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Reno – Junk Removal That’s Fast and Affordable

Junk King is an industry leader when you need Reno – Junk Removal. We take great pride in being an environmentally conscious company. When you take a look at our website, you’ll see all the different things that we will remove for you including computers and mattresses as well as all the furniture.

We pride ourselves on being one of the very best in our industry. We have a variety of different specialties for people in the Reno area including E-waste disposal. Our staff is all properly vetted and licensed. What’s more, their number one priority is customer satisfaction.

To that end, they make sure to remove all of your junk in a professional and efficient way. Nothing gets scratched or dented in your house by our team of experts. They treat each and every job as if they were working on a personal project. Why? Because Junk King is a company that was formed by two friends and prides itself on old traditions like treating each and every customer one at a time.

Reno – Junk Removal That Takes Almost Everything!
Over the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve noticed people in Reno have a lot of junk they want to be removed from their homes and offices. Some of this is the type of waste that you would imagine taking up space like an old television or refrigerator. Some of the other things that we remove include hot tubs and mattresses.

Let’s say you have an old sofa sitting in your basement that you want gone. Many places across the country will allow you to just haul it out and leave it on the curb. However, municipal pickup runs on a tight schedule that might not suit your needs.

That’s not all. Many people don’t want to do all the lifting and hauling themselves. In all of those scenarios, Junk King is there to help you remove furniture and a variety of other items. It’s important to keep in mind here we are a company that believes in recycling and that’s the first option we’ll look at what we come to any of the junk from your location.

We have an on-site estimate that can give you the lowest price and best of all it’s free. All you need to do to get started this click on the convenient pricing tab located on our website.

Regardless of the debris or junk you want to be removed, our Reno – Junk Removal specialists have the solution.

Junk King Reno and Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans

Brian Cassidy owns the Junk King Franchise in Reno, Nevada. This is Brian’s story of how he and his team represent the best in what Junk King has to offer.

“It all started with fate.  I own the Junk King in Reno, Nevada.  We do junk removal, junk hauling, and estate cleanouts.  Occasionally, my wife will post on Craigslist or Facebook about a warehouse sale when we need to repurpose of some of the items we pick up through our junk removal service.reno-sparks-homeless-veterans

One of the times we posted, a gentleman, Bob and his wife Michelle, came to one of the warehouse sales and we got to talking.  I found out they ran an organization called Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans.  Their organization helps homeless veterans get housing in Reno.  Coming from a family where both my father and my wife’s father were Vietnam Vet’s, we really wanted to help this organization as best we could.  We asked them what they needed and they said it would be helpful if we could help furnish the housing they find for homeless vets.

From there we asked them to give us a wish list anytime they need anything and we would be on the lookout.  So throughout the months they’ve come down to our warehouse and grabbed a few things they need to help veterans.  From our experience, this is a great way to help veterans.  People don’t realize it; our veterans need so many things that we take for granted in our daily lives.  Items can range from a variety of things such as: light bulbs, dishes, pots, blankets, beds, soap, toothbrushes, clothes, couches, canned food and even cleaning supplies.

renoWe’ve developed a system with Bob and Michelle that when we are doing cleanouts for people, we’ll keep items to the side of our warehouse for them to go through and keep what they need. These items are then used to furnish apartments or houses.  If the items are too bulky for Bob and Michelle’s pick-up truck, we’ll use our Junk King trucks and take over the items. Our crew also helps them move in, arrange and set up the house so they can move in as quickly as possible.

Here at Junk King Reno, we strive to take care of the homeless veterans in the best manner we can.  They have sacrificed so much for our country and even the smallest items can be of help.”

Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans is an organization that is dedicated to helping homeless veterans.  It is run by Bob and Michelle Mello.  They help provide homeless veterans with apartments and homes, in addition they also help refurbish and furnish housing for vets in need.  They also provide them with food, clothing, and everyday items.  To learn more about Reno Sparks Homeless Veterans and how you can help visit: https://www.facebook.com/renosparkshomelessveterans3/

If you are moving or thinking about getting rid of junk, please keep in mind that there are many people in need of these items that we often take for granted.  You can help others in need by checking with your local veteran organizations and seeing what you can do to help.

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