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Richmond Refrigerator Disposal

A recent story in the news might have you rethinking some of what you consider to be junk. A Shenandoah Valley resident was shopping at a flea market and plunked down $7 for a box of stuff. She had her eye on a Paul Bunyan doll and plastic cow but also included was a small painting. For around a year, she kept that painting in a white plastic bag where it went from her car to her kitchen back to the car and into the garage. At one point, she was considering getting rid of the painting but was told she ought to have it looked at. What she discovered is that the painting she didn’t give two thoughts to turned out to be an original Renoir valued at over $75,000. Not bad for a $7 investment. And to think she came very close to selling it at one of her own yard sales.

Now before you go tearing your home upside down looking for buried treasure keep in mind that is truly a one in a million type of story. Most of the real junk we have to toss out is just that “real junk.” Take that old refrigerator you’re hanging onto. No one is going to mistake that for a lost treasure. The best way to get rid of that is with Junk King Richmond.

Here in Richmond VA, Junk King has been helping folks cart off all kinds of junk from their homes and businesses. By now they’re probably up to several tons of collected trash that they have cleared out of homes and apartments. Most satisfied customers start by hiring Junk King to take away a big item like an old fridge. But when they set their mind to it they end up coming up with a lot of other junk they can get rid of. This would be furniture, play sets, mattresses, televisions, computers, car parts, lawn mowers and even the occasional fallen tree limb. Basically, if something is too big or too heavy for you to get rid of then let Junk King handle the assignment.

With Junk King you’ll be hiring a team of experienced movers who will respect your property. They’ve been trained in the Junk King way which means putting the customer’s needs first. You can schedule your junk removal at a time that works best for you. If you need something removed from down in your basement or up in your attic then the Junk King Central VA crew will climb those stairs! Best of all you’ll have all of that junk cleared out in no time. Imagine the relief you’ll experience once that stuff it out of your home for good. You can’t beat that feeling!

Signs That Its Time to Call A Richmond Junk Removal Specialist

When was the last time you threw a party? Forget a party; how about having a couple of friends over for a nice dinner? If it’s been a while could the reason be that you’re a bit embarrassed by your surroundings. Maybe it’s not about your taste in decoration but in the amount of junk you’re hanging onto.

One of the signs of a certified hoarder is their isolation. When things have gotten out of control with their “collecting”  the typical hoarder is going to avoid inviting friends over. Forget about pest control or a plumber. They would rather let things get a lot worse before asking for help. This is because the root cause of a hoarding is a psychotic breakdown. Just because you’ve got junk piled up in your home doesn’t mean you need to see a shrink. But it might be time to call in a junk removal specialist like the Junk King.

Junk King Richmond is a local business that is part of a national franchise of junk removal specialists. This is a professional business that spends their work days helping folks clean out the clutter of their homes.  In other words, they’ve seen it all when it comes to clutter, junk, debris, garbage, trash, rubbish, or whatever else you call that stuff that is simply wasting space in your home.

As you look ahead to the coming holiday season, you might want to invite some out of state family member to your home to share in the good times. To make them comfortable, you could use Junk King to help clear out what was once a spare bedroom. Too often those spare rooms become the dumping ground for a family. If it’s not in use then that’s where all the accumulated stuff can go. Isn’t it time you take that room back? Even if you don’t want to convert it into a guest room per se, you might find a better use for that room as a quiet study place or somewhere you can work on a hobby or crafts. It all comes down to a question: “Is there a better use for that space than storing your junk?”

That same question can be applied to your closets, garage, basement or attic. Of course you don’t have to stop there! Junk King Richmond can also help you clean out the debris from your yards. If your patio furniture has seen better days don’t bother keeping it for another winter; let Junk King cart it off once and for all! As soon as they junk it out of your lives you can focus on getting ready for the holidays. It’s never too early to start planning!

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