniture. It’s easy to slide a sofa or recliner a few inches to vacuum underneath. The same can be said for moving a refrigerator or stove to get it all the grease and grime. It’s taking those big items out of your home that becomes a challenge. If that’s on your spring cleaning list this year than one call to junk King Phoenix solves that problem.


Junk King Phoenix is a professional junk hauling service that is staffed by moving crews who have been licensed and insured. This makes them the perfect partner for your spring cleaning chore. You might have reached the point where you’ve decided that your sofa, recliner, bedroom set, dresser, bookshelves or any other big piece of furniture has served its purpose. You now ready to replace that item. Since it took two movers to bring it into the house, it’s going to take two movers to bring it out and that’s just what junk King Phoenix will provide with every junk removal session.

The crew from junk King Phoenix will be picking up everything right from the spot where it’s at. It doesn’t matter to them if that means going downstairs or up into the attic. They will gladly climb go stairs as many times it takes to get it all your junk. This is why you’re hiring them. Let them do the work while you take it easy and just point to what you want removed. It’s just that simple!

The added you’re throwing out may still have some use left in them. The junk King Phoenix crews have been trained to spot those items that could be donated to a charity. They will happily make the drop-off as part of their disposal route. This should make you feel good about turning your junk over to junk King Phoenix because nothing has to go to waste. This year your spring cleaning won’t be finished until junk King Phoenix has removed all the junk from your house.

Get Help For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the most popular time of year to tackle your closets. Just because you went through your closets last year, doesn’t meant they didn’t get filled up again with all kinds of clutter. You know this every time you go in there to look for something. It becomes a struggle to push through the clothes you don’t wear and all the boxes of stuff you don’t use. Is there are good reason for holding onto those things? Maybe a dress or shirt will come back in style but for everything else, it’s time to let it go. Of course, you don’t have to wait for the official first day of spring to clean your closets. And you don’t have to do it alone. Junk King is the perfect spring cleaning partner.


When it comes to sorting through all the stuff in your closets, only you can make the final decisions as to what can stay and what needs to go. All you have to do with that “to  go” stuff is pile it up right on the spot. Don’t worry about bringing it downstairs or taking it down to the curb. Having Junk King on the job means they’ll remove all your stuff right from the spot even if that means making several trips up and down the stairs.

That two-man moving crew provided by Junk King can also help you make the decision about a lot of other things in your home and not just closet clutter. With Junk King on the job, there is no limit to how heavy or bulk something might be. If you want it gone, then consider it gone. The Junk King crews are also equipped with the right tools to dismantle anything that can’t fit out of the door. You would be surprised at how many people build things inside their homes without any consideration about how they might get them out someday. It’s not a challenge for Junk King.

Everything that is collected by Junk King has the opportunity to be repurposed. A perfect day for Junk King is when they avoid making a deliver to a landfill. Instead, they would rather your stuff go to a charity or recycling center. That is just how they operate. Get a jump on your spring cleaning with a little help from Junk King. You’ll be glad you did!

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