Junk King Reno and Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans

Brian Cassidy owns the Junk King Franchise in Reno, Nevada. This is Brian’s story of how he and his team represent the best in what Junk King has to offer.

“It all started with fate.  I own the Junk King in Reno, Nevada.  We do junk removal, junk hauling, and estate cleanouts.  Occasionally, my wife will post on Craigslist or Facebook about a warehouse sale when we need to repurpose of some of the items we pick up through our junk removal service.reno-sparks-homeless-veterans

One of the times we posted, a gentleman, Bob and his wife Michelle, came to one of the warehouse sales and we got to talking.  I found out they ran an organization called Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans.  Their organization helps homeless veterans get housing in Reno.  Coming from a family where both my father and my wife’s father were Vietnam Vet’s, we really wanted to help this organization as best we could.  We asked them what they needed and they said it would be helpful if we could help furnish the housing they find for homeless vets.

From there we asked them to give us a wish list anytime they need anything and we would be on the lookout.  So throughout the months they’ve come down to our warehouse and grabbed a few things they need to help veterans.  From our experience, this is a great way to help veterans.  People don’t realize it; our veterans need so many things that we take for granted in our daily lives.  Items can range from a variety of things such as: light bulbs, dishes, pots, blankets, beds, soap, toothbrushes, clothes, couches, canned food and even cleaning supplies.

renoWe’ve developed a system with Bob and Michelle that when we are doing cleanouts for people, we’ll keep items to the side of our warehouse for them to go through and keep what they need. These items are then used to furnish apartments or houses.  If the items are too bulky for Bob and Michelle’s pick-up truck, we’ll use our Junk King trucks and take over the items. Our crew also helps them move in, arrange and set up the house so they can move in as quickly as possible.

Here at Junk King Reno, we strive to take care of the homeless veterans in the best manner we can.  They have sacrificed so much for our country and even the smallest items can be of help.”

Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans is an organization that is dedicated to helping homeless veterans.  It is run by Bob and Michelle Mello.  They help provide homeless veterans with apartments and homes, in addition they also help refurbish and furnish housing for vets in need.  They also provide them with food, clothing, and everyday items.  To learn more about Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans and how you can help visit: https://www.facebook.com/renosparkshomelessveterans3/

If you are moving or thinking about getting rid of junk, please keep in mind that there are many people in need of these items that we often take for granted.  You can help others in need by checking with your local veteran organizations and seeing what you can do to help.

Let Junk King Reno Take Care of Your Remodeling Cleanup

Have you ever dreamed of taking a sledgehammer to your kitchen countertops? Do you wish you could drive a truck through a wall in your home? Would you like to rip up that nasty linoleum flooring? All of that can happen if you take on a remodeling project this spring. It is actually the perfect time of year to give your home a makeover. Every remodeling project starts with demolition. This isn’t about blowing stuff up but tearing things down. It’s the one phase of the remodeling project that is going to create the most mess. Whether you’re hiring a crew for the demolition or doing it yourself, you want to make sure you’ve got your remodeling cleanup covered. That is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King Reno.


Junk King Reno are the professional junk haulers who are part of a national chain that have been clearing out clutter for over ten years. They’ve set up a perfect business model for this type of service that applies to removing furniture, appliances and taking care of a remodeling cleanup. The two man moving crew who will be assigned to your cleanup don’t really care what they are throwing out. What they do care about is making sure your floors and walls are protected. Whether that load up a sofa of the remains of your kitchen cabinets it is all the same to them!

Weight also doesn’t matter to the Junk King crew. They can move anything from a piano to a bag of clothes. Nothing will be going on “the scale.” Instead, the Junk King Reno crew only cares about how tightly they can pack up all your stuff on the truck. That is how they’ll determine your final fee. The less room, the lower the price and the crews always like to take up less room. You’ll know that fee before the work starts. Sometimes with a remodeling cleanup, your debris could take up more room than what was estimated. It won’t matter because you’ll still pay that original low price. Once Junk King writes it down, it is locked and loaded. For fast and affordable remodeling cleanup help, Junk King Reno is the best deal in town.

Let Junk King Reno Help With Your Spring-Cleaning Project

How far are you going to go with your spring-cleaning project this year? It might be that some light dusting and sweeping just won’t cut it. Perhaps this spring, you can go all out for a total floor to ceiling cleanup. Included in all the scrubbing should be the elimination of all the unwanted clutter. You’ll already be dedicated a few hours to the clean up. Why not leave the junk removal to the pros from Junk King Reno? They can be in and out with your junk in no time at all.


When Junk King Reno says, “We do all the work,” you can take that quite literally. You’ll have at least two very capable movers dispatched to your home for your junk removal session. As soon as they arrive, you’ll show them all the things you want taken away. It doesn’t matter if those things are scattered throughout your home. The Junk King crew is going to go where the junk is!

Once they’ve looked everything over, they’ll present you with written estimate for the job. This is a price that is going to be based on how much space they need for your junk on the back of the truck. Because of this special way of pricing, you can only get the final number when the crew sees the stuff in person. The good news is that they always like to pack up their trucks with as much junk as possible. Let them cram it in and you’ll benefit from the low end of the price range.

Although Junk King Reno is happy to come out to your home as many times as you need them, you can really get everything carted away in a single session. Take your time to decide what you can live without and then let it all go. If you feel guilty about dumping your stuff into a landfill, don’t worry. Chances are it won’t make it to the landfill. Instead, Junk King Reno could drop your stuff off to a local charity or to a recycling center. This is how they earned their reputation as a totally green business! Your spring-cleaning project just got a lot easier thanks to an assist from Junk King Reno.

Let Junk King Reno Handle Your Attic Cleanout

Right off the top of your head, could you right out a list of everything that is up in your attic? You might be able to recall a lot of holiday decorations and bigger items like suitcases and old baby furniture but what about everything else. When was the last time you were even up there to do an inventor? It’s actually a good idea to check on the attic space at least twice year. This is especially true if your attic has exposed rafters. You want to be on the lookout for any possible leaks or opens that allow vermin in. The more junk you have stored up there the greater the fire risk. Instead of worrying about what’s up in your attic, why not bring in the pros from Junk King and take care of your attic cleanout once and for all?


The first thing you should know about the Junk King crew is that they won’t mind climbing stairs. That includes pull down ladders leading up to your attic. You don’t have to bring anything down. It doesn’t matter how dusty or hot it might be up there; the Junk King means it when they say they do all the work.

Along with the thorough attic cleanout, you can tap Junk King to removed the rest of the clutter from your home. Are your closets overflowing with clothes do you don’t wear? Is there so much rubbish in the garage that you can’t even park in there anymore? That can all be resolved with a single junk removal session from Junk King.

The same crew who is going to clean out your home can also clean out your yards. Junk King teams have been called on to remove swing sets, above ground pools, hot tubs and sheds. What could they take from your backyard?

All of this hard work is covered in the flat rate offered by Junk King. Their pricing policies are based on the amount of space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. It might be a third, a half or the whole truck. You’ll know this price before the work starts and you’ll be very happy with the results. Start with an attic cleanout and end with a junk free home thanks to Junk King.

Reno Big and Heavy Appliance Pickup

Are you happy with your monthly utility bill? Probably not. That is the kind of bill that never seems to go down. You certainly won’t be getting a break from the power company! The only way to lower that monthly cost is to be extremely proactive about your energy use. That includes less time in the shower, lower thermostats and turning off lights. It will also make a big difference if all your appliances are EnergyStar rated. This will mean they have been designed to be as energy efficient as possible. If you’re still using a fridge that is over ten years old or a washer that isn’t getting clothes clean, then it might be time to swap out those machines. Before your new models show up, be sure to turn the appliance pickup task to Junk King Reno. When it comes to this kind of junk removal, these are the experts.


The harsh reality is that there are many junk haulers who don’t care about your property. They just want to grab what they can and get paid for the privilege. Junk King doesn’t operate that way. All of their workers are licensed, bonded and insured. They’re not going to track dirt through your home. They also will avoid scratching floors and banging into walls. These are professionals who treat every home and homeowner with respect. Isn’t that the type of worker you should be inviting onto your property?

The team from Junk King who will be assigned to your task, will be doing all the heavy lifting. That applies to appliance pickup and any other items you want taken away. There really isn’t any limit on how heavy something is. The Junk King crews have all taken away their fair share of pianos and pool tables!

The other thing you can depend on with Junk King is how responsible they are when it comes to the disposal of junk. Junk King has been dedicated to a green way of getting rid of trash since they began in this business over ten years ago. Making drop offs to recycling centers and charities is how they are keeping Reno clean. Whether you need heavy appliance pickup or closet decluttering, Junk King is the call to make.

Fast Garbage Removal With Junk King Reno

Did you know that your garbage can has a weight limit? Each of those cans are designed to hold a specific amount of trash. In addition, the garbage collectors have regulations about how much weight they can carry in their truck. Usually, this isn’t a problem even with a garbage can that is pact tight with debris. However, when you get into a situation where you might need to toss out things like rocks, bricks or roofing shingles, then you might run into trouble. Of course, there are all those bigger items like furniture and electronics that might not even fit into your trashcan. When you find yourself in need of overflow garbage removal, then the only call you need to make is to Junk King. They’ll get your stuff picked up in no time at all!


There have been a lot of Reno residents who have already discovered how great it is to work with Junk King.

“You are very professional and efficient. You’ve saved me tons of time. Thank you!” – L.P., Reno.

Time is definitely a factor when it comes to junk removal. If you had to take care of this problem on your own, then you could easily forfeit your entire day off. Between the truck rental, finding movers and making the drop offs, you could be talking several hours. Ironically, loading up your stuff will probably take the least amount of time! With Junk King on the job, the crews will swiftly swoop in, load up and be gone. You can get back to your day while they take care of everything else.

“Arrived when scheduled. Work was done quickly and professionally.” – B.S., Reno.

Most Junk King appointments are completed within 24-hours. The specific time is dictated by your schedule and not the other way around. Before the crews start the actual loading, they’ll present you with a final estimate fee based on how much truck space your things will fill up. This is a very fair approach for this type of work.

In order to get ready for Junk King, all you have to do is decide what you want tossed out. It doesn’t matter how heavy it is or where it might be in your home. Garbage removal and junk hauling isn’t a problem when Junk King is on the job.

Reno Appliance Recyclers

Is your fridge turning your ice cream into ice cream soup? Is your stove taking forever to warm up? Are the dishes coming out dirty from the dishwasher? These would all be strong indications that it is time to swap out those machines and go for an upgrade. Today’s generation of kitchen appliances are energy efficiency. That could mean they would pay for themselves over time with the savings on your utility bill. Before you bring in those new models, you’ll want to turn over the old machines to qualified appliance recyclers. That would be Junk King.


One of the first things that Junk King does when they open a new franchise is set up partnerships. Those partnerships are with recycling facilities and charitable organizations. Junk King is dedicated to keeping as much collected junk out of local landfills as possible. The only way to get that done is with a drop off at those centers. Junk King knows exactly what they are looking for. They might not do the actually recycling but they can certainly make sure your stuff gets to the right place. That’s what makes them the leading appliance recyclers in Reno.

It’s not just appliances that are recycled by Junk King. All kinds of discarded items like furniture, clothing and household goods could find a way to be repurposed. If all of those drop offs and sorting sounds like extra work, you don’t have to worry. You won’t be charged any extra for the service. Junk King will only charge you a flat rate based on how much space your junk will fill up on the back of the truck. One fee covers everything.

Although you might call Junk King to just take away an old fridge or stove, you can take full advantage of that moving crew. This is your chance to finally clear out all the unwanted stuff in your home. Imagine what you can do with a garage that has been cleaned out of rubbish. What about your closets? Instead of fighting to find an outfit, you’ll be able to see what to wear at a glance. Junk King can make that all happen with one phone call. For reliable appliances recyclers and professional junk haulers, Junk King is the way to go.

Reno Shed Removal and Breakdown

What kind of dangers are lurking in your backyard? We’re not talking about any kind of creepy crawlers but those man-madederelict-shed-1281623-m structures that have seen better days. If you have a shed that has been battered by the elements, it might be close to toppling down. Before that happens, you should bring in the team from Junk King. They’ll know how to safely breakdown that shed and load it up piece by piece. This is the best approach to taking care of that potential backyard danger.


Most of the jobs that Junk King are called in on revolve around picking up various items and loading them onto the truck. This is accomplished by the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal appointment. They get in and get out very fast. However, there are those jobs like a shed removal when the crews need to slow their roll a bit. The Junk King teams are always equipped with the tools needed to dismantle any bulk item. In the past, they’ve been called on to take down swing sets, tree houses, hot tubs and fences. Obviously, taking down your tool shed won’t be an issue for them!

Although you might be focused on that shed removal, there is no reason why Junk King can’t remove all the rest of your unwanted stuff. Your task is to decide what you want taken away before the crew arrives. When they do show up, you’ll take them on a tour of all the places where you’ve got junk. Remember, you won’t be doing any of the lifting or loading. Leave that for Junk King. After they’ve checked out all of your stuff, the crew will present you with an estimate based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk is going to need on the back of the truck. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King. That price also includes all the labor. Whether the crew is at your place for a few minutes or longer to take down that shed, you’re only going to be charged that flat fee.

If you’re looking to take care of shed removal and junk hauling, then look no further than Junk King.

Whats In your Reno Garage? Get Rid of the Clutter!

Could you provide an itemized list of what is in your garage at this moment? It’s easy to list things like a car, a washer/dryer and a lawnmower. However, when you get to all the things you don’t use on a regular basis then the list can grow quite long. How many of those things are broken? How many will you ever use again? If you want to put your garage storage to better use, then it’s time to get rid of the clutter. That can easily happen when you call in Junk King.


Junk King Reno is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been cleaning up homes, apartments and businesses for over ten years. In that time, they have literally removed tons of rubbish. As far as Junk King is concerned, it doesn’t take a lot to help you clear out your clutter. They’ll provide you with a two man moving crew and huge truck. This is the team that is going to do all the work. That includes any heavy lifting and climbing up and down stairs. With the garage clean out, the Junk King team can pull up to the back of your driveway and load up everything you point to. That garage can go from crowded with junk to an empty space in no time at all!

Do you wonder what might happen to your junk after it is collected by Junk King? It might never make it to a landfill but that is a good thing. Junk King likes to divert as much collected rubbish away from local landfills. They do this by making drop offs to local charities or recycling centers. If they can find something that can be reused or refurbished, then Junk King will see to it that it gets to the right place. You don’t even have to ask for this service. It’s going to happen automatically.

In terms of pricing, Junk King only charges a flat rate based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk needs to take up on the back of the truck. It’s never by the pound and that will mean huge savings. When you’re ready to get rid of the clutter in your home, Junk King is the only way to go.

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